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  1. mikebv

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    For me pretty much THE No1 PRIORITY for each track.. As fans who still go have shown, they will put up with a whole host of 'anomolies' with regards to how the sport is ran versus it's peers, therefore the least the sport can do is ensure it runs on the best nights for the vast majority of them to get there.. For teams currently in the second tier, I cannot see (no disrespect intended as could be lots of riders used as an example), how the likes of Danny King and Chris Harris riding in Ipswich colours in the Premiership will deliver much bigger crowds than when they turned up this year for Sheffield and Somerset respectively... Maybe the Champions, with Jason Doyle in tow, would deliver a novelty crowd bounce but cannot see over a season how it could work for second tier clubs moving up.. Unless of course financially the TV money is similar to the Sky deal and clubs feel they can make ends meet with it?
  2. mikebv

    TV new deal?

    Must admit, it did cross my mind to end my comment with something like that... Five years is a long time and lots of decisions will be made by those who run the sport.... And we know how many 'strange decisions' five weeks can bring, let alone five years..
  3. mikebv

    Speedway's future IMO

    But in Speedway you could be going 'in hard' against tomorrow nights team captain for your other team.. Go in 'too hard' and effectively you could knacker your other teams' season... Playing aggressively against a fellow international for your own team is perfectly acceptable, you owe him nothing and your club loyalty and own fan base comes first.. However, in Speedway, a different club on another night needs you both to be on the same side so riding too aggressively will have consequences for them.. Must have a bearing on how you react I would think, and definitely takes away some of that 'tribalism' that team sports should always inspire in their participants and fans..
  4. mikebv

    TV new deal?

    You can only presume that there is significant money on the table to lock yourself in to five years.. Suggesting no other bidding war between TV companies is needed for the BSPA till 2025.. Or could there actually be a genuine "Five Year Plan" for the sport in conjunction with Eurosport's backing? A plan that actually exists, and has been agreed with the TV company? Eurosport must have done its homework on the sport in the UK, so must be happy with what they see now, therefore maybe they too have a vision for the sports journey over the next five years...? It's certainly a big investment in time and resources if nothing else for them over the next five years, which suggests confidence in the product..
  5. mikebv

    Speedway's future IMO

    But it does... To the most significant issue for several teams which is.. Their race night... Fixed nights are in place to ensure double uppers are able to ride as much as possible to earn enough to carry on, (and ensure plenty of guest replacements are available).. Sheffield changed last year to a Sunday because racing on a Thursday became not possible and suffered as a consequence.. This ultimately closed down Buxton who couldn't run profitably against their neighbour on the same afternoon. BV would get better crowds riding on a Friday or Saturday night but cannot due to fixed nights.. And Poole have said losing Wednesday impacted their crowd levels.. And we saw what happened to Workington when they lost their race night slot because "there wasn't enough riders to guest when so many riders rode on the same evening".. Doubling up is pretty much irrelevant for me from the respective competitions perspective as it doesn't really matter who wins the titles anyway so mixing riders in two or three leagues won't make me go or not go.. However the race night will.. In "The good old days" as has been mentioned, doubling up was common place for development. PC did indeed ride for BV and Rochdale, however.. BV still rode every Saturday night and didn't change race nights to accommodate his participation..
  6. mikebv

    Speedway's future IMO

    Partnering a rider in one night, and then riding against him on another night in another domestic league, and then with him in another country the next night, and against him in yet another country the night after that, must have a huge bearing on the level of racing... You simply won't be as aggressive to win against someone who you will be sat next to in the pits somewhere else tomorrow.. I would defy anyone to 'give everything' for their teams given such situations.. Just human nature.. Therefore the level of competitiveness has to suffer... Unless, of course, it's Poland where individual contracts worth several hundred thousands pounds are on the line, and tens and tens of thousands of rabid fanatical fans are critically judging you every race... That focuses your mind and motivates you to give 100% every race I would suggest..
  7. mikebv

    Berwick, Sheffield and Kent.

    Are Berwick changing counties too? Moving its town 200 miles or so south to become part of Lancashire or Yorkshire?
  8. mikebv

    Speedway's future IMO

    And often ran on nights to suit the riders' own individual aspirations on the global stage, rather than prioritising when clubs can deliver their best crowd (which should be the ultimate priority).. Looking at the last few seasons a few riders seem to have become almost "weekly guests" riding in both leagues, so no need to ride in individuals given they can get plenty of extra money over a season getting hired by all and sundry...
  9. mikebv

    Speedway's future IMO

    With the result the typical UK Speedway halfway house.. That is to say, they do neither correctly so devalue both...
  10. mikebv

    Speedway's future IMO

    The problem with running 'individuals' is that too many 'individuals' cry off and don't bother attending.. Or they get ran on days when other meetings take place so lines up get diluted from the original names.. All comes down to money I suppose.. If the prize money was large enough then all the riders would want an invitation, and the fans would attend in numbers as the event will become something worthwhile going to watch.. If say £50,000 was put up as a total prize fund for an individual event could you get a 3500 crowd paying £20 each? 16 riders on a guarantee of £2000 and then an £18k final. (£8k, £5k, £3k, £2k).. Could several tracks run such events once each per season, well marketed, well sponsored and promoted very aggressively locally? It does appear its "go big" or don't bother when it comes to individual events..
  11. Spot on about teams wanting a lower level when it suits.. However, there has to be a starting point and with Swindon's stadium issues I suggest this should be it.. Every Sport needs a 'Manchester United', ie a team who pulls in crowds home and away and gets people talking for good or bad, but never indifferent.. When I was a regular away from home we used to taunt the home fans with a rendition of "You've only come to see United". Which was 100% true as crowds at several grounds would go up by 10,000 to play us, then drop again the week after.. Each season Speedway takes away the success of the winning team by diluting them, thus the year after you are not really watching "The Champions" but a pale imitation version of them.. So. Let Swindon be "The Benchmark" for everyone else to try and knock off their perch.. And get some rivalries going amongst the rest of the League as they try to put one over them.. Jason Doyle is an ultra loyal to the UK, GP rider so each club should market his appearance as such, and Swindon have some excellent riders with, what appears, a great attitude so no better time I would suggest to try 'something new'.. And let's face it, the facts are each season each team starts on paper 'level' but very quickly teams become 'miles apart' on track so does the system actually work anyway? Therefore, let Swindon build their business on the back of it (at a crucial time for them), and let the rest of the League benefit by having the 'Real Champions' visit and also give them something to aspire to be..
  12. If ever a team should be allowed to keep the same septet its Swindon.. 1) To give the rest of the League something to aspire to conquer, as all proper Sport's should.. And 2) More importantly, as you say, keep that feel good factor around the place to deliver the strong crowds that may influence stadium developments.. These riders will have made emotional connections with Swindon's fans this year, so that invaluable connection should be used to full effect next year to support the clubs overall future.. The bigger picture of course is that the Sport as a whole benefits by keeping Swindon at the forefront of the sport.. (All of which means they will be narrow mindedly tasked to shed three or four riders obviously)!...
  13. mikebv


    Uniquely. Speedway is possibly the least impacted Sport when it comes to 'blind partizanship' I would suggest.. Many of its die hard fan base are now Speedway fans first and club fans second in a lot of cases.. Not many (bar a rabid few), would have any sour grapes about their teams losing simply because the prizes don't warrant that level of emotional attachment or response.. You only have to look at the Aces fans Facebook pages when they failed to reach the play offs to see how many mentioned they would accept defeats given the great racing they get served up each meeting, with an overall general consensus that winning the 'top prize' doesn't mean that much anyway, and that long may the entertainment value on offer continue.. Obviously can't reply for SPD but I wouldn't think the Aces getting beat in the KO Cup or not reaching the play offs had any bearing in his post..
  14. mikebv


    Several reasons why teams request to drop.. With financial being the obvious one. With the underlying reasons of there being absolutely no kudos by winning any Speedway title nor any attainment levels to aspire too from the lowest league to the top.. No disrespect but a Grand Final in Speedway (UK), is akin to two bald men fighting over a comb.. Therefore what difference does it make to the clubs what league they race in? Hardly anyone cares who wins. There is almost zero National coverage.. And there is no financial reward worth speaking of, in fact, as we see, successful clubs can actually lose money and go bust by winning!! Therefore you might as well decide amongst yourselves where you want to compete, and at the end of the day you can watch pretty much the same set of riders anyway so no loss there.. As you say, it sends out all the wrong messages, but that's where the sport is in the UK, and I suppose the overall thoughts are better to have clubs still in existence than not.. An ever decreasing circle though isn't it?

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