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  1. emilali


    I didnt say they could afford Morris. I said we were told Morris had been replaced like for like.
  2. Might try and bring Edberg back he’s a good club man likes a laugh and a giggle.
  3. emilali


    I’m sure hes a great lad and hes riding to his true potential and all that but how pathetic is Summers as a no1? Last 3 nights for example hasnt turned up at all. And they said Morris was replaced like for like lol.
  4. emilali

    Poole 2018

    This will no doubt have been covered already in the many pages of this thread, but why is Chris Holder riding for Torun but not Poole? I know the reasons given when Kildemand came in was that CH had personal issues to sort, but surely if hes riding for Torun he should be for Poole?
  5. The chuckle brothers just like to see the bikes out on track, the racing is irrelevent to them. The fact Berwick stages this meeting is all that really matters, sod the fact it sounded boring as sin lol.
  6. emilali


    Better than just being a sheep and going because you’ve done it for years and you dont actually have an opinion of your own. They could put 7 teletubbies out on track for the Bandits on a saturday night and you’d say it was a quality meeting.
  7. emilali


    Suppose thats the difference isnt it, you go for a night out and to enjoy the party atmosphere, I enjoy watching good speedway thats competitive and taken seriously. Each to their own I suppose.
  8. emilali


    I think the fans should just be excited by what a top team the Bandits have assembled and really be hopeful of a push for the title this coming season. With passing galore and a real carnival atmosphere I’m sure theres never been a better time to get to Shielfield and support the club. For anyone thats had enough already, Poland starts very shortly
  9. emilali

    Newcastle 2018

    This is the worst PL team since Mildenhall in 2008 in my opinion. Will there be a reduction in the admission price for the Newcastle fans that reflects what a poor team they have? I understand they clearly have to cut their cloth but when you look at that side I cant help but wonder why they are bothering and why they didnt just drop into the conference for a season and try and bring on some talent before stepping up again when able.
  10. emilali

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    Kings Lynn must be aiming to come bottom it would appear. Lambert clearly doesnt want to be there, then you sign proctor who isnt even very good in the weakest PL we have seen for years. Feel for the fans.
  11. emilali

    Workington 2018 .

    Sounds like Workington are trying to make a fist of things with Berwick for the wooden spoon. What a woeful signing Klindt is on that average and Campton never gets any better.
  12. emilali


    To be honest I think the fans are just as much to blame as the promotion because they are the ones that condone this lack of ambition by paying to watch it week in week out and thats what pays for the shambles that is put before them. People are moaning but will still be there come March/April to watch the assault on bottom of the table commence.
  13. emilali


    Why dont they try and get Jade the blade Mudgeway and Dawid Stachyra back as well? Both absolutely rubbish but no doubt great blokes. In Stachyras case he cant even speak English but the Berwick fans arent concerned about that, if youre in the team regardless of ability youre a great bloke seemingly, judged by the Facebook response to Doolans re-signing. Sigh.
  14. emilali


    You should be on the promotion, another team you've came up with that would be bottom again.
  15. emilali


    Steady, that isnt towing the line, Crescent girl will be on soon to give you wrong.

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