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  1. waco

    Isle of Wight 2019

    I did not say he has a championship place,,I ment if and when he gets one ?
  2. waco

    Isle of Wight 2019

    Glad to see Ben back on the Island..riding the big track has improved him as a rider and i know he enjoys riding for the excellent management at the IOW,,....He could well have an even stronger season at this level,,which can only enhance his performance at Championship level...
  3. waco

    Eastbourne 2019

    One thing is for sure they do need a rider that will put bums on seats.i do not see that as Kennet who blows hot and cold...
  4. waco

    Mildenhall New Owner

    Reducing standards will have a knock on effect in reducing crowd numbers...Is there one single person with any common sense on the BSPA ??
  5. Racing can be good at any level when the majority of the riders are evenly matched...........
  6. With the lack of shale on most tracks..they like to appear to be doing something constructive,,,But if there is no dirt they are doing nothing except making meetings drag on going round and round on tractors...
  7. waco

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Well done every one at the Iow ,,The rest of the promoters in this country could learn a lot about how to run Speedway for the community...
  8. waco

    lakeside 2019

    If its the old boys club or nothing , heaven help us........Where the hell are they going to acquire the brains from to make it work for the good of all ..????????????
  9. waco

    lakeside 2019

    Saturday evening or Sunday afternoons are the only real options to run at Rye......midweek traffic is horrendous,, ,, A ..barely moving M25 is enough to put off the majority coming up from the south of the track........ Old Bob,.I think BMR caused their own problems ,,not the BSPA... Hopefully something can be sorted to keep speedway in the Herts/Essex area......
  10. waco

    lakeside 2019

    Who is going to take over a club with no viable home..Would you even if you were rich enough to do it..unlikely i think..We just have to hope but time is short....
  11. Richard Lawson is one of the nicest guys in speedway....
  12. Meeting abandoned riders objecting to ice on the track ,,very original but then it was predictable..
  13. They will be hard pushed to complete the league match .but who cares pointless meeting and it could be a case of after you a gentle manly occasion...nudge nudge ,,wink wink,,,?
  14. Hopefully Lakeside can get it together tonight and give Worky a run for their money in the main match after all these riders need to earn some dosh from this long distance marathon....and recover the pride in actually being a very good team....Hope it's a good safe final meeting for all the riders.......And hopefully both sides can come to the tapes at the start of next season.......
  15. waco

    lakeside 2019

    The happenings of the last few weeks were not the fault of the promotion but have obviously proved costly to them? ..I would have thought that now serious consideration will take place regarding next season .We the fans have to hope the club wil continue and be supported where ever they end up riding......

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