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  1. mikebv

    Jason Garrity

    When I used to 'ref' for Alex Higgins in the early to mid eighties every Friday when he was practicing/taking on all comers for a fiver a frame, he was a very different player at 8pm after umpteen vodka and oranges, than the one who started off playing at 2pm. When 'refreshed' he was truly 'The Hurricane' and would hardly miss... From around 9pm onwards, he would start to be over the tipping point and start to lose a few frames/quid.. And that would be when the 'dark side' of a genius would appear...
  2. mikebv

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Wouldnt surprise me if he did.. Gone are the days that to make it to the top that you had to ride over here on the various size circuits, and with the big money to be earned in Poland on tracks of a similar size, riding against the very best to benchmark yourself, it could even be seen by some as a retrograde step riding against a lesser standard over here.. I would imagine keeping your sharpness and competitive edge riding against the very best would be the priority of riders like Lidsey, who are getting ever closer to the top level..
  3. mikebv

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Been a few near misses.. But also a good many 'no where nears'... A shame this season didnt happen as with Lidsey at reserve it could have been a title winning year.. I bet he gets a re-assessed 7 point average next year now!!
  4. mikebv

    Wolverhampton 2020

    But what a way to win one!! I can still see Bobby and Jason going around turns one and two and realising both had a lead over Henka and PK as they went down the back straight.. Then the longest approximate minute of my life followed.. The track grader picking up the Wolves fallers bike (Wainwright?), gifted us the 5-0 which gave us a chance after being eight down with just a few races left.. 27 years ago....? Wow... What a night..
  5. mikebv

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    Some good rules in CS which could be adopted in Speedway. When so many points behind (think it's six or maybe eight?), you can choose gate positions and keep doing so whilst behind by whatever is the margin they use. More credible than a tac sub rule to try and keep the score close.. Also, moving before the tapes go up is an exclusion with no replacement. It certainly focuses the mind and sorts out the starts.. My lad rode for Stockport as a young kid till his football life took over, and he did quite well individually, with the team being very successful in the Northern League and also did well nationally against "bigger" teams.. A fantastic sport to get young kids into, promoting team spirit, competitiveness and fitness, and ran by real enthusiasts..
  6. That was one for later... Seriously, the stadium could be bedecked in huge sponsors information covering the empty terracing and maybe Eurosport would do an hours highlights programme once a week covering both meetings.. As the season pans out I am sure more would watch as play off places get sorted with fans from all teams still with a vested interest in any match paying to watch the streams.. With generic speedway fan neutrals (and there are lots) also being enticed to watch meetings "that mean something".. It would keep the sport in the overall public domain and, using the NSS's main assets of modern stadia and great track, would be a tremendous brand ambassador for it..
  7. Tin hat on time but never mind... I have said before there should be races with more than four riders in simply to give something 'different' to the night.. Seen it in the USA on tiny 110m tracks so somewhere like the NSS is a perfect shape and size for it, the shape means hardly any locking up so less chance of a rider behind knocking the guy in front off his bike or getting injured himself.. And even match races can still have two riders crashing.. Maybe a heat 15 every week could be 3 from each team? A possible 12-3 could make lots of meetings last heat deciders.. Another call would be to run the 2021 season (if still no chance of a full season) solely at the NSS Mondays and Thursdays.. Every Premiership meeting takes place there via streaming... Facilities are great, lighting is excellent, and the team who present the stream are amongst the very best at what they do so can stay based there.. And of course the racing is superb.. Similar to how Basketball did it in the states, ie one venue.. It may need a domestic rider only league to get round any restrictions that may exist but at least it would give a full season, and hopefully plenty of people paying to watch their teams.. The Championship could do something similar on two other nights at one, or even two, of their best tracks for racing... A weekly ticket for say two matches a week at something like a tenner would be popular I would think and wouldn't just attract the fans from the teams on show.. Four teams race one week in the Premiership and four teams race the next, meaning each team rides once a fortnight.. Poland got a fair few viewers this year but to be honest the racing didn't excite the way it usually does so maybe this 'captured audience' could migrate over to domestic speedway a couple of nights per week if the product is good.. And the NSS pretty much guarantees it is..
  8. mikebv

    SON 2020

    I also believe that a postal service is still available via the "Royal Mail" whereby you send hard copy correspondence... And failing that, some have even trained pigeons to deliver messages tied to their legs on their behalf..
  9. mikebv

    SON 2020

    I am on my third email address... I honestly couldn't tell you the name to the first one I used, never mind the password... I presume emails are still sent to it... My wife uses my other one for ordering off the internet but I haven't been on there for 3 years at least... Plenty of people will change email addresses from time to time yet still recieve lots of messages to the one they no longer open.. Personal websites usually have a direct email, or even a mobile of either the person themselves or whoever is managing their website, so usually a close associate. If all else fails, then maybe contact a riders club, every club has an email contact with some personal ones, who would be more than pleased I would think to see their man gain some better kit through sponsorship..
  10. I actually think the same but it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing would it? It sometimes appears that any kid who looks remotely decent at 16 or 17 has to be the next 'wunderkind' and we already crown him as a future world champion.. I was lucky enough to watch Joe Screen every week in his first season in the top league as a (literally), fresh out of school 16 year old, and he rode well against, and actually beat, some of the biggest names and best riders in the world that season, (who all rode over here at the time).. Joe was a truly unique talent yet never went on to win a senior World individual title and spent most of his career at solid heat leader level in a very tough league, and a few years in the Worlds top ten.. No disrespect to the likes of Kyle Bickley and his peers, but they are light years away from the likes of Joe, Mark Loram, Woffy etc at a similar age, and they ride in a much watered down standard from the one those lads mentioned found too.. If Kyle, (and others) "only" achieve Champioship heat leader, (and therefore second string in the Premiership), status, then that is still a decent level to be at and hopefully they can make a reasonable living out of it.. Many talented riders have burst onto the scene over the years and have never made it to heat leader level in the top league, never mind world class level.. And there's no crime in that given how rarefied the atmosphere is at that level.. Let's just let these lads progress and see where they end up. As having four of them in every top team, even at second string or reserve, can't be a bad thing for the sport overall over here..
  11. I think we do a bit carried away with the view that we are 'miles behind' other nations.. In reality only Poland have a good few U21 riders of potential.. The rest, like the UK, have the odd one or two coming through.. The fact is we start to talk up these lads far too soon and then get disappointed when they feel to reach the levels 'we' have decreed they will reach.. As has been said, the worlds best no longer race over here in any numbers, so gauging truly where you are in the pecking order is very difficult, and being good domestically isn't really a measure of high actual capability for a lot of the lads.. The glide path now for young riders to become a truly 'top rider' has to be similar to the one Lambert has taken, and Bewley is following.. ie. Get yourself riding overseas as early as you can, however, to do that you need to be of a certain level which in all fairness very few British lads are at.. Lambert it was clear, (like Woffy), that at around 19 years of age, he was a genuine potentially World Class talent, Bewley at 21 still has question marks against what level he will eventually achieve, however, Dan is clearly of a level much higher than his current peer group and, as he has shown in Poland can mix it with the very best.. The rest will develop to whatever level they reach, but having two in the 'Top 20' riders in the world is pretty much the max for all Speedway nations, so Britain is doing 'OK' on that score, with Bewley starting to slowly climb the rankings from below to try and make it three.. Being at that level though is living in a very rarefied atmosphere, which the vast majority will never reach, so maybe we should lower expectations on our riders, because, as history shows from circa 1980, not too many of our lads are capable of getting there. And the work being done at 'youth' level now isn't I would suggest to find more 'World Champs', but more in finding a good number of British riders to fill British team places, and given the way teams are structured over here you don't need to be anywhere near international level to gain one of those..
  12. A bit unfair on Eurosport that.... It's usually the first races they miss rather than the last ones..
  13. I am not even watching it but even I think it's rubbish..
  14. mikebv

    SON 2020

    Mickey Mouse Speedway.. Well done FIM Well done BSI Clowns.
  15. mikebv

    SON 2020

    Then the "When Poland get in front we call the result" rule comes in to play..

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