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  1. A damning half term report card though this could have been written a month ago. The Lakeside meeting at home is crucial and I'm not confident. Richard Lawson will be back to prove a point and Nick Morris will love the widened track, so that's our top two negated on current form. Keep going the way we are and our season will be over at the end of August. By a cruel twist of fate our last league meetings are back to back against the 0131, and how they would love to be the ones to finish off our playoff chances, if we haven't done that ourselves by then.
  2. Im sure he retired before the new style silencers came in. Be interesting to see how he goes.
  3. Thats a fair point, we could be forgiven for thinking he's doing a phased retirement and going to pack in at then end of this season. He's been pretty poor so far, let down by a somewhat endless run of mechanical issues and a lack of sharpness. I don't think he likes the Glasgow track and seems we have become the least important of his priorities. However we need moves at other clubs to be able to replace him.
  4. Willie Lawson for Ruml at reserve! I'm sure he was at Ashfield last week, filled out a bit if it was!!!
  5. I wonder if Glasgow are paying too well or even have guarantees for some. We seem unmotivated at the top end with very little fight or desire to improve.
  6. Our home crowds havent been good since Edinburgh thrashed us at Ashfield. We are shaky at home never mind on the road.
  7. This is just one in a long line of many. I don't buy into the don't panic mantra of the owners, this team will come good when the evidence is overwhelmingly otherwise.
  8. Bit of a pumping down at Sheffield. Nine points from the top two doesn't help especially when our 5 point reserve on a false 3 point average decides he's going to bang in a couple of race wins. Well done to Sarjeant from his biggest critic. Can see Harris in the middle order at the next set of averages. This team needs changes, matches like this expose us even more than normal.
  9. MD

    Glasgow 2018

    Dont like his performances, nothing personal.
  10. MD

    Glasgow 2018

    Will we see Jack Smith, just released from Sheffield replace Sarjeant?
  11. He's also pretty head strong and may be chosing not to invest in his equipment or being selective in his efforts whilst the pay issues go on. Worky would find it difficult to recruit a replacement if they dropped him, they couldnt even find a willing guest on Friday, so have to stick with him.
  12. Yeah, for the second season! There is nothing out there to replace Sarjeant on 3.37 so we are stuck unless there are a raft of team changes at other clubs.
  13. All in perspective. Campton never beat any of the Glasgow 1-5 but did a 2 pointer learning his trade and a 3 pointer on the way down. Had your TM been on the ball he would have given Campton a Bickley ride as his seventh which would have edged Worky closer to a league point.
  14. We know, read the threads for our last 3 home meetings, we are desperate for changes. Mediocre teams keep turning up and running us over, just someone seems to have disconnected the alarm bells.

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