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  1. Absolutely disagree. Watch some meetings on youtube from Bell Vue as an example from this country. Then watch some stuff from Poland and then thirdly the GP’s. That will show you just how possible passing is on a ‘smooth, well prepared track -even a grippy one’ . The problem at Berwick is the shape, always has been, very little to do with the bikes.
  2. You’d enjoy it if 4 aliens went round the track on bobsleighs and they told you it was speedway.
  3. What would you say in the match report for tonight’s meeting?
  4. Thank god theres live speedway on every week. Thrilling action with every turn of the wheel.
  5. emilali

    berwick bandits 2019

    So basically the product being offered for this season is yet further watered down than it has been the last few years, yet the prices have been raised? Alongside this, its entirely the duty of the supporters club to hand over to the club every penny they make? And the justification is simply that they should just be grateful that the speedway is being kept going? Sorry but this is the 21st century and speedway is vastly overpriced for the product people get to see and the amount of guest riders they see for riders riding elsewhere at any given time and any amount of other excuses that are made when it suits throughout a season. If a supporters group wish to put on trips for their members then thats entirely their prerogative there shouldnt be articles written by that prat regarding the matter. I think its about time speedway broadly moved itself away from the self praise it craves just for ‘keeping the speedway going’. If you put on a great product and get the entertainment spot on, the crowd would take care of itself. If you dont, I dont see why clubs can turn around and be surprised/offended when people dont go anymore.
  6. emilali

    berwick bandits 2019

    Suppose ultimately people go for different reasons. Some people hope to see good speedway, others just go for a social and probably dont really notice what happens on the track anyways. From the clubs perspective I doubt they care either way as long as both sides turn up week in week out to support what they provide.
  7. emilali

    berwick bandits 2019

    Unfortunately I think if it comes to that then the decision for alot of people would just be to not go frankly, not a situation a club would want surely. The model for speedway widely in this country is terrible. Its a semi pro sport here but has riders expecting the world that puts pressure on clubs but more often than not its the fans that lose out with whats provided. Once again the powers that be have failed to address any of the many issues and no doubt by the end of the 2019 season we will see even more clubs possibly going to the wall. Not actually sure what or if there is a solution but i certainly dont think raising prices for a further diluted product is the answer.
  8. emilali

    berwick bandits 2019

    Speedway is already vastly overpriced in this country. Any promotions thinking of raising prices for next season given its going to be a weaker product again really need to have a look at themselves imo. 15 quid for some of the rubbish that gets served up in the UK is already robbery. Makes me wonder just how badly certain clubs are doing money wise. If what they say in the press every year is to be believed they are potless, but if that were really the case, why do they keep running year after year? Certainly isn't out of loyalty to fans imo.
  9. From a racing point of view what a disappointing uneventful meeting. Like others have eluded to Gorzow used to be an absolute cracker of a track, not sure whats changed. Nice to see Vaculic getting the win, one of the genuine nice guys.
  10. Awful news fingers crossed it’s nothing serious.
  11. emilali

    Tomasz Jedrzejak RIP

    Horrendously sad news, thoughts with his friends and family at this sad time, RIP.
  12. emilali


    Wonder if he will be dipping into the money he takes from the club and putting it back in or he’ll just expect ‘real’ fans to do so.
  13. I didnt realise I had to be someone? I actually find it quite sad the way speedway has declined not just at Berwick but in this country generally over the past decade or so. All brought about by promoters taking their main income source for absolute mugs and idiots but then wonder why people stop going and even better take offence when people dont share the opinion they’d like them to have, just all very sad tbh.
  14. He cant see how many people have had enough of the same rubbish year in and year out as him and the other chuckle brother just love seeing live speedway on their doorstep, irrespective of if its any good or not.
  15. Lol, coming from Barry chuckle in able support of his sidekick Paul, good one

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