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  1. castrolargh

    Kings Lynn 2019

    we can't hear anything in the stand under the refs box. keep asking Nathan and he keeps telling us it's fine
  2. castrolargh

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I think we can discount agent Ellis now.
  3. Ellis definitely makes Poole stronger at lynn, he scored a hatfull when he guested a couple of weeks ago .....
  4. has jye got a team place elsewhere since being released by belle vue? I was under the impression a guest HAD to have a current team place. The stars couldn't use Mads a few years back after he had been released by Leicester.
  5. from where we were standing,just below the refs box,musielak wasn't even straight at the gate , and did indeed get across Robert by means of making a better start which may have impeded Roberts run to the corner, BUT, bachelor gated alongside Robert, neglected to turn left and gave him an almighty shove. Dirty doesn't even come close and very lucky not to be excluded for dangerous riding.
  6. Well he's just about as big a d1ck head as his dirty no1.
  7. that all depends on what sort of track buster prepares. If it's another super grippy track, then no, Niels will struggle as he did in the first meeting last night.If Buster prepares a slicker track we will see Niels in full flight AND better , closer racing.
  8. If you struggle for a lift, maybe the x1 coach would be an option?
  9. castrolargh

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    absolutely chucking it down between wisbech and lynn
  10. Trees ,we get exactly the same problem in the stand behind the starting gate! we have all asked Nathan for more than 2years to.please sort it out and last night he stood in front of the speaker and said " it's working" only for all around us to tell him we couldn't hear it!. He walked away. good result tonight a d it showed yet again how much better the racing is on a slicker track
  11. watching the stars ride against the same team at home twice consecutively is bad enough, but twice in one evening isn't exactly inspiring. double headers against 2 teams is one thing, and there is always the option of a "spare" rider for the 2nd meeting if anything should happen,rather than dragging a national league rider out of the crowd and Phoning his dad to bring his bike over! From a fans point of view there would be more interest if wolves could come back for a double a couple of weeks later .
  12. I beg to differ, Sam has been fairly quiet on recent visits to lynn, and Thomas ' home form has really picked up in recent weeks . Away from home , a totally different case
  13. looking at the teams side by side I think the stars should be able to send the wolves home empty handed. Lambert v Schlein; Lambert Riss v Howarth; Riss Proctor v JBA; Proctor TJ v Masters ; TJ Puk v Thorsell; Pin MPT v Morris ; MPT Lambert S v Sarj; depends who gates

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