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  1. Just to confirm tomorrow's planned practice at Stoke is OFF due to flooding. Next one will be monday the 20th now.
  2. Results from this meeting below: Stoke's only amateur meeting of 2014 saw a win in the open class by former Potter Shaun Tedham. A maximum and fastest lap (66.3) in a competitive class let Shaun show his experiance. (Shaun elected not to take his first place trophy as he has ridden as a potter in the previous year) In the run off for second Cam Hoskins came out ahead of Krystian Bialecki, both having finished on nine points, Krystian in his first visit to Stoke. The intermidiate class saw Bradley Seal storm to a full maximum, being in a great race with Trevor Bebbington thier final heat, this helped him also clinch the "Rider of the Meeting" award, picked by the meeting referee. Steve Cook also entertained on his classic two valve Jawa in some great races early on with Trever Bebbington. The novice class saw action aplenty with numerous crashes, falls from Harry Gent, Matt Sewell, Chris Ball and Mike Cowley all put paid to thier chances of scoring big points, the stand out rider in the class being Eryk Borczuch in his first ever meeting. Second overall went to the hard battling Danny Wright, and third to Damon Hall. The Youth 125/150 was decided by run-off after both Dan Thompson and Jamie Halder finished on 11 points, with Dan running out winner. Dan's brother Joe took third place overall. The youth 250 saw reigning word 125cc champion Kyle Bickley beating both Kean Dicken and Tom Miles to take the honours. Sam Chapman was the only entrant in the Youth 500 class, traditionally a small class as riders must be 14 to ride the 500, but once they are 15 can ride in the adult classes. Sam completed two races but suffered bike problems in the second half of the meeting. A big thanks go out to all at Stoke Speedway who help put the meeting on and allow us to run these meetings. Open Class Shaun Tedham 3,3,3,3= 12 MAX (1st) Cameron Hoskins 1,3,3,2= 9 (2nd after run off) Krystian Bialecki 2,2,2,3= 9 (3rd after run off) Sam Ward 3,1,1,2= 7 Glyn Edwards 2,0,2,1= 5 Rob Parker F,2,0,1= 3 Sam Darroch F,F,F,F=0 Intermidiate Class Bradley Seal 3,3,3,3= 12 MAX (1st) Trevor Bebbington 2,1,2,2= 7 (2nd) Steve Cook 1,2,1,R= 4 (3rd) Novice Class Eryk Borczuch 3,3,3,3 =12 MAX (1st) Danny Wright 3,2,3,2 =10 (2nd) Damon Hall 2,3,2,2 =9 (3rd) Harry Gent 2, F,F, 3,=5 Mike Cowley F,2,2,1 =5 Matthew Sewell F, 1,1,1=3 Chris Ball 1,F, ns,ns= 1 Youth 125/150 Dan Thompson 2,3,3,3=11 (1st following run off) Jamie Halder 2,3,3,3= 11 (2nd following run off) Joe Thompson 3,2,2,3=10 (3rd) Jordan Palin 3,1,2,1= 7 Kyle Roberts 1,2,1,2= 6 Stephen Whitehouse R,R, 1,1= 2 Niall Cleaver 1,0,0,0= 1 Jacob Clayton 0,1,0,0=1 Youth 250 Kyle Bickley 3,3,3,3= 12MAX (1st) Kean Dicken 2,2,2,2= 8 (2nd) Tom Miles 1,1,1,1=4 (3rd) Youth 500 Sam Chapman 3,3,ns,ns=6 (1st) Pit Bikes Simon Ellis 3,3,3,3= 12MAX (1st) Craig Smith 2,2,2,2= 8 (2nd) Rider of the Meeting: Bradley Seal Pics to follow.
  3. There will be an amateur meeting at Stoke Speedway on Sunday 28/ 9/14 with the first race starting at 12.00 (gates open from 10.00) As with meetings in previous years, the meeting will be split into different classes to give everyone a chance. The classes this time will be: Adult Classes Open- For riders around national league and MDL standard Intermediate- for riders not quite at open level but who can get a good slide on. Novice- For riders just starting out who don’t slide all the way round. Pit Bikes- providing a minimum of 4 entries. (bikes are limited to a max 160cc.) Youth Classes Youth 250- for riders on 250cc bikes Youth 125/150- for box 150cc engines and tuned 125cc engines Each rider will be programmed for four rides with trophies for the top three in each class and a rider of the meeting award. Should riders in the top three finish on the same score a run off will decide final finishing positions. Speedway Bikes are expected to comply with the current rule book, with the following exceptions- old silencers will be permitted, novice class do not require dirt deflectors. (historic/ vintage bikes will be allowed further exceptions) Prices to enter remain the same as previously- £ 35 for adults speedway classes, £25 for youth and pit bikes, and include a day licence if required. To enter please contact Mike Gittings- Tel 07717 573639, Email- mikegittings87@gmail.com, or Facebook- mike.gittings.5@facebook.com
  4. Michael G


    No but we are looking at doing one in june
  5. mon 29th Oct 2012 practice at Stoke.
  6. There will be an additional monday practice at Stoke monday 29th (weather permitting), which means you can now practice at Stoke EVERY Monday left in October. For those who have not been before, the practice starts at 12.00 and runs until 3.30 but as numbers are generally low this allows plenty of track time for you to do as you want. Cost is £35 Hire bikes 125, 250, 500 and equipment is available at an additional fee. For more info/ Weather updates please contact Dave 07789 028003.
  7. Results from todays meeting-(full report and race by race results to follow) Open 1. Shaun Tedham 2. Andy Mellish 3. David Holt Inter 1. Glyn Edwards 2. Emerson Jones 3.Charles Wallace Novice 1. Hayden Ball 2. Chris Simpson (after run off) 3. Ian Gill Youth 500 1.Reece Downes 2.Sam Ward Youth 250 1. Luke Woodhull 2. Ben Woodhull 3. Mitchell Beckett Youth 125 1.Joe Lawlor 2. Anders Rowe Full report, racecard and heat by heat results to follow.
  8. Updated.looks like a good entry in novice and open classes!
  9. Youth 125 do not require new guards. (everyone else does) Please note latest time for entry is thursday tea time. List of riders entered so far is; Open Shaun Tedham Sean Phillips Gary O'Hare David Holt Arron Mogridge Freddie Owen Ryan MacDonald Inter Trevor Bebbington (tbc) Emerson Jones Glyn Edwards Simon Bence John Markham Charles Wallace Novice Hayden Ball Chris Naylor Wayne Beckett Gary Owen Chris Popple Glen Belcher Mick Keeling Karl Carrigan Chris Simpson Ian Gill Youth 250 Mitchell Beckett Ben Woodhull Luke Woodhull Youth 125 Luke Whitehead Connor Fletcher Anders Rowe Youth 500 Sam Ward (if others enter)
  10. Stoke amateur meeting sunday 14th oct 2012. see thread for details.
  11. The next and final Stoke amateur meeting in 2012 will be Sunday 14th october, starting at 12.00 (gates open 10.00 approx) The format will be an individual meeting open to everyone with all the normal classes- Open-for the top amateurs around the MDL/ National League level and above , novice - for those beginning who can just about slide a bike, and Inter- for those who are somewhere between the two. There will also be youth classes depending on entries. The cost for the meeting will be £35 (£25 for under 15s) which includes a day licence if needed, and free to spectators. As always there will be the café and bar facilities will be in action. Each rider will be programmed for four rides, with the three highest point’s scorers taking the trophies in each class. Should there be riders in the top three finishing on equal points a run off will decide the final result. There will also be a trophy for the person judged to be the “rider of the meeting” in each of the main classes. Helmet colours will be required but can be borrowed and dirt deflectors are required for all but the novice class all bikes will need to comply with the 35mm rule for rear tyre to mudgard. A limited number of hire bikes will be available at a cost of entering the meeting being £130 for 500cc and £100 for 125cc youth. These will only be available to those who have ridden before. Limited spares, fuel/ oil etc will be available from the track. The location for the track is; Loomer Road Stadium, Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, ST5 7LB. Anyone who wishes to ride is asked to reserve a place by contacting Mike Gittings on 07717 573639 or email mikegittings87@gmail.com I will not be taking deposits but if you book in and fail to turn up without notifiying me you will be blacklisted! Any other questions please contact me on the above methods. If I am unavailable then please leave a message and I’ll get back to you at the earliest opportunity.
  12. Unfortunately iv not had enough riders to make it viable so sundays amateur meeting at Stoke is OFF. I'll look to rescedule it later in the year when the weather picks up. Mike
  13. Michael G

    125cc Amateur Meeting

    new silencers are not needed for 125s (or any others at amateur level this year), il post on here when we do our next meeting.
  14. Kean Dicken added to 125cc Alec Wright to Inters Please ensure all entries are in by tomorrow tea time so I can get the programmes printed in time.

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