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  1. Very poor from Berwick this evening. Proctor atrocious and already at this early stage makes you wonder why he was signed, with the points available he looks a shocking signing. Sam, Josh and Lasse on debut excellent for the Monarchs.
  2. emilali

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    What relevance does it have whether he’s been slagged for years by some or not though? The man has died today, nothing else matters.
  3. emilali

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    You didn’t have to love him to be able to show respect for the fact he’s died and the pain that will cause to his loved ones. You perhaps ought to show some respect yourself.
  4. emilali

    Nigel Pearson RIP

    Jesus christ absolutely horrendous news. Thoughts with all his friends and family at this awful time.
  5. emilali

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    After all the optimism of the first 6 then sign Ty Proctor
  6. emilali

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Where you been Colin I haven’t seen you post anything Robin Hockenhull has put you up to saying for a while?
  7. emilali

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Anyone have any idea what sort of date the 1st fixture is likely to be?
  8. emilali

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Agreed. However, they’ve made a good start to team building so far so if theres an ambition to do well that will mean picking up points on the road. DG is pants away.
  9. emilali

    Berwick Bandits 2022

    Dreadful signing if he’s brought back again. Surely somebody can only fail so many times before people say enough is enough.
  10. Chris Harris first rider announced. Nice signing by the promotion fair play
  11. Do I assume correctly that the GP superstar is out of favour with the GB management due to his many misdemeanours over the last couple of years? Especially around Glasgow he should have been brought in ahead of Harris if relations weren’t strained surely?
  12. Thanks for posting this it was a great read and very inspirational.

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