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  1. MD

    Testing Riders

    Common sense is no longer common.
  2. They can only try. The racing at Cardiff has been poor for a number of years and the attendance possibly reflects that now. I know Cardiff is all about the atmosphere, pre-race events and the overall weekend however its the racing that interests me, and it needs to be good to justify the cost of going there, which it doesn't IMO. From 10 GP's this year, 4 are in Poland, why can't we have a second one in the UK i.e. Manchester. The SON there last year was superb, its a racers track and I would pay to go possibly along with many other northern based fans. As it is the GP series needs refreshed. Discovery are serious broadcasters and if they want to grow their tv audience they need to have a think about the tracks which can deliver this. Vojens, Malilla and Prague are absolute bore fests and I'm sure their viewer stats will confirm this. Taking GP's away from these tracks may mean you lose the audience in that country so its a difficult call to make however year after year they deliver FTG riding rather than racing. There has to be better out there, hopefully.
  3. Dont disagree. Most recently I can think of Kasprzak and Zagar coming through the qualifiers and were woeful.
  4. There comes a time when at almost 35, having not been a GP rider for 4 seasons and having required a wild card that final year, you accept you are not at that standard anymore and as a former World Champion make a dignified exit from Grand Prix's for good. Time to let the new generation have their chance.
  5. The only downside to last night was Chris Holder being announced as the replacement for Vaclav Milik in the GP Qualifier in a couple of weeks. #FFS
  6. A really decent meeting you would never work out from the scoreline. Basso was just superb but where was tonights Sedgmen last season. Fast, aggressive, making passes and riding intelligently to run wide in 15 to block Basso. We waited patiently all season for that to show up and got let down.
  7. Until the B test has been confirmed you cannot presume guilt.
  8. A season away from Glasgow would do Connor good IMO. Learning a new track and not having the luxury of being carried at times in a strong team could be the push he needs. I still think he needed NL racing somewhere this year despite the lack of meetings, being Belle Vue No8 has proven meaningless.
  9. Equally Knudsen could sign for someone else next season if not enough meetings are completed. #Bellego
  10. As would Castagna not turning up for his first 3 rides.
  11. Unfortunately its the way it has been for many years though would doubt Castagna or Fredrickson could pull this and keep their team place.
  12. A racers track with a bit of dirt up high. Thought it looked perfect for Bomber to run riot but he was very off colour last night.
  13. Thought Berwick would do something tonight but def not to be. Harris looked to be having bike issues, Pijper spun out and Flint was impeded by his team mate before coming down hard. Knudsen looks a good find but FFS MacGregor, ht14 is the kind of p1sh he used to pull 15 years ago to get the Grand Monarch title.
  14. Giving an answer to a question that wasnt asked.
  15. Richard had four laps to pass Ostergaard but didnt. Wonder what the issue was?

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