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  1. Kim Nilsson owed a few bob

    That's a disgraceful situation if it's true. These riders put their necks on the line (literally) and chasing payment should be the last thing that they have to think of. I think that a few promoters need to look at themselves in the mirror.
  2. How good was the racing at the Shay.?

    I went there three / four times each season when Belle Vue were riding and I have to admit that the racing was great especially on the banked first / second bends. A big home advantage but it did create some great racing lines. Stadium was a bit run down though and visiting the toilets was an 'only if you're desperate' occasion!
  3. That's very sad. Belle Vue fans would love to have the opportunity to, in some small way, thank him for the sheer enjoyment that he gave us for nearly 15 years.
  4. Would it be a good chance to have England and Scotland teams back?
  5. Umbrella girls

    This would be a great chance for speedway to make national news for good reasons for a change if they came out and said that the Grid Girls remain.
  6. If it's a 3-3 in the final, they should keep doing reruns until one team gains an advantage.
  7. Bye bye Gate girls?

    It's bound to - don't agree with it personally but the promoters will want to appear to be politically correct.
  8. Peter Collins Article

    I only usually get the Speedway Star these days when it's got content that I know I'll be interested in - season preview edition, structure changes etc and when I saw the title for this topic I was going to order it as I am / was a big PC fan but having read through this topic I think I'll give it a miss. It sounds like it's a very one sided article and doesn't paint Collins in a good way. His health may or may not have been a factor in his interview, but it should be a topic dealt with around a table - not dissected in public by people who don't know the full picture.
  9. Surely rider replacment would be better so less riders have to turn up - but each eat / drink a bit more
  10. The only thing that matters on this thread is that one of the worlds most talented ever speedway riders faces a lifetime in a wheelchair - come on everybody let's get behind the man rather than petty bickering. Get well Tomasz, your fans in the UK are with you.
  11. Lashing it down in Manchester at the moment.
  12. Ivan Mauger

    The statement in full:- August 2017 Statement from Mauger family: Ivan Mauger Speedway Collection We have been incredibly touched by the support and good wishes which we have received from friends, fans and the entire speedway fraternity over the recent years since our father’s illness began. The messages and help are of great comfort to us, and it is heartening to see just how many people Dad’s career touched and inspired. As almost all families will experience, we have reached a difficult crossroads and had to make some tough decisions with regards to the future. As our father’s condition is sadly not improving and our mother has moved from the family home, which previously housed the enormous number of trophies, awards and motorcycles amassed by our father, we have come to the decision to part with much of his collection. Our father was arguably the most successful speedway rider of all time, and amassed the most astonishing number of trophies, awards and motorcycles. He kept fastidiously good care of each and every one, reflecting his passion and respect for the sport. We take great pride in the condition and variety of his collection, and know that it will bring joy to his fans, admirers and speedway enthusiasts alike when sold at auction in October at Bonhams Autumn Stafford Sale. Part of his collection is already on display for the benefit of the public in the Canterbury Museum in his home town of Christchurch, New Zealand. It brings us all great pleasure to think of the speedway community enjoying the jackets, bikes and memorabilia which were part of our daily lives for so long. Each and every item holds its own collection of memories, and we now feel that we have reached the right moment to share them with the world, having spent years being approached by interested parties keen to own a slice of speedway history and our father’s career. Our father has always been grateful for his own good fortune, and did not take his successes for granted. He is a compassionate man, and one who never forgot those whose careers were cut short due to accidents or misfortune. As a tribute to our father’s generosity, we will be making a contribution to the Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund in his name. Proceeds raised from the sale of several of the lots, including a signature chequered Bell helmet and his trophies from the 1975 season will be donated to the charity. We look forward to sharing these cherished memories of our father’s career with his fans and enthusiasts around the world, and know that he would be both immensely proud and deeply humbled by the enthusiasm with which his collection is being met across the globe. Julie, Kym and Debbie
  13. Holder Sacked

    David and Chris seem to have become the "forgotten men" of Belle Vue, but without them and their determination, there wouldn't be a new stadium for us all to enjoy.
  14. Holder Sacked

    Sadly, although Holder and Batch have got the temporary inconvenience (and lost earnings) from this avoidable situation, the real loser yet again is British speedway. Hopefully the national press don't get hold of the story, otherwise it's yet another nail in the coffin. Why couldn't Chapman and the riders have sat down and discussed their issues before it came to this? I'm sure that if either party had offered, something could have been agreed - but no, a lack of communication has left all the parties looking a bit amateurish (including the sport itself). It will be interesting to see what sort of reception the two riders get (if) they ever appear at KL again.
  15. Greatest 5 Americans Ever

    Agreed, as well as the obvious ability he had the desire to take it to the very top. My top five would be (and it's a very difficult choice) 1. Bruce Penhall 2. Greg Hancock 3, Scott Autrey 4. Kelly Moran 5. Dennis Sigalos ........ but there's an easy argument for Lance King, Shawn Moran, John Cook, Ron Preston etc.