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  1. If ever a meeting showed the need for more medical cover then this was it...unfortunatly the paramedics cost about 500 pounds a time,,But if you do not have the cover needed to keep a meeting moving at a reasonable pace the result will be more fans lost to the sport,,,,Last night s delays had people having to leave before the end ,,and will cost them more than an extra paramedic in the long run...This was a rare event at Lakeside but there is no doubt it will have an effect on attendences...
  2. waco


    One things for certain and i agree with Dean on this,,, costs in all areas of the sport need to come down dramatically if the sport is to survive....
  3. waco


    I respect Deans opinion even though it is a while since he has ridden speedway ...But as in all sport to get to the top which is the aim of most sportsmen ,,firstly you need talent ,enthusiasm,dedication,,,and the best equipment you can get including the best tuners,,...This unfortunately in speedway costs loads of money ,,Many talented lads have failed because of that fact alone.........
  4. Despite the comic ridicule of the Lakeside track it actually produces some very good racing as we have seen this year on a well prepared surface...I have spoken to many visiting riders who tell me they enjoyed riding the (Cycle speedway track) ,,Some have even said they love it...At least it has more than one racing line,,not like some tracks i could mention ..Looking forward to another great nights racing at the raceway with a good safe night for all the riders ....
  5. waco

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Improved performance from IOW against Plymouth with a narrow victory,, and a sensational debut for Alfie Bowtell 17 points,this is just what the lad needs a great confidence boost.......,It has to be said that Plymouth were unfortunate to lose Roynon to injury in his 3rd ride or the result may have gone the other way,,,,wish him well for a speedy recovery
  6. waco

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    This is exactly what Afie needs for his progression ...i see him struggling in the Championship at Lakeside,,so hopefully regular racing in the National will benefit him enormously... he certainly wont be short on effort and has the gating skills to get out in front at this level ,,i wish him well....
  7. Result much as expected Plymouth win 54 /36....Roynon and Morley met 4 times and came out honours even 2 wins a piece ,,.Improved performance from Hopwoood 12 from 6 rides ..Verge scored what he does most meetings5+1,,....Widman 4+1 from 5 rides poor again needs replacing,,reserves not up to the job again ,,,They need to keep trying different riders till they find one that can do better......For the Devils,, Roynon 16 from 6 did the business and Andrews riding at reserve,14 from 5 did what he is capable of against this sort of company ,,5+2 from Leek also showed up the Warriors reserves.......
  8. Time for the management to get tough on the under performing IOW riders ,,,Ben Morley excluded from this suggestion,,,,or another defeat looms at the hands of the Devils tonight Having said that Plymouth also have problems so it could be closer than you might think..Good safe meeting to all the riders
  9. It does seem that some clubs have a monopoly on the best youngsters. ,,and this is not good for what is already a struggling sport...
  10. Ben Morley the only. Warrior.to win any races at home says a lot about this under performing side..Strong showing from Eastbourne running out big winners here tonight .You have to feel sorry for the IOW promoters and their fans ,,some of these riders are consistently very poor.What they can do about it I do not know ?
  11. waco

    Handicap Racing

    I am in favour of some kind of handicaping,more on the lines of gate positions ,,where the lowest average rider in a race would have first choice of gates,,then the next lowest rider , next choice , and so on upwards regardless of team they were riding for,,,,Same average riders to toss a coin to decide .....gates are really important in giving a rider an advantage And the best gates might vary from track to track and riders would need to do their homework....
  12. Ben Morley returns after being taken out ,,up in the air and into the fence at Redcar ,,dislocating his right thumb..Hopefully he will be able to perform at his normal level against an Eastbourne team who look strong from the bottom up,, .......For the IOW who could have Campos back ,for the struggling Warriors,,,will all need to up their game to have any chance of winning.... Hope its a good meeting and all the riders stay safe
  13. Bewley is an exceptional talent .but at Lakeside he was going in very deep on the bend entry's,,and it was not working for him on the night.he will of course learn from that ..He is still the best young rider around since Robert Lambert....And that is coming from a Leaksider !,,,,!!
  14. Poor meeting tonight but what can you expect against a team that only had two riders trying,Procter and Campton......Worky should really think about some changes especially at the top end...Hammers continue to impress as a really solid outfit that look like they are really enjoying themselves home ,and away,, the track was in excellent condition and there can be no excuses for Workys poor performance tonight.......
  15. Of course it has ...........

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