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  1. Yep they do that from time to time same with random sobriety tests.
  2. Woffinden went to hospital complaining pain in his scapula.
  3. Laguta clipped Lampart hopefully Woffinden will be ok,as of now he is unfit to race they announced.
  4. pawel115

    Warsaw 2019

    Janowski decided to pull out of Warsaw GP.
  5. pawel115

    Warsaw 2019

    Rzeszow and Tarnow also.
  6. I live in Canada near Niagara Falls.
  7. Śródmieście means Downtown or City Center in English so most polish cities especially larger ones have one.
  8. I don't think Wroclaw match will happen as it is supposed to rain till late night.
  9. Lambert pretty poor thought he would do much better.
  10. Wroclaw is very unique track I don't think i know any other speedway tracks with American Football field inside and to be located in Poland.
  11. Next one in 15 minutes hopefully it is a good one.
  12. Cold tonight as for meeting not bad considering it's Tarnow.
  13. pawel115

    Maciej Janowski

    It was not anymore much better now.
  14. I am watching on Polon Tv paid subscription but great picture quality with no hiccups.

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