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  1. castrolargh

    Thank u Buster

  2. My opinion of last night.For what it's worth. As a whole the meeting ran smoothly, with far less tractor racing , making the speedway races flow more. A bonus on last weeks drawn out affair. Just about right I think. The racing itself was a bit gate and go but that's nothing unusual at Lynn these days , but as the stars had the upper hand, didnt SEEM as bad as a home supporter. Robert was about par for this season Mpt much better Ty probably had his best meeting Tj inconsistent again Cookie rode well Lewi looks to have turned the corner(no pun intended) Simon beat his opposite number and that's about all I'll say about that. As a point of interest his scores home and away are almost identical to Kaspers were, but kaspers contributions were far more valuable in my opinion, as they were scored away from home . As for the Aces Fricke and Bjerre were class , as expected , really pleased to see Dan Bewley win heat 15 and looking as comfortable as he did , but Stevie Worrall looks a shadow of what he was, Wells was the worst I've seen him since his Coventry days , berge never looked in the mix and I was looking forward to seeing Lidsey but he didnt show up! Still think we need a couple of changes though or it's an early bath for the Stars of '19
  3. castrolargh

    Kings Lynn 2019

    As far as I'm aware, Ty still has a higher rolling average then Erik so he could be replaced that way , hopefully leaving enough spare to get a half decent No 7
  4. castrolargh

    Ipswich Vs Kings Lynn Thursday 20th June

    probably not. My prediction. Kerr 3 S .Lambert 1. maybe.Actually I change my mind .small track .0 points Proctor 4 mpt 4 Tj 5 I sincerely hope they prove me wrong but having been there on our last visit I dont think they will.
  5. castrolargh

    King's Lynn v Ipswich 17/06/2019

    1 good race, heat 15.Up to the interval it was dire. hole on bends 1 and 2 caused problems and bends 3 and 4 cookie especially struggled on. Bomber looked superb and should have ridden at #5 for the witches , putting him in heat 13 which could have won them the match.Far too much tractor racing and far too drawn out
  6. castrolargh

    Kings Lynn 2019

    cook for Proctor and keep Andersen, or cook for Proctor and starkey / Ryan douglas for Kerr running r/r until Erik returns would have made for a stronger team
  7. castrolargh

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Or just that the new averages dont come in till the 1st june
  8. castrolargh

    Kings Lynn 2019

    we can't hear anything in the stand under the refs box. keep asking Nathan and he keeps telling us it's fine
  9. castrolargh

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think we can discount agent Ellis now.
  10. Ellis definitely makes Poole stronger at lynn, he scored a hatfull when he guested a couple of weeks ago .....
  11. has jye got a team place elsewhere since being released by belle vue? I was under the impression a guest HAD to have a current team place. The stars couldn't use Mads a few years back after he had been released by Leicester.
  12. from where we were standing,just below the refs box,musielak wasn't even straight at the gate , and did indeed get across Robert by means of making a better start which may have impeded Roberts run to the corner, BUT, bachelor gated alongside Robert, neglected to turn left and gave him an almighty shove. Dirty doesn't even come close and very lucky not to be excluded for dangerous riding.
  13. Well he's just about as big a d1ck head as his dirty no1.

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