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  1. Gemini

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    It does seem sad what is happening at Peterborough as I always loved going there. Perhaps just as well I doubt if I will be able to make the trip again.
  2. Gemini

    Leicester Lions 2020

    The bends have already been altered so I shouldn't think anything else can be done, apart from what is happening ~ repairing certain areas of the track.
  3. Gemini

    Swindon Stadium

    I absolutely hate the idea of animals being killed so humans can eat their bodies, especially the way some of them are killed but there you go that's the human race for you. The majority of problems in the World are caused by them, but I suppose that's a different subject so we'll just have to agree to disagree on Greyhound Racing.
  4. Gemini

    Swindon Stadium

    It's not lost on me but I don't consider being stuck in kennels, when not racing, is a good life for a dog. It would be like a dog permanently waiting for a home all its life at the RSPCA. Being as you know many trainers I presume you can confirm their dog lives with them indoors at home, gets taken for a daily walk and are not kept in kennels until their next race? Yeah right. As to the dogs at Swindon not being bred in the first place that sounds like a damn good idea.
  5. Gemini

    Swindon Stadium

    Really? Now I wonder what would be best ~ never being born or having to race? Greyhounds are not born that way they are trained by humans with money in mind as usual. No good and they are discarded or sent to China to breed yet more of them, or eaten. They are beautiful laid back dogs until trained differently. It's like saying all Border Collies are born to be working Sheep and live outdoors on a farm. No farms = no Border Collies. Perhaps you should take a look at the link below or look at CAGED Nationwide on Facebook. There are plenty of examples of how cruelly most of them are treated so would have been much better off never having been born. https://metro.co.uk/2020/01/09/dog-breeder-let-three-greyhounds-starve-death-stuffed-one-freezer-12030888/?fbclid=IwAR3uCBdXviz4CnWQz2aIkybsv02v0KX66_RShXm7MC2C5sSGHYf13YNnVo4
  6. Gemini

    Roman Matousek.RIP.

    Wish there was a 'shocked' emoji to respond to a post. 55 is very young. RIP Roman.
  7. Gemini

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Stupid idea to hold it at Leicester for all the reasons False dawn said earlier. Even if the meeting ran smoothly you'd be hard pushed to walk back to the shopping centre and actually drive your car out of the centre within 4 hours, bearing in mind there will be a massive queue.
  8. Gemini

    Leicester Lions 2020

    I don't think you will get an answer to that.
  9. Stupid idea to hold it at Leicester due to all the reasons False dawn has said above. Hopefully common sense will prevail before July and it will be held sometime at Peterborough, or anywhere else more suitable because Beaumont Park certainly isn't.
  10. Gemini

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    All this track grading is a pain in the neck and I'm sure most of it is not necessary but just an excuse for someone to enjoy driving a tractor. What they should do is get a job on a farm instead.
  11. Wish that had been the case at Coventry. Horrible fence blocking a good view of Speedway, especially when the sun was shining
  12. Changing my mind now ~ Horse Racing isn't worse than Greyhound Racing. Sadly they are both as bad as each other and of course at the root of it all is humans as usual so they can indulge in betting.
  13. What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing ~ made me smile. I'm feeling down at the moment as I've just had to have our oldest one put to sleep after being on an emotional roller coaster for the past 16 months due to Molly having Congestive Heart Failure. She was 14. Still have Lucy who will be 10 in January and she is well known at Coventry, Peterborough and Leicester Speedway. I know what you mean about Spaniels because I've always thought they are much more manic than Collies. When I was looking for a Collie pup in 2010, after a few weeks I saw an advert for Springer/Collie pups and I thought no thanks I'll wait a bit longer. lol. Lucy is very laid back, always goes to sleep at Speedway and not at all interested in a ball so I'm glad I waited.
  14. I've always had Border Collies and all they are interested in is having a loving home and a walk every day, preferably which involves a ball. If your mum's dogs have never had any problems with Pyometra she has been very lucky as it is common in unspeyed older bitches.
  15. Might be a good idea with some human males. Regarding dogs and cats though are you seriously suggesting they shouldn't be neutered? A cat can have 3 litters a year for probably 15 years so if none of them were neutered either the problem of feral and homeless cats doesn't even bear thinking about. Rescue centres are already over flowing with unwanted animals. I have always had female dogs and they have been speyed at 6 months and I can't say I have ever noticed any psychological effect, whatever that means.

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