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  1. mikebv

    Stoke 2019

    Speedway seems to be a sport where you seem to find your true level, regardless of age starting, after about five years.. Not many ride for five years or so then clearly go up a level... Jason Doyle and David Norris are two for me that I remember becoming 'very good' after a few years of 'average' performances... Not too many others I can remember doing the same If you have rode for 8 years and are still an average NL rider then that is pretty much where your ability level is I would suggest..
  2. mikebv

    SON ticket for sale

    Got my South Stand tickets last night, numbers 807 and 808... £22.50 plus £2.20 administration fee for me and my 15 year old lad... (£27.00 if I went to an Aces meeting and ordered via the Internet, so Great Value!) Presume they are going out in some kind of order? If so that's over 2500 already..... That temporary stand may be needed on turns 3 and 4... Some strong advertising in and around Manchester for the event on billboards so hopefully they get a good turn out...
  3. I would suggest you just leave it... You are not going to convince those who don't agree.. For what it's worth (ie not much), I do understand your sentiments.. When I played football I bust my ankle and for approx 3 games on my return I barely made a tackle due to my concern there could be further damage, (even though physio and all medical team who had helped in my recovery said it was fine)... Fourth game in, I had no choice but to instinctively take a 50/50 on and won the ball but got 'nailed'.. Best thing that could have happened to me as after some 'magic sponge' treatment (when did that stop fixing every ailment in football by the way?) I was up and about and flying in like nothing had happened... Coming back from injury can be a very mental thing to fix as you say... You do sometimes have to test your body out to convince yourself you are OK. ..
  4. To be fair... I remember reading comments from one of the Poole fans on here that 'the tides' play a part in the track being so poorly prepared... Was it in or out yesterday? Thank goodness we in Manchester don't get the same problems with the Rivers Medlock and Mersey!! They could create havoc with the NSS....
  5. mikebv

    Rider replacement

    I would suggest at the bottom end of the NL the standard is as low as you would want to go so RR gives those riders potential extra rides.. Where RR should be used more is in the top two leagues... A ridiculous amount of guest riders get used when a 'fit for purpose' RR (not the current system), could be used instead, meaning the sport remains credible.. Riders want to earn more money so let them by taking more rides per meeting instead of bringing a non team member in... For the NL those unattached riders need to wait for their place and take the opportunity when it comes along through natural selection, not get drafted in on a adhoc whim basis, and maybe then flit from team to team weekly depending on how well they do... The sport needs some credible rules at all levels...
  6. But not if Poole think GF will deliver a much better crowd.... There will be absolutely loads of contrived nonsense meetings with riders coming in from all parts of the country, and elsewhere, to earn a few extra quid representing other teams than their own through the season.. So one more contrived meeting isn't going to make any difference to the sports credibility, and if the bank balance proves it was worth doing then that is all that matters.. Promoters know that all credibility has been lost a long time ago, so they might as well run on the best days they can to get the best return...
  7. Well I hope they dont leave him there like that... Someone should go over to him and give him a big hug...
  8. Have they found a few used Pampers under the track yet?
  9. Down the pit.... 24 hour shifts too... Seven days a week.....
  10. Bet Batch can't wait...
  11. As you say... It must have been so much more difficult to win World Titles in the Seventies and Eighties with around a third of the field from a much less progressive and heavily restricted, Eastern Europe.... Many of whom nicely helping fill the bottom five finishing positions.. ONE of them actually won the thing ONCE showing how good they were...! Getting to the Final was probably harder than winning it for many of the riders... Nowadays the best riders in the world ride against each other in every round, and any rider just outside the top echelon gets their opportunity to join in via the very high standard GP Challenge. (If they are good enough).. Winning any season long sporting competition, regardless of what sport, means you are 'the best' out there.. To do it regularly, in any era, means you are one of the 'very best' of all time....
  12. You have been obviously too convincing.... Meaning some must agree....
  13. Top riders who earn 100's of thousands of £'s in Poland and Sweden would all ride over here for thousands of £'s less per night if Speedway brought fixed nights in.... And if each club had three top riders each they would pack their stadiums out every meeting, so they could easily afford them..
  14. Two meetings, over 25,000 fans in attendance... Would need at least fifteen meetings over here to get that many in the top league.. Some riders earning circa £25k - £30k a match... As you say, a world away.. Not comparable in any way shape or form...
  15. Agreed... A great team man, consistent everywhere, however... The level of rewards and expectations in Poland now is far and away more intensified than when Leigh rode... So much live TV, so many blue chip sponsors, huge crowds, and so many young hungry riders busting a gut to take your place and earn the huge rewards on offer to the very best.. Real pressure to perform over there EVERY RACE never mind every week, with a very unforgiving fan base and in turn a very quick to make changes club hierarchy.. Becoming a mini version of the football premier league over here, lots of clubs speculating huge amounts, all desperate to stay in the top league to pay for their spending thru sponsors enticed in by the prime time TV coverage.. Riding in the UK must be a lot different and you can't keep up that intensity.
  16. When he rides like he did at times yesterday there isn't anyone to touch him.. As he says, if he brings his 'A game' and everyone else brings theirs.. His is better.... You can see when he is in 'the zone' everything flows, there is no locking up, or fighting the bike, everything is so smooth (and therefore very fast) and he is almost thinking several steps ahead of when and where to pass... Great to watch, one of the best ever for me...
  17. To be fair to the 'very top' riders it must be difficult to maintain the same level of motivation.. Its a bit like playing for Manchester United v Liverpool at the weekend, then represening Rochdale v Oldham on a Monday night.. The same sport but a huge amount of less intensity, pressures and rewards.. Watching the top league in Poland really brings home to you the vast difference. Every race is like a stand alone event with each heats' outcome being treated almost like the be all and end all.. 15 races of constant pressure and scrutiny from a very partisan demanding following.. A heat advantage to the opposition on your shoulders is treated like treason, especially when at home... And if anything, from what I have seen so far this season, the crowds and expectations are even bigger! No surprise then to see a drop off when these lads ride in the UK sometimes just 24 hours later..
  18. I would think its down to the 'every £ is vital' situation that the sport has 'sleep walked' itself into Phil.. Probably worth over £2k all those £2's.. Pays for a heat leader I would think..
  19. Reading the Speedway Star, and looking at the admission costs listed for each track, I thought I would see what the cost would be for me and my 15 year old lad to attend each circuit.. These teenage years (last year at school) seems to be the ones when 'kids' drift away from the sport, just at the time you would want to keep them interested as they are only one small step away from being potential paying customers themselves.. With the SON being just £22.50 for me and my lad to get in, it certainly puts into perspective some of the admission charges being asked for, and may also give some steer as to why terraces are hardly full to bursting. Some real disparate numbers for 'the same product'... Fair play to Buster, his three teams are by some way the lowest charging in the Premiership.. £27 - Glasgow, Edinburgh (Booked Online pre match day it's £25 at Edinburgh) £25 - Poole, Belle Vue, Wolverhampton, £23 - Swindon, Kent £22 - Redcar, £21.50 - Birmingham £21 - Scunthorpe, Somerset £20 - Newcastle £19 - Cradley £18 - Kings Lynn, Ipswich, Peterborough, Plymouth, Eastbourne £17 - Berwick £16 - Sheffield £15 - Leicester £13 - Isle Of Wight, Mildenhall £12 - Leicester Cubs £10 - Belle Vue Colts..
  20. mikebv

    How much to get in?

    Bang on the money.. Those tracks that still exist in inner cities are often surrounded by ethnic minorities yet very, very few of those on their 'door step' are in attendance.. Running a shop one mile away from BV, my customer base is 31% Asian/Asian descent, and 5% West Indian/West Indian descent.. Guess what? I bring in loads of products Asians and West Indians want to buy!!!.. Asian families too are often larger than other non Asian families.. A rich untapped market.. Seemingly ignored..
  21. mikebv

    How much to get in?

    No, just entrance fee.. Car Parking and Programmes will bump this figure up to a fair old amount at some places... But they are, like consuming food and drink at the venue, both 'optional extras'... I always park out on the side streets at BV and never buy programmes.. If I did it would take the cost well over £30 quid for the two of us.. NB in the SS this week it has corrected Leicester's admission to £16. Still very good value....
  22. "Struggling with the set up, we just need to work harder to find it".. "The track is very different from practice" "I need to find my gating gloves"... etc etc etc.. And then produces a storming ride when its needed most, which very, very few could emulate, and belies several months of utter mediocrity... Not a new phenomenon how Chris' season's pan out so shouldn't be any surprises.. (He seems to be doing well in France)...
  23. mikebv

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Reading this week's copy (and it is a daft thing to say) but the SS seem to have gone for a 'magazine type format' rather than be a provider of all statistical meeting information... All this info, as you say, is already 'out there' so the SS seems to have gone for a more generic approach with more 'stories' filling the pages. .. I like the in depth coverage of one meeting a week as it covers a lot more background info than just the meeting itself, and includes a couple of interviews with riders pertaining to that match, which is similar to the way TV does interviews afterwards.. Who beat who last Thursday was known last Thursday, with all finite details on various websites, so no real need to go into it again. Especially when space can be saved for more overall coverage and reporting where stories can be explored a bit more in depth, which should provide more interest.. Josh Bates' interview a great example of exploring his interesting struggle to ride again... On heat times, for me I don't care but for some they obviously do, so its good to see Phil take on board this feedback, because as everyone in business knows, if you don't listen to your customers you will struggle.. Something others within the Speedway world maybe should consider and do more of...?
  24. mikebv

    Speedway Star in the winter

    I am therefore no longer buying it... I simply don't want heat details included.... I put up with them for 45 years but not any more... I have timed every race myself since 1974 on my Timex (digital) and there is often as much as 0.06 of a second difference between my accurate figure and the person in the box who obviously cannot do their job properly... Brur brur, dribble, dribble... No wonder Speedway is....... etc etc etc.... Not easy to please everyone Phil as you say.... Keep up the good work...

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