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  1. Unmotivated by a guaranteed income, allegedly! The hunger, speed and gating were there last night for all to see, you can understand why some fans, myself included, feel massively let down by last season.
  2. Do you get IRR for a previous injury?
  3. Another decent meeting with the Cook heats just sublime. Ht15 was one for race of the season as Cook had to take Schlien and Harris from the back. Never saw a single heat like that from Harris last season. Glasgow were too inconsistent in the middle order with Vissing as slow as a week in the jail and Jensen persevering early on with an ineffective inside line. Connor Bailey looks raw but certainly not scared of opening the throttle which caused his ht11 crash. We now need a run of home meetings to get fully back into the groove. Bring on the 0131 next week.
  4. Harris looks to be in a bit of form, be a rare sight to see him ride Ashfield as a heat leader. Reserves and second strings will be crucial. Looking forward to it.
  5. Lack of meetings is a problem for everyone as it was last year. Needs some creative thinking to solve so dont expect anything to change. It is immensely frustrating though.
  6. No, I agree but to go back to the original point, speedway isnt a £10 sport at CL level and wont be again.
  7. I understand diluting the standard again with the ridiculously low points limit but speedway at CL level at most clubs hasnt been a £10 sport this decade. Its currently £10 to watch BV Colts in the league below.
  8. Just doing the sums. I get the bit about people spending extra at the shop/bar but will they each spend another £7 to match the normal entry price. I wish Berwick the best of luck and hope they get some retention from it at future meetings.
  9. For every 10 adult customers who paid in last week they'll need 17 to pay in this week to achieve the same revenue. Is it even achievable? Definitely a brave move but perhaps £14 or £15 would be a more realistic figure.
  10. MD

    Newcastle 2019

    Very impressive tonight in a high quality field.
  11. MD

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Superb effort tonight to get the track sorted for the GP Qualifier. The less experienced riders took time to get things sorted but Nicol, Moi and Smetana were good value after their first few heats. Cook was imperious on his home track but Berge, Thorsell and Tungate were pretty awful, puts the alleged Premiership into perspective. The only downside being Harris made it through the French qualifier apparently. #wtf
  12. MD

    Ipswich 2019

    Seriously? The only thing he is consistent in is being inconsistent. Read the Glasgow 2018 thread, twelve months ago we were also perplexed about his performances and were actively seeking a replacement whilst watching his average tumble.
  13. MD

    Edinburgh 2019

    Edinburgh have made the change at the right time with Sedgmen due to drop from 6.10 to 5.70 from 1/6. Victor comes in on 6.25. Think we'll have seen the last of Sedgmen.
  14. Sheffield look like they need another set of averages to find a better balance. Kemp looks like he needs a go at reserve whereas Nicol looks like he could hold his own at 2. Anderson would be better placed at 3.
  15. Another decent meeting at the Field of Dreams, despite the scoreline. Starkey returned to form, Jensen was awesome and Bickley chucked in some good points against arguably the strongest reserves in the league. Broc Nicol was superb when he gated and looks a thoroughly decent prospect, fast and stylish. King Danny started well but faded as he usually does and Howarth was solid but unspectacular. Not much you can say about the rest. So its onward to the next round, hopefully we can get the Scunthorpe rain off rearranged for the next few weeks as otherwise we only have 2 home meetings from now until the end of June.

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