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  1. Heat leader trio of Wroclaw should keep them in most meetings this year... Anything around five or six a night from Bewley and Chugunuv and they will have a very decent season... Chugunuv may need to watch his place if Dan makes the U24 spot his own, several Poles looking in from the outside who could do a solid second string job..
  2. Great night for Nicki P.... No "match over" in his mindset.....
  3. Sound and vision out of sync for me but that's what the mute button is for... Hearing bikes rev whilst watching riders gardening is a bit off putting... Ht 14 Ouch!! Thankfully up ok.....
  4. Some start that from Zagar..... Fricke looking fast.....
  5. mikebv

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    And vans with hand written signage on them saying "International Speedway Rider" dont come cheap either... I can only presume the word "International" is used for some because they have been abroad on holiday sometime....
  6. Now it's a "Limited Company" maybe they will work collectively to purchase/rent land to build some tracks on? Especially in areas that are reliant on Greyhound racing to provide them with a track... 20 or so BSPL share holders sharing the initial start up costs for a new venture must be a better bet than just one promoter having to go it alone... If they can buy land outright then they will have a permanent asset and any promoter promoting at that track could pay rent to the organisation rather than a third party non Speedway landlord.. Rustic Speedway initially I am sure but longer term it must be mean a more certain future by having less reliance on non Speedway landlords..
  7. mikebv

    Belle Vue Colts 2020

    I am sure whatever the averages end up being it will be definitely "in the interests of British Speedway".... There's nothing to see here, move along now, have you no homes to go to please?
  8. mikebv

    Premiership League Prediction 2021

    Rory might beat them both to it....
  9. mikebv

    Newcastle Diamonds 2021

    It does appear sometimes that, for many, a "very good season" would be winning every meeting at home by 46-44, and losing every meeting away by 60-30... Keeps the crowds coming in at home and doesnt cost loads in points money for the two matches to be covered.. No chance of silverware maybe but a definite chance of not losing money, and maybe even making some.. 10/10 to the Newcastle Promotion for making what was I am sure a very tough decision....
  10. mikebv

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I suppose it's the trade off of paying out say £3000 a night in rental 20 times a year, at least, for the rest of your life... And getting zero money from car parks, bars and restaurants for the whole of that time too... If £300k start up then that's around just five years rent for some.. We have got several examples of "rustic" Speedway tracks that have been developed over the years, particularly ones that "get the track shape right" from the outset which delivers great racing.. The NSS was hugely fortunate to exist and Messrs Gordon and Morton deserve every plaudit they got for it, as without it, there probably wouldnt be an Aces now, as their old track will soon be a housing estate.. A "Buxton" however cannot be beyond the realms of possibility in most places...
  11. mikebv

    Swindon Robins 2020

    I dont think the threat is the standard of the stadiums... It's that they have an ever dwindling customer base and are now in many instances only running due to the money the internet betting can bring.. Add in the ever growing animal welfare pressure and the fact so many could return "millions" if sold due to their locations, and you can't see too much of a bright future for dog tracks.. Which, unless Speedway clubs who rent off them do something different, their future too will be similarly impacted.. You won't get too many NSS's being built maybe but I am sure a 'Somerset', 'Scunthorpe', or even a 'Buxton' could be built in many areas and then get upgraded over the years.. The sport has an ultra loyal fan base who are pretty much the only ones who now still attend with any level of regularity, therefore a move to somewhere in the same vicinity wouldnt prevent most of them attending I would think, and 700 or so punters whereby you keep all the income must be a thousand times better than getting the same amount and not getting car park money, bar take and having to pay rent...
  12. mikebv

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    And also mean cost savings I would think by having one man doing two jobs.. I am sure there will be some crossover of contacts that will benefit both clubs at certain parts of the season..
  13. mikebv

    King's Lynn Stars 2020

    Two days too late with that one... No one will fall for it....
  14. mikebv

    Whats actually going on?

    I think it will need that virtuous circle of more publicity, meaning more fans, meaning more large sponsors, meaning more money to spend, meaning more high profile riders coming back, meaning more publicity, etc etc... A long way off but that surely has to be the overall master plan going forward hasn't it? Or maybe every track getting a 100 or so more a night which delivers in lots of places double digit % growth, will be seen as a measure of success, and therefore means everything is rosy and the sport is booming again...?
  15. Especially when the operating and business model that they have ran now for so long was/is so clearly, glaringly unfit for purpose if you want to make a success of the sport..

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