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  1. No job

    My son has Never had any of that.... bought his own van rents his own house n procured his own sponsorship... last year he drove himsrlf to races , raced n drove home. Then on some occasions went to work at 2am .. works on his own bikes n is then back on the road to do it all again .. all for 10 pound a point.... why .. cos he loves to ride n having fun with the fans .. even tho hes frowned apon by some cos hes 1 of them bl&%^y imports !
  2. Buxton 2017

    If i hop a plane now i can make it for sundays double header ,, just let me know the flight number Jason ;-)
  3. Cradley Reserve ?

    So its ok to have ellis who was born in France to british parents in team gb but not a guy born in australia to british parents ride nl ?
  4. Cradley Reserve ?

    If he was only a temp maybe they should have kept him for another week haha
  5. Birmingham V Cradley Wed 5th July

    Pull ya head in ! Who else didnt score thier average ? They lost by how many ?
  6. Buxton V Mildenhall

    Matts resting from a crash the other night ,, Hopefully Cleggy can make it
  7. Birmingham V Buxton Wed 24th May

    ok thanks :-)
  8. Birmingham V Buxton Wed 24th May

    will there be radio coverage ?
  9. Buxton 2017

    what ave would Max & Jake be on ??
  10. Buxton 2017

    Today from 12
  11. Stoke Potters 2017

    If the riders bring their kids n Grand kids to the meetings the stands will be full ;-) Just kidding .
  12. Final Greensheet Averages

    Latest averages have been released . Let the fun begin ;-)
  13. Confirmed Signings For 2017

    Cheers ,, Even tho there was meetings raced after the 1-10 ??
  14. Confirmed Signings For 2017

    Anybody have an idea when the final GSA's are out ?