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  1. gypilgrim

    Birmingham Bulls V Stoke Potters Ch

    Updates anywhere ?
  2. gypilgrim

    American Touring Team October 2011

    Nice schedule. Shame no return to Scunthorpe, but Sheffield isn't too far away. Are Sheffield and Leicester "PL" fixtures ?
  3. gypilgrim

    Saints V I.o.w/belle Vue Colts

    I would hope that Stuart would only take the No. 8 bib for the long haul away meetings. At Sheffield they should use young Kirby or one of the other lads riding in the Midland League 2nd Halves.
  4. gypilgrim

    Saints V I.o.w/belle Vue Colts

    Doh ! I forgot about the notes in last week's prog. Cover will be on hand, whichever way.
  5. gypilgrim

    Saints V I.o.w/belle Vue Colts

    Please make sure that Oliver Greenwood is at Number Eight !
  6. gypilgrim

    Cameron Heeps

    This question will be getting it's own topic very soon, my friend. Watch this space.
  7. gypilgrim

    Isle Of Wight Vs Mildenhall

    I beleieve that Cameron himself has said it's broken, on this Facebook page. Big shame with Home and Away fixtures against the Saints coming up, I was looking forward to seeing what all the fuss has been about in person. Get Well Soon Cameron.
  8. gypilgrim

    Scunthorpe/sheffield Vs Dudley

    Spot on. Well done young Master Stoneman, only opposition the Saints had all night. The rest were awful. I had looked forward to this meeting all week and it was a major disappointment. I felt embarrassed for the Heathens fans who had made the trip, never nice to see your side ripped apart. The Saints were all on the pace, apart from Smethills who looked understandably rusty. All the Dudley team just took ages to come to terms with a grippy track and were miles behind until the last 3 or 4 heats. Danny Stoneman was the honorable exception, but his efforts just showed up the shortcomings of his team mates. Congratulations to the Saints who should make the play-offs where they will be hard to beat.
  9. gypilgrim

    Scunthorpe/sheffield Vs Dudley

    The heart bleeds. Weather in Grimsby overnight was decidedly damp, I presume that away from the coast in Scunny it was nice and drier ? From my experience only a persistent downpour at "tapes up" would put this one in doubt.
  10. gypilgrim

    Scunthorpe/sheffield Vs Dudley

    C'mon Richard ! Where is the all singing all dancing preview for what should be a NL meeting to savour ? IF the line-ups are correct then anyone can take Gary's rides so the Saints should not be too weakened by using R/R. I look forward to the Heathens faithful arriving en-masse to provide a good atmosphere on Friday night. However, I think that they will go away empty handed as far as League points are concerned. A comfortable Saints win on the cards, but plenty of on-track entertainment for the crowd to enjoy. Can't wait.
  11. gypilgrim

    Bbc Wm Sport

    Often listen in. The boys do a great job of getting over the feel of a speedway meetingt other than just giving out glorified results from each heat.
  12. gypilgrim

    Dudley Heathens In Team Gb Under 19 Squad

    A real shame that only those with deep pockets can represent their country Some money must be put aside by the Promoters to fund riders in FIM and UEM "Team" events.
  13. gypilgrim

    Dudley Heathens In Team Gb Under 19 Squad

    My first thought was "no Howarth?". I'm glad we are taking a team to this event, but it should be the best team. Is the announced side just those who are willing to travel ?
  14. gypilgrim

    Elitserien Round 10

    Can some of our Swedish friends update us on Viktor's condition ?

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