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  1. waco

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

    Would seem a no brainier Dave1075 could be a very strong reserve pairing
  2. Any rule that stops a team having two riders in every race is ridiculous,,,,,and also cheats the fans who have paid good money to see four riders in a race
  3. Solid performance from the IOW ,,Paid max for Ben Morley and Hume covered admirably for Wood with14 points..Tricky fixture for the team so well done everyone.....
  4. Wood is a bit of an inigima, can be great or total rubbish, ,,apparently injured,,,or on good or terrible bikes..must be a problem for both promoters..What happens next ...?.?
  5. Georgie Wood still not fit ,,Danyon Hume guests for the IOW tonight...Hopefully he can do the job a fit Georgie would do if not IOW could have a difficult ,night...,,I am also hopping young King and Widman can continue their improved form of late,,the reserves could well be the key to this result....Hope all the riders have a good sate meeting...
  6. Hope you have a good day Chris 116 and tonights meeting is a good one and that Georgie and Danno can perform up to their normal standard,,,as im not convinced that Georgie is fully recovered after his performances with Eastbourne this week,,Good to see Danno back after his nasty spill at Kent..........
  7. Wow a Morris and Lawson 5/1 in heat 15 turns it around for Easty,,,Did not see that result coming,,Best whishes for Alfie,s recovery...
  8. Wage demands do come in to it,when promoters bring in riders,.and that can be the difference..
  9. Another thumping for Easty tonight and Morris probably did better than Kennet would.have..They are becoming worse away from home than they were early season..Newcastle tomorrow expect more of the same...
  10. After last nights thumping Eastbourne will need to radically up there game tonight to avoid a similar result at Berwick.....
  11. Match abandoned after heat 13 heavy rain,,A thumping for Eastbourne,,Georgie Wood arrives to late for his first ride,,was late at Kent too last week.,,,then has one ride and pulls out of the meeting ,,,is his back still bad,,.Not looking good for the rest of this northern tour...
  12. Georgie Wood ,,I hope he is fit enough to ride and get some points,Eastbourne will definately need that ...
  13. Thanks for that information Barry ,it clears that up for everyone..Obviously it gives the lesser lights a chance to earn more than they might normally do,due to the advantage they receive at the start line,And that could be a good thing to help with the considerable cost of running a speedway bike...
  14. I have wondered how handicaps effect rider payments i can only assume that all riders are on a fixed garrantee according to ability for the meeting rather than points money...? Barry Bishop would know but is he allowed to say...???
  15. By all accounts a cracking good nights racing..Other promoters should take note that when you create a more level playing field with riders of all abilities the level of entertainment for the fans goes way up and can only be good for the future of speedway in this country .Once again well done the IOW promotion.........

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