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  1. Albert

    Good Year / Bad Year

    I think 50 minutes to complete a meeting is virtually impossible...it certainly wouldn't be achievable on a regular basis. Referees control the pace of a meeting. If the weather threatens and there's good will from all parties, no falls or restarts, then 50 minutes may just about be possible. Scunny have completed meetings in 75 minutes on a few occasions, however about hour and half-two hours is the norm, about right in my opinion.
  2. Albert

    Good Year / Bad Year

    From a Scunny fan, the team was hit and miss, probably performed as most predicted pre-season. The on track entertainment was excellent... however I echo everyone else's comments, the season was far too short, too many blank weekends, supporters just tend to lose a bit of interest. I'd like to see every track host a meaningful 4TT. Plus a round of a Championship GP style meeting....and a few more league meetings wouldn't go amiss.
  3. Well.... who saw that coming! Get in Scorps
  4. Fair play to Leicester, fully deserving of their win... Scunny just not at the races tonight. We were up against it from the off... the odd harsh decision against us but overall no complaints, beaten by the better side. Not a classic but some great races nonetheless. Really impressed by Ellis Perks display, deserved heat 15, shame it spoilt what would've been a fine paid maximum though.
  5. That's true.. The refs scores correlated with mine, so not sure how the BSPA site have it wrong.. We had, Worrall 9+3 (6), Ostergaard 11+1 (5), Bjerre 5+1 (4), Wethers 4 (4), TJ 5, Clegg 3+1 (4), Phillips 1 (3)...
  6. Not a comfortable win but a win nonetheless... well done the Scorps and well done Newcastle for making such an excellent meeting. After the 5-1 reversal in heat one I thought we could be in for a hiding.. but fair play the lads...and particularly Josh Auty, a superb paid max display led the boys to a great home win.
  7. Albert

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Irreplaceable in many ways.... RR not a good option....and who's out there that could ever replace our Mr Entertainment? .. This is the worst news for Scunny... Get well soon Danny, heal soon matey.
  8. Fair play Brummies… Rode a decent meeting, congrats on the draw. Scunny only themselves to blame.. should've won by a canter but simply gifted too many points away.
  9. If that was John Campbell's idea of a wet track... makes one wonder how the hell the away meeting at Edinburgh on Friday even started...Did John complain then? No... It was well over watered, far wetter than Scunny was at any point yesterday.
  10. Weather was fine leading up to meeting.... The odd rumble of thunder accompanied by a shower hit after heat 3, made the track a little wet for about four races. It wasn't too bad but John Campbell complained and wanted a halt in proceedings, bit of nonsense really,, his riders seemed okay with it...think he just wanted a breather. Weather and track was fine for the rest of the meeting.
  11. Much easier home win than expected... Pretty poor show from Edinburgh. Jensen and Pickering were good value. Worst I've seen from Heeps and Wells around Scunny. Thought Lawson did fairly well. For Scunny, pretty solid throughout. Josh Auty was simply magnificent, congrats to him on a well earned 15pt maximum. Simon Lambert had one of his better meetings, fully deserving a shot at heat 15. Worthy mention too for Ryan Kinsley, you gotta love a trier, 110% effort again with little reward. All in all, a decent meeting (as far as us Scunny fans are concerned). Plenty passing...and an easy three points in the bag.
  12. Watched the meeting courtesy of EMTV... Brilliant idea, great coverage (albeit a tad of a home bias )… kudos to Edinburgh though for leading the way on this. I really enjoyed it , even though the Scorpions ended up on the wrong end of a beating. One or two decent races... although racing generally pretty strung out and processional. I guess you can blame that on standard of opposition and quality of home teams top four. Impressive show from Edinburgh's big hitters, you could see how comfortable and dialled in to their home track they are, was too easy for them....for Scunny, notable mentions for Danny Ayres and to a lesser extent Ben Barker, they gave their best shot. Thanks again to EMTV, keep up the good work lads.
  13. Albert

    Scorpions v Glasgow 28.07.19

    Good quick meeting.. Fair play to Glasgow, their big guns got them through in the end... Jensen particularly impressive.
  14. Credit to Redcar, tactically they nearly pulled it off. Welcome win for Scunny, given the circumstances, guess it's nowt to boast about...but a wins a win. Well done Scorps, did what was asked (just!) :)
  15. Dear Scunny We appear to have made a bit of a gaff, we've recently signed a rider knowing full well that he won't available to us when your team come visiting. We now realise that we won't get a facility, we will have no option other than use a national league guest in his place. Jordan Stewart will also be missing as he is on international duty. Not so much of an issue, as we can utilise RR to cover his rides. I really can't believe how we've got ourselves into this mess. Given our misfortune, may I ask a huge favour of you? In the best interest of Redcar speedway, would you kindly agree to rearranging this meeting? It's important that Redcar Speedway win all our remaining home meetings, therefore we appeal to your better nature and trust you will agree to our request. Obviously we need to be a full strength in order to beat your weakened injury hit team, who, incidentally have been pretty woeful away from home of late. We appreciate that you are the senior Friday night team, we are really grateful that you originally agreed to accommodate this fixture. I'm sure rearranging won't cause you any further inconvenience. The riders won't be bothered that we've messed them around, they can always find something else to do with their time. We also appreciate, for whatever reason, you too had to use a national league guest at No1 recently. I'm sure you'll agree how disadvantaged this makes a team. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards Bear Dear Bear Thanks, but no thanks. Weather permitting, we'll see you Friday. Regards Scunny

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