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  1. Rye House 2018

    If its decided not go to set nights in this country, whats the feeling of people, will Rye stay a Saturday night track? Putting my selfish head on it means I will get to see more meetings if they do and not have to keep taking time off work to make the mid-week meetings.
  2. A thread that starts about Tai Woffinden and strays onto the events of 9/11....that is special even by BSF standards!!
  3. Darcy Ward

    Cant wait to hear Middlo try and defend him now…...
  4. How Many Tracks Have You Been To?

    Simple answer for me to this topic.....I have not been to enough tracks
  5. Speedway Rider Race Numbers

    I think Tai's is a reference to his birthday 10 August
  6. Great idea Tex. One thing though, having it the Saturday before Cardiff is not leaving much time for re-arranging any rained off British final. And we all know what our "summers" have been like recently.................
  7. I have got my white t-shirt which I have worn with pride and I look forward to wearing at Cardiff where hopefully we can all turn Cardiff white. I have now decided I would like to treat myself to one of the black ones that I think KW Products might be doing. Has anyone got any idea how I can order / get a couple?
  8. Well done Freya for doing this - got my t-shirt at Lakeside. No doubt I there will be a tear in my eye when I wear it and I will look forward to wearing it at Cardiff. Lets hope Cardiff really will be white for Rico
  9. What a fantastic idea, well done for thinking of it! And I love the idea of a Cardiff whiteout! If possible please make sizes for the more generously proportioned amongst us.
  10. The Dons At Plough Lane

    At last!!! Someone speaking sense
  11. You Have Two Minutes

    Thank you!!
  12. You Have Two Minutes

    Never having sent anyone a PM before I hope I PM'd you in the right way and you got my request for the 2 minutes warning. Thanks in advance if I did.
  13. Chris Harris

    Good to see that I am not the only one to wake up with a splitting headache and sore throat, but boy was it worth it!!! I am so pleased that I went and nothing will ever compare to being there last night to see Chris win his first, of hopefully many GPs. Arise Chris Harris MBE - Magnificent Bloody Entertainment!!!