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  1. mikebv

    Thank u Buster

    I like playground stuff.. But I don't like playgrounds..
  2. mikebv

    Thank u Buster

    1. Lion Madsen 2. Antonio Lindor Back 3. Toffee Chrisp Harris 4. Freddie Lindtgren 5. Matej Starbar 6. Black Magic Janowski 7. Vaclav Milik Tray A team that would have been superbly led by Neil Quality Street as Team Manager I am sure..
  3. mikebv

    Thank u Buster

    Not so much "Thank u Buster"... More like "Thank u Debbs" for me... Yet another fantastic thread started for us all to enjoy..
  4. mikebv

    Thank u Buster

    It's nice, she has done it up really well... She has really made it her own... Put her own stamp on it, that kind of thing.. Hopefully as this thread develops I will be able to suggest to her some of the ideas put forward on here..
  5. mikebv

    Thank u Buster

    Just got back from the Trafford Centre,... Going to pick my lad up from pre season training in a few minutes... Going to Nike Outlet to get him a couple of pairs of new Football Boots Then drop my daughter off at her new flat.... Any suggestions on the new boots? He needs a firm ground pair and heavy ground ones for winter.. Most games are on 4G but some will be on grass, however Academy pitches at Prem League teams so very good standard of playing surface... Looking to spend around £90 a pair..
  6. Speedway riders ride for our entertainment don't forget? Cannot criticise a Speedway rider... No matter how constructive or factual.. You know the rules...
  7. And some people can also see that the person who directed and produced this 'epic' is also the director and producer of the sport in Britain as a whole... It's not looking too good overall is it? Watching it tonight was like watching a small, cute furry animal dodging fast flowing traffic across a busy eight lane motorway... There is an inevitable conclusion to what you are seeing, but you simply have to keep watching in the vain belief that all will miraculously turn out to be ok.. A new low for me tonight with regards to how the Sport is presented to a wider potential audience.. Its almost as if they have all but given up on the TV contract such is the garbage so regularly getting beamed into people's living rooms.. Kelvin, Nigel and Natalie must wonder how they can keep sounding enthusiastic when deep down they know it's nothing more than a pretence to be maintained. The pretence being that Speedway in the UK still has some level of credibility or relevance.. The racing tonight was appalling, the crowd level watching it was appalling, and the entertainment factor on view was even worse than the racing and the crowd level.. It came across as something just waiting to be put out of its misery.. Something so desperately needing to be grabbed by the scruff of its neck and violently shaken into action.. Passed the point of saving in the UK I would now suggest in its current guise.. Therefore. What is next?
  8. Get in there you Aces....!!! Get in there..... A great night.... Seriously, who f@&£*#g cares who wins Speedway meetings in the UK anymore? A dreadful, dreadful nights entertainment which does the sport absolutely no favours.. Fair play to Nigel and Kelvin for at least trying to pretend Speedway in the UK actually has some relevance.
  9. Maybe between BV and the NSS?
  10. Give me an 'R'... Give me an 'I'... Give me a 'C' etc, etc etc..
  11. Maybe all those sheep, cattle and pigs walking all over it will pack it down a bit? Bit concerned about what 'muck' will get put down though?
  12. Maybe it's less risky than riding a tighter line around the kerb knowing that at any time you may end up being fired towards the fence..?
  13. Is it a deliberate ploy to kill off this sport in the UK? Truly appalling advert for the sport going out to a wider TV audience... The place looking virtually empty.. The racing absolutely awful... Who cares who wins titles in such a dreadfully organised and presented sport? Cannot carry on like this surely?
  14. Maybe he should let Tungate know......
  15. This truly is rubbish isn't it?

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