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  1. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Great signing to compete a very strong top 3. Sam and Richie should maintain there averages easily and josh is on the way up. Can't win the league with just strong heat leaders so lot will rely on the next 4 signings.
  2. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Would take Sarj back if he starts season at reserve. Lawson on the other hand no thanks. Ruddick first choice for a low avg reserve if not him Coles impressed me with his efforts. Bickley be another decent at reserve but can't see that happening. Would happily see Joel Andersson back but we may have burned our bridge there.
  3. Cj69

    Glasgow 2020

    Not much of a shock signing but a very good one. Can easily see him putting a point on his average.
  4. Cj69

    Glasgow 2020

    I used to attend Ashfield fairly regualry (about once a month) but since the change of race nights its been a little harder to manage a trip through. Sun afternoons suited whereas midweek and Fri night a no go. Shamed to say was only there once this year, although rain did ruin a couple plans. If (and a big if) you go up would be good to see new teams but midweek would affect crowd levels from away fans. I know people who still hold a grudge over the famous average fixing night all those years ago. It's amazes me people still use that as an excuse to not support their team against our closest rivals.
  5. Must have been a great atmosphere in the stadium. Well done Leicester top of the league and rightfully champs. Another year another wait for that elusive trophy.
  6. That heat 15 just swung it in Tigers favour imo. Be a few tigers on here saying it Leicesters lose but its equally Glasgows to win. Cook and Jensen won't get touched. Just need the rest to chip in and its yours. 12 points does keep it interesting and should help the crowd level.
  7. Might be thru West but by me they are back on Tuesday. Doubt it should affect the locals going, more affect on any extras that might have attended.
  8. Disapointed in the rain off, had planned a wee journey through for some final speedway action this year. Tuesday a horrible day (as any mid week day would be) as its a school night and that M8 a joke at times. Fingers crossed for another rain off and rescheduled for weekend.
  9. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Speaking to a couple well informed people placed high in the Edin ranks signing Masters had no effect on attendance. One meeting, against scunthorpe I think he said, only brought in a 350 crowd. What it may have done is increase the belief factor that we could reach the play offs. Always an outside bet but chances did improve when Masters arrived.
  10. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Hope your right. Around 40 would be better. Was good to see alot of new youngsters but it is a huge demand for them which showed in the number that took 'breaks' from the sport.
  11. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Good start to team building. So who fills in the blanks? Heeps - Certainly became fans favorite but a top 3 with him, Sam and josh while very good leaves weaker bottom end. Wells - Rumours he is Glasgow bound but I would welcome him back and hopefully he can recover from injuries over the winter. Sarjent - Proved to be better than expected and not many tape infringements. Still undecided on him as I don't see much improvement but can be a solid no. 2 Lawson - has improved towards the end of the season (getting an engine from Sam helps). However I believe he shud have been dropped months ago and there are couple of youngsters who deserve a chance. Coles - Talent is there but prone to mistakes. Happily have him back. Luke - Was having a great first season until taking a break to recover from concussion, also be in my team for next season. So looking something like this for me. 1. Masters 2. Sargeant 3. Heeps/Wells 4.?? 5. Pickering 6. Coles 7. Ruddick That team has strong top 3 but does lack at reserves so imagine one of coles/ruddick would be picked with a senior reserve, most likely Lawson.
  12. Cj69

    Tai Woffinden book at £8.99

    Bought the book but after finishing it found it to be pretty disapointing. It's very repetitive and jumps all over the place. While he did spill the beans on some stories he glossed over others. He certainly isn't shy about blowing his own trumpet. If your thinking of buying it would recommend waiting until it drops in price.
  13. Alot easier than expected. King and Nicol proving the power for the away team. While Masters and Wells leading the way on a max each for monarchs. I think that ended Sheffields hopes for a play off spot.
  14. Another meeting closer to the end. This time the visit of the Southern Tigers. Expect an end of season feel and a low crowd but its a decent day with no threat of rain (can you ever say that?) Teams Monarchs Masters, Sarj, Picko, Wells, Cammy, Wullie, Coles Tigers King, McDonald, Segy, Kurtz, Wethers, Kennedy, Nicol Sheffield with the potential to cause trouble with King, Segy and Wethers able to score at the Dale. Also expect their reserves to be in the points on their current form.

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