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  1. Bunce

    AGM November 2018

    Is the Conference 3 days finishing on Wednesday?
  2. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    When Huggy did the track, I always thought the racing was excellent. It usually seemed to be on the grippy side, which visiting riders weren't always too keen on. Since Buster has been doing the track, I have never felt its been the same. I don't know if that's down to a different type of shale, or differences in todays modern bikes, but what ever the reason I don't think the racing has been as exciting as in times past. Maybe its my rose tinted specs, but "from the gate" racing is poor entertainment as far as I'm concerned, and has been a major factor in my loss of interest in the sport over the last few years.
  3. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Too true John! A key man during 2018, a MUST as far as I'm concerned for next year, as long as his Danish committments don't cause issues with him missing key matches. The "Danish" situation caused problems this year, so we don't really need a repeat of that.
  4. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I can't see Chris Harris being anywhere but Poole next year, and surely we must be able to fit Michael Palm-Toft in to the team somewhere, he was sensational this year.
  5. Yep, I think we need one of Busters deep grippy specials !
  6. If there was a grain of truth in this story, why would Kings Lynn want to swop one of the hottest properties in world speedway, with his whole career in front of him? I'm not sure where Robert lives now, but Jason lives not far from me on the outskirts of Norwich, so very easy travelling to Saddlebow Road. I really can't believe this story but who knows, in this crazy sport of ours, anything is possible!
  7. At last, a sensible outcome for both teams! Lets hope the Final lives up to expectations. Its very unfortunate, that it came down to using guests for both Poole and Kings Lynn, I'm sure we would have all been happier had we both had our normal line ups. Sadly injuries are part of the sports downside, but I guess we just have to live with that. Now lets all look forward to two great meetings, no injuries, and may the best team win (as long as its Kings Lynn!)
  8. "we don't even know why Iversen isn't riding as he hasn't been injured." Well I watched the crash, and it looked pretty nasty to me. If he wasn't injured he wouldn't have been taken to hospital. Not all injuries are obvious, I tweaked my back a few days ago gardening, and I'm still suffering, I should think Neils is black and blue after that, and it probably didn't do his existing shoulder injury any good either!
  9. Fabulous meeting, I really enjoyed that. Heat 13 was the best race I have seen for years, a great advert for the sport, but so much to do with the design of the track which allows passing in so many places. I've always been a "flat out round the boards" sort of guy, so its just a shame I don't live nearer Belle Vue. Congratulations to all involved and I hope Doyle was OK after that nasty looking spill.
  10. Its a pity BT Sport are not covering this match tonight, as I think it will be a close one. I don't suppose Radio WM are doing a commentary either? Hoping for a Stars win, or at least a point, but with Neils blowing a bit hot and cold and Simon Lambert at reserve who never seems to do much at any away track, I'm really not sure what will happen.
  11. Bunce

    Mildenhall v Eastbourne Sept 2

    Sky are now showing Ipswich v Norwich on the Red Button, although I'm not in the least bit interested myself. The last time I watched a match at Carrow Road, Bill Punton was playing, and it ended in a boring 0-0 draw. I've never been since!
  12. Bunce

    Kings Lynn v Poole Wednesday August 29th

    Its been raining all morning here in Norwich, and looking at the rainfall radar, probably the same at Kings Lynn. The rain is moving away now out to sea so should be OK for tonight. Natural watering should make for a good racing surface tonight.
  13. Natalie Quirk confirmed BT are covering the Leicester v Kings Lynn match tomorrow, when she was interviewed at the Moto GP meeting at Silverstone this afternoon. She was having a chat with Suzi Perry and gave us a lovely plug for Speedway. Sadly the Moto GP was cancelled due to the rain, I'm sure we all know the feeling!
  14. That's confusing, the BT Sport programme planner on their web site, says its Leicester v Kings Lynn, and above that info it shows the team logos of Wolves and Belle Vue! Doh....
  15. Yes it is strange, where the least people stand, is the best reception. Where I usually stand between the first & second bend, the score board is behind me and I don't get a very clear view of it at an acute angle, also the times etc are only on the screen for a moment, and I always miss them! The whole PA system needs an overhaul in my opinion, but that costs money and we know the path that leads us.....

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