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  1. mikebv

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I on the other hand can imagine many people saying I am not going because of guest riders.... In fact I would suggest many, many thousand no longer go because they feel "what's the point"? Who cares who wins titles in Britain? None have any kudos the way they are delivered. The reason why there is no alternative to guests is because there is now a fundamental need for the teams to keep costs down by sharing riders, rather than sign cover for absences, and a need for riders to earn as much money as they can by taking as many rides as they can, regardless of what colours they ride in... If Poland ever went down the same operating model route as the BSPA uses, and ran leagues devoid of credibility then I can guarantee that they too would have a sport on its arse.... No big money from TV, no national media coverage, no big company sponsorships and no big attendances would be the ultimate result they would deliver.. Just like we have over here..
  2. mikebv

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    I wonder if at any stage of reviewing why attendances are not hitting the required amount to cover costs have the Glasgow Promoters ever reflected on how much the Mickey Mouse way the sport is ran effects them? One of their riders (Chris Harris) won a Premiership medal riding for Poole and one week later a Cup Winners medal riding for Somerset.. I would suggest they try and influence the stopping of such nonsense and then try and raise awareness and support for their business... You can be as positive as you want in engaging locals to help... When the product you are selling is so inherently flawed you will never have a chance of success..
  3. Agree 100% Ian, but I now believe that as it is 'so bleedin' obvious' that what we have have now doesn't work, the Promoters must be acutely aware of all the issues they have, but simply haven't got either the vision, capabilty or finance to ever break out of that self inflicted continous vicious cycle of lack of credibilty of product, meaning lower income is achieved which cannot then cover annually higher uncontrolled costs.. Unless, as you say, something totally radical takes place... I just don't think they have that desire to try and undo all that has been done as it would be a huge undertaking and possibly well beyond their particular skill set... I personally dont think we will ever see the sport ran 'properly' again. (as a team sport), in this country, and what we have now ie lots of weekly cobbled together nonsense, will be the only way forward. (As surely if they felt it needed fixing they would have by now such are the glaring issues)... Which is a shame, as the core product on offer can be truly great... Anyway, here's hoping I am wrong and someone has the balls and comes forward to take the sport over here by the scruff of the neck, see its huge potential (99.9% of the population don't go), and has real vision, drive and desire to deliver a 'brave' new dawn... I will write a letter to Santa as a 'back up plan' though, (just in case)....
  4. mikebv

    AGM November 2018

    Definitely in League racing.... Its Mickey Mouse enough as it is without any more contrived nonsense... Using handicap racing in an individual event to add a bit of spice though then fine...
  5. The actual racing itself is, for me, as good as I have watched.. (48 years a fan) Maybe not lots of passing (was there really ever?), but most races are at least competitive from front to back as the riders are mostly of a reasonably similar standard. (Out of their depth 'Wobblers' are now pretty much a thing of the past).. So, the 'core product' passes the test.. Sadly. All the rest of the 'show' completely undermines it.... From the ridiculously allowed contrived septets riding against other contrived septets almost nightly, through to an overall entertainment package that belongs in 'The Wheel Tappers and Shunters Working Men's Club' (look it up or ask your grandad). The sport (in Britian) is strangling itself... Let's be honest, NONE of the three leagues have any credibility therefore what is the point of running the sport as a Team Sport? Simply, you can never hope to engage your local potential customers to buy into 'their team' when invariably it changes each week and no longer is 'their team'. So why still run the sport that way? You will have very little chance of ever being successful at the turnstiles.. So. Maybe now it's time to run less meetings, with more races per meeting. At weekends... Maybe run individual competitions over three days at the same track Friday, Saturday and Sunday two or three times a season? Different Comps from kids level through to different graded levels from NL standard up to 'expert'?. Friday and Saturday being qualifiers to the main event on Sunday... Or, if you want to cling on to a team Speedway concept, run a one off National Comp in one venue the same way over three days. Bringing maybe three riders per team in a best pairs type competition.... What is happening simply isn't working so do something different.... And several well promoted, well planned, sensibly priced, well sponsored financially, Festivals Of Speedway' around the Country, all rode in front of decent crowds of several thousand rather than 'one man and his dog', has to be more positive for the sport in terms of awareness and positive branding than the, quite frankly, complete nonsense, that is currently getting served up and masquerading as a bona fide sporting competition... There are many many more thousands of ex fans of domestic speedway who attend Cardiff I would suggest, than the total amount of fans who do attend domestic speedway each week.... And there are many many more thousands than that who 'used to go' but no longer attend speedway at all.. Therefore, there is still a big market out there if it can be persuaded to come back... The racing itself can be fantastic, so Speedway in Britain needs to just find a way of doing it justice.. And the current way of doing it won't manage to do that.. Not a chance...
  6. Common Sense comments.. However, I do really believe that what is done now cannot be undone.. We have gone too far and it is not possible to get the Sport where it needs be in this country.. I am convinced the Promoters know full well the stand out reasons for the Sport's ever hastening demise (there has never been so much feedback available), but they simply havent the resource, or possibly the capability too, to sort the self inflicted mess out.. We all know that there is huge potential in the Sport as many of us just on here used to go regularly, and around the country I would suggest EVERY track has at least 2000 people living locally who no longer go but used to go and keep a passing interest in the local Speedway team.. It just appears that Promoters feel there is zero chance of enticing them back so no point in trying.. A shame, but it is what it is..
  7. mikebv

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Congratulations Barry... Its obvious from the comments on here from those who attend your meetings that you and the team constantly strive to exceed your customer's expectations.... I presume as an NL Promoter you won't be at the AGM? A shame if so, as your clearly driven customer focus could do with being shared around your fellow 'Custodians of the Sport'.. I see you are also not resting on your laurels and pro actively seeking feedback as to how you could improve even further, through modern social media outlets? Maybe if you could attend the AGM you could have shared that idea with others, some of whom seem to struggle with the concept of running a business through listening to their customer's comments on what they like/dislike... Although maybe being more realistic, you would possibly have had to lead them out on a 'quest for fire' first..! One small step at a time/Rome wasn't built in a day etc etc etc... Well done and best of luck for next year too...
  8. mikebv

    AGM November 2018

    I would suggest they are very fortunate to be getting even the same money considering most tracks will have seen a big reduction in fan base during this time... If riders are getting the same money, given the fan base drop, it can only be down to the inflation busting admission cost increases dealt to those who still do attend... That wonderful vicious circle British Speedway has put itself in... ie Attendances drop due to ridiculous operating model being followed. So they put up the price of admission to those who still attend. Meaning attendances then drop further, so they put up the price of admission again to those who still attend. Meaning attendances then drop further so they put up the price of admission again to those etc etc etc... Any business person with even a shred of acumen would always find a way of reducing their costs before taking the decision to pass on cost increases to their customers through increased prices.. My company has paid out an extra 10% in payroll over the past 18 months to meet its legal obligations on earnings. I didn't suddenly get an extra 10% of customers to pay for it.... Therefore costs had to be reduced elsewhere in the business and a reduction in workforce achieved through a review of its operating model to deliver better productivity.... I am amazed that Speedway still pays out 14 salaries per meeting when it cannot afford to do so, yet never changes the team number or the amount of heats they pay out for.. I am even more amazed that they put out big money to GP stars who put hardly one person on the gate. The sport is down to the die hards now who will go anyway and no disrespect to any rider, but long gone are the days of 'real Stars' like Collins, Mauger, Olsen, Penhall etc who would tangibly put extra 'bums on seats' when they visited your home track.. Hope the AGM goes well. I presume the first thing on the agenda will be how much admissions costs will increase by this year...? Thats as long as they don't have to discuss first up which biscuits to have. Let's hope that's been settled well in advance of the meeting...
  9. My thoughts are what you say is 100% correct... And thousands and thousands of ex fans would read your comments and agree also... Incredible that the Promoters don't see the obvious issues, and continue to ignore feedback from the many who used to go... Makes you wonder how many gaps have to appear on the terraces before they finally cotton on..
  10. If Speedway was a 'proper team sport' with traditional rivalries, a tribal following, and bona fide Championships which had real kudos in winning, then I would suggest any night would be a possibility.. The sad fact it it hasn't got any of these three key ingredients to encourage fans to invest that so important emotional loyalty to 'their team'.... Therefore, they would be better just focusing on the on track entertainment value of Speedway, ie four riders riding around an oval track at high speed with no brakes.. And do it when a crowd can be enticed to come... Not when it just suits some of the competitors the most...
  11. Could it really be any worse? There are loads of breaks in fixture lists now.. British Speedway cannot run itself like 'proper team sports', we know that, so you might as well run the constantly contrived meetings they put out, with random septets, at weekend when more of the populace can get there... Running on Fixed Nights still didn't deliver any 'bona fide' Championships at any of the three levels, so it really doesn't matter who wins the 'titles'... When 'set in stone' fixtures get changed at a moments notice so there are plenty of 'guests' to be shared around you know the game is pretty much up.. Fixed Race Nights were always doomed from the very outset when Monday/Thursday became Monday/Wednesday/Thursday so you might as well let teams ride whenever they want, using whoever they can.. It can't be any worse and surely can only be a financial improvement..?
  12. Maybe Dan's meetings could be planned in the 20 odd Saturdays over the six months or so that he is available? Or run meetings on Fridays and Sundays when he isn't available Saturday? Speedway clubs run on 'off nights' now so no new process to accommodate riders with other priorities, but the problem is that these nights are invariably mid week and poor crowd pullers... Bottom line is British Speedway tracks need to look after No1... And that means more than any debate about standard of riders, running when they can attract their best crowds.... If riders ambitions lie elsewhere and don't marry up with British Speedways needs then that is unfortunate but British Speedway needs to give itself a chance...
  13. Spot on... Sign up 100% to ride over here.... Or dont. ... The Promoters will need to play their part by putting together a fixture list early enough, and sticking to it obviously... I know, I know, I am laughing as I type...
  14. As has been proved again this year, there will be loads of guests regardless of using fixed nights or not... Which means there will still be loads of contrived nonsense meetings.... Therefore, you might as well run this nonsense on nights when the majority of the population enjoy their leisure time, ie at weekends... Those who still go are obviously not bothered about the lack of any credibility in what they are watching, so will turn up anyway, so run at weekends when you may get an odd ex fan or two (or heaven forbid a newbie), deciding occasionally to make Speedway their weekend night out.... We have dozens and dozens of meetings made up of contrived septets, even with FRN, on nights which the entertainment sector regard as the worst ones in the week to attract custom, therefore... Run dozens and dozens of meetings made up of contrived septets, on nights which the entertainment sector regard as their best ones in the week to attract custom... Nothing to lose surely? So no risk, the die hards will always be there, the rest of the population will have more of a chance to go....
  15. mikebv

    AGM November 2018

    Or allow guest fans? Or just simply stick to asking those who still go to "Bring a Friend"...

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