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  1. pawel115

    Medical Cover

    I have been to meetings especially junior matches when all 4 crashed and 3 needed to be taken to hospital without delay.
  2. pawel115

    Medical Cover

    Minimum ambulance coverage for speedway meeting in Poland is 2 plus a fire truck i have never seen less than 3 in my experience while at speedway matches in Poland.
  3. pawel115

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Karol Zupinski crash from Sunday meeting very unusual crash, lucky he escaped serious injuries as this could have been tragedy.
  4. pawel115

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    KS ROW Rybnik vs WANDA Kraków-Daniel Bewley debut. -
  5. Young Dan was very impressive today maybe the other team was not the strongest but the style of his riding and ease of passing other riders was noteworthy he will get another start there for sure.
  6. Sportowefakty are reporting today that Chris Harris is taking the piss out of Polonia Pila apparently on answering their calls ignoring his fine etc i think he might be done in Poland after this as article alludes to that also here is the link https://sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/758791/chris-harris-klamal-dzialaczom-polonii-pila-w-twarz-w-polsce-anglik-jest-spalony
  7. Gorzow had a major torrential rain with flooding all over the city it was on National News (I subscribe to Polsat News Hd in Canada)
  8. pawel115

    Polish and other match videos 2018

    Rybnik - Gniezno (20.05) behind the scenes nice to see Craig Cook do well he seems more at ease there now interacting with fans at the end of this video.
  9. Any links to streams for Gorzow-Czestochowa i can't find any that are working right now.
  10. Its Speedway in Poland always lots of pressure to score from fans,management,sponsors what does he expect.
  11. I lost the sound on my stream DrHTV
  12. Now hopefully the better of the 2 meetings.
  13. Exactly only cares about his own points.
  14. Not a bad match today racing better than the norm for Tarnow track.
  15. Watching on Maniak.tv thanks RR

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