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  1. As has been said in other Leszno meetings, as a team they dont have any truly World Class riders other than Emil.. Yet seem to pull out great team performances with different riders on any given night stepping up to the plate when needed. And heavily relying on Kubera.. A few teams going 'head to head' should feel they have a chance against them this year..
  2. That looks like a large 50% of capacity crowd.. Maybe Polish 50%'s dont mean half..?
  3. I think that is the sports dilemma (over here).. The IOW seem to promote EVERY meeting as if it was a one off event, which with some of their fans on holiday it very well could be their only chance to impress them.. And for their regulars 'something different' regularly will keep it fresh.. Team success (as in winning the league) almost appears secondary to the success of providing their customer base a 'great night out' and given the lack of kudos and financial reward for winning any UK competition, I would suggest it's a very good operating model.. UK Team Speedway is basically a busted flush if you measure success by the numbers who attend, with many who have fallen away over the years basically giving up on the concept, hence no longer bother attending.. (But often still remain as very interested followers of the sport in their several thousands).. Therefore it's dilemma is can it run itself successfully as a 'Team Sport' concept (and bring back some of the lapsed thousands), or does it need to do 'something different'? The old adages though of "always doing what you've always done will only deliver what you've always had" and the definition of insanity being "doing the same thing over and over again and each time expecting a different result" is something that those who run the sport should have written large on their meeting room walls..
  4. Agreed, but if a lower grade of rider on offer, and no flight costs, hotel bills, van hire, uk mechanic, etc etc etc, to be factored in by the rider when he is negotiating points money, then maybe the entry price point will drop commensurately?
  5. I actually think that an amalgam of the 2nd and 3rd divisions could be the way forward for the sport.. Whether it will attract many overseas riders I am not sure given the money on offer will need to be relative to the standard of rider.... But, for British Speedway, and the oportunities it would create for British riders, and their development, it might not be a bad thing.. It would also mean a fixture list being driven by customer availability, and run to a timetable when they can get there, and not when riders can get there when it suits their global agenda.. My team get decent crowds for 3rd tier Speedway and if a team made up of 2nd/3rd Div riders was the only team they had to watch, I would suggest crowds would be pretty much on a par that the 'first team' get now.. And much cheaper to run obviously.. UK Speedway is pretty much down to its die hards who go and watch 'any speedway', and hardly any 'crowd puling top names' ride here so there is a minimal amount of fans who only go to the see 'the names'... And when (if) this bloody pandemic ever finishes, every sport should get a 'bounce boost' at the turnstiles when it returns. . So, if there ever was a time to restructure from the bottom up to build a better future then surely it is now?
  6. Really? 2019 Top 2 - Poole 52, Swindon 50. Bottom - 2 KL 31, Peterborough 20 2018 Top 2 - KL 53, Somerset 47. Bottom 2 -Wolves 34, Leicester 23 2017 Top 2 - Swindon 66, Wolves 63 Bottom 2 - KL 29, Leicester 27 2016 Top 2 - BV 64, Poole 59 Bottom 2 - Coventry 33, Leicester 21 2015 Top 2 - Poole 66, Coventry 61 Bottom 2 - Wolves 28, Lakeside 27 And that's with a max of just 8 teams per league in some seasons and seven in others.. And the same huge difference between top and bottom goes back regularly from 2015 ad nauseam.. Before every season when the teams are known, the 'cannon fodder' gets predicted on here, and those predictions are very rarely wrong.. Some balanced league. .
  7. mikebv

    Poole 2020

    I have been on forums where you cant type Scunthorpe. ..
  8. The block pass appears to be very much 'de rigueur' in Poland. . Maybe 'Hold the Line' should be the song played before the race to remind the riders?
  9. It's the Speedway equivalent of Football's "I'd like to see him do that away at Stoke City on a cold Tuesday night in December"...
  10. Spot on.. A team that has three out of the top seven best riders in the world from last year shouldnt be getting smashed this way.. The system in Poland is fine.. Teams not performing some days is sport...
  11. His 'sudden rise' after so many years of average riding is being mirrored by his 'sudden demise'... Strange, ,
  12. Hopefully the announcer playing 'Jump' before that start was deliberate. ..
  13. mikebv

    Taking the knee

    Yeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!
  14. mikebv

    Poole 2020

    All fiddling whilst Rome was burning around them.... It is wasn't so sad given the way they have so negatively impacted the sport by their actions, and driven so many fans away, it would be hilarious to list every piece of nonsense dreamt up..
  15. mikebv

    Poole 2020

    Imagine being a major company who wanted to get involved sponsoring the league and gaining access to this thread and reading about the way the sport self governs... Fred Karno's circus would be a better bet for them.. Did Matt Ford manipulate the situation? Well, if he did, (and who will ever know?), it was because he could... And that is the biggest nonsense in all of this.. A local Darts and Crib league would be embarrassed to run itself the same way..

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