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  1. sorry but if you are in the High Risk group and have recived a letter you should not even be outside the confines of your house.
  2. ekimba

    Edinburgh 2020

    I see that Nathan Greaves has signed for Armadale Devils,. In my opinion he should be riding for the Monarchs in place of 1 or 2 others with a lower average. Whats not to like, young gained good experience with Redcar last year, he could be ready to take the next step.
  3. ekimba

    Knockout Cup Draw

    If the reason it was done is Geographic then all the rest of the ties should be changed to be consistent. look at Glasgow they have to go to Somerset, thats not just a wee drive in the country.
  4. But visiting fans could have a weekend, Edinburgh or Glasgow on Friday, Berwick on Saturday and Newcastle on the Sunday, that’s something for the fixture planners to consider.
  5. ekimba

    Glasgow 2020

    That will be a whoosh then
  6. ekimba

    Glasgow 2020

    Too late guys
  7. ekimba

    Edinburgh 2020

    What average is Steve Worrall on now, he could come back to up his average again.
  8. ekimba

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    I remember Bert Harkins wearing stripey pajamas over his leathers at Old meadowbank in Edinburgh
  9. Anybody having trouble with the updates site, it keeps taking me to an advert for Aldi
  10. Don’t write off Redcar if I remember correctly Eric scored a hatful down there for the monarchs in a tv match. in saying that Masters and Heeps will be up there. ABG
  11. ekimba

    berwick bandits 2019

    Pricing will be interesting as this is the rearranged Edinburgh £10.00 match and the re entry tickets are still valid.And I can’t believe I am in Turkey on that date, anyone wanting 2 re entry tickets
  12. ekimba

    Edinburgh 2019

    Is Dan Bewley in the frame ?
  13. Oh yes please let us win and bring those pesky tiggers down a peg or two
  14. I see from official sources that Glasgow have lodged a complaint and are wanting tonights match postponed. Seemingly its called a Sun Off You wanted banter Paulco, lets go
  15. To my untrained eye the crowd size looked quite good, what do the locals say bigger crowd than normal ?

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