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  1. It says ticket office open from 6pm so I should think that's when the gates will be open too?
  2. Wasn't aimed at me but my answer would be just that. It doesn't matter how many seasons he has ridden here in the past if he's not injured riding in our leagues then he shouldn't qualify for any support......and that goes for any rider not just picking on Tai.
  3. Well it sounds like it's doing that okay judging by the number of broken tapes yesterday.
  4. What's the reason for this new starting procedure? Can't think why it should be changed as it's been the same for years and has worked well, although no doubt it's yet another stupid health and safety rule.
  5. There has been no rain today but it's pretty arctic weather out there with high winds.
  6. Well done to you also. Of course a good many of my 70 years were supporting the Bees along the M69 after Leicester closed in 1983. Took me a few years to get used to it and be converted to a 100% Coventry fan as originally I always supported the visiting team, whoever that was. Makes me cringe now to think I would even have been wanting Poole to beat Coventry.
  7. Is David still involved with Beaumont Park?
  8. Can't think of anywhere close by or I'd have been parking there last season. 4 hours limit in the shopping centre one will be enough time though won't it?
  9. The car park only holds about 230 cars and is always full unless you get there really early. I did use my scooter for the last few matches but unfortunately it has gone wrong and the new one doesn't fit in the car. I know I can use the buggy and I have done, as long as the driver is dog friendly. I am not giving up without trying anyway as this is my 70th Speedway season.
  10. Sorry no. I know it's all for a good cause but I've never been interested in individual racing and the way my knees are at the moment I'm saving my efforts for a league match to see if I can manage the trek from the shopping centre car park.
  11. Gemini

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Successful yes but greatest British rider ~ no.
  12. Gemini

    Swindon Stadium

    I feel sorry for the Swindon fans and I have some friends who support them, but the place itself doesn't hold very good memories after being escorted out in 2008 or 9......well sort of......the steward should have stayed with us to the gate because we took a wrong turning and ended up round the back of the stadium somewhere where the riders vans were. So instead of heading home the dogs were left in the car to sleep off several hours of walking around the Uffington White Horse area and we were able to watch the match. What was annoying is we paid to come in with no problem and the 2 ladies on the gate made a fuss of the dogs so they knew we had them with us, but then at the next check point charlie we met the head jobsworth steward who refused to let us go any further. Never been back since.
  13. Gemini

    Swindon Stadium

    But they still wouldn't let us leave the dogs in the far end of the car park when we were on holiday and found out they now weren't allowed inside the stadium, as they might have bitten someone. Cretins.
  14. Deleted.......Someone interested. Thank you. .
  15. Gemini

    Another Speedway Closes

    What I meant was perhaps things would have turned out differently if there hadn't been that upset in 2011 and Sandhu had kept his interest in Speedway instead of becoming disillusioned with the sport. I think we all agree he didn't keep his promise afterwards.

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