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  1. elitspeedway.com - here you can buy each match or month pass so of course it must be 'free trial'.
  2. Yeah, I know, I just think you firstly wrote that only MJJ is not eliglble and I checked rankinglist too before race and NKI was 3rd on the team and Lindgren 2nd. To make sure for future - why you saying (and thats correct obviously ) NKI was 4th?
  3. Why didn't Lindgren and Zagar rode as r/r?
  4. Sayfutdinov over 10 £100 Hancock over 10 £50 Milik under 8 £50
  5. cphx

    Betting in 2018

    Where's Nicki at 25/1? That would be value
  6. Warsaw SGP Dudek under 90£ Janowski over 70£ Pedersen under 40£ gl
  7. hey i'd like to take part in your game, please tell me because I cant find it. does all rides count? and there's max 200£ per GP and no max per bet? cheers
  8. someone watched it? what about Jonsson Fricke crash, really bad?
  9. So regular riders can normally replace others when -8, right?
  10. cphx

    Danish League 2017

    its available here: https://1xbet.com/en/live/Speedway/1310023-Denmark-Speedway-League/138594847-Datskaya-liga-Pobeditel-chempionata/ without logging in works on smartphones
  11. I always forget, its ing. average or current average important for now? Everybody rides for Pawlicki or everybody except Hancock?
  12. hey, how to install this pulse sports on kodi? I get on my phone and windows sth about dependencies and cant install this particular addon :/
  13. whats going on with Piraterna match?

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