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  1. I was a little disappointed I was under the impression there was going to be a white out for Rico# but couldn't really see one at all. I don't think there should have been a minutes silence they have already done this in various stadiums around the country and it has been months since the tragedy I think people are trying to get to grips with it now and move on as hard as it maybe.
  2. I am afraid I feel any Brit shouldn't be in it none of them are good enough and to put a Brit in to simply make up the numbers is embarrassment. Look at Harris this year he has rode like a prat in the whole GP series.
  3. Druid

    Wolverhampton 2013

    I would think Throssell would be included in next year he has impressed me so far.
  4. Its not banger racing!
  5. I think this is cool will get one for my nephew I think.
  6. I also miss LE Station Road great track that one.
  7. I am not sure how I am supposed to take that?
  8. Druid

    Ipswich 2012

    Its getting all hot and sweaty in here
  9. I lost my home track Bradford and no other track come close to the Odsal bowl imo. I then moved to the Dorset border and watched Poole but kind of lost interest in them as of all there carry ons and other things I was not happy about. I then had A job offer and moved to just outside Swindon which now I am a fully fledged Robins supporter which makes a refreshing change and have since got my interest back in the Sport.
  10. Druid

    Rory Schlein Statement

    Get well soon Rory and you will find the power again just a glitch.
  11. Druid

    Blow For Weymouth

    Agreed that's no builders yard, well if it is I have never seen a yard like it only ones I have seen like that have a congregation of pikeys on the site. What a mess and a great shame.

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