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  1. Albert

    Worky v scunny koc leg 2

    Well done Worky, thoroughly deserved... too strong for us Scorpions last night. Hope you win all your finals.
  2. Great entertainment... as said by HT, some cracking racing... This on a well prepared, if a little slicker than normal ewr. Jensen again showing his liking to the track, he's been quite outstanding on his visits this year. Mason Campton too was easily Comets second best rider, that heat 12 win was pretty special, what a great race. The other Comets were on the pace but generally got beat up on first two turns. For Scunny, the combo of Garrity and Allen were superb... 5-1's in each of their three rides together. Decent guest in Wells, who along with Nielsen, Worrall and Manzares all put good solid scores on the board. Danny Phillips, to his credit, tried hard with no reward. So 18 point lead... still all to play for.
  3. Albert

    Scunthorpe 2019

    What was most annoying about that meeting was that after all the efforts to return the track back a decent condition, it was the actions of a few riders... namely Palm Toft (Scun) and Ostergaard (Peterboro) that put an end to the meeting. Rider power at its best.. my biggest gripe about the sport.
  4. It was interesting to see how track conditions affected the racing line tonight... in all my years watching speedway at the EWR, I don't think I've ever seen riders almost having to kiss the air fence in order to find the dirt.... not the norm... but nonetheless, created some courageous, spectacular speedway.
  5. Other than the efforts of Aarnio and to a lesser extent Lambert... woeful performance from Peterborough. Great show from Scunnys top six... only last places were Danny Phillips three rides...and to be fair to Danny, he actually looked like he was trying at times. Jake Allen was immense, revelled in the conditions. Half way in the tie, but fancy Scunnys chances of reaching the final now.
  6. Shyte meeting to be fair... Scunny not firing, pretty woeful at times... Drab affair, barring the last heat....Workington perhaps deserved to win but no doubt they'll take the draw, should be enough to win through.
  7. According to the bspa list... Workington replaced BWD at some point.
  8. I agree.. In our case, it wasn't so much the injuries that stalled us... under performing reserves caused the damage, perhaps if those reserve riders had been replaced a few months back, we may have reached the play offs.
  9. Considering all Scunnys injury problems this year.. Danny is the only change that we've made... We could of made plenty more but Rob has stood loyal to his injured riders. Good on Lakeside, they're the only team not to make a change this year... whilst the others are...Sheffield (6), Edinburgh, Ipswich (5), Redcar (4), Glasgow (3), Peterborough (2), Berwick, Newcastle and Workington (1)
  10. And then factor in fixture clashes.. not much left to pick from. Not sure on eligibility but can see someone like Ryan Kinsley, Nathan Stoneman or Jordan Jenkins (if old enough).. maybe Connor Coles, although I think he may have too many fixture clashes. Sadly the change needed to be made, Danny's confidence was clearly taking a knock...whilst putting extra pressure on Gino to perform.. whoever gets the nod, he isn't likely to be any better than Danny. Good luck to whoever gets the opportunity.
  11. Early doors it looked odds on Scunny reserves were gonna cost dearly again... However, how important was that 3rd place for Gino in heat 14! The lads got it in him, just needs luck on his side. Great comeback by The Scorpions.... tonight proved how we much we missed Josh and Jake, they were both awesome match winners tonight. It was a night of truly great entertaining racing....to be fair, it usually is whenever Sheffield visit. A neutral would of loved that... Sheffield may be a little disappointed to lose at the death... but wow... what a heat 15, speedway doesn't get much better. Hats of to both teams for putting on a great show.
  12. What a downer.. that's ruined things.... I missed the last meeting due to holidays... was so looking looking forward to this one.... not any more.
  13. Superb win... well done Scorpions. Didn't expect 4 big points from Owlerton but we'll take em.
  14. Your very lucky if you miss these thunderstorms... Torrential downpours for the past two hours in Scunny… No way would we have got a meeting on tonight.
  15. The meeting itself wasn't the best... Great 500 Final though, great advertisement for youth speedway. Less of an advertisement was young kids getting lapped.. surely these kids ought to be of a standard before putting them in such a meeting.

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