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  1. Well done Berwick promotion for this offer. I usually avoid Berwick because of the lack of racing and it's always cold (even in summer?) but at this price Its very attractive. If I wasn't working Sunday morn I would have been there with a few others but it's just not to be. On to the meeting should be a straight forward win for the home side with monarchs providing only a couple race winners I reckon.
  2. Nothing meeting. Similar line up to last season but with less riders. Yes good to see the old favorites back but a meeting I don't mind missing.
  3. Does anyone know what our team average will be come the 1st June? First rider I would replace is Lawson. Get someone in who at least turns up ready to race, rather than making repairs that should have been done during the week, not 30mins before tapes up. Assuming averages work out Palovaara would be a good replacement for Sedgy for a few weeks (he was in attendance on Fri). Would still keep sedgy in team once fit.
  4. No surprises. Felt like Glasgow dominated but the score was kept quite close throughout. Did not see any potential heat advantages for the monarchs to peg back. Great to see Cookie fly around the Dale again always a pleasure even when against us. Hope Segy and Luke OK after their falls (and james too) and Andersson repair bill not to hefty. A very average looking team we look at the moment with too many passengers. Time for changes? Not sure who there is to bring in. Good to see a decent traveling support always seems to be a few more when they can smell a win.
  5. Could this be the match all our riders turn up. Wells had a very slow start to season. Sedgy getting better every week but took a tumble at brum. No picko with wethers replacing who will chip in with points but not near what picko would. Andersson good for 4/5 but need to score more at home. Heeps been amazing so far and should get double figures. Lawson very poor and been overshadowed by the 'weaker' reserve Ruddick. Glasgow been riding well. Cookie can go thru meeting untroubled and bickley will dominate reserves. We should be winning but would put Glasgow down as favorites. Be close either way with no more than a 4/5 point swing. Draw anyone?
  6. Woffy what a looser eh Quickest exit for me. Oh well
  7. Laguta £50Less Vaculik £50Less Woffinden £100 More Good to see this back again.
  8. Taylor is producing some cracking shots and has the support of many riders. Some of these older photographers just don't like a young gun stepping on their patch.
  9. After tonights showing. You shud be disapointed if don't hit 60.
  10. That was a let off. Bandits done very well with 4 man team.
  11. Shud be a straight forward win with our top 5 capable at home of scoring well. Berwick have been a little bit of a bogey team and can thrown in a good meeting at the Dale, hopefully they will have one of their off nights. If we can hit 50 I will be happy. The reserve fixture we will be lucky to hit 30. Out of interest when does Lawson get a new average? Best shot of him if he doesn't have a marked improvement this weekend. I'd take jedd list who we might just be able to squeeze in if we replace lawson soon.
  12. Don't see Glasgow being troubled much. Cookie will be untouchable with decent back up from vissing and jensen. Bickley will score well at reserve. For us Wells will have a decent return and Heeps is on good form. Pickering will be entertaining but unlikely to score more than 6/7. Rest I fear will be also rans. Been wrong before so will watch the updates with interest.
  13. Not sure how this meeting will go. Edin not exactly starting meetings well and could see Tigers open up a lead after the first few races. All tigers riders can ride the Dale well and Bickley could out score both our reserves if he takes liking to the track. Wells and Sedgy need to be on it from Heat 1 and Andersson needs to chip in bit more. Would hope for a win by at least 10 but would not be shocked by a glasgow win. Hopefully this meeting is attended in good spirits, last few years have put me off attending these meetings as the idiot count from both clubs seems to rise.
  14. Despite all the criticism I enjoyed the meet. Some good races in great weather. The team mascots are great and kept my kids entertained throughout. Line up was never going to have an impact if I turned up or not but as an Edin fan was good to see a few monarchs legends in there. Crowd was decent not sure how it compares to a usual league meeting.

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