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  1. Yeah he bought it off Kings Lynn when they left our league because he knew who would be next to need it, Paulco is a realist . By the way many happy returns to one of the most admired supporter on this forum, although I hope your day ends c@@p :-)
  2. Yeah the trick track where previous monarch Stevie Worrall scored 2+1
  3. I think he means 16, we had 19 in total and have already lost Rye House so the inference is another 2 to close leaving 16
  4. That will be a whoosh then, it’s a bears fan being sarcastic / complimentary to Monarchs. Also Monarchs by 14 tonight
  5. Why are you being sarcastic like that do you not believe the pics ?
  6. Try this http://www.edinburghmonarchs.co/live
  7. ekimba

    Edinburgh 2018

    What is going on with our "at the gate" admission prices, I have just looked at a thread on the Premiership section comparing prices at the gate and ours are £18.50 which is more expensive than the Premier clubs. I understand there are incentives to buy early and purchase discount cards but surely this top price is going to put off any casual visitor. I cant make it every week due to work so I have to pick and choose when I can go at the last minute, so I grudge this amount, and that would be the same at any Championship club. Go to Somerset and you can see the world champion for less that we pay Why are we so expensive, can someone explain ?
  8. ekimba

    Edinburgh 2018

    Riss, Riss,Pickering, Wells and Sargent to start with, what would that leave ?
  9. I think Dandelion got mixed up with the Kings Lynn cancellation, she obviously made a mistake, I'm sure it wasn't deliberate, please try and think before bringing her down.
  10. And you especially as you do updates yourself, so it is alright for you to slag off other updaters ? Purile nonsense
  11. You really are a nasty piece of work, you try to pass it off as banter but you can't hide the vitriol coming from you and your fellow tiger fans.Slagging off the Chatzone updates is a new low for you and your mates, it's a service provided at people's own expense, would you rather there was none at all. Over and out with the crap on here
  12. Cheers for that, didn't know the make up of Somerset team, still think they may struggle in the premiership though.
  13. Is this the exact Somerset team that will race in the Premiership or is anybody missing as I cant see them winning any matches in their own league. Sheffield should have no problem seeing the Rebels off tonight.
  14. ekimba

    Somerset 2017

    I think the Belle Vue Monarchs / Aces will be the pair to beat, we all know how Cookie and Max go there:-)

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