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    Glasgow v Poole 20/5/22

    If correct, only one of those will significantly impact the meeting, making it a very tough one for Glasgow. Guests will be hard to find with so many other meetings on Friday.
  2. On two occasions HA rode both wheels on the grass exiting the fourth bend and never got rumbled. McGregor would've had him, just like he did with Sarj one time.
  3. Barker taking Ostergaards leg after the line in ht5, not on.
  4. Harris must have been promised serious cash to win ht15 tonight, what a ride at blistering speed to take Cook.
  5. Harris is now being quoted as the guest on the pre-match article, a much better choice than Howarth, unfortunately. This is looking like a bigger banana skin than last week!
  6. Indeed but having done the hardest bit on Friday ..........
  7. Against them a 7 point win is the bare minimum, anything else is a loss.
  8. We had a massive helping hand in getting them to 44 points. The 3 Edinburgh heat leader amassed 37 points, quite incredible.
  9. That was almost the most expensive track grade in history. Having been in total command at ht10 and dispensed with the tactical we then only won 1 of the remaining heats and would have lost had Cook not chopped Pickerings nose off in ht15. In any other organisation you would work out what isnt working and change it. Re-grading the track to suit the opposition, and not just any opposition is just insane.
  10. The Monarchs will be all out to make up for Friday and will come out fighting. The only given i can see is that the fourth bend will be pretty quiet today regardless!
  11. He was very gracious on the live stream, no complaints.
  12. Ragged start in ht3, no replay on the stream to see who the culprit(s) were.
  13. Masters jumped ht15, even Sarj would've been embarrassed. Should have been more, Danyon gifting points like it was Christmas.
  14. Is it an unintended consequence of being conditioned to a super smooth home track that when we go to a rutted and bumpy circuit we find it harder to get points?
  15. That was only our third meeting this season and a big meeting to come up so early. We will improve as the season goes on though Friday night would be as good as any to start it. Danyon could be up for 7 rides unless Bailey has learned to ride it proper.
  16. Absolutely but getting it up Dickson would be sweet after his starring role in getting the Ashfield meeting called off last year.
  17. Some excellent racing tonight despite the scoreline. Harris still rides likes we wanted him to in a Tigers racejacket though had limited back up. Berwick have too many points invested at reserve to return 4 points. Wells was decent, Pijper got into it as it slickened off and Flint seemed to lack the desire to race full on for four laps. Best meeting to date for Connor Bailey, needs to do it more consistently. Much tougher test tomorrow at Leicester.
  18. He usually comes to grief on the first turn for whatever reason, and has done a good few times.
  19. Unnecessary and prolonged delays only succeed in irritating the paying public. If the rule is 2 minutes and they got 2 minutes whats the problem?
  20. They'll need to tell him he's getting the sack before every meeting to get anything out of him!
  21. Young riders needing guidance often rely on experienced ones to help them improve. That rarely happens in struggling teams as the riders are under pressure and become largely focused on themselves. With a bit of coaching he may well prove to be decent but its too early to tell.
  22. Not the best choice from BSN to screen this one. Cook, Basso and Ulle were imperious whereas Nicol started the way he finished last year. Everything about NCL has already been said above, Complin ran out of steam pretty early, something he'll need to fix as a reserve. Berwick will be much stronger opposition nxt week.
  23. MD

    Glasgow 2022

    Amazing how long we took to work out Sedgmen.
  24. MD

    Poole 2022

    And he then left us for Workington.
  25. MD

    Glasgow 2022

    Rusty self destructed not too long after this having been saddled with the future world champion label at Derwent and also suffering health issues by which time we had happily banked the money for him and Aidan Collins not long before. Worky were renowned for throwing money about during this era, quite ironic when you read some of the comments now from that neck of the woods. Rusty came back to us around 10 years later and was decent around Ashfield averaging about 7 overall.

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