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  1. Goats are doing pretty good today ,Miesiac is great to watch he would be better if he could improve his gating.
  2. Andersen seems ok Walasek suspected metatarsus and possibly one toe fracture.
  3. pawel115

    Riding in Poland

    In most professional sports they don't muck around, if you not good enough there are plenty of other guys waiting in line for your spot is UK speedway different from that ?
  4. The referee from Grudziądz Gorzów match suspended for the rest of the season from referring in Extraliga.
  5. I watch Formula 1 and they show slow motion replays too without knowing if driver is ok just watch old Kubica crash at Montreal GP. Orwat is out of the meeting.
  6. Orwat will try to continue with riding today commentators in studio are not sure this is the right idea.
  7. Rider in yellow leg injury ,white collar bone but both went to hospital for further testing. Rider in yellow was unconscious for quite some time but regained it before being taken to hospital. Once ambulance comes back from hospital the meeting will resume.
  8. Both of them are conscious but injured no other details.
  9. Last time Lublin won with Zielona Góra was 30 years ago maybe today will be different.
  10. It should be on they are just working the track right now give it some time.
  11. Most stadiums in Poland are multi purpose lot of them have football pitch inside (Rzeszow,Lublin,Tarnow,Krosno,Rybnik,Poznan to name a few) and one American Football field(Wroclaw)
  12. Most of my polish friends from back home at Rzeszow earn between 500-700 £ a month.
  13. Exactly varies from team to team and its cheaper in the lower divisions and ind meetings.
  14. Some problems with electricity at the stadium right now they are trying to solve it.

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