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  1. DK Rides Again

    Lost Sporting Venues Of London

    Rather than start another thread, I thought I'd revive this one and mention that I went down Hornshay Street today. Sad to report (I don't know if the BBC show covered it) that they have now driven a rail link straight through the middle of the frying pan and there is now no trace of New Cross stadium.
  2. DK Rides Again

    Bikerfm Speedway Show - Every Tues 8pm-10pm

    This is very straightforward chaps; if you don't include any music, or the music played is copyright free, you don't need a licence to post an on demand podcast. As it is, the licence fees for repeating shows including copyright music are not that big (starting price is under a couple of hundred quid) so a whip round amongst the presenter roster would probably cover the cost for the whole station; even better, use your speedway contacts to find a sponsor, there really isn't much money involved.
  3. DK Rides Again

    Crystal Palace Back For 2013?

    There's more chance of me flying to the moon, under my own power! It will never happen.
  4. DK Rides Again

    The British Speedway Forum

    It's the place that did more to put me off speedway than any amount of revelations of corruption, or mismanagement. I have a great deal of respect for some regular posters (although that number has become noticably smaller, recently) but, for the most part, I wouldn't want to be associated with a lot of the more vocal here, so, by extension, the sport as a whole.
  5. DK Rides Again

    Riders In Ill Health

    The other way of looking at it is, it's nice to think that, in your most dark of days, there's still some fans looking out for you. Might give someone some inspiration, you never know.............
  6. DK Rides Again


    "OH, and (insert any rider name) is in terrible trouble here" Can be used equally, when describing a run of the mill engine failure/simple lock up, or taking a header over the safety fence, at full tilt. People like to knock the current commentators, but Lanning was cliche central and was often just as OTT, despite doing most of his work after the event.
  7. Statistics can tell you everything and nothing, because, as we all know, there's lies, damn lies and statistics. My memory of Jansson was that he was a man to be feared and beaten, at least in the BL. My other memory is, when he died (and before then) he was talked about as a future WC by all of the most respected figures in the sport, riders, promoters and fans alike. Keeping in mind that then, speedway was losing far more riders to death or serious injury than we do today (so the superlatives were flying around far more often) he did seem to be thought of as one of the very best. I certainly thought he had what it takes.
  8. DK Rides Again

    Rear Wheel Sizes In The '50's.

    I've told this story before, but it's worth repeating, if only to back Speed H up. I started going to Wimbledon in 1969, the latest generation to watch speedway from a family that had been watching since pre-war meetings at New Cross; we all kept going until the mid 70s, when my parents drifted away (although my brother and I carried on for a few years, latterly in his new home town of Milton Keynes). When I came back to it a few years ago, Dad was too poorly to come with me, but I showed him a tape of the free meeting at Lakeside, that I attended and Sky televised; my first reaction was what a good job Sky had done of making a pretty average meeting look good on the telly, his first comment was, "Bluddy hell, the racing was much better than in my day".
  9. DK Rides Again

    Kennett Suspended!

    Making it louder is a by product of getting the gases out faster, so yes, in theory drilling holes in your baffles could make it faster; all you need is to be a tenth of a second quicker off the line and you're into the first corner first. Some likened the new silencer to sticking a potato up the pipe, drilling a few holes is like shaving a chip off it first.
  10. Only half his week's wages? If he wants to succeed, he needs to spend all his wages, plus every penny you have to spare, then he needs to bust his arse off to either get some sponsors, or learn how to maintain his machines. That's what it takes to be a success, anything less and he fails.
  11. DK Rides Again

    Speedway And Stockcars Fates Entwined?

    I've never heard stock car fans to be anything other than supportive of speedway, at worst they are completely ambivalent. In the main, stock car (and there is a distinction from banger racing) supporters are as steeped in their history as speedway fans are and they know that speedway tracks form a very important part of stock car racing history. An example of this was a couple of years ago at Lakeside; I went to a speedway meeting, knowing there was a significant stock car meeting the following Sunday and the announcers mentioned it once. I also went to the stock car meeting and the announcer was constantly plugging the next speedway night, so I would say that there is little or no animosity on the part of the car boys and girls. The problem is, the cars bring in more money; they get bigger audiences, the prize money (there's no wages) is substantially smaller, they don't suffer rain offs and the track maintenance is minimal so, once you've built your stadium, it's almost all profit. If I were operating a speedway club at an established stock car track, I would be doing everything I could to keep them happy, they don't really need speedway.
  12. DK Rides Again

    Upright Vs Laydown

    I'm not getting this at all. Leading link forks have the advantage that they don't significantly alter the steering geometry thoughout the range of their movement, but they have no problem with brakes, road and racing sidecar outfits have been using them for years.
  13. DK Rides Again

    New Silencer Design

    That doesn't really answer my question. Is the old King an absorption or reflection silencer?
  14. DK Rides Again

    New Silencer Design

    So, was the 2009/10 King an absorption or reflection silencer? I'm genuinely confused, because I've read posters on here talking about repacking the old silencer.
  15. DK Rides Again

    New Silencer Design

    I thought I'd already explained that the new silencers are of a completely different design? The old silencers use the absorption method; you let the gases into the box, then let them reverberate around a bit and stuff it full of packing (a similar material to loft insulation) to absorb a bit more noise, then it exits. Not very efficient (which is why they're too loud) and they require maintaining, because the packing burns off and soaks up oil and carbon deposits and loses it's effectiveness, hence the rivetted end caps, so you can open them up and repack them; or, if you don't do regular noise tests, there's the risk that people will open them up and take the packing out all together, meaning more noise and more performance, just keep a legal spare in the van, in case you luck out and fail your one test this season. So, the new silencers are designed to be sealed, to stop people from cheating exploring possible loopholes in the regulations. As pinto has said, if you want to make an absorption silencer a bit better, you just increase it's volume a little and stuff some more packing in.

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