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  1. well done nigel.. missed the tapes 'holder' not being moved and thought harris was complaining about batchelor...
  2. seen a lot worse meetings than this to be fair... KL is 'too fast' on the pole line when you get a decent rider in front, but when the weather cools it may get a bit more grippy on the outside... at least gb look like they are 'up for it'.... go steady!!!!!!
  3. mikebv

    Elite League The End Is Nigh ?

    and its all the fault of BSI's evil empire this don't forget!!!
  4. mikebv

    Pool Of Ideas

    sadly you are correct... you can just imagine this fortnights excuse for those fans staying away?? 'people are staying in watching the commonwealth games'......
  5. absolutely agree.. I'd go even further and be more radical and make the sport a 'one make series', all bikes having 'box standard' engines and parts, and any changes to any of the kit other than say foot pegs, handlebars and mudguards, need to be authorised by the governing authority.. The same governing authority would also buy the parts and sell them on to the riders to ensure no 'specials' can be brought into the sport and starting the snowball effect of increasing costs again by everyone else then wanting the same.. In this modern day and age the governing authority could even use video conferencing to watch the parts they have sent being fitted to the bike 100's of miles away!!., Catalogue every part with a serial number and the machine examiners would just need to use a checklist on each bike used at every meeting to guarantee that the bikes are as equal as they could be... You could even, something similar to F1 and other motor sports, have restrictions on work that can be done on the engines with maybe each team only having 'x' amount of tuning sessions per season with each team having to prove clear transparency when they want to do this? Pie in the sky bollox probably but something very radical needs to done as you simply cannot keep paying out 'Football Championship' salaries and costs on attendances that most 'Conference league' teams would find laughable.. Brum?, Eastie?, next please?? Last one out, turn the lights off...
  6. The ten No1's in each of the ten teams roughly between them take £1 million a year out of the sport in this country, with the 'sky money' over the years basically going straight to them.. Combined, do they bring in £1 million a year through the turnstiles?? I would suggest no way near.... Years ago, PC, Mauger, Olsen, Penhall, Carter, Nielsen, Gunderson, Crump etc would definitely put 'extra bums on seats' when they visited your track, this was in the main due to you only having one chance a year to see them unless they rode for your team.. Nowadays on TV you can see all the top riders, via live gb league speedway, live gp's, live euro champs, live swc, live swedish league, bet 365 and loads of streaming channels for danish and polish league racing... On virtually any given day of the week you can now watch the top riders compete where you used to see maybe highlights four times a year on world of sport of the 'worlds best'.... Familiarity has definitely bred contempt to such an extent that surely now it doesnt make any economic sense whatsoever to have such blatantly unsustainable salaries being paid over here and the time has come to part with the gp riders?? And given the fact that often these riders win by the proverbial mile when they gate it could be argued that without them racing may be closer too? I am sure without gp riders then 'inferior riders' will try and raise their salary package as they become No1, however if the promoters have any strength of character they will use this situation to reduce costs in the league by a massive amount... Most fans at the end of the day just want to see four riders in every race of similar ability levels, with all riders belonging to the two teams advertised and the meetings themselves taking place on the same consistent evening every week, maybe losing the gp 'stars' is a price worth paying to deliver this?.. As after all, you will still have them beamed into your front rooms from around the globe a good few nights of the week...
  7. and extracting a fair old wedge too..... truly great to watch when he can be arsed.... truly embarrassing when he can't...
  8. a great speedway meeting (again) at Kirky Lane, well done the robins who just seemed collectively to want it more... MPT and Stefan both, once again, stepped up to be counted, and Scott was simply at times breathtaking in his execution of his outside passes.. cannot believe that GB's second best rider (by a country mile) won't be racing at Kings Lynn on saturday, (although if he is commentating he may well still be Britain's best performer on the night)!! the desire and commitment that Nicholls showed tonight hopefully has left several of his younger colleagues a little bit embarrassed by their own contribution... glad no one hit zagar as he 'ambled' round the circuit, but at least he did make an appearance in heat fifteen (however brief).. for the aces whoever decided winning the toss and going off one and three at kirky lane where gate four in the opening 5 or 6 races in 'king' is surely a tactical genius and should be applauded 'not'... no point having gate four in the middle of the meeting for four races on the bounce when you have already provided the opposition with momentum and something to 'defend' by their early lead (and a couple of re starts compounded the folly and meant that gate 4 slickened off a bit quicker than usual) still, as I said at the start, a great speedway meeting, best of the year at BV (and there has been a good few other top meetings this year at Kirky Lane to be compared against), a good many close races, plenty of passing, and a bit of 'handbags' in the pits too, what's not to like?.... well done once again to the robins, no reason why, if the riders show the same level of commitment between now and the end of the season, that they couldn't make the play offs...
  9. thought it was 'another midlands track' for a minute I was watching... all riders 30 yards apart, straight legged drifting across the apex of the turn unable to bring the rear wheel round until pulling an almighty locker to prevent themselves hitting the fence... is that polish fella back??
  10. mikebv

    Belle Vue V Wolves 16-07-14

    some very good racing tonight.... BV quite rightly used to get called for having a poor racetrack, however the last couple of seasons it has delivered some great racing... Having seen a lot of elite matches live and on 365 this year there hasnt been many better (if any) tracks delivering the high standard of racing BV has... Never thought I would say that...
  11. well done to those promoters for making a real positive gesture... could have done nothing.... great to see,,,
  12. However guests were an 'exception' rather than the 'rule' that sadly it has become, with some matches now having 50% of the competitors on show belonging to 'someone else'.... For me last years' EL play offs were a glaring example of how farcical it now is trying to keep any integrity within League speedway in this country.... Watching Troy Batchelor's Swindon team getting knocked out in the play offs by Poole when a few weeks previous I had watched him on Sky top scoring in a 46 -44 win for Poole against Wolves, really brought it home what a farce it is to run a team sport with such rules.. Basically, by his actions that night Batchelor made a massive contribution in reducing his own, his teams, and his fans chances of winning the EL title as quite simply without his efforts in that match Poole would subsequently not have qualified for the play offs... The sport isn't taken seriously by the national media and many of its own 'die hard' fans have become disillusioned with it and voted with their feet accordingly....... Well, any sport that allows, by its own rules, the delivery of the situation above, can hardly wonder why really can it?...
  13. mikebv

    Cardiff Gp

    why do people see bsi as the 'evil empire'?? what they do is simply showcase the sport at its very best and (hopefully) make a few quid though their actions.. nothing wrong with that.. just because those who run speedway in blighty are absolutely crap at promoting the sport to the same level, shouldnt mean bsi get blamed for all of british speedways shortcomings..
  14. mikebv

    Cardiff Gp

    wow..... what a sport..................!!! how can anyone not get massive crowds for a sport as exciting as this one...?? to do that would really be an incredible level of incompetence given what you have to work with.. wouldnt it??
  15. or maybe he could have excluded both??? one for 'straightening up' and the other for running himself out of track... that would still have left a final that would need winning by racing rather than by default.. and the ref would feel vindicated he 'followed the rules'...
  16. hope the bspa dont pay him... IF anyone should have gone it was fricke as he straightened up and moved further out which put him into morris... truly unbelievable that anyone reffing this race wouldnt just call fifty/fifty and invite all four back to do it again.. however if he had then we would all be talking about a great nights racing we had watched rather than the ref wouldnt we?!!! a sport dying on its backside finally has a showpiece event worthy of the name and gets a chance to showcase itself as something worth attending.. and it gets this....
  17. bike had a misfire whilst running a last in his next race after his fall... popping away as he entered the bends..
  18. some good close racing tonight,... a bonus was that 'nearly' all the riders belonged to the two teams competing and it was good to see the aces give a good poole side who will be play off contenders a hammering... cannot fault milik who gave everything as shown by his two falls trying to get round nicholls in ht 15, and ellis rode much better than his score suggests.. ward definitely looked effected by his crash both physically and mechanically.. still, I am sure the normal aces' away service will be resumed on wednesday....
  19. mikebv

    2014 European Speedway Championships

    as everyone knows, almost circular tracks with wide bends always lends itself to great close racing due to the riders going 'sideways' most of the time meaning track craft is paramount rather than just straight line speed.... makes you wonder why then when new tracks are designed they make them with long straights and tight narrow bends..
  20. I know, amazes me... Can only think that the 'novelty' hasnt worn off yet of their return.. Maybe DH was very astute in going EL to give them something 'new' and this kept crowd levels good...?? You could cut the straights by a considerable amount and make the track more 'circular' with very wide bends.. Could be a great race track given its 'footprint' size...
  21. it is truly a very poorly designed track.... third meeting i have seen from here and simply you couldnt watch this every week...
  22. mikebv

    Financial Accountability!

    I agree, market forces should dictate... However, where speedway makes a balls up is 'trying' to have some equalisation of strength yet the system it uses simply does not deliver it, hence the team who tops the league each season are 50 - 60 points ahead of the bottom club.... Sadly money will always ensure that we get the 'haves' and the 'have nots' however with home wins so important in speedway just to maintain a crowd level, the 'have nots' stretch themselves financially, often to breaking point.. When they still keep losing due to not being able to strengthen up to the required levels to compete due to the abject system used for team strengths, they then end up with still a losing team but now a more expensive one and an ever reducing fan base due to the continued defeats... As a business plan, it could not be any worse... Speedway should either have a 100% water tight salary cap or team strength system or simply not bother with either.. Half assed systems are no use whatsoever..
  23. mikebv

    Financial Accountability!

    I seem to remember in the not too dark, distant past (circa 94 - 96 I think) when the bspa imposed a 'strict' points money pay band for the EL that every team had to sign up to, no 'ifs, buts, or maybes', if you were competing the playing field regarding pay was level... If memory serves it was a max of 45 quid a point for heat leaders..(?) I did hear at the time that one world class rider when informed of this told his team that there was no chance of him riding for that, as if he scored the same points as he had delivered the season previous then there would be a 'shortfall' of over 100k in his earnings!!! The club therefore ensured he was sponsored by some company (I seem to think it was one bought 'off the shelf')? and then the said 'company' sponsored him to the tune of... Well I'll let you guess... He then rode for the £45 a point.... As all the other top riders in the world still rode in the UK that year, I presume others were well 'sponsored' too... When trying to create a 'level playing field' you sadly will never stop those who see themselves as 'more equal than the others'.....
  24. mikebv

    Elite League 2015

    Great point... if only there was some kind of communication link available where those who have become so disillusioned that they no longer attend, could tell those who run the sport why they simply have given up... what a great asset it would be to actually get 'data based feedback' from your ex customers delivered in a critically constructive delivered manner... if only such a thing as maybe a 'fans forum' on the internet or even a weekly magazine dedicated to the sport existed, then I am sure those who run the sport would reflect on the feedback available with an open mind, and see that the many self inflicted wounds over the years could be reversed, just by making a few fundamental positive changes to both the entertainment levels of the night and the integrity of the sports' administration..... who knows, maybe even acknowledging the fans' feedback and suggestions on possibly how to improve the sport/why they no longer go may result in 'one or two' coming back to it and investing their hard earned cash once again on a 'night out at the speedway'... damn, if only such a great communication vessel existed...

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