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  1. rearing to go

    Emil Kramer 1 Year Ago Tomorrow

    gone but will never be forgotten
  2. With an elite league points team limit capped at 40, it is impossible to run a team with elite riders in it only. So would it not make sense to increase the limit to 50 and make it a league to be proud of, instead of trying to fill the majority of team places with premier riders. Because if it stays how it is at at the moment the two leagues may as well amalgamate amalgamation: Vote yes or no Comments are welcome after placing your vote. Please would all forum members participate in this survey. Many thanks to all from RTG A totalling up procedure will then take place and will be given at the end of January
  3. rearing to go

    Coventry Poll

    what a stupid thread , agree with all the quotes listed
  4. rearing to go

    King's Lynn 2011

    I for one cannot see us moving up, what with the elite in a mess as it is at the present time, who in the right mind would want to take a team up in the so called top flight until all the issues are resolved
  5. rearing to go

    Rider Of The Year

    As the season rapidly draws to a close, you all might like to look back through the year and make it known who you think deserves the title of rider of the year in 2010. elite premier national
  6. Phew, All is not lost folks! This is for all the fans who don't go to the Bspa website for up to date daily news and results. As you are all aware by now since itv have reduced there teletext service. (doing away with news and sport) i thought it might be worth mentioning that the same sort of speedway coverage is on sky 3 channel 11 on freeview. Obviously if you have a sky dish you may already be aware of this. For those of you who are receiving from a digital aerial only, you need to go to page 457 and hey presto all is well once again for the forthcoming season.
  7. rearing to go

    Mark Jones! :)

    believe you me, he will be in the premier team after 8 weeks as he will be that good by then.
  8. As forum members and avid supporters of our great sport What new rules would you like to see implemented in 2010. .........and which ones do you think should be withdrawn. Think sensible before posting on this topic, as i am hoping the ones who make up the rules might sit up and take notice. IT'S NOT TOO LATE to ammend some rules on the 11th hour. ( after all some rules do get changed mid season as we are all aware.) and mostly they are not for the good OF THE SPORT. Happy posting and remember be serious on this one . YOU NEVER KNOW. REMEMBER THIS FORUM IS NOT ONLY READ BY SUPPORTERS ALONE.
  9. rearing to go

    Emil Kramer

    MR SOMERSET SPEEDWAY A very sad time for all us fans with this tragic loss. We all as supporters support our individual teams and riders, but at a time like this i think everyone will agree we are all one big family. Its emils family who will need the most support at this moment in time, and i sincerely hope they get plenty.I hope something will be put into place as a mark of respect to a great guy who will be sadly missed on and off track. r.i.p EMIL KRAMER A TRUE CLASS ACT
  10. should this post be in the premier section
  11. rearing to go

    Lezno Gp

    Yes, and that referee wants removing from his responsible position. The idiot need only check his monitor to see walasek was at fault.
  12. What with Oliver Allen and Ben Barker both out with broken legs.Tai Woffinden racing unfit with an injured shoulder. Chris Harris and Scott Nicholls looking well below par, its not looking too good on the international front. Hope this nightmare start to the season with injuries is about to end.
  13. rearing to go

    Satnav Directions

    for christ's sake dont use it to get to stoke . it will take you on an industrial estate where you will see the track but you will have to cross a dyke and go through a wire fence in order to park in the stadium car park. did'nt i swear.
  14. 20:00 tommorow (sunday 22nd) on motors tv USA National Speedway 2008 Spring Classic. A small oval, 4 bikes, no brakes and some 20 heats to fight before the winner is eventually decided, Speedway is one of the most exciting 2 wheel series, and we show the very best racing from the 2008 season

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