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  1. Brilliant meeting,,Scunny doing most of the gating early on with Nichol outstanding ,,i do not consider he was rolling most of the time just lightning reactions ,,the track got dry and dusty and the grading and watering was left to long,,but after it was done Kents racers came into their own and dominated heats 12, 13 and 15 ,,Heeps and Mulford getting a usefull 3 all in heat 14 ..Scunny put on a battling performance,, the best visiting performance since Kent signed Troy,,,, but when the track was improved so did the Kent riders ,,few can live with Batch and , Nicholls around here when the track is right ,,, ,,A great 5/1 from Gilks and Morley in heat 8 was vital in the eventual result ,,,, Starke was solid as usual..And, those present witnessed one of the best meetings of the season ,,,..Who ever you support ......
  2. Superb track,,,Exciting racing,,,Good crowd in ,,,Well run ,,,Late surge by the Kent boys to get a result ,,What more could the fans want ,after last weeks debarkle caused by ref Barbara Horley,s refusal to let the track be watered properly,,especially on the outside before the meeting,,so she knows more about track prep than Len or Jamie then ,,joke .!.... lets hope we do not get lumbered with her again,,,..Nice to see Cameron Heeps hitting something like his true form and an excellent meeting from Jack Thomas for Brummies who were basically a three man team,,Dont miss another great Speedway meeting next week...
  3. Len knows you can not afford to upset the fans especially in the currant climate of tracks closing down so you can almost garantee he will give track prep his best attention,,,And,,the sport needs every fan it can get at the moment ,So,i am pretty confident the track will be back to its best this afternoon and another top class meeting will be witnessed.......
  4. What ever the problem was last tuesday i would think it was a one off ..looking forward to exciting racing on monday afternoon........
  5. Riders were not happy with the track which caused the start to be delayed half an hour,,So now it was a race against time to beat the ludicrous curfew ,,A few riders tried the normally fast outside line to no effect so the match became follow my leader round the white line,,,,,there was no time to grade and water the track and a huge blue line developed on the inside.....This was the only bad meeting of the season so far ,,ok we won ,,but i go there to see exciting racing and this was not ...where the fault lies i do not know but once again speedway shoots itself in the foot ,,and a few more lost fans the we can do without in these difficult times for the sport we love.........
  6. Well Kent got a great draw at Newcastle so you would expect them to win at home,,but speedway is an unpredictable sport at times..I know Ben Morley blew his best engine at Edinborough,,that may effect his scoring power on tuesday having been on top form last week at home,,, but we have Dan Gilks and Jake Mudford back and they are proving a solid young reserve paring ,,With Cameron Heeps improving each week as his shoulder gets stronger and our big guns consistantly dominating i feel confident we will get the desired result ..Another exciting meeting is on the cards ,,so dont miss it ...!!
  7. There seems to be a large and unfair balance in the guest reserves,,do not fancy Kents chances ...The rules are ridiculous...
  8. waco

    Kent v Berwick 17/08/21

    Every thing sails over my head these days i guess i just wanted to know who else had spotted the real joke the editorial mistake that it was scott because of the name on the goggles,,, ,,,,,,,,I wonder how many people asked Scott to sign it and wether or not he noticed that it was not him in the photo ....
  9. waco

    Kent v Berwick 17/08/21

    Scott is the maker of the goggles ,,If you look on the lower part of the arm you will see my logo Waco i am Bens sponser and Grandad,,that is Ben Morley !!
  10. waco

    Kent v Berwick 17/08/21

    Did anyone else notice the photo of Scott Nichols on the back of the programme with a space for his signature,,was actually a photo of Ben Morley An editorial cock up !
  11. waco

    Kent v Berwick 17/08/21

    A Berwick side who were not at their best tonight were soundly beaten by the Kings who were firing on all cylinders ,,,But a match that still produced top notch racing especially as one or two Berwick riders started to find their feet,, Ben Morley has found some real determination which is helping his confidence against the big guns and deserved his rider of the night award,,,,And both young reserves Dan and Jake are doing all that can be expected of them and in time should make really good riders..The top end of the team continue to impress providing exciting racing for the fans ,,,,,,,and Cameron Heeps is making steady progress after his shoulder injury,,,,Kent is definately the place to be on a tuesday night........
  12. waco

    Kent v Berwick 17/08/21

    Evenly balanced on paper..but this is speedway and anything can happen on the night ..Pretty sure the racing will be exciting as it has been all season,,Hope all the riders have a good safe meeting....
  13. waco

    Kent v Edinburgh 10/08/21

    Actual Kent posters are in short supply on here ,,come on kent fans lets hear your opinions.......
  14. waco

    Kent v Edinburgh 10/08/21

    You can not put water on a bare track it makes it very dangerous ,so it has to be graded first ,,but with a curfew looming it needs to be done as quickly as possible And the ref should have put the two minute warning on immediately it was finished ,,he was slow all night ....
  15. waco

    Kent v Edinburgh 10/08/21

    I thought the referee was not great ,,strange decisions and so slow putting on the two minute lights nearly caused a curfew ending the meeting early ,there seems to be no urgency to get on with the racing and i include some of the riders in that ,considering the ridiculous curfew at Kent,,,The local council are totally unfair regarding Speedway in the area ..But another improved performance from all the team ,and some good racing

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