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  1. stephen cook

    Boston Speedway

    Wanted old 70/80s Boston Barracudas programme board.
  2. stephen cook

    Boston Speedway

    Wanted old 70/80s Boston Barracudas programme board.
  3. stephen cook

    Jawa 500 2 Valve For Project / Restoration

    Any pictures ?
  4. stephen cook

    New To Speedway

    Well there's a good few to choose from at the minute,both on eBay and Facebook. To be fair there's only two engines GM and JAWA if your looking for a laydown bike. Ideally take somebody with you who knows a bit about the bikes,when buying. Cookie.
  5. stephen cook

    Lydd Speedway Practice

    He is indeed
  6. stephen cook


    Try Lincs Bio Fuels Ltd. There at Bracebridge Heath.
  7. stephen cook


    Mablethorpe sand racing club,there season kicks off October 18th
  8. stephen cook

    Wanted Mid To Late 90's Upright.

    You'll probably pay less for a laydown than an upright ! May as well start off on the modern stuff,then like you say when you get a bit more experience,you wouldn't have to change again. Cookie.
  9. stephen cook

    Buying A Bike

    I started on Jap until a could afford a Jawa,what a difference to ride !
  10. stephen cook

    Buying A Bike

    Just type in Speedway or Grasstrack,and various pages will pop up,click on and have a look or leave a message saying what your looking for.No issues with using a long stroke engine,all depends on the level your riding at now,if just starting out to be fair won't matter what engine you have.Kevlars are the most popular suits at present but people do still wear leathers. Cookie.
  11. stephen cook

    Buying A Bike

    Now and again Alan Bellham sells the odd one,but really advertising here and on Facebook,is a good way,also eBay.Other that that try popping along to any Amateur Meetings near you ie STR,Dragons,Scunthorpe etc,also you find Jawa come up more often than GMs and are often cheaper.Hope this helps. Cookie.
  12. stephen cook

    Lydd Veterans Championship 11/7/15

    Yes definitely on start time 4pm Cookie.
  13. stephen cook

    Speedway Tank Wanted

    You can contact me on cookiegm500@hotmail.com with your details and will post to you. Thanks Steve.
  14. stephen cook

    Speedway Tank Wanted

    Located in Skegness but get about a bit £25
  15. stephen cook

    Speedway Tank Wanted

    Got a Jawa one complete with taps and red plastic fuel cap

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