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  1. When the track is wet and grippy the first half a dozen or so races are pretty much from the gate.. Fast. (In fact too fast).. Let's hope for no rain and the only water applied is by the track staff who do a great job of the track prep..
  2. mikebv

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    Maybe even those who have delivered the Sport to where we are have finally, after twenty or so years of nonsense, realised that their operating model, (which as a collective they are 100% responsible for), is boll.... (not very good)... Or maybe not getting the Sky Money any more to mask the nonsense put in front of the fans for far too long has focused their attention?? Either way, now they may actually start to listen to ideas from 'outsiders', eg the likes of Glasgow and Belle Vue (and of course the fans)...
  3. No argument being made, just an observation... Another observation, nay, irrefutable fact, is that there are globally more Speedway riders (and of the required calibre), not riding over here than currently do... And yet, some say, there are not enough riders to run the Sport properly? Again, how strange? .
  4. So many rider changes? Yet there isn't enough riders to run the Sport properly?? All very strange..
  5. mikebv

    Jonathan Chapman - It's Your Time

    Spot on.. All to try and win a competition that by the very way it is ran (with teams sharing out lads week in week out and such sharp practice as you allude to), delivers absolutely zero kudos to the victor... I've got an idea... Why dont you spend a fortune trying to desperately win something that by your very actions you end up destroying any achievement in winning? (And then expect people in their thousands to pay you money to see you do it)... Couldn't make it up could you?
  6. mikebv


    No money to pay for professional marketeers.... Yet literally MILLIONS paid out collectively EVERY season to riders across the sport in Britain... Riders whose names resonate with hardly anyone on their very doorstep locally let alone nationally.. Riders whose names, whether there or not, bring hardly anyone extra to the meeting.. Pay BIG money to a proper marketing company to try and make these guys household names... Then pay them the BIG money when (if) it works...
  7. mikebv


    Honestly, don't go there. . For many Promoters they would be scared stiff of giving a 'regular' a half price ticket than seeing any potential of bringing back so many 'ex fans' of theirs... Believe me, I have had those coversations... You are 100% correct by the way. It's a captured market at Cardiff which provides (if nothing else) a huge chance to engage in conversations with the largest gathering anywhere of British Speedway fans.. Maybe ascertaining 'from the horses mouths' as to why so many will spend hundreds of pounds and travel hundreds of miles, for several hours, attending that very event, but not see attending their local track as a 'must do'... Got to be worth it surely? Direct feedback from your own customer and ex customer base? And for what it's worth (very little I am sure).. Here is my feedback. . It costs £29 for me and my 15 year old lad to sit and watch a British League match at the NSS. And never quite know up till start time which random collection of riders have rocked up that night.. It costs me just £9 more to do the same at Cardiff with everyone programmed turning up unless injured during practice in the hours before.. With a much better overall collective of riders on view too... And on a SATURDAY not a MONDAY as well.. So in short, get the Price Point right, get the credibilty right, and do it all on a night conducive to attracting a crowd.. Who knows, do that and you may be more successful..?
  8. mikebv


    I would think there are 20,000 absolute max who attend Speedway 'regularly' each week.. I would also suggest that next week in Cardiff there could well be more fans there who no longer attend domestic British Speedway regularly than those who actually do. (Or not far off it).. Maybe that is something that the BSPA could ponder and reflect on as to why.?
  9. Spot on BB and Starman.. However you sometimes feel some Promoters have a "build it and they will come" mentality.. And then get shocked that many don't return... The Sheffield and Leicester promotion appear more Pro active than most so hopefully they will utilise that positive outlook to enthuse some long term patronage from some ex and new fans..
  10. Well done Leicester... Hope they take the opportunity to bombard the kids who go with posters, photo opps with riders, car stickers for their parents, get birthday dates, email addresses of mum and dad etc... You want some kind of long term return for such an investment...
  11. mikebv


    Re the lack of any announcement.. To be fair, I would suggest it takes a fair amount of time to accurately write down all the minutes of a full days meeting agenda.... Especially so when you are having to use parchment and a quill pen with which to do it..!!! NB (An offically homologated parchment and quill pen obviously)..
  12. Tai has said a few years ago that Monday was ideal as it meant at that time he would race Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the three countries, and then have four days prep, training and rest time.. Ideal for the riders maybe... Maybe not for fans though...?
  13. mikebv

    Thank you Sky for nothing

    Seem to remember it was a three hour show virtually EVERY week during the season when Sky first showed British Speedway.... And then they had a further two full repeats, as a minimum, at the two other time lots of morning and afternoon.... A minimum NINE hours in which to SHOWCASE your largely forgotten/unheard of Sport.. NINE hours per week of coverage going out on one of, (if not THE) fastest growing global media platforms at the time and also since... You then had the GP's with similar coverage featuring riders who virtually to a man appeared in the British League.. This meant circa 18 hours of coverage most weeks! For a Sport with very, very little TV coverage in the preceding 10 years or so... PLUS wasn't it over £1M to be shared amongst a fluctuating 11 to 8 teams each Season? Yep... British Speedway's problems are all definitely down to Sky. In fact they should be ashamed of themselves.. Providing the Sport with just hours and hours of prime time coverage virtually every week, and giving it seven figure sums each season, just to have the 'honour' of showing it.. I mean, no wonder the Sport didn't prosper...!
  14. mikebv


    I too don't give a monkeys where 'my' riders also race... Until of course they are 'somewhere else' when 'my team' have a meeting.. And invariably following a Prem team we actually get more of an advantage as often it's the Championship or NL team that lose out.. However, it 100% doesn't make it right, as those riders missing from those meetings (that still go ahead) remove any credibilty those meetings had.. One way or another one track's business will suffer by riders not being able to be in two places at once, which does the overall Sport zero favours.. For you its a team sport, for me that boat sailed a long time ago.. Now it's nothing more than a flag of convenience for the lads to earn as much coin as they can around the World (which given the risks they take no one can ever begrudge).... But let's not pretend it has anything in common with 'proper Team Sports' when so much sharing and borrowing takes place due to an operating model miles away from being fit for purpose.. As I said previously, do it properly or don't do it at all.. Especially as people like your good self who are happy to accept what they are watching is real in a Team Sport context are becoming less and less in number each year..
  15. mikebv


    100% Agree.. However... Team Speedway will never be ran properly as surely if they could do it properly they would have done it by now? Team Speedway is a misnomer now anyway, it simply just a conduit to allow lads to earn money by riding as many times in one week as they physically can... Pretty much what you see now is individual Speedway with riders sharing the same coloured kevlars for the odd evening before putting on another set with a bunch of different individuals the night later who are doing exactly the same.. In fact. Exactly the same as if they attended individual events around the country seven nights a week. The key difference being is if they did that the events over the seven nights a week would have credibilty and maybe prize funds that resonated enough with the locals to attend..? If Team Speedway cannot be done properly it completely undermines the whole point of fans being there, therefore no real point in attending it... All the ingredients that go into the actual racing itself can be breathtaking which for any Sport is truly a unique selling point which is criminally overlooked, and undermined, by the nonsense that accompanies it.. All you have now is a Sport desperately clinging on to the goodwill of those who are left who willingly (or maybe stubbornly) let themselves seperate the nonsense from the racing... Simply, if you cannot run the Sport properly, then don't do it at all, as you will never, ever, be successful.. Nor should you expect to be. ..

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