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  1. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    What the fork
  2. Looking forward to this and really good idea to hold it after Cardiff IMO. As long as the start time isn't to late that's my only concern.
  3. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Great news. Holding fixtures on a Fri night should attract a decent attendance. Expect both Miller brothers to be in the team. Could Lawson make an appearance to lead the team?
  4. Cj69

    Glasgow 2020

    Next on the list another monarchs has been . The shock signing that is Sedgmen. Another cracking video tho.
  5. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Tad harsh Pickering has done alright
  6. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Good to see 2 new boys both with some potential but Armadale a hard track to get used to. Sarjeant won't improve much but he shud score a few points a meet. Lawson very disapointed last year despite the improvement once season was over. Better start building his bike now to be ready for first meet.
  7. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Sarjeant, Lawson back with new boys Kye Thomson and Lassie Fredrikson the last 2.
  8. Cj69

    Glasgow 2020

    Guy not getting any younger and this career doesn't last forever fair play staying with glasgow where he will no doubt be top rider in the league again, hopefully get a prem team sorted too.
  9. Cj69

    Glasgow 2020

    Wow wee bit banter and all this nonsense starts (thot emoticon showed that) . I had heard in Oct (while at the golden helmet) that Ricky was going to Glasgow next season so can see why ppl think he was lowering his avg. I don't believe for a second he lowered his average but some can't accept riders move on. Glas may not offer tons of ££ but I'm sure they offer consistent payments and decent sponsorship opportunities that may not be the case at all clubs.
  10. Cj69

    Glasgow 2020

    Agent Wells away on his mission . Shame to see him go he's a steal on that average and he would have always been on my team sheet if the money wasn't flashed thru West Expect to see him guest against us a few time during the season.
  11. Didn't Jack Holder already win this
  12. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Great signing to compete a very strong top 3. Sam and Richie should maintain there averages easily and josh is on the way up. Can't win the league with just strong heat leaders so lot will rely on the next 4 signings.
  13. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2020

    Would take Sarj back if he starts season at reserve. Lawson on the other hand no thanks. Ruddick first choice for a low avg reserve if not him Coles impressed me with his efforts. Bickley be another decent at reserve but can't see that happening. Would happily see Joel Andersson back but we may have burned our bridge there.
  14. Cj69

    Glasgow 2020

    Not much of a shock signing but a very good one. Can easily see him putting a point on his average.
  15. Cj69

    Glasgow 2020

    I used to attend Ashfield fairly regualry (about once a month) but since the change of race nights its been a little harder to manage a trip through. Sun afternoons suited whereas midweek and Fri night a no go. Shamed to say was only there once this year, although rain did ruin a couple plans. If (and a big if) you go up would be good to see new teams but midweek would affect crowd levels from away fans. I know people who still hold a grudge over the famous average fixing night all those years ago. It's amazes me people still use that as an excuse to not support their team against our closest rivals.

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