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  1. mikebv

    Jason Crump

    500 or so non regulars minimum I would expect.. At every track too, until the novelty wears off.. If you can get 500 or so on the gate then that's around £10k with the programmes.. Three or four matches of those numbers and it would boost the season.. Presume if not all, a large part of his salary will be sponsored as he wont be cheap I would have thought..? Looking forward to the Peter Craven meeting now... Always a cracking meeting but now made a 'must go' event..
  2. mikebv

    Norden Stadium

    As you say, Speedway was well down his priority list but he would definitely have been around the top 10 riders in the World so becoming World Champ in a 'one off' final shouldn't have been a massive surprise.. Probably the fact he didn't ride over here that much meant his name and capability didn't resonate with too many over here.. Which at the time was the 'only place to be' in the eyes of so many.. I saw him ride in a World Best Pairs at Hyde Rd, (where him and Hans Wasserman finished 3rd) and got a pair of 'cow horns' for my Raleigh not long after..
  3. mikebv

    Jason Crump

    A bit like Swindon?
  4. mikebv

    Ipswich 2020

    Understand your view.. From an Aces perspective, and probably fans of all other clubs, it will be great to see him ride... However. I understand some Ipswich fans thinking that with over 8 pts worth of average invested they could have got someone 'current'.. A great signing for the sport as a whole I would suggest, and will help Ipswich (at least initially in the first few matches), financially.. Just not so sure it will help then make a challenge for the League given the average and his time out.. Be great to be proved wrong though as it means he will still be box office.. Personally, cant wait to see him ride around the NSS. His presence will definitely will get me there that night..
  5. mikebv

    Coventry Bees @ Leicester 11th April

    Or tarmac the track if he cant pick the riders he wants..
  6. Fire regulations may be a large hurdle to overcome too... If someone can't access somewhere unaided (in this case using a buggy), then exiting the same venue in an emergency would be difficult to control with highly likely more people than buggies. Not sure that would pass a fire risk assessment given the level of detail that goes into evacuation processes with regards to public safety..
  7. mikebv

    Poole Pirates 2020

    As no doubt several hundred athletes and cyclists around the globe will agree...
  8. mikebv

    Kent Kings 2020?

    Circa (at best) 20-25000 people visit Speedway in Britain each week on average. My shop in a small part of Manchester has more customers than that.. That's the size of the sport., So.. Let the Promoters charge what they want and can get away with, supply and demand will dictate the business plan.. Most of those 20-25000 are complete die hards who will turn up every week regardless of price so fair play to the Promoter who can make money out of them..
  9. mikebv

    Newcastle 2020

    Presume it must be in a 'conserve'ation area..? Buddum Tish.... I will get my coat.. ..
  10. mikebv

    Peterborough Panthers 2020

    Phil or Jason?
  11. mikebv

    Possible Odsal news

    I remember one night the meeting v the Aces getting 'fogged off' yet it was all clear at turnstile level when we all walked out.. The fog basically 'sat in the bowl' ...
  12. mikebv

    Danny Ayres RIP

    No words.. One of a kind.... Truly Unique is an age of bland same old same old.. God Bless.. RIP Danny You burned bright, but sadly for nowhere near long enough.. Condolences to your family and friends..
  13. mikebv

    Knockout Cup Draw

    The BDO darts did it last year with their 'World' Masters.. An organisation which is light years behind an ultra professional rival organisation that runs within the same sport... And is constantly ridiculed on social media for its amatuerish marketing, lack of clear leadership, dreadful crowd levels, unfit for purpose operating model, poor integrity, and has zero credibility in the wider sporting world media.. Any punchline can be added if required..
  14. mikebv

    Knockout Cup Draw

    Unfortunately not running certain meetings can work out more profitable over a season than running them..
  15. mikebv

    Knockout Cup Draw

    Agreed, And If some meetings are going to be guaranteed "loss makers" then they could just play 'rock, papers and scissors' instead to decide who goes through.. The positives are no loss making meetings. And the Cup could be done and dusted well before the cold nights of October.. Obviously it would be better to play 'rock, paper, scissors' in person rather than over the phone, to maintain the sports high reputation for integrity and credibility, (and make it more exciting) which will incur some travelling costs for the relevant team managers, but overall it would be a positive move forward for me.. Maybe even dip their toe in technology and use Skype and stream the 'matches' around the country to the thousands awaiting the results with baited breath? NB Best of Three home and away on the 'rock, paper scissors'.. No Tac Sub for double points if behind.. No guest 'rocks, papers, or scissors' allowed.

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