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  1. Cook £50 more Doyle £50 Less Saydutdinov £50 more
  2. Sounds ideal. Do you have a website link so can show see other in my group.
  3. Would solve alot of problems for speedway....or create more.
  4. Shud be straight forward win. However Berwick team may look weaker but has experience in their ranks which could cause a couple problems. Sunny day with no weather but updates for me tonight.
  5. Cardiff University usually have rooms available noting spectacular usually single bed an ensuite but very clean and city centre location. Was around £25-£30 a night few years ago. Used to have website link but lost it.
  6. Zagar £50 More Kasprzak £50 Less
  7. Agree it's not acceptable he's missing this. No matter if it was pre arranged or not the maximum facility allowed should be NL guest. Can understand riding in your own country but this is Poland today I believe. Stronger monarchs team without him but reckon still a Glasgow win. We have won in the past when not expected so you never know. Good to have Glasgow on a Sunday afternoon just seems right.
  8. Reckon it could have been called off about an hour earlier. But never going to keep fans happy no matter when you do it. Season delayed a little bit longer for me. Agree with Gaz about starting season in April.
  9. Think Edin will win it but not the aggregate. Around 47-43 scoreline. Unfortunately think weather will win this one. Poor start to the day and not looking like much improvement. Even seen snow forecast later.
  10. Can see the track record being broken at least twice Good to have the speedway back, cannot make it tomorrow so updates will have to do. Going for straight forward win for the tiggers by 10-15 points which should tee up things nicely for return leg.
  11. Edinburgh 2018

    He rode twice at the dale last year scoring ,9 then 0. I have confidence he can get to grip with the track. Always smartly turned out and making good progress.
  12. Edinburgh 2018

    Hope there is better out there than Pijper and Morris. Don't see any improvement or even holding their average.
  13. Edinburgh 2018

    Mark Riss Josh Pickering Ricky Wells All signed for next season. And Erik Riss
  14. Edinburgh 2018

    Never mind all your signings. Edinburgh do things differently we are going to announce riders that aren't riding for us. Watch this space...
  15. Edinburgh 2018

    Do enjoy a wee silly season team suggestion Wells - 8.85 Masters - 8.57 Sedgy - 6.17 Bewley - 5.95 M Riss - 5.68 Pickering - 4.62 2.66 left (Shuttleworth/Hume etc) Total - 42.5