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  1. Sedgmen seems to have turned a corner, wouldn't have swapped him for Clubcard points previously. The only disappointment is the 0131 got 41 points here last week. Two more away meetings left with a rather busy September coming up.
  2. MD

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    He can complete the 4h/4a to get an average this season if he rides all our remaining league matches however that would mean Starkey not returning which i dont see.
  3. MD

    Newcastle 2019

    2003 wasnt a year i enjoyed however you cant always compare averages of years gone by as at times they were calculated differently. Back then many PL teams had 3 genuine heat leaders at 1, 3 & 5 and some pretty decent riders through the rest of the order. I might be wrong but the team building limit around then was 45 points.
  4. MD

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Fine line between an away win and getting a point but would have taken a point before the meeting. Damien will be raging with Proctor, only 2 weeks left to get another sacrificial lamb sent over from Owlerton. Onward to Sheffield tomorrow where hopefully we can do a bit better.
  5. MD

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    History would dictate a knee deep track with only the bravest/most experienced venturing off the single line on the inside after 10 or so heats. The weather forecast is good, gating boots required regardless.
  6. Looks like r/r for Wood tomorrow has been successfully engineered at Edinburgh.
  7. MD

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    The same could also happen when riders are banned and sponsors/fans chuck some money their way, perhaps not a meetings' wage but some money all the same.
  8. A pathetic and disproportionate reply by an individual or individuals unable to let go.
  9. MD

    berwick bandits 2019

    Strengthens them even with Morris having a poor season.
  10. MD

    Sheffield 2019

    Putting pressure on an interested party would seem more likely.
  11. If the 'Glasgow Two' dont appeal we could always whip the transformer out of the floodlights, you can only get them in the Netherlands you know and they are on back order, get Scottish Power to urgently dig up the mains electric cable to the stadium or have the water bowser taps accidentally stick open and flood the place. We'll need to do it early though as Damo will be there with Dicksons reserves ready to Twitter everything within an inch of its life!
  12. No mention of any sanctions against Dugard or Eastbourne's failure to control their track staff. During this time we have Leicester B home and away this weekend with Leicester away on the Saturday. Guest choices will need to be wise. Perhaps Chazzer Wright could do us a turn for Friday and Sunday. A small track specialist definitely required for Saturday. I was going to say Danny King but there's no way Damo would allow that. Remains to be seen if the Glasgow riders appeal, at which point they should still be able to ride until the appeal is heard.
  13. MD

    Sheffield 2019

    Only if Buster is buying, which isnt unlikely after recent times!

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