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  1. He's been more than comfortable at our expense this year and now represents good value to his 2019 Championship employer.
  2. I know but that EF is just another one to add to the list. They never seemed to happen at Poole. Harris now leaves us on 7.71, the best part of a point lower than when he started with us. Signing riders on the way down rarely works out.
  3. Been like that all season. Ironically his last bend EF earlier today that turned an easy 3-3 into a 1-5 appears to have cost us. We have a lot of lessons to learn on team selection from this season.
  4. We've been here about 3 years now. It cant change when there isnt actually anyone in control.
  5. Didnt really have a play off feel about it today. The weather was uncomfortably hot in the sun and pretty cold behind the cloud which made the track still wet in the areas that the sun didnt reach and bone dry in those it did. Worky seemed to be holding back early on, perhaps they are confident of turning any score round down there. The good thing is we know the result of the tie tonight, the down side is it will be another two weeks for the winning team to run the final.
  6. Biggest challenge is for the track staff trying to prep for Friday night. With 3 days of incessant rain now started and low temperatures predicted, we can only prepare a super slick track that will cope with further rain on race day. That plays right into the Comets hands IMO. We need to be super sharp from the gate to negate riders like Klindt, who is gone if he traps but wont pass if he doesnt. As well as Cook being a decisive factor, so will our reserves with Nathan Greaves likely r/r at No2. Sarjeant has been decent recently, he needs to be again and none of this tapes nonsense that lets everyone down. We need a practice for all the riders at Ashfield should it be possible. Lets get tore in!
  7. Reading the headline thought one of the Havelock's were back but its not that bad. Im sure the Bears will continue on.
  8. We had to give Erik and the boys something to close the season with. Proper business next weekend.
  9. MD

    Newcastle 2019

    In 2014 Wolbert started with Glasgow on 8.48 and finished the season on a deplorable 6.19. The following season he rejoined Edinburgh on that bargain average and finished the season on 8.18. Supposing he was the only rider left on the planet who could fill your final team place, you'd be better closing your track with dignity than employing this shameless individual IMO.
  10. Broke bones in his foot on a deep track designed to unsettle the opposition but which got out of hand. #selfinflicted
  11. Reign it in, they would wallow in rubbing your nose right in it if it was the other way round. They shot themselves in the foot, literally, with Joel Andersson being injured as he was really starting to turn it on at reserve.
  12. Yet again the Team Manager allowed this to happen when Campton at reserve could have taken one of his heats, and one of Bickleys as well.
  13. At Worky at the beginning of the month turned in a single point after he couldnt get his bikes going.

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