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  1. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Spot on. .. And some will say "we have had guests for donkeys years"... And indeed we have, however... The days of turning up at a track, without any prior knowledge, and being peed off to find out PC wasn't there and that another teams' best rider replaced him have long, long gone... Sweden and Poland run fixed nights and don't use guests.... Their Championships therefore have credibility... We run the same system and still have guests... Meaning our Championships don't have credibilty.. It's interesting we didn't use one fixed night like Sweden. So as, I presume, to facilitate the use of guests... And then our version of 'two fixed nights' is actually three, and that all fixtures are arranged, it would appear, to again,facilitate guest replacements, unlike Poland, with their three nights who, still don't use guests.. What you got away with in years gone by doesn't mean in this age of 'instant news' you can get away with it today... When we found out PC wasn't there after we had paid our hard earned to get in, we often moaned to each other, but it was to the 10 or so people around you.... Nowadays you know BV are missing riders days in advance and instead of moaning to ten people, literally thousands on various forums get to read it... And then make their decision to attend.... With many, 100% understandably, deciding against it.. If you don't run any Sport with credibility and integrity, you simply cannot complain when you struggle to generate decent crowds every week. Add on that winning that Sports Championships mean very little by the very way they are won, and you have real problems I would suggest..
  2. Gutted for losing by four... (Because I had the Stars down for a six point win on the Belle Vue Army Prediction League)... And Bewley as top scorer. .. Damn you Rohan! Damn you! Well I had to have something to keep me interested in this nonsense meeting... Oh yes, well done to King's Lynn, the best team won.. (Well the ONLY team there won I should have said).....
  3. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Correct, four man teams with two or three guests is what we want..... Or maybe three man teams with three or four guests is what we want...? Or maybe seven man teams made up of anyone who happens to be available is what we want..? With the current piss poor attendances, paying seven, rather than less employees makes absolutely perfect fiscal sense.. Maybe Speedway should run with eight man teams to ensure its not 'repititive' and add more costs and double upping complexity?
  4. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    With every single one of them committed to British Speedway.. They might not be 'Superstars' but very, very few are.. The vast majority of riders will always be 'average'... Let them earn couple of grand a week on 'average'.... Every week..
  5. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    If there are not enough riders to run seven man teams then don't.. If you cannot afford to run seven man teams then don't.. The fewer riders per team will free up others to replace injured riders.. Simply base your team structures on what you can afford and run on nights that bring the most money in...
  6. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    The time was probably ten or so years ago to be honest..... However, I think some egos of those who run the sport will always stand in the way... Dealing with 'superstars', I think, must give some a sense of 'reflected glory'... Ride on nights that give you the best crowd and grow the sport from its current 'rock bottom' base, only use riders committed 100% to GB Speedway. And pay them what is affordable from an entrance fee of no more than fifteen quid..
  7. Wow... Same Sport...? Similar scenario...? Two different outcomes...? Amazing....! Who would have thought that some clubs can still actually use common sense...?
  8. ??? Come on Phil, how long have you been involved in and around Speedway Promoters??.. I presume the question must have been rhetorical as I am sure you know the answer....
  9. Or they just call it off as "not in the interests of (British) Speedway"...? Been done before I believe?..
  10. I too will be giving this farce a miss... However... On here and various other forums we will get several contributors to the threads discussing whom are the best guests... Several will comment that "it will still be good racing".... And come the result, several will comment on how it was either a good result or a bad one, as if it was an actual bona fide sporting contest between two professional sports teams vying for a National Title.. Sometimes, Speedway fans really do get the operating model (and sport) they deserve...
  11. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    Simply do what is so obviously the thing to do when running a Motorsport business.. Run Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday late afternoon, with riders who are 100% available EVERY week And run on EVERY Bank Holiday, THE most lucrative days to attract crowds out looking to be entertained.. Have a salary cap per team of £5k a match, meaning if they ran five man teams (to spread the riders) the 'Mr Average' rider would earn £2k a week in the two matches over each weekend. At a pay scale structure of £1500, 1250, 1000, 750, 500 per night. I am pretty sure you would get plenty of interest from many riders of a more than 'reasonable level'.. Maybe not the 'superstars', but they earn vast amounts in Poland so wouldn't be interested anyway.. And Poland may pay more than £3k in the 2nd and 3rd Divisions for one meeting but you are often only one bad meeting away from earning ZERO the week after, so a No1 who is guaranteed £3k EVERY week would find it a decent proposition I would suggest.. Charge £15 per adult and nothing for kids 16 and under. Generating £14.4k after VAT for a 1200 crowd. Thus leaving £4.4k towards your running costs after paying out to the riders for two meetings... 1. Run on days which can generate the best crowds.. 2. Run with teams full of riders who are 100% committed to British Speedway.. 3. Charge a maximum of £15 to get in with kids free.. Surely worth a go? And let's face it if you tick those three boxes and it still doesn't work, then you might as well give up, (but at least you would know you tried).. However, with the current operating model you simply have no chance of ever being successful..
  12. Fixed night farce-how much longer

    At BV, Dave Gordon and Chris Morton were the 'sticking plaster' that held together the club whilst they raced on a Monday, and in the BV business plan to the council put forward for the NSS, it clearly mentioned Monday as not being viable and that running on Fridays and Saturdays will be THE main reason the club will be sustainable and profit making.. However, the way (British) Speedway has been ran for what feels like 'donkeys years' now has left literally thousands of fans disillusioned with it, and over those years far too many have simply drifted away to probably now make any night viable... There is simply zero point having "great racing" if the riders doing it are just a cobbled together, one night only, guestfest select.. Without it being ran properly, the sport actively undermines the "great racing" and sadly the crowd levels attracted to these 'Mickey Mouse' meetings will never do it justice... With the NSS you can virtually guarantee "great racing", yet I can also virtually guarantee that with the riders missing on Monday v Kings Lynn the crowd will not be in any way, shape or form, "great"..... Many on here often refer to (British) Speedway regularly "shooting itself in the foot".. But, to be honest if (British) Speedway had a rifle, and pressed it against its foot and then pulled the trigger, I actually suspect it would quite probably miss..
  13. And Bombers on stand by should Prince Charles not make it..
  14. A glaringly obvious opportunity missed Rob... However, just one of the very many missed every single season with the BH crowds... People say that no one knows about the Aces/Sport? Well the BH crowds show a good many do (and probably used to be regulars)... They just didn't see/couldn't afford spending circa £20 each week to attend as value for money so got out of the habit of going.. 900 paying around 20 notes will generate less than 2000 paying a tenner... But 2000 paying a tenner would generate an infinitely better atmosphere which could only encourage some to come back again... And sell more programmes and take more on the concessions... And also sell the sport far more positively on the box to those curious enough to watch the Speedway on a quiet night for live Sport now the football seasons globally are coming to a close... Rinse, repeat and fade... Edit. Hang on, doing a ten pound special would reduce the season ticket holders value. I forgot that... Or 'Trying to run a business for six months after tying both hands behind your back' as selling season tickets to a couple of hundred people (at best) should be known..
  15. The only issue with that plan is that they would arrange all three Test matches on Wednesdays and have to get a load of Poles and Swedes in to guest as the British and Danes would all be unavailable...