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  1. Gemini

    Leicester v Birmingham 25/5/19

    Sorry it was a disappointing evening for you. I stood with a Birmingham supporter but he perhaps enjoyed it a bit more because we were able to catch up on old times sitting on the 3rd bend at Brandon, so 3/4 years since we have seen each other. Apart from James Shanes (I've always liked him since seeing him at Coventry a few years ago) and Ashley Morris Birmingham didn't really put up much of a fight and of course that's needed to have good racing. The track is certainly much better this season and it's no longer a gater's paradise but it does need a competitive team on a roughly equal level and unfortunately Birmingham weren't.
  2. Don't often see that with experienced riders.
  3. I've always thought that it's unnecessary to have so much track grading. Apart from being boring I don't think it achieves anything, except to give the track curator something to do during a meeting. Glad it was a cracking meeting and hopefully it will be the same on Monday.
  4. I'm not surprised. I once saw him way ahead in a race but on the 4th bend, where I was standing, he went too wide and crashed after hitting the fence. I just presumed he had lost concentration.
  5. Gemini

    Dogs Allowed?

    Me too. I feel lost without Lucy by my side. I have always taken a dog with me to Speedway meetings and they have never been a problem to anyone. We're not exactly at some posh all seated indoor arena but usually pretty basic grass banking or terracing so why not if they are allowed.
  6. Gemini

    Dogs Allowed?

    I'm sure there are too but it's not worth the hassle bothering.
  7. Who are the other 6? Ole Olsen, Nigel Boocock, Hans Nielsen, Greg Hancock, Bill Hamill, Tommy Knudsen?
  8. Me too ~ not one of my favourite riders. Didn't he also get into trouble for trying to smuggle something in one of his speedway bikes?
  9. Gemini

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    February 27th 2019.....................GLASGOW have axed Joe Lawlor and brought in former Workington rider Kyle Bickley to take over one of the reserve positions at Ashfield. The unexpected eve-of-season switch followed an incident involving Lawlor at a Glasgow hotel last Thursday night when the fire alarms were set off, guests evacuated and the Fire Brigade called. The Tigers released Lawlor on Friday for ‘gross misconduct’ and in a statement published in this week’s edition of Speedway Star, co-promoter Peter Facenna explains the club’s stance on the matter.
  10. Gemini

    Where are they now?

    Try finding a magazine without adverts.
  11. Gemini

    Dogs Allowed?

    Next time get him to look pleadingly at one of the stewards who usually has a selection of dog biscuits in his pocket. Always works for Lucy.
  12. Gemini

    Where are they now?

    Presumably they are paying for these adverts so are all helping to keep the magazine going.
  13. Gemini

    Brandon Update

    Does he not still own the name 'Coventry Bees'?
  14. Gemini

    Leicester v BV Colts May 18th

    I thought the whole idea was to run National League matches on the Saturdays when there was a GP so 99% of the time there is always a match?
  15. Gemini

    Dogs Allowed?

    Always brings criticism from some on here as I found out when I dared to mention the subject several years ago. I'm quite relieved now that I don''t go to any tracks these days other than Leicester, who do allow dogs, and very occasionally Peterborough who also allow them.

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