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  1. jenga

    Newcastle 2019

    i like how tou are taking a PUNT on a rider who is back to his best .! ! ! take a punt on some up and coming youngster . err , maybe kyle bickley.. workington did .
  2. must be having a larf . if its true , will puddys run with r/r or N.L. riders . not too sure of the guest situation if a rider goes home and is not injured . hope bradders sees the season out. great rider while @ workington in 2018 .
  3. always goes well with the G and T .. even better with a shandy. my , we are posh arnt we !
  4. something tells me that the Peterborough lead is not enough . factor in ben morleys score and nick morris not being there . bowtell and other home advantages creeping in . its not all over yet . cant see lakeside losing over the two legs . boro needed a few more points to be sure . .
  5. the lady dont like her name misspelt . dont mess wid d wongs .
  6. jenga

    Glasgow 2018

    we want to see cookie @ workington in the play offs . superb guy and everyone loves him .
  7. with the dinner/dance and local wrestling this coming Friday (3rd nov ) i think its a bit early to try and put names on here , but here goes . only one name at a time . its got to be mason mercury campton . if he can carry on and get 3 seasons in, he will improve . had a good season and put in some great scores , had a few mares as well tho . dont know what the visa thing is tho . here,s hoping we run next year .
  9. Godfrey papering over the cracks . he done the dirty and will be remembered for a long time about his actions and the way he went about looking after HIS team and putting others in the mire . i dont have any respect for him at all .
  10. the fans think an awful lot about this years team and i heard rounds of applause coming from bends 1 and 2 that were much louder than normal. the fans want the finals just as much as the riders want it . there seemed more input from the locals tonight , were they all drunk or just happy as to how this season has gone and how well the underdogs have risen to the top . head in bra could be a wee bit more difficult to crack , one final down , roll on the next . ME .... still sober .
  11. jenga

    Play offs

    why do you think ?
  12. jenga

    Play offs

    the print is wat too small for these old eyes now . havent bought a paper for years !
  13. jenga

    Play offs

    i like the 10 o clock news . thats on most day@ 10 ish . i cant record it as my package will not allow it. And there is deff no chance of seeing a repeat at a time that suits me .
  14. should not be hard to find a guest as its not Friday . arron was okay @ worky last night after a couple of motor issues . fancy Peterborough for this . they deserve it .
  15. jenga

    Play offs

    run that idea past the edingurgh promotion and see where it gets ya .
  16. jenga

    Play offs

    Worky qualified by riding one meeting less , so whats the problem , it was only Dans crash that stopped worky fulfilling their fixtures BEFORE the cut off date . but thats speedway .
  17. jenga

    Play offs

    before i read on . i do believe the 8 BLANK SATURDAYS were there so the workington fans could watch a certain Cumbrian in the G.P.s how many G.P.s were there this season on a Saturday .? it WAS all agreed BEFORE the season started and EVERY opposing team AGREED to come on the OFF race night .so rearranging more fixtures was almost impossible . how many time do certain posters have to put it into words before you grasp it ?
  18. morning , morning weather update for the speedway starved diamonds supporters . (another chance to see robbo, poss last chance ever for some ) a wee bit wet from last nights rain , but the big yellow bulb in the sky is making a breakthrough .quite a stiff breeze it feels like a wrap up well night for speedy . not too sure of the weather later on , but from what i gather its no more rain . A.T.M. but bring yer brollies and your shower caps just in case !
  19. and plenty of room on the terracing for any fans wanting a late season meeting or two .
  20. that last sentence has got me thinking !
  21. jenga

    Play offs

    fell right into that one .... nice one ......... Constantinople , spell it ..... NOOOOOOOO . playground stuff .
  22. jenga

    Play offs

    just because your bribes are larger than anyone else . more clout, more like dish clouts . relax , its just banter craic and a wee joke thrown in as well . could be a good 2 legs if it gets sorted . remind us all of the amazing score we had against yourselves . come on , type it !
  23. only going by what is on the official workington website . i am sure the present promotion would not do the phishing thing on their own site , Shirley . they know what they are doing and they are doing what is right for workington speedway and it fans . Ben , luv him or hate him , get down and support the whole team as one and we will reap the rewards . honest .
  24. ty back for the weekend meetings and 2 guests announced , arron summers returns and also ben barker fill in for dan , i do believe . its on the official site , honest !

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