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  1. waco

    Speedway's future IMO

    Two teams with all the riders of simular ability will produce much closer racing ....and far more exciting to watch for the fans
  2. Meeting abandoned rain ..result after first 3 heats for each rider...Winner Anders Row well done 3 wins.....second Kemp ,third Clegg.........What a shame this meeting has been jinxed by the weather from the word go......
  3. Great news big red ,,,probably only Hume of the top boys missing ....Who is actually out for Clegg ??
  4. Remove the dross and put Clegg and Philips back in ,,and make the meeting a bit more representative of the actual top riders in the league,,as the meeting is advertised ,.....at the moment it is a disgracefull watered down version ....the organisers should be ashamed of this line up
  5. This is becoming an absolute farce.....But totally typical of the way speedway is run...I am now waiting for the final demise of our wonderfull sport in this country..C,ant be long.................?..
  6. Speedway is becoming a complete joke in this country...Clegg had a very good chance of becoming National League champion,,,or a bit part player elsewhere
  7. All these late season problems are so avoidable if clubs made better use of the summer months...Speedway must get its house in order the fans are sick of the incompetent running of the sport....
  8. waco

    Eastbourne 2019

    Wood has pulled out of the National league riders championship to ride Grasstrack,,,?....that and other unrealiable. actions have shown up his lack of real commitment to Speedway....Pity he definitely has ability......
  9. Weather forecast not looking good for Sunday
  10. Perks does look as if he is a cut above this level judgeing by his performances in the higher leagues..But anything can happen on the night,,,Personally I will be supporting Ben Morley twice previously winner of this event...Hopefully a good meeting with all the riders staying safe and enjoying the event....
  11. waco

    2020 NL Season

    You are talking about speedway here Gustix,,, no one ever knows whats happening next year,,,lets just hope there is enough teams still running to form a league..?
  12. Any one care to explain the Lawson gate saga ???
  13. Adonis i make you right. Probably wanted a Kent rider to win as well,,,Which to be fair ,,,,I think most promoters prefer home wins in all meetings
  14. City Rebel,,I do not know why Ben was not in the line up,,,I was looking forward along with quite a few others to seeing him ride.,,that decided not to go
  15. Weather appears to be holding up so far. More than you can say for some of the riders,,falls and withdrawals ,,glad I did not go. at the moment..It could also have done with a few more better riders,,,,,

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