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  1. Hope all riders have a safe one...... Come on Tai.
  2. Well done boys. Huge thanks to Paul Starke............
  3. Well done Panthers.......
  4. spencebel

    Edinburgh Vs Panthers - 11/08/17

    Come on Panthers......
  5. spencebel

    MÃ¥lilla Gp 2017

    Come on Tai......
  6. spencebel

    Redcar V Peterborough

    Well done Panthers..
  7. spencebel

    Panthers V Witches 2 July

    Congratulations Panthers. well done.......
  8. Gutted we lost tonight.. Well done to Sheffield.
  9. spencebel

    Panthers V Berwick 11/06

    Well done Panthers. Speedy recovery for Simon & Jack.....
  10. Why do we seem to be falling apart.?
  11. spencebel

    Bandits V Panthers 20/5/17

    Gutted that we lost, but hope Simon is ok....
  12. Good luck Panthers.........Stay safe.
  13. Panthers win . just.!... Thanks Lasse.
  14. Did not expect that at all, or at least to have kept it close. Will we have a team to put out on Monday ? Wish all riders a speedy recovery.

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