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  1. Gemini

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    1] Good. Perhaps no more blue groove then? Although must admit the track is improving every week since the new curator took over. 2] Oh yes. As disappointed as I was when I used to watch Finn Jensen score 3-0-3-0. Not necessarily. If they are just following the leader at Leicester a rider can still choose whether to toddle round on the inside line or the outside.
  2. Gemini

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    Maybe it suits both types of riders? Those that like a slick track can stick to the inside line and those that like it deeper the outside? Looking forward to watching Scott Nicholls and Robbo.
  3. Gemini

    Leicester Lions 2018

    The difference is even if they can't gate these 3 will always have a go and not just sit back and accept whatever position they are in, leading to 'follow the leader' racing. Riders can and do pass regularly on the Leicester track but unfortunately it's usually the visiting ones. Looking forward to seeing Scott's wide outside line on the 4th bend again.
  4. Gemini

    Leicester Lions 2018

    I wondered why I liked this new team so much. The stay away Bees fans though will still stay away from the NL matches because it seems to be the promoter they object to and they aren't interested in 'lower league racing' 20 or so miles away anyway. Might be a few more making the trip for the PL matches though ~ work permitting.
  5. Gemini

    Parking at Wolverhampton

    I must have been lucky because that's where I always parked my car for all the years I went to Monmore when Coventry were riding there.....until dogs were banned.
  6. Gemini

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Blimey Grachan how far back are you going ~ 50 years? I for one am really pleased with the changes as Kenneth Bjerre didn't seem interested unless he gated, the Pole started off really well but has gone downhill since then, Todd Kurtz was poor even riding at reserve and James Sarjeant ~ well what can you say about James except he could be expected to touch the tapes or break them at some point during a match. On the contrary I think it IS good for the fans because no-one wants to watch their team keep losing at home. 38 - 52 to bottom of the league Kings Lynn was the shocking thing so I am pleased there have been changes to the team.
  7. If Swindon have major injuries (and I'm sorry about that) surely it would help Leicester be more competitive so it should be a good meeting?
  8. Gemini

    Leicester v Kings Lynn Monday July 16th

    They do. The Leicester website is pretty good at giving up to date information about all the matches or other news. http://www.leicesterlions.co/news.php?extend.31232 It's just on the BSF that Lions fans don't seem to show much interest. You know, like me. that you're a glutton for punishment and will be there. Enjoy your Pizza, Beer and Aces match later.
  9. Or a bucket and spade? The ones near me last week spent the whole match playing with the dirt and stones.
  10. Heaven forbid that someone on a forum gives his opinion about having at reserve an ex-Leicester rider who is a good gater.
  11. Gemini

    Leicester Lions 2018

    Presumably it was because England could have been in the final? With all the 'Its coming home' messages I saw I thought it was a foregone conclusion. Dont know what went wrong because I dont follow football.
  12. You can hope but this is Leicester who seem able to build up a good lead but then lose a lot of it in the second half of a match so it makes more sense to have the choice of the best gates in the last heat. Agree and perhaps Simon would have chosen differently if he had been there.
  13. I think the mistake was made much earlier on in heat one when Lions won the toss and chose gates 1 & 3. They should have waited and picked gates in the last heat after watching to see which were more advantageous. Even the flying Klindt could do nothing from the back when he didn't gate in heat 12 off four and got beaten by Charles Wright and James Sarjeant, plus his own team mate Jakobsen.
  14. Gemini

    Poole 2018

    Not doing something right as probably most fans having a look at Poole threads do it for the comedy value like me. If I need cheering up I always look in here first.
  15. Surprisingly good considering most tracks have a big drop in attendances when TV are there. Looked to be a normal crowd but whether they will lose a few after the mostly processional racing remains to be seen.

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