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  1. Another bad day for speedway it seems. Well done to Riss, but one or two others need to think of their actions were in the best interests of the sport (effectively their employers).
  2. Garry1603

    Favourite Rider of All Time

    Alan Wilkinson - the perfect club captain.
  3. Garry1603

    AJ retires

    Always came across as a thoroughly nice bloke as well as a very talented rider. Maybe not quite good enough to be a world champion (very few are!) but a mainstay in the GPs for many years. Have a long and happy retirement AJ and thanks for the memories. So glad he's come through it relatively unscathed.
  4. Garry1603


    Yes, 9-00 I think after a 7-00 start on a Saturday night. Meetings usually ran like clockwork. You could tell what time it was by looking to see which race was on!
  5. I think the debate about the BSPA ruling is overlooking the fact that Belle Vue were well beaten tonight with only Fricke (and to a smaller extent Lidsey) coming out with any credit. The two point deficit flattered the Aces and unfortunately it looks like we are a little short of top class when it comes down to it. The most concerning thing for me is the form of Bewley and Worrall who both look (understandably) a level below last season. I think we all suspected that entrusting Dan with a heat leader role was going to be a leap of faith, but sadly it looks like he's going to take longer than anticipated to step up. Don't think we need to change any personnel, but we might just have to live with an 'if only' season and review again in the winter.
  6. Garry1603

    One League - Matt Ford

    I guess it comes down to the question if the sport (as opposed to the promoters with vested interests) need two 'top' leagues or not. If keeping them separate to allow the top riders to ride / earn at the top level, well that clearly doesn't work with only Doyle of the true 'Elite' still riding here. So why not accept the facts and adapt accordingly. Having a different team visiting each week rather than seeing a rotation of a few teams every couple of months would surely encourage the general fan base to come back each week. Clearly, there's not a big gap between the leagues anymore. so integration would be so much easier than in previous attempts. I used to hate the Rider Control idea as I was a Belle Vue fan, but needs must and if the sport is to survive, EVERY team needs to be competitive and more importantly, viable. When I was 11 in 1971 and going to my first season's meetings with Mum & Dad I'd be reading the Speedway Star on a Thursday and extolling the abilities of Reider Eide or Martin Ashby to them to 'persuade' them to take me on a Saturday to Hyde Road (they always did!) - I can't Imagine a young person now saying "oh, it's Brady Kurtz, Jacob Thorsell, Chris Harris coming to the NSS for the THIRD time in the last two months, can we go to watch.?" Adapt or die I'm afraid,
  7. Really interesting article about brothers in speedway with an interview with Peter Collins. Always wondered if there was a reason that each successive Collins brother didn't quite achieve what their elder brother did!
  8. When it came to the track design at the NSS, I wonder if there had been detailed plans retained about the Hyde Road track (length / width of track, gradients etc) or did Mort just design it from memory? Also, did he take into account the different aspects of the bikes these days? Either way, he did a fantastic job.
  9. Every time I see a race like that at the NSS I secretly thank Chris Morton.
  10. Garry1603


    Yes, a well thought out and reasonable reply. Speedway at that time had other issues rather than 'tittle tattle' rubbish from the tabloids.
  11. Garry1603

    Warsaw 2019

    At the end of the day, that's the crux of the matter. TV bosses these days want a finale to their sports events, whether it's an end of season Super Bowl, Champions League Final or whatever. If they get a Premier League going down to the last day, it's a bonus. On a more event based basis, they want each GP to have a winner, so they can promote it for the next one, to try to attract viewers.
  12. Garry1603

    SoN Belle Vue

    Very sunny in Manchester now - might end up being dusty track conditions unless they've heavily watered it.
  13. Garry1603


    Thank you for posting my question to Martin and to him for the excellent, well thought out reply. It's nice to be able to get an honest answer from a man who was at the centre of our sport when it was at it's best. Pity we don't have more promoters like him now.
  14. Garry1603

    Most unfortunate team

    Yes, the 1978 team were an excellent blend of youth and experience -so tragic about Wilkie.
  15. Garry1603

    Hard Riders Of The Past Any Thoughts?

    I agree that Jack Millen was extremely hard - his battles with Frank Auffret were something to behold. No love lost there at all!

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