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  1. Edinburgh 2018

    Riss, Riss,Pickering, Wells and Sargent to start with, what would that leave ?
  2. I think Dandelion got mixed up with the Kings Lynn cancellation, she obviously made a mistake, I'm sure it wasn't deliberate, please try and think before bringing her down.
  3. And you especially as you do updates yourself, so it is alright for you to slag off other updaters ? Purile nonsense
  4. You really are a nasty piece of work, you try to pass it off as banter but you can't hide the vitriol coming from you and your fellow tiger fans.Slagging off the Chatzone updates is a new low for you and your mates, it's a service provided at people's own expense, would you rather there was none at all. Over and out with the crap on here
  5. Cheers for that, didn't know the make up of Somerset team, still think they may struggle in the premiership though.
  6. Is this the exact Somerset team that will race in the Premiership or is anybody missing as I cant see them winning any matches in their own league. Sheffield should have no problem seeing the Rebels off tonight.
  7. Somerset 2017

    I think the Belle Vue Monarchs / Aces will be the pair to beat, we all know how Cookie and Max go there:-)
  8. Ok lets discuss, who talks the most sense. I plump for Gavan as he does (mostly) talk sense but he gets drawn into arguments and name calling too easily, time to learn to bite your tongue man. Discuss as all great thread starters say
  9. Uncertainty Over Teams And Sky Tv

    Looks like BT are hiking prices as well to pay for the Ashes http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/broadband/2017/01/bt-to-hike-broadband-prices-and-hit-tv-customers-with-new-fee-for-bt-sport
  10. Edinburgh 2017

    Take it you don't do irony, the lol is a giveaway :-)
  11. Edinburgh 2017

    It might stop the riders and bikes mis firing Maybe if it is Durex we might resign Micky Dyer
  12. Did someone say something
  13. Ok I am going to lay it on the line, we are going to do this, it certainly won't be easy but I have a feeling about this. C'mon you Monarchs let's have a witch hunt.
  14. I think you will find Rob that what Scotsman was saying is that he is out injured, if you read the post before it makes sense
  15. Thanks for that and Manse I hope you are right and we do pull something out the hat, got to keep giving something for the BSF to moan about