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  1. Gemini

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    And for me those who are in there for murder that is 100% proved with DNA evidence should face a firing squad. That should free up a few cells.
  2. Shame Steve didn't go as you could have doubled the noise. Well done to Poole anyway.....and I say that through gritted teeth....but there you go, I am proud to say I have managed it. Good job you didn't spend any time looking because he couldn't make it.
  3. Gemini


    I think it did. Well done to the Panthers ~ one of the tracks I used to love to visit so my favourite team next to Coventry.
  4. Gemini


    I think the majority of noise at Peterborough will be from the grandstand though as it holds 2,000 doesn't it, so the microphones will be in the right place tonight.
  5. Missing were heats 2 (the re-run after Hans Andersen's crash) 4, 8, 10, 11 and 14. Yet they have shown the majority of other matches that have been pretty boring.
  6. Can he ride for Leicester again? I'm not up to date with the rules these days but I thought he couldn't being as he already rode at Poole.
  7. Disappointing that Quest only showed 9 of the 15 heats. Judging by all the comments on how good the racing was and the fact that it only takes just over one minute for a race I thought they would show all of them.
  8. I did and have the video as well which proves there were only about three exciting races. I could never understand why some think it was a brilliant World Final. It was just the atmosphere that made it seem better than it actually was. Tonight's match sounds amazing though judging by all the comments and I am looking forward to watching it on Quest tomorrow.
  9. Not much fun I can tell you. The ambulance taking me to Bangor Hospital after I broke my hip in Snowdonia [5 years ago today actually] broke down on the way. I dont know how it was removed, RAC or AA, but I eventually got transferred to another one.
  10. Perhaps because the City are at Crystal Palace at 2pm and the match is on Sky?
  11. Gemini

    Why speedway is failing

    It may not have been invented as a team sport but that has always been the main thing that attracted me for 70years and I don't think I am the only one who has no interest at all in individual meetings.
  12. Did he though? "Cover-up of vaccine deaths. These are not the only two cases, there are many cases where the media deliberately mislead people by hiding details and imagining new mysterious illnesses to divert attention from the obvious cause: side effects of vaccines."
  13. Just about every channel. Personally I was more interested in the word "Absomutemy" by Bagpuss and when I find out what it means I am definitely going to use it.
  14. Probably more to do with how over weight he was than not being vaccinated.
  15. I think the next generation are all going to be born with sticking out ears so heaven help the NHS when they are all asking for operations after reaching their impressionable teens.

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