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  1. Hopefully this meeting goes ahead. Not able to attend so will hopefully catch this on EMTV.
  2. Cj69

    British Speedway Sliders

    Had many great seasons playing this and can be highly addictive. Time constraints and lack of a laptop stopping me joining up again for this season.
  3. Let's just sit back and relax
  4. Video of the Cook incident. I don't think he did ride into the Marshall, who seemed to move into his path as Cook tried to avoid him. Reading posts seemed like he aimed for him. Also don't see a headbutt more a shoulder barge (can see him dip shoulder to push him with it) but with the helmet peak that sticks out it was a stupid move. I don't condone his actions and he should never had been on track for this incident to happen. Some sort of fine/ban should still be in place for his actions leading to the 'brawl'. This is only my opinion from watching the short video.
  5. Fricke/Lambert apart don't see anyone in that line up that will add anything to the GP line up. Most had their chance and surprised to see no Poles in line up.
  6. Anyone else enjoying this thread?
  7. Surely a proxy server would get around it? There is the odd meeting I cannot attend but would happily pay to watch it from home. Was an OK meeting on a difficult track with several riders finding it hard at times. Auty and Allen never troubled scorers and despite reserves scoring well scunny never in with a shout. Pat on the back to Ayres tho great meet for him and had a good chat with before the meeting. Monarchs done what was needed. Masters, Wells, Heeps and Picko as expected Sarj looked very slow and apart from heat 2 Lawson was nowhere (altho his crash won't have helped). Another unlucky night for Coles who fell on the very last bend while leading heat 2. He will get there and worth persevering with. Track prep was all wrong today far to heavy and looked like watered to much, hopefully sorted for next week.
  8. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2019

    Lawson shud have been binned months ago. Yes he has improved recently but the boy is a waste of space. I sung his praises when signed but huge disappointment. Maybe my expectations to high to begin with. Sarjent can certainly score points when he's on form and no doubt more than marson but i find it hard to believe there isnt better out there rather than him just being conveniently available (don't follow all the ins and out to know who) and cheap. If he proves me wrong all to the good. Anyway onwards to Friday with the visit of scunny to test out the 'new' team.
  9. Cj69

    Edinburgh 2019

    FFS is that all we can get. Hopefully I'm proved wrong but don't see him scoring well enough to get us near the play offs. After the great signing in Masters this is a poor signing.
  10. Cj69

    Leicester 2019

    Didn't we sign victor as a temp injury replacement, so wasnt gurenteed rest of season? What ever is going on its speedway that shoots its self in the foot. What possible reason could there be not to let a rider your not using ride for another club or is it as simple as Leicester are rivals this sesaon (when Edin were not).
  11. Cj69

    bandits 2020

    Wow, just wow. It's July isn't it??
  12. Shud be a straight forward win. Could be the last meeting for one of our riders so Will they go out on a high? Berwick certainly capable of getting a point so hopefully put on a show.
  13. Cookie might not have a chance to ride champ next season if he continues this form, he is currently averaging just over 11. Can't see any team taking him on that average or sacrifice lot of points.

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