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  1. mikebv

    Belle Vue 2022

    Again, as clear as day... Hardly anyone cares who wins any Speedway title in the UK due to the ludicrous way it can be attained.. Yet promoters will try and out do each other in all sorts of ways in a desperate bid to win one... Rather than focusing on how to make their competitions credible and actually worth winning in the eyes of the many who no longer go but still follow the sport closely,... And also focusing on how to ensure all have a decent crack at winning one of those titles... Say 18 teams come to the table next season... It would be far better for the sport to have all 18 running in front 500 punters extra each meeting, due to racing on the best night for each track to get their best crowd in, and the entertainment and closeness of the racing on view, as that would grow the sport by 9000 punters each week... No matter which individual clubs win either title they could never hope to grow their crowds by 9,000 on any week, and it would be very doubtful if they could grow their crowds by 9,000 over the whole year....
  2. mikebv

    Belle Vue 2022

    100% correct but sadly it seems it is only now realised that they are a training ground and a 'rest home'.... It was obvious to a great many several years ago though how it was going, and instead of accepting it and building their own plan around it, the UK still tried to pretend it was relevant on a world stage and changed fixture lists to suit riders, and paid out more than was coming in to afford them, and neglected to follow any clear development pathway for riders to improve... The current situation of 'not enough riders' and therefore zero credibility for the sport, and therefore zero major sponsorship, didn't happen overnight, but was a clear 'end game' for a good many years if they carried on doing the same thing ad infinitum... Dan owes the UK nothing, especially given it was his then Polish team who paid for his treatment from his major injury.... Let's hope it all works out for him... The heavily invested in U24 League in Poland will also help develop a few of our lads too I would think...
  3. mikebv

    Belle Vue 2022

    But apart from that....?
  4. Well done plucky Poole.. Every time I read a Poole match thread on here they were always very much the "underdogs" it appeared.... With the other team seemingly having Laguta, Bartek, and Woffy level riders as heat leaders.. And even that level at reserve sometimes.. Whereas Poole had to make do with only top tier heat leaders Danny King , Rory Schlein and Steve Worrall as their heat leaders in the 2nd Division... Well done say all of us to the "Leicester City of Speedway"...
  5. mikebv

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    Indeed... The UK spent many millions on paying top riders to ride over here, and very little of the money received was set aside for planning for the future growth of the sport... Hence, when the money stopped coming in, and all the top lads left, we have ended up with around 90 riders (tops), of the required level for circa (give or take at any single moment given how quickly tracks close), around 124 top two divisions team places.. The Poles havent just spent the huge new TV and Sponsorship deals on paying the "top lads", they are instead investing a considerable amount of it for their future growth and success... 'Seeing beyond the end of their nose' I believe would be a good description.. You would think the likes of Brennan, Palin etc would be very much at the forefront of their thoughts which can only impact UK Speedway team building plans, especially in the Championship given their spread of race nights..
  6. mikebv

    Plymouth Gladiators 2022

    The incentive is definitely there isnt it? Do well at U23 level and you could be riding for the same club on BIG money a year or two down the line... The U23 league is being very well backed financially too so it will be interesting to see who gets chosen by the Poles.. They want to expand the top league so know they need riders to be at a certain level to compete, and thus, not dilute the quality... And also know that there probably wont be enough Poles to fill the amount of team places available.. Hence giving these lads from further afield a chance to develop... A very forward looking plan..
  7. All sports have financial imbalance, however many then get a set amount from TV to at least remain competitive against their more affluent opponents.. Speedway doesnt have this and then compounds the issue by using averages which make certain riders with the "right average" become "must have", (even at a very low points per meeting level).. Thus increasing salaries, which invariably means those who can afford higher offers will be chosen by the rider.. Just another of those things that sadly dont help the sport, collectively as one, move forward..
  8. mikebv

    Oxford Cheetahs 2022

    Why? Doesn't Sheffield and Leicester have the same promoter? Even they double up now... So why not also have a "guest promoter" for two teams in the same league?... Got a nice synergy to it...
  9. I once got a "stereo record player" for being the leagues "Player of the Year" when I was 12.... In the days when leagues did such a thing... And at a time when not "everyone" were winners..
  10. Not a Richard Branson business and marketing plan I presume?
  11. mikebv

    Eastbourne Speedway

    Where is the AGM being held? Or are they doing it on Zoom? Given so few of them left, if they needed a venue it would at least be cheap.. There is a phone box in Piccadilly Gardens that hardly gets used if they are struggling to find somewhere.. Just a short walk from the train station so great transport links....
  12. Had that very thought for a long time for many brands.. Especially supermarkets who may have branches in every Speedway town or city.. "Dont give us any money, just give us your name and access to your millions of customers"... Maybe they have been approached and decided to not let their names be associated with something more than a little contrived and all in all, a bit Mickey Mouse..?
  13. Isnt it just what they bring in for hosting a play off leg?... Dont think there is an actual monetary prize.. If there is, it certainly isnt advertised or shouted about as far as I can see... With no major sponsors, I wouldnt think it's a major "winner" for either team, but both teams reaching the final should make a "few quid"... Obviously how much money they didnt make earlier in the season due to some fans giving the "qualifiers" a miss some weeks is something that isnt quantifiable..
  14. Said before, the BSPL should have done both legs sharing all costs and profits.. Could have done a bit of social media build up to the event on their own social media outlets and on every club website, and their social media, and maybe knocked out both legs for fifteen quid or so in total.. A sporting national title that doesnt have 'live' coverage could quite easily suggest it's a title not worth too much bothering about to be honest.. Personally I think the BSPL should collectively do a "Championship Match Of The Week" all season to give the 2nd tier some importance..
  15. mikebv

    RIP British Speedway

    Now here's radical... Maybe bring back teams like Cov, Reading, Cradley etc etc but run them at the current tracks (however many are left).. With the riders used all being ones riding for teams already in that league (a bit like guesting and DU'ing but all at the same time).. And.. This is the best bit to make it credible.. We swap the first letters of the surname and christian names of the riders to make a completely different rider to represent one of the new teams, thus increasing the much needed rider numbers overnight... For example.. You could advertise... "The Irish No1, Mick Norris"... Or Hollands leading rider "Edam Allis"... Or maybe? "China's National Speedway Champion" could be a moniker given to "Lichard Rawson"... I agree Ben Barker and Craig Cook might be difficult to sort but as the saying goes... "No ideas a bad idea".....
  16. You would think that Speedway GB would stream both legs as a collective... Share the costs and share out the profits..? May have been able then to do it cheaper together and get many more "neutrals" logging in...? Especially given it's been a fair while since any Speedway to watch on TV, and most of the riders on show will have 'another club'whose fans may wish to watch.. They could do so much collectively re marketing yet all seem to work in splendid isolation... A strange business model..
  17. mikebv

    Belle Vue 2022

    Could still do UK though as riding 2nd tier level in Poland..
  18. Thousands of people, politicians, their security, their entourage, plus journalists from around the globe, and protesters from all points, all flying into Glasgow to discuss how we can reduce emissions... As Homer may have said... "Doh!"
  19. mikebv

    Converted averages.

    Given how few tracks now operate it could actually become a possibility... Of course it would mean some pro active equalisation of team strengths done fairly, to ensure all teams have access to (probably), a couple of decent heat leaders.. To give the riders enough meetings, and still ensure the league finishes on time (), you would probably need to do all teams home and away once, and then split the leagues geographically into two and run home and away against them.. Play offs from the top two from each split league.. Throw in a cup comp and enough matches for the riders?
  20. mikebv

    Kent kings are no more ??

    Spot on.. And when/(if), someone like Len Silver decides that "time is up" you should really take heed if you are one of the other promoters... Still... I am sure many of those left know best..
  21. mikebv

    Converted averages.

    As close as you could get using some "science" I would suggest.. Obviously in the real world the final conversion rate will be influenced by teams already having riders signed up on what they believe to be the conversion rate that all should follow.. A conversion rate that, when agreed by all, "miraculously" allows some to then track the team they wanted.. Edit: Given they won the Premier League with six Championship heat leaders, Peterborough would be a perfect measure to use to define the (as near as damn it), true difference between levels...
  22. mikebv

    Converted averages.

    With so many riders being heat leaders in both leagues you would think the conversion factor could be a pretty accurate one.. Get the mean collective average all these riders for both leagues and the difference between them is the conversion rate.. You couldn't get a more accurate figure I would think..
  23. mikebv

    Belle Vue 2022

    I think it will need a period of sustained success to make the wider sporting media and sports' watching public to start to follow more closely.. Similar as to how the Sport was covered in the 70's due to consistent success, (and then got almost dropped like a stone when the Yanks and Danes took over).. And also similar to the way Carl Fogarty built up a WSB following over through several years of successive title wins.. With BSB getting more coverage and interest too, off the back of what he achieved at World Level.. Woffy, Lambert, Bewley and Ellis would be a fair team, as it currently stands, for the 2023 WTC, and as we have seen this year, next years team for the SON, whoever is picked, would be in with a decent chance of retaining the trophy.. Going head to head, every night you ride, against the top level, can only help...
  24. mikebv

    Premiership race nights.

    They would still have the top four qualifying for the play offs...
  25. mikebv

    Belle Vue 2022

    A perfect move for Dan at this stage of his career.. Too many GB lads didnt make that risky jump into a more pressured environment and stagnated, when they could have maybe progressed up the Speedway ladder... The vast majority of races he is in now will have at least one top level rider up at the tapes with him which can only help improve his own performance... Missing the start and passing sometimes all three others in Sweden and Poland wont be as easy as he seems to find it in the UK so his gating will need to be consistently sharp which can only help him at World Individual and Team level... Hopefully he will appear in some individual events over here like the Peter Craven Memorial as he one rider that definitely is "worth the admission" to watch.... A big couple of years for Dan coming up I would think, let's hope it goes well for him as having a couple of successful young lads like Bewley and Lambert at World Class level can only help get the sport in the UK more publicity off the back of it..

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