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  1. Wroclaw on top now I think they will win this,
  2. I wonder if they will finish before midnight I thought this was supposed to be the best juniors in speedway.
  3. Not the ones on polish tv Cegielski said it was the right decision to exclude Bewley
  4. Vaculik fractured his collarbone in 4 places they just announced
  5. Zmarzlik showed that you can pass on this track so blame riders not the track
  6. Nice pass by Thomsen seem like now there us more grip on the outside.
  7. Pits at Lublin are fair distance from the track but spare bike should be ready to go especially at this level.
  8. Lambert should have a chat with his mechanics second bike should have been ready.
  9. Regular juniors are injured so they had no other juniors they had to go with Ralcewicz who is just a kid (He turned 16 2 weeks ago)
  10. Zmarzlik chain near clutch was shredded by his partners footrest and that is why it was all 4 restart.
  11. According to commentators Tai is able to continue racing in this meeting.

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