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  1. I am not that desperate. lol. Just happen to belong to the Leicester group that he posted on but he has plenty of adoring fans so I am sure he won't be bothered what I think.
  2. Lol. Not while he's in the team thanks. According to his remarks on Facebook he is going to carry on riding how he does and isn't going to 'calm down' so there we have it. On the other hand I think he did untold harm to Leicester Speedway with the way he rode the few hundred yards of heat 3 of the Redcar match but you can't fix stupid and he obviously thinks he did nothing wrong. I'd say a good percentage of those who decided to leave after well over an hour's hanging around won't bother coming back.
  3. No. With apologies to my friend False dawn as I will miss seeing him and all the others who make a fuss of Lucy. By the way anyone who receives a parking ticket because of last week's long delayed meeting send it to Josh Bates.
  4. Perhaps you can have a try at getting through to his thick brain because that's what everyone keeps telling him but to no avail. Would make a change if he could even get through his first race just to sensibly weigh up track conditions.
  5. I'm sure Broc Nicol is not feeling quite so jovial as he's in a hospital bed with a broken collar bone, cuts and concussion due to that idiot.
  6. Sorry but that is not true. Read False dawn's post for an accurate description. Josh started his 'move' on the back straight and entered the third bend going way too fast. It was obvious there was no way he would get round and he was already out of control. I doubt if Nicol locked up either when he got collected by Josh. Just downright irresponsible riding so harsh or not it's the truth.
  7. So the tracks fault then? Yet 8 riders in the two races before had managed 8 laps without any of them picking up 'unexpected drive'.
  8. Too true. A few weeks ago he looped at the start of his first race and didn't ride again. That's the sort of thing a junior would do, not an experienced rider. Tonight in his first ride he went way too fast into the 4th bend and no way was he going to get round. Unfortunately for Broc Nicol he took him out as well. Bates needs to seriously consider a career change.
  9. Thanks Josh Bates for prematurely bringing to an end my 71st year of supporting Speedway ~ Leicester ~ Coventry ~ then Leicester again. I haven't ridden a motorbike for a good number of years but even I knew there was no way you were going to get round the bend with that reckless move and taking down another rider too. Time I reckon to re think your career as you are a liability on a Speedway bike. I left after an hour of waiting for paramedics/county ambulance and a good number of others did as well. I very much doubt if some of them will be back, including me. Sad but that's it now.
  10. Gemini

    Should we scrap Team Speedway?

    Yes, go for it. Will make my decision so much easier.
  11. I'm a bit like Baldyman and never really bothered about the times, unless it's a track record of course, but it's interesting to see how relatively close all the above are.
  12. Don't think so. I suppose it depends on who is texting from the track and how much detail they go into. http://speedwayupdates.proboards.com/thread/18976/ipswich-premiership-17-06-2019
  13. Gemini

    Championship fours

    Oh god. Missed the important bit ~ NL. I thought this thread was the Championship Fours at Peterborough so didn't even think of another Fours event. Sorry.
  14. Gemini

    Championship fours

    Where have you seen that? What date and what venue? Still on the Peterborough website and I doubt they would change the date of a big meeting like that surely.

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