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  1. Hancock £50 Less Huckenbeck £50 Less Cook £50 More
  2. Well done banditos. Certainly never a nailed on victory when they turn up. Seen a few meetings we expected to win and they pop up with a win. Onto the KOC now.
  3. All a bit OTT isnt it. Jumping on the slam Edinburgh bandwagon. Cause every other team can do no wrong and will do no wrong. 2 weeks this thread will be resigned to page 2 and only the obsessed will still be going on about it.
  4. Janowski £50 less Cook £50 more Petersen £50 less
  5. Love these moans about the stadium and the viewing. What do you expect us to do about it? In the current state of british speedway glad to have a track and team to support. We have survived only a couple seasons in the future everysince we moved there and again don't see much light ahead but some 'fans' would happily see us (and some other teams/tracks) fold. No monarchs in 5 years time a real possibility. Promotion/Directors have done wonders compared to what we started with. Yes there are areas viewing is not great so I don't stand there. Always see away fans on 3rd/4th bend (which is the best view imo, outside hospitality). Good few worky fans tonight fair play on travelling up. At every away track your greeted with some funny looks and murmers when you stand in the 'wrong place' I see it as their problem not mine. Unfortunately every team has their idiot fans. Then onto the trick track, again we didn't have much choice about size/shape not sure how we could change it or how else it could have been built. We prepare it for our riders and shudnt every team do that? It is a home track after all and shud have advantage. #tricktrackproud Onto last night's meeting, was more about the gating than racing. Monarchs far superior from the gate. Few good races thrown in (from both teams). Sure it will be a different story tonight but come away with a point shud be expected. Taken the bait and now not giving it back....
  6. Cook £50 More Lindgren £50 Less Doyle £50 Less
  7. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2018

    Clegg out William Lawson IN
  8. Cook £50 MORE Zmarzlik £50 LESS Ljung £50 LESS Doyle £50 LESS
  9. Cj69

    Cardiff 2018 21st July

    What bothered me was the end behind the big screen was pretty full but the other end, where we could have seen the big screen was empty (top section ). That and the stupid way to introduce the riders. Great time tho and my son on his first visit loved it.
  10. I hope it's because the stadium is not available and not other reasons (whatever they are). Schools are back so my son won't be able to attend the pairs on Fri (if it's still night before) and would be a rush home on the Sunday. That along with the university unlikely to have many rooms available. Means I won't be there and no doubt many others too.
  11. Lambert £50 More Cookie £50 More Woffy £50 More
  12. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2018

    The joy
  13. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2018

    Mark Riss has confirmed to be leaving. Expect Ruml the other name. Hope promotion have a number 7 lined up. Please no Clegg.
  14. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2018

    Only if the supporters buy him a race suit. So if no one does this he doesn't sign??? Not convinced we need (want?) him.

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