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  1. Tommy Sweetman

    Wolves 2019

    What's Nigel Pearson going on about in today's Express & Star , blasting some Wolves fan,s as keyboard warriors. "Now is the time for Wolverhampton fan's to get behind the team, instead of turning on them.How some riders must feel reading some of the hatred on social media I just don't know". Ok,some aren't happy with performances this season (and justifiably so)but when he mentions "hatred",think that's taking it a little bit to far.
  2. Tommy Sweetman

    Wolves 2019

    According to the Nigel Pearson, Jacob doesn't yet feel ready for the "demanding and technical tracks in the UK".And Nick Morris is a couple of weeks away.
  3. Tommy Sweetman

    Wolves 2019

    I gave up last year, couldn't stand anymore of the vile hateful comments from Flange.Just why do the mods allow this lunacy to carry on, isn't there a way to block him from entering the Wolves thread completely.
  4. Tommy Sweetman

    Torun 2018

    Yep Steve,and the only one not celebrating tonight with Wolves legend's finishing 1 & 3 is Flange.Hates everything Wolverhampton speedway.
  5. Tommy Sweetman

    Torun 2018

    Looks if he's never used one before.
  6. Just who is this guy ?. Completely ruined it for me.Ended up reaching for the mute button and watching the whole meeting in silence.The other bloke(Dave Goddard ?) FreeSport uses for the Swedish matches is fine,let's hope he does the commentary from both countries next season.
  7. Tommy Sweetman

    Wolves 2018

    Good news that Sam is back.
  8. Tommy Sweetman

    Wolves 2018

    I know it's a very long shot, but if we could somehow tempt Tai and Pawlicki back on a ridiculous 14.35 average between them, perhaps it would give Fred and Jacob a well needed rest to recuperate from their injuries.
  9. Now let me think.......I'm sure there's a certain poster on here who posts pretty stupid comments,just can't​ remember who he supports.♣️♣️♣️
  10. Have to feel sorry for the side the Colts have to put out at Lakeside tonight,three guests and R/R.They will be lucky to come away from Purfleet with anything less than a 20 point defacit.One bright spot,think the Aces will come out on top tonight with something to spare.
  11. As previously said on another post Freddie has stated Somerset refused to play ball and rearrange the fixture.
  12. The only horrific fact is that you're driving fans away from this forum with idiocrasy.Perhaps that's the intention.🚷
  13. BBC seems to have changed its forcast.Now say's rain to start at 3 o,clock and to continue until 11 o, clock.They have known to be wrong though.
  14. Tommy Sweetman

    Wolves 2017

    Since he came in to replace Riss,think he's scored 12 points from 7 meetings.OK he's tried hard,and had bad luck with his engine's.But those figures speak for themselves.
  15. Tommy Sweetman

    Poole Vs Wolves 16/8/17

    Can't see Poole beating Wolves over two legs with Masters and Riss back in the side.Starke has scored 26 points in three matches against us,and it's inevitable Riss would have clawed some of those back if he had been available for all three matches. But it's of little consequence anyway, think it's almost certain we will meet Belle Vue in the semi,s.

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