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  1. That was the plan... until the meeting got postponed. £2 a ticket would've brought in £80.. pay out £55, Steve would've got £25.. Although many of us had pledged to donate any winnings had we won... so could've been much more.
  2. Gutted for both Scunny and Belle Vue... Devastated for Stevie... Wishing him all the best for a fast and successful recovery.
  3. He was having a great tussle with Jonas B Andersen.. Stevie had come from last to first.... then to second.. then back into first... then Jonas clipped him on bend 2 lap 4, that straightened Stevie up and he ended up going head on into the air fence. Nasty crash.. pure racing incident. Jonas was disqualified as primary cause, perhaps somewhat unfortunately. Just very hard racing from both lads.
  4. Great performance from Scunny... we look like a team this year. Gonna miss Stevie Worrall if initial reports are true.. wishing him all the best for a speedy recovery. That was some race he was having until the crash.
  5. Championship Predictions 2018

    really Dan....! Hardly average... Howarths a great number one, I would love him at Scunny...(Although i'm more than happy with Stevie W ). Bates will get better.. Wright seems to improve year on year... Bjerre and Kurtz probably won't improve their averages but wouldn't be surprised if they do. Couple of reserves that can only improve as the season goes on... Sheffield will be amongst the top 4... Reckon Scunny will match them though.
  6. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Also at last nights function... press and practice was hastily arranged for this coming Friday night (16th).... Think Rob said from 5pm onwards. Slight confusion over track availability but I assume its going ahead.
  7. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Forgot about that one IronS Wish i'd of asked Rob to clarify the new rule regarding Tactical Subs... How many times can it be used? twice?
  8. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Pleased Danny's got the ride, no pressure on him, just get out there and do his best... it's all we ask. All looking good so far... Scorpions fans got reason to be optimistic for the season ahead. Great night at the 'meet the riders'.. thanks to Rob and Duffyscouse for putting the night on. Some great banter from the lads... the interaction from the audience was good and constructive... all in all, a good night, well attended. raised a bit of cash... bodes well. Also interesting to hear of some rule changes coming in this season... 1. Refs to be more relaxed about starts... 2. When a race is stopped after 2 laps and a team is in a comfortable 5-1 at the time, the rider in 3rd place will go off 15m in the rerun.. 3. Top five scorers now eligible for heat 15.
  9. Redcar handed fours

    and with decent transport links.. its a good shout imo.
  10. Redcar handed fours

    yeah.. what you say I agree with.. being a shared event, the venue and location have to be of an acceptable standard and distance for opposing fans to travel and also to make it financially viable. That perhaps counts a lot of tracks out the running, my local track included. Geographically Redcar maybe a tad north ...but good for northern tracks, I'm sure they'll cope with crowd levels, hopefully i'll be there to see it. Sheffield always seem to have the riders final.. Fine by me, cos its well within travelling distance.. but I wouldn't grumble if it moved to Belle Vue or similar for a change.
  11. Redcar handed fours

    So happy that Redcar have got the meeting.. good on em... Reckon the meeting should move around and not be stuck at one track. Shame there's no fours qualification tournament though.
  12. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Certainly one worth considering...
  13. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    Please....none of those names mentioned above.
  14. Redcar 2018

    Or mpt? .. heard rumours he's heading your way.
  15. Scunthorpe Scorpions 2018

    A new look Scorpions..Decent top end.. And strength in depth...7.5 for a couple of reserves... Happy with that so far.