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  1. At this stage of the season the second match seems a bit pointless ,,just my opinion......
  2. I know Dan Bewley is out ,,I was referring to the Hammers at full Strength..terrible shame about young Bewley great talent loved watching him,,,He will be missed on Friday ,Hope he recovers and can ride again......
  3. Be nice to see a match against Workington instead of the continual matches against Peterborough,,especially now we are back to full strength ,,Weather looks good but probably chilly....
  4. With all the speculation about Adam and Zack you would think the promotion would announce sundays team to put our minds at rest ?
  5. Is Jonny the spud saying Adam will be riding for the HAmmers on Sunday. I guess he. Should know,,.?
  6. Looks like both promotions have gone for a nap,,never mind we will probably get a match confirmed a few hours before the event?...But of course Peterboroughs guests are the prime consideration before fixing the date,, guess they are working on it........
  7. Speedy Bill sounds good .personally I do not know if it would all work in practice .but hey you have obviously given it some thought...
  8. Surely Lakeside would have contacted Peterborough before.naming a date,.if not another mess looks on the cards....
  9. Indeed this is a very difficult scenario for the Hammers,,many however are used to these hectic scheduals it is part of being a rider in a very demanding sport,,They have to be tough to survive......
  10. I do not get text messages or use twitter,, i checked on the site.. There must be many coming from further away than me that have been cought out ..Fine for those that had not left home before the announcement.of course....
  11. How do you make that 3 hours Marko ,,it was still on when i left home a 2-25pm and it had virtually stopped raining by the time i arrived at the track,,many others there i talked to some saying they will not be coming again.....
  12. Just spent 2 hrs and done 12 quid in petrol going to Rye after checking it was still on before i went,,There were others pulling in to the car park at the time i was there,,all an noyed with the promotion for not calling it off earlier ,,This would not of happened under Len Silvers tenure ,,,,Speedway promoters have no consideration these days for the fans is it any wonder Speedway is dying on its ar----e
  13. Latest weather report on ITV. At 5-30 pm sat ...Has rain clearing the area at aprox 15 hundred hrs ,,3 pm ,,fingers crossed....
  14. I have seen so many conflicting weather reports,,the latest showing rain in the evening do not know what to believe..do any of them really know what is going to happen and when,. I'll, just go and hope for the best......
  15. Why not put the meeting back to a later start,, is that to difficult,, would give a better chance of the meeting being on,,?

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