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  1. Credit to Redcar, tactically they nearly pulled it off. Welcome win for Scunny, given the circumstances, guess it's nowt to boast about...but a wins a win. Well done Scorps, did what was asked (just!) :)
  2. Dear Scunny We appear to have made a bit of a gaff, we've recently signed a rider knowing full well that he won't available to us when your team come visiting. We now realise that we won't get a facility, we will have no option other than use a national league guest in his place. Jordan Stewart will also be missing as he is on international duty. Not so much of an issue, as we can utilise RR to cover his rides. I really can't believe how we've got ourselves into this mess. Given our misfortune, may I ask a huge favour of you? In the best interest of Redcar speedway, would you kindly agree to rearranging this meeting? It's important that Redcar Speedway win all our remaining home meetings, therefore we appeal to your better nature and trust you will agree to our request. Obviously we need to be a full strength in order to beat your weakened injury hit team, who, incidentally have been pretty woeful away from home of late. We appreciate that you are the senior Friday night team, we are really grateful that you originally agreed to accommodate this fixture. I'm sure rearranging won't cause you any further inconvenience. The riders won't be bothered that we've messed them around, they can always find something else to do with their time. We also appreciate, for whatever reason, you too had to use a national league guest at No1 recently. I'm sure you'll agree how disadvantaged this makes a team. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards Bear Dear Bear Thanks, but no thanks. Weather permitting, we'll see you Friday. Regards Scunny
  3. I believe the next set of averages will see Jake Allen take the number 1 spot off Josh... Might just take the pressure off him a little
  4. I guess the score line doesn't suggest as much...however, what a quality meeting, some fantastic racing on show. All Scunny riders performed well, all producing race wins. Pick of the bunch and perhaps man of the match was Simon Lambert, constantly in the thick of the action...the win over Doolan in a stupendous heat 12 being the highlight of the meeting. Danny Ayres also worth singling out, paid 15 from 6, brilliant, what an impact he's had since joining Scunny. All the other Scorpions put in solid effort in what proved a comfortable home win. Really impressed with Kevin Doolan tonight, he was worth the admission money alone, his heat 3 win was pretty special, a fantastic ride, a brilliant race. Backed up by Aaron Summers, who got better as the meeting progressed... and to a lesser extent Coty Garcia. Unfortunately, Etheridge, Gappmaier and Edwards, despite giving their best, got very little to show for their efforts.
  5. Not a classic by any means...too many stoppages. Riders not staying still, tape exclusions, numerous falls and reruns...but nonetheless, a overwhelming win for Scunny.
  6. Albert

    Sheffield 2019

    Really hope a new owner can be found, speedway can't afford to lose another club. People I spoke to at Scunny last night all spoke with a common theme.. "Who on earth would want to buy an ailing speedway club in a dying sport"... A city the size of Sheffield should easily be able to support a speedway team. I agree with a previous poster, Owlerton stadium is the big problem.. could do with moving to a purpose built venue, one they own. Find a field and build from scratch.. Add a bar, cafe, car park and reap the profits.. Get away from greedy landlords that don't care about the sport, as it stands the landlords are probably the only ones making money out of it. Sheffield speedway would be more attractive to any potential new owner if they didn't have all the overheads and stadium access/availability issues..... If only finding a suitable field was easy... Poor Halifax/Bradford couldn't find one.
  7. Fantastic meeting... takes two sides to make a good meeting. Auty was in great form..plus some inspired guest bookings got Scunny a fine win. Kennedys crash was awful, lifting and hitting the home straight fence at a horrible speed and at such an angle...how he got away with what seems like just minor injuries seems like a gift from god.. it was a sickening crash. Hope he doesn't feel too badly beaten up in the morning. Auty won some classic duels with Howarth, worth the admission alone... Aarnio v Howarth wasn't too bad either! Perhaps you could say Sheffield under performed tonight... However Scunny well deserved the win... but with racing of that quality, everyone's a winner.
  8. Albert

    Scunthorpe v Glasgow

    Last weeks decision to cancel was well justified.. the rain did come down, incidently at its heaviest about 7.30pm. Certainly wouldn't have got a meeting on. For Scunny, Stevie Worrall was a good choice of guest, as was Anders Rowe (given his performance at the EWR a few weeks back)...plus R/R which could've been taken by Worrall, Auty, Neilsen and Ayres.. Can't see why Scunny would've wanted it off, Glasgow neither as they too had lined up good guests.
  9. Albert

    Scunthorpe 2019

    Are you referring to rule 16.3.2.. A rider in a teams declared 1-7 at the end of the previous season and not included in that teams new seasons initial declaration may not be subsequently re-introduced into that team without the express permission of the Directors. Jedd wasn't in Scunnys 1-7 at the end of the previous season. Unless the rule reads wrong I can't see a problem. If the 'and not' actually read 'and if a rider' included in that new teams new seasons initial declaration..then that might be a different scenario. Unless theres another rule im not aware of??
  10. Fair play to Somerset, caught us weakened but fully deserved the win. Worst refereeing performance i've seen in 45 years of watching speedway.... absolutely shocking!...laden with mistakes, called so many races wrong... both teams on the end of some bizarre decisions, spoilt what should've been a good meeting.
  11. If he can't be arsed to turn up, then that's his problem...As much as i'm a fan of his entertaining racing, I don't him condone missing meetings...get rid I say, we want committed riders, not someone who just rides when they want... that's coming from one let down Scorpions fan.....gawd knows what his sponsors must think!
  12. I quite agree... Unless he's got a good excuse. He's let himself down, the promoters down...more importantly he's let us scunny supporters and his fellow teammates down. Its no wonder they didn't put a better show on! Not to mention the Edinburgh fans that turned up expecting to see an entertaining meeting...cos I guess that was far from entertaining. On another note.. Hope Josh Auty is okay after his withdrawal from the meeting.
  13. Always appreciate your unbiased opinions HT, usually on the button....I kind of disagree on this statement though...this meeting was perhaps the poorest in terms of quality racing so far this season. However, the previous three home meetings have thrown up some exceptional mind blowing speedway, as good as we've ever seen at Scunny. (In my opinion) I think last nights lack of track grading was more a tactical decision.. Redcar were the ones wanting it graded. Scunny is such a fair track, why would the home team want to give away any slight advantage they had by giving in to their opponents demands.
  14. Far from a classic.. but tight meeting with some good close racing. The meeting just had too many interruptions, it never really got into its stride. Redcar huffed n puffed and rather fortuitously took the lead after six heats, Scorpions looking like they could throw this one away at this point! Thankfully, the Scorpions got stuck in and produced a strong finish to win the meeting. For Redcar.. They were all competitive, all showed glimpses....but ultimately, they all lacked that consistency needed to make an impact to the overall scoreline. Standout riders for Scunny were Jake Allen, Jason Garrity and Josh Auty... they were the backbone, they providing the much needed race winners when it mattered.
  15. So why did you not heed what Scunny were saying last year! A change is inevitable in my opinion.

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