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  1. Tough ask for Plymouth..Mildenhall are flying can only see an away victory,,
  2. I do not think the powerfull spearhead of Alfie Bowtell and Ben Morley will be enough to avoid a defeat to the strength and depth of Mildenhall,,but lets hope its a good safe meeting for all the riders,,,weather permitting.......
  3. Absolutely right Marco..speedway seems to be run by a group of incompetence of the highest order.......
  4. advise everyone to check again later there may be more showers before they die out this evening
  6. Fingers crossed on the weather,,should be ok this evening if the track is all right and not flooded.......
  7. waco

    Kent 2018

    What now for Boxall,,its all gone very quiet ?
  8. waco

    Lakeside v ipswich

    With regard too how good or bad the racing is at different tracks...One things for sure posters opinions are nearly all biased towards their own tracks ..and I do include myself in that observation......
  9. waco

    Lakeside v ipswich

    Like city rebel i have never seen a good meeting at Ipswich in the 60+ yrs of involvement with Speedway ...But then again my visits are only occasional..No track has great racing every night including Lakeside where i do not miss a meeting,,but mostly i think the racing compares favourably with all the other tracks i have been to in my life.....
  10. waco

    Lakeside v ipswich

    A good crowd saw an excellent nights racing,,Morris back to his best ..Lawson somewhat unlucky not to score his usual,,Solid from Ellis,,some battling passes from Morley and Zach..Bowtell improving especially when nursed round by Morley for a win in heat 2 ...,,Newman is looking a little short of regular racing but chipped in with 4 points.....For the Witches Nichols battled hard for his 13 points but little back up except for Schlein 10 points ..Score 52 -37 ...Plus some encouraging words on the future from Jon Cook ...we will just have to wait and see what that will be,,,Fingers crossed........
  11. What has happened to Max Clegg ,, 2 yrs ago you could bank on him being close to a max in this company ?...
  12. Good performance from the IOW ....but makes you wonder just how bad are Stoke ?
  13. waco

    Isle of Wight v Buxton 26th July

    ..Solid performance from the IOW plus guests,, admittedly against a very weak Buxton side..
  14. Lack of continuity of meetings is one of the main reasons the promoters are killing the sport......
  15. Big away 4 point win for the Hammers who really got going in the second half of the meeting..Well done all the riders......

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