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  1. OAP concessions, why?

    When there is a sun break she can usually read the whole book.
  2. OAP concessions, why?

    There is a lady at Leicester who always brings a book to read between races. Can't say I blame her.
  3. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Jon Armstrong? Blimey how old is he now as he seems to have been riding forever?
  4. OAP concessions, why?

    Yes sorry Neil I forgot to add that. Adult admission was reduced from £18 to £17 I believe.
  5. OAP concessions, why?

    No he is just a disgruntled 30 something. Wish I could be around if/when he reaches old age.
  6. OAP concessions, why?

    2016 wasn't it? Got rid of concessions and made it cheaper for families and students. Would be interesting to know if the idea worked and encouraged more students and children to attend because it certainly upset a lot of OAP's who had supported the Bees for years. Like you say quite a lot refused to go any more but that would probably please SCB with less old people cluttering up the place with their fold up chairs.
  7. Rye House 2018

    Pay back time for being a very naughty boy when he was in the Poole team?
  8. Well, yes compared to the 80's it was sparse but that's the same at all tracks unfortunately. Not helped of course by the fact the camera very rarely shows where most people are which is in the grandstand that holds 2,000 and a lot of people stay at home when it's on Sky.
  9. Not sure I agree with that bit about sparse crowds because Coventry had pretty good attendances compared to all the other tracks ~ perhaps only Poole getting more (if they were on a winning streak) and combined with the Stock Cars it was quite viable. From 2010 onwards though when Sandhu took over with the intention of building houses on the land it was on borrowed time so I suppose I've got to agree it has done well to last this long. Very sad.

    I went to all the Leicester matches and Sunday ones at Peterborough.
  11. Speedway On Tv And The Internet In 2017

    Thank you. I do watch a GP now and again if I can be bothered and have read good comments.

    I have always wondered why the 1981 World Final was looked upon as the best ever. Playing back the video (yes remember them?) confirms to me that apart from 3 or 4 races it was as boring and processional as all the rest.
  13. I don't think you are wrong. Stock Cars used to be held roughly once a month at Coventry and had big attendances. If that's how Speedway was run I bet the crowd would increase. Of course get a bit of rain 24 hours before and the meeting would be called off and that would be it for another month.
  14. Poole 2018

    Tell you what Neil I aren't half learning some new words on here lately so I'm really grateful for your posts.
  15. Surely they know who their fan base is Dean? SCB has told us enough on here. Old people sitting in a fold up chair, eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking tea from their flask, complete In my case with a dog or two asleep on a blanket. Sorted ~ pander to them.