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  1. fredbogge

    Buxton V Coventry 18/8

    light rain in Buxton at present
  2. They have called it off
  3. fredbogge


    Yes why was the match cancelled please give us an answer Jayne
  4. fredbogge


    no offical statement why no match today ?
  5. fredbogge

    Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    Did you buy a programme if so did you read it because on page 3 headed welcome to home of buxton hitmen it states the following ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO Buxton Speedway Office C/O 22 Dale Road Buxton Derbyshire SK17 6NL Telephone 01298 72271
  6. fredbogge

    Buxton v Brummies Sun 29th Ap NT

    Has anyone stated what was wrong with the track ( details please )
  7. fredbogge


    I thought that was at the dog hole
  8. fredbogge

    Buxton 2017

    Sorry Jason I will not be able to take you up on your offer this weekend. I have been involved with speedway for nearly 50 years both as a mechanic and general helper to various riders. Thanks for the offer but my view still stands
  9. hi Dean why do you find it hard to set up Dohc cams. Do you not use a timing disc to set all cam types and igniton timings. If the engines are made corectly with provision for adjusting opening and closing timings and overlap of inlet & exhaust valve in degrees plus ignition advance then it should be straight forward
  10. fredbogge

    Buxton V Stoke 25/08/2017

    Its a glorious day in Buxton i hope plenty of people come to Buxton Speedway today
  11. fredbogge


    oil should lubricate the primary chain thats the one that runs at the most feet/minute do you agree Dean
  12. fredbogge

    Gerhard Engine

    Hi Dean does that mean the crank pin is hard chrome plated or is it that the top (wear surface) is spalling that is pieces flaking off that would seem to mean wrong material or wrong heat treament
  13. fredbogge

    Stoke Potters 2017

    It is not to be expected they have a water cart use it
  14. fredbogge

    Stoke Potters 2017

    The last time I went to Stoke Speedway was on June 3rd . Dave Tatum was circulating on a tractor draging a bit of a blade around at about what seemed to me very slow . No dirt on track and no water to kill the dust I think its just set up for stock cars what a shame
  15. fredbogge

    Buxton 2017

    from what I have heard the main thing wrong with Buxton team is Jason Pipe

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