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  1. Bewley was a different rider towards the end of the season when he started using Woffindens engines. If they can get him on top kit next year he could have a good season. Hopefully Drabik can make a full return after whatever ban has been completed.
  2. He should be banned accordingly for whatever crime hes committed but my god he will be missed if thats the case. A fine young talent that you want to see on the track not banned (from a purely speedway fan perspective) .
  3. Whats the latest with Max Drabik? Obviously didn’t finish the season and not seen him mentioned for next year anywhere on here?
  4. He seems to do that to 95% of people he converses with on here. Thankfully, majority of us realise what a bell end he is and just ignore him.
  5. Can anyone confirm where donations made actually go to? The BSPA or the Berwick promotion?
  6. emilali

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Yeah good signing I think, good gater generally so be strong at home especially. Certainly cant be any worse than Woffinden this season.
  7. emilali

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    I agree. I'd have a massive clear out next season if I was Wroclaw. Keep the Russian and Drabik and start a fresh with the rest.
  8. emilali

    Polish Extraleague 2020

    Wroclaw are garbage not one of them has stood up and been counted. I have thought for a while now Woffinden needs a change in Poland he just seems to becoming more stale week on week.
  9. emilali

    berwick bandits 2021

    Get lost you absolute moron.
  10. emilali

    Season Cancelled

    What a total troll.
  11. emilali

    Season Cancelled

    People from oblivion.
  12. emilali

    berwick bandits 2021

    Surely SAC Hockenhull can give you a lend to make sure you never miss another match?
  13. emilali

    Season Cancelled

    The irony of this post knocking socialism and Corbyn specifically when its socialism that has in effect saved millions up and down this country in the last 5 months .

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