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  1. bill94d

    Dougie Templeton.

    It was a shame that Doug was in his prime, age-wise when Scottish speedway was in the doldrums, late 1950s. If he had been riding regularly he would have reached even greater heights but with the farm he could not reasonably move south of the border. He was I think 30 when the Monarchs reformed in 1960 without a great deal of top-flight experience. Nevertheless a great rider and a true gent. I met him at a VSRA dinner and a thoroughly nice man. My condolences to his family. Is Margaret still with us??
  2. bill94d

    Somerset 2020

    People these days seem to get as much enjoyment out of second guessing who is going to be in their local team in the winter as they do from the racing in the summer. I just don't get it. Teams in other sports evolve, not dissolve at the end of every season. How can one develop fan loyalty and watch the progress of young riders if they are here today and gone tomorrow?
  3. bill94d

    Somerset 2020

    That's what I have been banging on about. I will pay for the top riders to appear as will a lot of people, otherwise how do we get the crowds at Cardiff? Dumbing down seldom works. Why don't Debbie and Bill ask if we are prepared to pay to be in the top division, and if so how much? Great track but it needs good riders to get the best from it for the paying public.
  4. bill94d

    Somerset 2020

    I'm with Najer on this. I did not attend this year because of the drop in divisions, loss of JD and increase in admission. Can't square the circle. Doubt much will change next year. Whatever you think of Rosco he has got to be right in that he should not be asked to break up his Swindon team just because they are getting better, year on year. This should apply everywhere, Championship as well. Nominal points limits are one of the things killing speedway. Let free enterprise prevail.
  5. bill94d

    Somerset 2020

    I won't be lightening my wallet anywhere near a speedway track till they stop this nonsense. Well said Geoff
  6. bill94d

    Somerset 2020

    I did not attend the OTA at all this year, after regular attendance in 2018. Reason? Dropped a league, got rid of the world champion and (for me a pensioner) put up prices. Try selling something under the banner of "less for more" and you will be in trouble sooner or later. I am interested in the sport and watch it on TV but the ritual clearing out of riders for a whole new set up for the next season is the height of madness. Can you imagine the uproar if football tried that? Develop a fan loyalty base, bin the points limit, and let promoter build the team they want and their supporters can relate to over time and can support commercially.
  7. Heard Nigel Person mention as an aside during the play off final that there were one or two clubs aiming to step up to the top division next year. Any further information?
  8. bill94d

    Split Waterman RIP

    Back to the topic. I only ever saw Split once, in an exhibition "match race" with Barry Briggs in 1960 at Old Meadowbank. He rode for New Cross and Ian Hoskins dad ran it hence the appearance. Still good then.
  9. Iversen poor and why persevere with Sarjeant? If he can't bust the tapes he's nowhere.
  10. bill94d

    TV new deal?

    I quite like him and Kelvin. Much better than anyone on another channel. It is not an easy job, I know he gets a bit ahead of himself with so and so on a 5-1 on the first bend but we could do a lot worse.
  11. bill94d

    Somerset v Glasgow

    One of his "big 4" go down and they are in trouble. When I think of the talent that has come and gone from Somerset it makes me weep. And yet it is supposed to be one of the better clubs to ride for. Don't mention Charles Wright!
  12. bill94d

    Somerset v Glasgow

    Time for Garry May to follow Theresa into the sunset. His ideas and ways of doing things are the reason Somerset are on the slide.
  13. This is the man Garry May let go from Somerset. Well done Charles.
  14. bill94d

    Value for money

    As I said, me and my friends have given it up. OK I was wrong, strictly speaking about the adult entrance, but for me as a 70+-year-old it went up. That still doesn't negate the other reasons, namely that next year there will be 5 or 6 new riders, so team loyalty is never built up and we went down from the top flight. It's like charging more for the gods in a theatre than the front row.
  15. bill94d

    Value for money

    Absolutely correct.

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