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  1. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    I'm old school!
  2. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    If the Scottish Cup goes ahead at the start of next season we will face the 0131 three times at home, think i preferred this years set up.
  3. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    Into the wood more like.
  4. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    Kyle needs to become more accomplished on the tighter technical tracks and on trickier surfaces to progress IMO. Its all very well being good on slick tracks but so is everyone else. He needs to add more to his skill set. He did nothing wrong at GLA but now needs to find the right track to continue his education. Wish him well.
  5. Yes, we gave it away rather than having it taken from us. Some of our younger team members were unable to adapt to the greasy conditions that experience brings. They will be better for it. Both Sam and Connor have a big part to play in our future. Be back in 6 months to do it all over again.
  6. It was Lawlor who came back round for a third lap after Perks stopped at the pit gate. No it shouldnt have happened, yes he was goading the crowd.
  7. Shouldn't do three laps of wheelies. He invited it as much as it shouldn't have happened.
  8. Congrats to LEI, you killed us in the first leg and we couldnt have made it easier for you in the second. Three exclusions, an EF and a rider at the tapes with his steel shoe detached, you just couldnt make it up. Vissing was on it tonight, his best meeting in his best season IMO especially his first two heats where he had to go out alone. Bickley also had a decent meeting. What a season its been though, great meetings week in week out from June onwards. I would argue again that we need a strong reserve with a close starting average to the No2 who can interchange with the reserve berth over a season. The top heavy culture of team building hasnt brought a league title but has gotten closer.
  9. MD

    Glasgow 2020

    That team had great reserves something we now largely ignore in our team building. This season we started with Chessell and Lawlor, who were going to do nothing other than make up the numbers. The change for Bickley helped us big time in the early season and Bailey at home during Aug/Sep beat some decent riders on the way to a few points. Look at the impact Mountain has had for Leicester, we need something similar next year IMO.
  10. MD

    2020 CL

    The Commonwealth means nothing in all cases. The point im making is im sure HM Government will do a deal with Aus/NZ to allow people of certain trades to come here and work which may include speedway. I dont see one league coming about as the CL is pretty good without the PL, there is nothing in it for the CL teams and i dont see any of them subscribing to two fixed race nights.
  11. MD

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Park him for a year or two and let him develop in Denmark.
  12. MD

    2020 CL

    We will cope regardless. Britain existed long before the European Union and will do so long after leaving it. I wouldnt doubt there would be a deal with Australia and New Zealand to allow certain trades to come here and work. Time will tell.
  13. MD

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Hope Brum havent been naive enough to have him on a guarantee, like we were allegedly.
  14. Met Office (as at 14.40) showing as dry all day Saturday in Leicester. You wouldnt be laying the groundwork by any chance?
  15. This is why we need an outbreak of common sense at Fawlty Towers and run these meetings in September with the cut off at the end of August.

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