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  1. John44

    Belle Vue National Stadium

    Diggers moved in on site today.
  2. John44

    The Future Of The Elite League

    I'm recently an addition to team Moxey/Oldace, as a Belle Vue supporter since my first meeting in 1973 as a 10 year old. I had started to become a bit disheartened with the sport over the last 4/5 years and decided that the last meeting against Poole last season was the final straw. Even though I thought 'that's it now' after the Poole meet I still had thoughts of well maybe 1 more chance etc but the the fast track reserve rule was announced and that's what stopped me from renewing my season ticket. It's not just me though that hasn't renewed the ST it's my 2sons and daughter along with her boyfriend so 5 in all plus some weeks my grand children would come too. There's many a time it's been 3 cars needed to go to Kirky Lane but none of us has been to a single match this season. The sad part too is I haven't missed going either and wonder if I will bother again now.
  3. Still is Ken Wrench and Natalie Quirk on centre green.
  4. John44

    Disabled Fans

    When visiting Kings Lynn I paid concession rate as did the carer which is more than generous. The track with the free carer don't advertise it for fear it being abused. Just tried to PM you Screamer but you cant receive any more!
  5. John44

    Disabled Fans

    I have paid concession rate at all the tracks I have been too but only 1 track offered free entry for a carer.
  6. John44

    Link For Speedway

    Can you not use sky go then?
  7. Belle Vue just announced Craig Cook is returning for 2013.
  8. John44

    Coventry Speedway Up For Sale

    3. Wouldnt a new promotion have to wait 3 years before voting anyway?
  9. John44

    1 From 4

    PICK 1 = Scott Nicholls PICK 2 = Simon Stead PICK 3 = Rory Schlein PICK 4 = Freddie Lindgren PICK 5 = Justin Sedgeman PICK 6 = The Lindgren's PICK 7 = Simon Gustafsson PICK 8 = Charlie Gjedde PICK 9 = Joe Screen PICK 10 = Gollob & Hampel TIE BREAKER = How many Grand Prix points will Fredrik Lindgren score in 2011 ? 103
  10. I received 11th,18th,and 25th Dec issues today but not this weeks. I have already decided not to renew my subscription and will nip in to town an buy one now and then.

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