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  1. mikebv

    bandits 2020

    Nice to see some true promotional thinking.. For me, I've always thought clubs should 'raffle off' a season ticket at say the first ten meetings or so.. £5 a ticket.. Get 100 fans paying and you get five hundred quid per season ticket.. Do it for the first ten matches or so, (so still excellent value to be had with around half a season left), and the ten tickets could be worth £5000... And surely, more than a 100 'regulars' would chance a fiver a meeting so possibly even more money to be had.?
  2. mikebv

    Wolverhampton 2020

    It could be argued having four from seven will keep the season 'alive' for most of the clubs...
  3. I watch a lot of 'old league Speedway' on YouTube, mainly from the eighties, and a hell of a lot of it is pretty garbage to be honest. Even allowing for the one camera, independent, straight to video coverage of the time.. The main differences to today when it's garbage is that back then the crowds were bigger so the atmosphere was there, and riders were mainly part time and hadn't spent fortunes on machinery to take part, so didn't expect/need big money to compete.. Nowadays you get pretty mediocre racing, interspersed with the odd great race.. Just the same as happened back then.. Definitely worth watching a few YouTube League meetings from the eighties and nineties if you have an hour to kill.. Pretty poor fair in the main and definitely not too dissimilar to what we get today at most tracks..
  4. mikebv

    Sheffield 2020

    So (if correct) that's £8000 to be found each home meeting to pay him for home and away matches? At £20 to get in that's 400 extra fans a week, more if less than £20 to get in.. And 500 when you take VAT on admission into consideration. . Presume a big sponsor must be involved to cover a fair chunk of that? Or is the TV money being handed over to the No1 like it did in the Sky days? Can see the novelty factor kicking in for the first few weeks but not sure an extra 500 per meeting will be sustainable when the novelty wears off to be honest.. Nice to see someone try something different though. Hope it works out...
  5. mikebv

    Newcastle 2020

    Cheers for the info John... Sounds like post Brexit those who complain the UK lads don't get enough team slots may be quite pleased... Will it go to three a side..?
  6. mikebv

    Newcastle 2020

    Now the BSPA have become a Limited Company as a collective, couldn't they, as the umbrella organisation, sponsor the riders to come over? Would surely work out easier one person/group, within the organisation doing every Visa application rather than each club doing their own, and mean individual clubs under new ownership can still get riders... And a National Sporting body must surely carry more weight behind it than individual clubs, especially in the eyes of those decision makers who will want clear belief that any visa restrictions will be managed and controlled as agreed..
  7. mikebv

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Just let it be with all these Beatles puns and start talking about the Speedway. . For me, if Wolves go with a team two points below the limit there is no chance for you Wolves fans that next year you will get back to where you once belonged.... But on the positive side, it at least looks like none of your team will have visa problems so all of them should have a ticket to ride.. I'll get me coat. ..
  8. mikebv

    Club Merchandise

    Always thought all clubs should collectively purchase items showing the British Speedway Brand Logo and then 'personalise' them with their own respective individual logos.. T shirts, Polo shirts, Hoodies etc. All with one 'generic look' with each clubs own badge on them. . Similar as to how the US Sports sell their merchandise... Would mean better buying power if they did it as a collective rather than all going alone and it should mean better margins and keener prices.. Especially if they agree exclusivity with one manufacturer... As the BSPA are now a 'company' rather than an 'association' it would make sense getting some 'British Speedway' brand recognition out there, sharing the costs and sharing the profits..
  9. mikebv

    Newcastle 2020

    Some truly great comments from such an experienced and well respected person as Neil Machin.. Hope what must be exciting plans see fruition.. The more wider thinkers the sport has around what constitutes 'entertainment' and a 'great night out' can only be good for it..
  10. mikebv

    Nicki P

    That's a fair comment, but would imagine without the GP his focus has changed somewhat, and why wouldn't you want to earn a 'good' few extra quid where you can before hanging up the helmet for good? Still box office though.. Especially for the rest of the League... Each team is pretty much guaranteed their biggest crowd of the season the first time Sheffield visit... The Aces must be truly rubbing their hands, the 'War of the Roses' back, Sheffield fans first visit to see their team ride there, AND Nicki P to boot... ? Kerching...!! Hopefully the novelty factor will delIver a long term feel good factor too for the Tigers too so crowds remain somewhere around the levels of the early meetings..
  11. mikebv

    Swindon Robins 2020

    Batchelor is a much better 'second heat leader' than a No1 so it makes perfect sense to have him back.. Ht 13 and 15 should deliver points advantages most meetings (if Doyle is needed), and Doyle and Batchelor's six other heats will deliver at least three other individual victories I would suggest so Swindon can never lose points in those heats and, at home at any rate, should pick up heat advantages with at least a third for their other rider.. You can see the 8 heats (if both do Ht15), involving these two delivering at least a ten point swing in Swindons favour I would think and worst case scenario not too many 'game changing' 1-5's... Add in three from Musielak, Jensen, Ellis and Perks and you have another solid side whoever comes in lower down.. And keep more of those all important 'fan favourites' from a Championship winning team..
  12. mikebv


    An interesting article with AdrIan Smith of BV in the Speedway Star current edition re some of his thoughts on the future... It is noticeable that those who come into the sport without any 'emotional attachment' to any particular rider or team through either being a sponsor or fan, seem to look at the sport far more objectively and dispassionately, and therefore make far more clearer decisions based on good business practice.. He seems to have a lot of ideas, (many of which contributors to here will recognise as they have been mentioned on probably far too many occasions!), including the need for an 'independent body' to improve the sports credibilty and bring it in line with other sports.. He mentioned that he hoped several topics would be raised at the AGM, and also talked about his concern that changing points levels every year doesn't help the sport progress, and, as we saw from the AGM press release, that is being looked into with the Champs possibly setting the level the season after next. So maybe some of his ideas are starting to get some support and cut through? I would imagine though overall it will be a 'hard sell' for him to convince those who are 'too close' to the 'emotional' and 'hobby' aspect of the sport to agree to change.. He does though come across as a shrewd man who finds a way to get most things done, so more power to his elbow, (and those of a like mind).. Overall a very interesting read and in general another excellent issue again.. UK Speedway is VERY fortunate to have such a professional magazine cover it's output..
  13. mikebv

    Newcastle 2020

    That idea needs a "Word Round" too.. Consonant, Consonant, Vowel, Consonant, Consonant, Consonant, Consonant, Vowel.. L L O C K S B O...
  14. mikebv


    Sharing riders does restrict your 'opening hours' as you have to follow the FRN's allocated to you rather than have the autonomy as to when best for you to run to suit your customer base.. Too many team places? Not enough riders? Costs so high so riders need more rides? Too many Professional riders? Promoters wanting to run at too high a level for their income? All things that mean 'double upping' is here to stay I would suggest unless the reasons for it are sorted.. And that won't happen any time soon. From a 'credibility' point of view I don't think it has too much impact. When you can borrow your biggest rival's best rider for a night, as and when you like, then sharing an employee with another team in a different league isn't going to harm the sport too much..
  15. mikebv


    They have to.. Newcastle are a classic example of all that is wrong.. Riding on a Sunday (a key day for leisure time) should be a 'shoe in' for such a unique an entertainment as Speedway. . Especially as that club has had some of the finest riders of all time representing them so have an incredible history.. Instead, as a Sunday track they must have had nightmares trying to ensure riders turn up, given Sunday has become such a key day for all three Pro leagues in Poland with so many UK contracted riders competing in them.. When Poland became the 'be all and end all' the UK should have just pulled up the drawer-bridge and gone alone... Instead it went done the path of 'fudge' and 'appeasement'. A subservient "We will work around you" became the mission statement.. Newcastle must have god knows how many difficult variables when trying to get a meeting on. Will their own No1 be available? Or will their opponents No1 be available? And if not, do they run? Or do they run with guests which makes the meeting somewhat contrived? Either way the fans (the life blood of the sport) and therefore the club, lose out.. Clubs should just be able to publicise a fixture list, and then market it, safe in the knowledge that all riders will be there, which then ensures a decent crowd can turn up safe in the knowledge they won't feel short changed. .. UK Speedway should set it's stall out and say "this is us", and build to whatever level it can. On days and nights fans want to (and can) attend.. And not bother about the wider Speedway world as they at the moment play on another level.. Four lads of similar ability per race, with a decent off track entertainment package, at a reasonable value for money admission fee, will tick a lot of boxes for a great many British Speedway fans, (both regulars and, more importantly maybe, non regulars). Promoters, who are business men and women in their own right, must know that surely? As lets be honest, it is very, very basic..

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