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  1. Without going 'all our yesterdays', watching the many various meetings on YouTube from the 80's showed just how it worked too.. Crowds seemed to be very healthy indeed when compared to today.. Hardly any full time professionals on show, and all mainly with one decent bike and a 'good enough' spare.. The best riders were also in the main, the only ones who rode in the top league at the same time, and for many of them it was a 'toe being dipped into the water' to see if they could compete at that level before moving up permanently, rather than the necessity it has become for dozens of riders of various standard so they can earn more to afford the cost of riding.. It was interesting to read Shawn Morans interview in the SS a couple of weeks back where he said he got £35 a point riding for Sheffield in the early 90's. That's equivalent to £88 a point today. I wonder how many world class No1's in the top league ride for £88 a point today? (And given their outgoings even be anywhere able to afford to).. Indeed. Could you get away with paying £88 a point to a second tier No1 nowadays? As you say, they had a pretty good business model, heaven knows how they lost sight of it..
  2. Been the obvious next step for around the last decade or so... Yet, for some reason, British Promoters have steadfastly chosen to have their businesses hugely adversely impacted by running disjointed fixture lists, using many contrived septets of borrowed riders, (to accomodate individual riders own agendas), all on many nights when you wouldn't ordinarily want to be running a 'show' in the entertainment sector.. A very strange business plan..
  3. mikebv

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    That's the main reason they run them isn't it? And they are aimed time wise for a global market rather than the UK one, hence the running of them early afternoon behind closed doors, (China does like a bet).. At the old stadium the owners made far, far more from running these events than they got from the Aces..
  4. mikebv

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Worrying times I would think... Councils will be under huge pressure across the country post Covid 19 as budgets from central govt. will no doubt have to be slashed to pay for the billions of pounds of borrowing it has done to pay for the current crisis.. And from what I remember of my visits to Poole, you could get a good many apartments not too far from the waterfront in a 'nice' (and quite expensive) area of the country..
  5. Can only think this kind of thing is inevitable.. And the extra ace up their sleeve may now be this... They now know riders will ride for 50% less than they did so what's to stop them saying that next year "you ride over here exclusively and we will give you 100% money".. Effecively a 100% pay rise...
  6. mikebv


    Spot on there Dean... That piece on Andreas Jonsson was excellent...
  7. mikebv

    Ipswich 2020

    Chris is one of those riders who when you watch the racing on YouTube from the past five to ten years or so appears in loads and loads of meetings for a good many various teams, and was often it seems very much an in demand guest.. A rider who came across as someone who gave his absolute all in every race regardless of who he was riding for.. One of those '100% triers' that the sport is built on and the fans often appreciate the most.. Best wishes to him and his family, and let's hope he can overcome his current issues and find himself in a better place in the not too distant future..
  8. mikebv


    Another great read this week.. Best two compliments I can pay it are, one, I now buy it every week and, two, I still have things to read about well into the week after, such are the diverse articles that are in there and the detail that they are covering.. An outstanding magazine, especially given the current situation..
  9. mikebv

    League to run over two seasons

    Three main reasons.. 1. You would be very lucky to run team speedway every week to anything like a consistent fixture list, at least with any semblance of credibility, given how many riders may not be available at any given night due to the many who DU, and also how many will need to ride in their own leagues abroad as a priority.. 2. Individual meetings will give riders more chances per week to ride thus more earning potential, eg two league meetings or the chance to ride seven nights a week if they so wish and were capable.. And 3. When everyone has to start paying bills again, and pay back the bills they were allowed to miss/pay less, during the current crisis, I would think paying out for Speedway four times a month may be very, very low down their priorities..
  10. mikebv

    League to run over two seasons

    Big IF I know, but.. IF there is any racing, then it shouldn't be hard to coordinate a decent amount of meetings for clubs and, (possibly more importantly), the riders.. Run individual meetings and each club could run once a fortnight on nights that they feel could deliver their best return.. That would mean plenty of meetings for riders and the meetings would, I would suggest, get more fans than the usual individual meeting crowd levels given the speedway fraternities longing to see some action.. It would also mean the fans, who could be under financial stretch at the time of going back to 'normal', wouldn't be expected to fork out weekly just to get a 'league' completed in just a few months... 22 clubs riding over a 14 day cycle (presuming all come through this), would mean some clashes, but with basic planning you could ensure they are kept geographically apart and I would also suggest that there needn't be any restrictions on levels of riders who can ride where, ie The NL clubs could run with Premiership riders if they saw fit and felt it was an earner for them to do so.. And with a clear 'set in stone' fixture list, with consistent race nights, and riders booked well in advance, (so can be advertised) ,clubs would have a fortnight between meetings to promote their next offering.. The meetings themselves could take on any format, eg a traditional 16 man, 20 heat meeting or something much more innovative which could give some pointers for the future based on customer feedback... The important thing would be giving as many riders the chance to make as much as possible in the short time available. With the added bonus that their equipment will still be 'nearly new' next year so may not need upgrading... It always seems to be widely publicised by many clubs that they lose money each year so maybe this break from paying out those thousands and thousands of pounds that dont get covered by income, may help down the line? For those it applies to, it may also be a good time to renegotiate rental costs with landlords who may be pretty desperate to see their facilities used again and could be more open to discussion, which again can only be a good thing for the sport going forward. (And maybe could help subsidise some lower admission costs upon restart)? Lots of mainly British riders riding the length and breadth of the nation every night of the week, for however many weeks it is possible, can't be a bad thing can it? Maybe even wrap some meetings up in a several round 'British Championship' to add interest? I am sure though that 'behind the scenes' the Promoters are working on a plan...
  11. mikebv

    British Speedway to be reborn?

    It isnt hard to be pessimistic is it given the already parlous state of the Sport.. If nothing else it may give those who run the sport a moment or two to reflect on why their sport always seems to live on a knife edge re how many teams last the season/start the following one, and provide them with the inspiration to change things.. There does seem to be a few more pro active promotions about now so some maybe have already realised that the 'same old/same old' simply doesnt get the cut through anymore, and actually be able to influence the radical change needed to move the whole sport as an entity forward.. What an opportunity in this enforced break to do so, as when the sport returns I would think it gets a 'free hit' as to what it can put out.. Be interesting to see if tracks do something 'different' and gauge reaction from their output..
  12. mikebv

    League to run over two seasons

    I think if they want to run a league with any credibility they will need riders who are 100% available, and with so many overseas riders with team places currently you would think that this would mean mainly British riders (excluding those lads with Polish and Swedish contracts).. If it all becomes a bit 'Mickey Mouse' then it would probably be better to run individual events to see the season out, maybe give the riders more meetings too. Some could do five or six a week which would be a struggle to do if they were in teams I would think..
  13. mikebv

    League to run over two seasons

    And even if they lift the 14 day quarantine over here, Poland may still keep theirs in place meaning riders wont dare leave Poland as to return would see them miss meetings for a fortnight.. Lots of hoops to jump through to get any Speedway this year in the UK I would think..
  14. mikebv

    Mr Garrity

    If found guilty will he get a % reduction in time for being British..?
  15. mikebv

    highest avg rider

    I came back to the sport in 88 when the Aces moved to Kirky Lane and watched the first few matches as many riders (probably the majority), found the track somewhat tricky and more than a good few were 'all shapes' on occasions.. He smashed the track record in his first ride.. I remember he rode down the straights with his front wheel slightly off the ground for virtually the whole straight, before bringing it down to execute a perfect turn, never once locking up or finding unwanted drive, but riding every bend as if on rails.. One of those WOW moments some riders can give you..

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