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  1. Lambert £50 More Cookie £50 More Woffy £50 More
  2. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2018

    Mark Riss has confirmed to be leaving. Expect Ruml the other name. Hope promotion have a number 7 lined up. Please no Clegg.
  3. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2018

    Only if the supporters buy him a race suit. So if no one does this he doesn't sign??? Not convinced we need (want?) him.
  4. Cj69

    Glasgow 2018

    Nope. Does not compute....system error.
  5. Cook £50 More Hancock £50 Less
  6. Cook £50 More Janowski £50 Less Doyle £50 Less
  7. Cj69

    Prague 2019?

    Said racing improved at the GP never said it was poor. Even the first half the racing better than most other meetings Iv seen this year. Yes Sunday was poor but I had good company and enjoyed a few beers. If I say I'm going for just a holiday the wife might want to tag along and why would I do that!!
  8. Cj69

    Prague 2019?

    My first year there and loved it. Not just about the GP for me especially when going away for a few days. City was beautiful, food and drink excellent (and very well priced). Loved the GP once racing improved and also went back for a meeting there on Sunday (poor racing but nice to get a sun tan while watching speedway). Track was an ideal location on a short metro ride from town and well presented. Really hope they go back as I intend to.
  9. Booked up to go down this year first time in 5 years taking along my dad (first GP in 10 years) and also my Son (first GP ever). Managed to get 2 rooms at Cardiff university about 20min walk from centre for £100. Two nights as we will head to Somerset for pairs on Fri. Looking forward to it. They have limited rooms available so would get in quick if anyone still debating.
  10. Cj69

    Vue Cinemas now £4.99

    We have had this deal at my local cinema (Vue) for the last year and it does put the pricing for speedway to shame. £5 for 2 hours entertainment (subjective of course) or £17 to see 15 mins racing. Would always prefer the speedway but from a weekly attendee to to now twice a month it's just getting to expensive. Feel it reached its peak price at £15.
  11. Cook £50 more Doyle £50 Less Saydutdinov £50 more
  12. Sounds ideal. Do you have a website link so can show see other in my group.
  13. Would solve alot of problems for speedway....or create more.
  14. Shud be straight forward win. However Berwick team may look weaker but has experience in their ranks which could cause a couple problems. Sunny day with no weather but updates for me tonight.

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