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  1. raddog

    Thoughts on 2018 Season

    Would the idea behind them dropping the limit to 30 be , so alot of the higher average riders have to step up to fill the spots in the Super League ?? ( provided they go to a 2 league system ) ..
  2. raddog

    Buxton vs Kent

    Chances are it will be a close affair as riders will be trying to lower thier averages for next season ... oops i forgot.. that stuff doesnt happen lol
  3. raddog

    Birmingham 2018

    Or a champ level meeting as a "toe in the water" test for moving up a league next year
  4. raddog

    Bradford To Return ?

    Bring the corners in 5 meters .. remark the pitch 9/10th scale , the rugger boys will be none the wiser ;-)
  5. raddog


    Yeah there needs to be a Gentlemans & Ladies agreement between the clubs ( yeah i know this sound like crazy talk n probably is ) regarding wages or else in a few years there will be a league with a hand full of teams involved . Surely the bigger clubs would see more profit if they werent paying a heat leaders 30 + and reserves 20 + a point ? Or more !! If every rider knows theres no free tyres n all the extras from a club then the clubs big and small can take a sigh of relief and see some sanity back in the sport . A good rider will always find ways with sponsorship etc to make ends meet , a reserve at a less well funded team does it every week . if they are lucky they score 3 points that almost pays for the tyre they just wore out .. my 2 cents .. let the ridicule begin haha
  6. raddog

    Eastbourne 2018

    Shane Hazelden ??
  7. raddog

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    Shelby Rutherford broke his back at the final meeting last year when he was crashed into the fence & the lights went out . the spectators car lights had to be switched on while the ambos worked on him .
  8. raddog

    Birmingham 2018

    this is like 1 of them Sleuthing " who dunnit " games .. how many questions do we get lol
  9. raddog

    No job

    My son has Never had any of that.... bought his own van rents his own house n procured his own sponsorship... last year he drove himsrlf to races , raced n drove home. Then on some occasions went to work at 2am .. works on his own bikes n is then back on the road to do it all again .. all for 10 pound a point.... why .. cos he loves to ride n having fun with the fans .. even tho hes frowned apon by some cos hes 1 of them bl&%^y imports !
  10. raddog

    Buxton 2017

    If i hop a plane now i can make it for sundays double header ,, just let me know the flight number Jason ;-)
  11. raddog

    Cradley Reserve ?

    So its ok to have ellis who was born in France to british parents in team gb but not a guy born in australia to british parents ride nl ?
  12. raddog

    Cradley Reserve ?

    If he was only a temp maybe they should have kept him for another week haha
  13. raddog

    Birmingham V Cradley Wed 5th July

    Pull ya head in ! Who else didnt score thier average ? They lost by how many ?
  14. raddog

    Buxton V Mildenhall

    Matts resting from a crash the other night ,, Hopefully Cleggy can make it

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