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  1. I watch SuperMotard and wonder how those bikes (and riders) would fare on a speedway track. Witchnut
  2. ... even by mentioning these potential problems you are feeding him the excuses he needs. Havvy is past it, cant even see why Scotty wants him in the pit. Witchnut
  3. .... and notice that even when sullivan was in the line up for a testimonial he wasn't headlining the team. Gone to pieces in my opinion Witchnut
  4. witchnut

    Rayleigh Rockets

    Earlier in this thread there was reference to a CreweChelmsfordRayleigh team. I'd really like to know what the Chelmsford connection was, I've lived close by for best part of 20 years and watched my speedway at Hackney and Ipswich with occasional trips to Arena but sadly never to Rayleigh while it was in operation. Witchnut
  5. Strictly speaking I'm sure you are right, but the way the GP Championship results table is constructed and published all riders (nominated riders, reserves or wild-cards) amass points in the same way, if Hans was to say come third overall on points scored he would have an Olsen-proof case for inclusion next year. Witchnut
  6. witchnut

    Mark Loram

    Thought I remember the Berlin track/mudbath that year was an american football stadium, so not a regular real track. Witchnut
  7. witchnut

    Mark Loram

    What no one has considered here is that whoever gets the slot has to have a comprehensive sponsorship package behind them to qualify or be wild-carded and to then do themselves justice in any GP, this isn't something that many of the young or even established riders being suggested can just pull together quickly. Remember that riders of the GP callibre of Billy Hammill had this problem. Witchnut
  8. Have tried other places but last three years we have been on Turn 1, middle tier (M3) just above the pit entrance and enjoyed the view. There is always a lot going on down there - hardly a dull moment as well as good place to see the racing. I think you would be happy with any of the places your are considering. Personally I wouldn't want to be in the upper tier, too far from the action. Witchnut
  9. Should there be an "Open Letter to the Clerk Of The Course" and "Open Letter to the Referee" as well as the original letter to the riders? They haven't exactly been exonerated for what went on.
  10. witchnut

    Jason Bunyan 3x Nz Champion

    The guy is deluded somehow. Faded out of Elite after clowning around for more than enough years to have made it or given up. Witchnut
  11. witchnut

    Saturday Uk Terrestrial Tv Speedway Round Up

    Channel 4 ran a highlights program for one season, as I remember they were using Sky footage and graphics. I would have thought Sky would be glad of the revenue from re-selling the highlights, after all its not competing with their live coverage and they ould agree on transmission times that were mutually acceptable. Matt
  12. Anybody out there think that a weekly 30 min saturday speedway round up program would be viable on a UK terrestrial television channel, and that it could be both sufficiently interesting for speedway fans and also be accessable enough to create interest for non-speedway fans and convert a few. My proposed program would contain: International news, with pics, video clips and short interviews with those involved UK news, with pics, video clips and short interviews with those involved Weekly feature, pick from: a team, a rider, a country, a GP, history, an incident Elite table positions noting any exciting changes and a few "heats of the week" purchased from Sky, ReRun wherever Premier table as above Conference table as above Whats happening in the following week, in the UK, and abroad.
  13. I thought Hans' statement was measured and well thought through, right down to the final; "best wishes to all riders in the 2006 competition". I don't think this in any way reduces his chances of wildcard rides or 2007 qualification. I think what all this proves is that fiddling with the GP format and qualification criteria, as has been done over the recent past will give rise to these anomolies which, with the reduced size of field are made more acute by decisions influenced by rider nationality and who sponsors who, which wouldn't have been so critical in previous years. Witchnut
  14. witchnut


    The trikes from 2004 were far better in my opinion, you could see the riders. Witchnut

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