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  1. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    That's worrying. Must have changed sex then because profile says Female aged 53. Mind you women do get a bit strange and stroppy when they reach their 50's.
  2. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I think Adonis is female. Speedibee has recently posted too so his exile must be over.
  3. Sensational

  4. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Save Coventry Speedway: STATEMENT: BEES AT LEICESTER Whatever that is it's not available.
  5. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    I think a lot will be there. It's getting them to Leicester with admission fee going to Mick Horton that seems to be the problem.
  6. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    There seems to be 3 reasons, although I'm sure someone else can point out a few more. 1] Dislike of the promoter and the feeling he is in some way helping BE achieve their plans of building houses on the Brandon site. 2] The distance to travel and the fact this isn't really a Coventry Bees team. 3] National League Racing, which the majority of fans didn't support at Brandon so are hardly likely to support the team at another track.
  7. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Ah.....you see I don't know what's going on half of the time and struggle to understand who exactly is at fault but I think I get that one, although it's maybe true without the Stock Cars? Perhaps by the time the season starts I will be able to work out whether to support the NL team or not because at the moment I'm 50/50.
  8. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Blimey! We agree on something. Very unprofessional of Chris who some have admired as a Coventry rider for years. He should have kept his mouth shut whatever feelings he had, but then he's not really one to do that as he made enough fuss about having to pay for his partner at the 2016 Dinner/Dance and refused to go whereas others like K.K. flew over from Poland.
  9. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Who? Chris Harris? Always comes across to me as a bit of a mardy sod and it was obvious he didn't get on with Mick Horton so he was bound to stick the boot in when he had the chance.
  10. 2018 Celebration of Speedway

    I'm sure the helpless one day old baby of some species is happy with the sun on its back before being eaten alive by a Lion, Tiger, Leopard etc. etc. in the wild.
  11. Chris Harris didn't exactly win all his races last season so it's not that easy. I don't take any interest in statistics though so I don't know what his final average was.
  12. Coventry City Community Day

    I think he's on the waiting list to ride for Poole.
  13. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Luckily I live in Leicester so still have a team to support, although it was the Bees from 1984 to 2016. I also supported the Cougars and The Storm so enjoy NL racing, but not made my mind up yet what I will be doing.
  14. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Unfortunately you're wrong. I just wish I could work things out for myself but I am totally confused with all the conflicting comments and don't know which to believe.
  15. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    How can I judge if you are right or wrong if you don't explain what the holes in the statement are? At the moment I'm not sure what to believe so I need persuading.