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  1. djp45

    Leicester V Glasgow 8/6/13 Pl 7.30

    Lions have released Adam and kept Magnus.
  2. djp45

    Kevlar Alterations

    Wondered if anyone can let me know of someone who can alter the size of a suit thanks in advance
  3. djp45

    Danish League

    Good to see Kenneth Hansen back
  4. Nice to see Mr Hemsleys mouth piece back
  5. djp45

    Danish League

    No offence to any Bee's supporters but Danish speedway does drag on reminds me of some meetings at Brandon
  6. Anyone what the problem is ??
  7. Which riders would want to come here with all this going off Sergey,Ilya , Hall,Sweetman ?
  8. Listening only to his own voice . #Rico#
  9. Cannot really understand why people have a dig at Lasse as according to the averages up to last week he was averaging nearly 8. .And as to bad results lets face it if you are not at the front from lap 1 bend 2 you have'nt got much hope and Lasse is a racer not a gater.
  10. That is an absolute cracker still smiling when I read it over and over. :lol:
  11. So who 's fault do you think its is The riders ? Trackstaff ? Gateman ? No the clue is in that Jason cited "lack of support within the club" so you have no option than to look at the people who are running the club. PS Best of luck Glyn
  12. Jason Attwood has tendered his resignation and Glyn Taylor takes charge of the team.Unbelievable is the only word I can think of must be the DH factor in Jason citing a lack of support.
  13. djp45

    Rip Lee Richardson #RICO

    Not a lot you can say when you get news like this .So very sad for his family.RIP Lee
  14. djp45

    Leicester Track Debate

    According to Glyn the total cost for the two ends to be done would be £6000.Problem for Mr Hemsley is that if it carry's on as is he is going to lose that amount and more in gate takings. LionsDen rightly pointed out that the track was the one thing that had to be got right and it was'nt.My daughter said the cake looks very nice but the filling is rubbish.(or words to that effect)

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