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  1. MD

    Glasgow 2022

    Amazing how long we took to work out Sedgmen.
  2. MD

    Poole 2022

    And he then left us for Workington.
  3. MD

    Glasgow 2022

    Rusty self destructed not too long after this having been saddled with the future world champion label at Derwent and also suffering health issues by which time we had happily banked the money for him and Aidan Collins not long before. Worky were renowned for throwing money about during this era, quite ironic when you read some of the comments now from that neck of the woods. Rusty came back to us around 10 years later and was decent around Ashfield averaging about 7 overall.
  4. MD

    Glasgow 2022

    Almost everyone can ride Belle Vue but not Newcastle, Edinburgh, Leicester, Ipswich etc. Its at these tracks he needs to learn his craft IMO.
  5. MD

    Glasgow 2022

    Wish he would ride NL and increase his skill set on technical tracks. The more rides the better next season.
  6. MD

    Glasgow 2022

    Good move, around August they started asking for a ridiculous amount of personal information they had'nt previously to buy a ticket. The first meeting after this change the pay at the gate queue was snaked round the car park. Never did get a reply as to why.
  7. MD

    Glasgow 2022

    Joey Ringwood was ok during that era of sign anyone from overseas that can stay upright for four laps. A second season would have benefitted him though perhaps he didnt want to come back. Jayden O'Malley was too young when he rode for us and being in a crap team was under pressure to score points, like everyone else. A year or two later in a stronger team and with a bit more nurture he may have made a go of it. Riding once a week just isnt enough for riders wanting to develop.
  8. MD

    Glasgow 2022

    He needs NDL experience at a technical track if possible, to enhance his skillset and become a better all round rider. Almost anyone can ride, or quickly learn to ride the big tracks.
  9. MD

    Edinburgh 2022

    Need to learn to ride laydowns first .
  10. That would be a tragedy for Berwick if they have fallen for that nonsense. See Glasgow 2018.
  11. MD

    Glasgow 2022

    Riss isn't reliable in 13 or 15 when the heat is on. Can't see improvement in him from what we've already seen.
  12. Cook summed it up at the end, if we cant go through with a 22 point lead we don't deserve to be in the final. Only cuffing the 0131 made the perishing cold bearable. Strange atmosphere tonight, you'd never have known it was a play off. All eyes on tomorrow night, we surely cant be as bad as last week.
  13. Outdoors standing the limit is 4000 before Covid passports. Even then they are only checking larger crowds at random despite the narrative.
  14. If we are to stand a chance tonight it starts from the gate. The most important part of a race at Armadale is between there and exiting bend 2/back straight. Come out ahead of them and you force them to make passes which few will other than Masters and Pickering. The other is watching each heat, seeing the track change and reading the racing. When the Monarchs are hammering round the outside at speed in the later heats yet Wells and Nicol persist at a snails pace on the dead inside line, wtf! Time to stand up, all of them.
  15. Worst team lost, cant go there and not gate when there is nigh on no passing after the second bend. Nicol and Jensen were bike lengths behind going into turn 1 in their early heats. Needs sorting for tomorrow.

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