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  1. Any links to streams for Gorzow-Czestochowa i can't find any that are working right now.
  2. Its Speedway in Poland always lots of pressure to score from fans,management,sponsors what does he expect.
  3. I lost the sound on my stream DrHTV
  4. Now hopefully the better of the 2 meetings.
  5. Exactly only cares about his own points.
  6. Not a bad match today racing better than the norm for Tarnow track.
  7. Watching on Maniak.tv thanks RR
  8. Sec Events 1,2 & 3.

    Man this is dragging on ref sucks.From interviews you would think that Polish is universal language at least in Slavic countries.
  9. Maniak stream is strugling now anyone else having problems.
  10. I will be watching this i like your pronunciation rr pretty close except for the end (ns is not exactly dz)
  11. It's not a league match that's why it has fairly low attendance.
  12. Look at the sponsors in Polish speedway big well know names some of then state owned such as the main sponsor of Extraliga PGE or when i watch British speedway(and enjoy it) i can't see any big name sponsors.Here is a wiki page on PGE in english https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polska_Grupa_Energetyczna another big sponsor for mostly Tarnow is Grupa Azoty https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grupa_Azoty
  13. As much as i like speedway if i was there i would probably be fishing right across from that track in Wislok river.
  14. Pretty impressive considering Leszno population of 65000 but then not much else to do in that city on Friday night.
  15. Janusz bit banged up but seems ok.He is being see by a doctor now who will decide if he is fit to race.