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  1. Well they all do ride mostly for our entertainment..... I know this because I have read it so many times on here...
  2. mikebv

    Belle Vue 2022

    3rd Heat leader missing for me and one too many second strings. However, they should win plenty at home so that should see them through to the play offs.. Not sure if this team would score enough to win on aggregate over two legs though against Sheffield given their "four hear leaders" team..
  3. mikebv

    Guests & R/R

    Or pro actively, you could stop running meetings when you know well in advance that certain riders are elsewhere... Or you could run a fit for purpose RR system that allows all eligible riders to take seven riders max each at any meeting.. Many riders DU to make ends meet so, (given so few meetings run with full contracted teams), many would average around six riders an evening, which can only help their coffers.. And also, very importantly keep the meeting as a credible entity which may mean more punters go along to watch...
  4. mikebv

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    I think any crowd increases would be led by the 2nd Division clubs who basically had 1st Division riders which must have encouraged a few extra to go... Unfortunatley having no clear demarcation between the leagues is one of its major issues that hold it back, and Div 2 teams are not likely to accept their "real place" in the peckng order any time soon I would suggest.. Hence RS's have been disbanded already in Div 2... The RS plan was a laudible one, but clearly should have been aimed at 2nd Div teams so any 3rd Div riders could progress into those places.. And going back to those "increased crowds"... The sport lost Eastbourne, and almost Newcastle, whilst Birmingham took a sabbatical mid season and there isnt any guarantee they will be back this season.. Add to that the start of "Go Fund Me" pages and I would suggest the sport still faces serious challenges, which, as has been shown for a long, long, time, the approach they use in running it, wont ever solve..
  5. mikebv

    Guests & R/R

    Amazed this sport cannot get some major companies wanting to sponsor it.....
  6. mikebv

    Belle Vue 2022

    That's Geoff's team....
  7. mikebv

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    An no doubt like so many tracks they will have a very solid numbered fan base who still take an interest in the team, and in the wider sport itself, yet wont attend too many meetings, if indeed, any at all... If tracks could just get those who "follow them" to attend each week/more regularly, that, given such low numbers in real terms who do attend, 100% crowd increases wouldnt be out of the question for some, and well into double digit growth for many... I went to Birmingham about six years ago to watch the Aces and felt like a 48 year old 'spring chicken' when I entered the upstairs bar and saw the average age of their support... A tough ask to run Speedway there I would suggest, especially given the wider way the sport is ran in the UK will always negatively impact crowds and prevent potential from ever being delivered.. Best wishes to those who try...
  8. mikebv

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    100% this... Birmingham's problem is, like so many other tracks, that they get so very, very few people interested in watching Speedway from a huge conurbation on their doorstep.. If that issue ever got fixed then no council, no dog racing company, or even security guards being over officious, would have hardly any impact on it whatsoever.. Speedways problems are simply down to not enough people attending which, in the vast majority of reasons, is due to self inflicted issues rather than any external influences..
  9. mikebv

    Ipswich 2022

    I would suggest that there is more money to be made by not losing at home than winning any of the leagues in UK Speedway, so teams will try and build septets that send their home fans happy every meeting.. Getting beat away costs less too... A solid seven riders for home meetings that I would think, and Ipswich can get 'big' crowds when they do well overall, so if they do win a few on their travels then those 'floating fans' may turn up more regularly to help pay for a 'successful' season...
  10. mikebv

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Maybe you get to a point where you start to look to the following season...? No point ending the back end of the season flying and increasing your average... Especially in a team no where near a play off place... If you can afford to, best thing is to keep that average low and have some negotiating power the following season when discussing team positions with people who may feel your average doesnt truly reflect your capability...
  11. mikebv

    Potential stadiums

    If these tracks opened there wouldnt be enough riders for a Best Pairs Competition never mind a League...
  12. mikebv

    Potential stadiums

    Not a clue.... But isn't that the qualifying M.O. for running a Speedway track?
  13. mikebv

    Potential stadiums

    Buxton still is available...
  14. mikebv

    Ipswich 2022

    Spot on.. Leszno had a huge advantage with their juniors over the past few years till last season, however, that is sport... And it's up to the others to combat any advantage another team has..
  15. mikebv

    Eastbourne Speedway

    If you 'withdraw your services' when not getting paid, you get banned for 28 days... Meaning you could lose more in future earnings than you are actually owed... Not much therefore, in the way of proper options for the riders is there? Does the Captain not still sign that declaration that no money is owed? And didn't the bond used to be £50k in either assets or cash? Presume that has changed?

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