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  1. IOW will all need to be firing tonight to reverse their previous result v Plymouth earlier..this season....hoping for a good safe meeting to all the riders ..Wood and Morley on good form at the moment ,,as is Verge..Daly usually good for half a dozen points or so..and two reserves who battle hard,,just leaves Widman to at least look like he wants to race...
  2. Mmmm got that wrong,,,,easy...still that's great for the boys a good pay day too....
  3. Good safe meeting to all the riders and hoping for an Eagles win,but I think it could be reasonably close....
  4. People sit in the top of the stand because they get a better view of the whole track,plus.the terrible announcing system is a little bit clearer in the top tier..I do not think they would be happy if forced to move down....
  5. ,Well Kent were strolling this to half way,,IOW had not won a a race ,,with Wood and Morley both having bike,,engine problems ,,things improved for them as the night went on both these guys winning races as they usually do after sorting out the problems Ben Morley in particular started flying inflicting 2 defeats on the previously unbeaten Kemp ,in heats 13 and 15....The IOW middle order and reserves tried hard with the exception of Widman who poodled round miles behind all night,does not appear to be even trying,,,.But Kent ran out easy and well deserved winners in the end with all their team putting in a decent shift ,,and the celebrations at the end were great for their riders and the fans.....
  6. Looks a cracking meeting..with Wood and Morley ,now getting good back up from Verge .this could be close, But over all,,i think Kent will win the trophy
  7. Changed from original statements that it was 10 pm then ,,that is a reasonable curfew, 10-30pm,,,,my original post was based on the 10 pm statement,,,I still feel 2 ambulances are needed at speedway meetings as they were when i worked and prepared the track at Rye House in the early 80s,,,under the circumstances they did well to complete the meeting
  8. Conflicting reports here of the meeting completed within the curfew,,,and the meeting deliberately ran over the curfew,,,cant both be right
  9. Joke having this meeting at a track with a curfew ,,and worse only one ambulance apparently ,,another speedway shambles
  10. waco

    Eagles v bandits 25 may

    A big confidence boosting performance from all the EAGLES......Lets hope that can lift them against tougher competition..best wishes to the two injured riders...Lewis and Kevin...
  11. waco


    Good win for IOW with solid performances from the top end,and most of the middle order,,except Widman what were his problems tonight,,,any one who was there know the answer??
  12. If everyone upped their game just a little,, and they are all capable of that..I. do not think they will have a problem......
  13. waco


    I hope they have sorted the 4th bend riders having problems there.....
  14. waco

    Mildenhall v Kent

    Ben Morley guests for Kent...
  15. Injury confirmed compound fracture of the leg,,real bad news for club and rider...

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