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  1. Bunce


    With so much confusion over this, my plan is to wait until the first GP and see if its on Eurosport 2 which is included in my Sky package. I downloaded the 12 month free offer of Discovery+ app to my Sky Q box, unaware at the time that "live sport" was a cost extra. Like others I see no point in paying £6-99 a month extra, when I can get almost identical coverage for free. Whether this proves to be the case, I'll find out soon!
  2. I was in the same boat but didn't renew BT Sport. I downloaded a free VPN then logged on to the official Moto GP live stream on their web site to watch the race. You can do this as long as the web site thinks you are in a country that isn't showing the Moto GP races live. Naughty I know, but times are hard for this old pensioner and I can't afford BT sports prices for just the odd live stream!
  3. Totally agree. Unfair on Sayfutdinov & Laguta, but the World must send a message to this evil dictator. The man is a monster with no regard for human life and must be treated as such. The World has had enough of these people.
  4. Sounds a great idea. I wonder if it will be a monthly subscription service or pay to view each meeting?
  5. If the team are happy to be called "Dads Army" again for 2022, then surely Basso should have the nickname "Pike" due to his young age? Maybe I'll get the missus to knit him a scarf!
  6. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2022

    So did I Haza, and like you it was my first experience of a live streamed speedway meeting. I was impressed. Not up to mainstream TV standards obviously, but certainly very well presented with decent camera work and some good interviews. I think other Clubs should certainly be looking at this as a way of generating income from fans who are unable to attend a meeting, or choose not to for what ever reason. As a pensioner now, I pick and choose which meetings I attend as the cost of attending every meeting is just too expensive. Living south of Norwich, its a 100 mile round trip to Lynn for us, plus two admissions, programmes, food and drink and fuel which won't leave me much change out of £60 a meeting. Multiply this by four meetings a month and its £240 out of my pension. You can now see the appeal of a live stream at £11-95. Naturally I'd rather be standing on the terraces, something I've done now for 58 years, but if the sport is to survive it must look forward to other ways to not only appeal to new supporters, but those of us who have been loyal for many years.
  7. As a neutral I enjoyed the novelty of watching the meeting live on Glasgows excellent live stream. I thought the presentation and camera work was pretty good. It will be interesting to see if other Clubs use live streaming in the future. Having watched the first leg, its a shame there won't be a similar live stream from Poole for the second leg.
  8. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2022

    I agree. I much preferred it when Lynn were in the lower league. A much greater selection of clubs and riders, rather than the same old faces week after week. The "Premier" league is anything but, with dozens of riders doubling up, so it makes a mockery of the whole concept. Think back a few years when we had riders like Tony Rickardsson, Jason Crump, Leigh Adams, and Nicki Pedersen in the team, and more recently Robert Lambert. Riders of that quality don't want to ride here now, so we must accept that and move on. What the future holds, I don't know, but with the news of Clubs not running such as Swindon, Eastbourne and now Kent, I fear for the future of the sport. We frequently discuss the merits of "One big League" on this forum, and each year it is put on the back burner, but what happens if another Premier league Club withdraws before the start of next season? What if Buster goes through with his threat of selling Kings Lynn and Peterborough, and the new owners (if there are any) don't or can't afford to run in the top league? Food for thought perhaps.
  9. I hope Rory has a good safe meeting, and enjoys his "retirement" back in Australia. A big thank you for his time at Kings Lynn also. I'd still be interested if somebody could explain to me how he qualified to be in the "British" Final?
  10. It will probably be on Freestream on Thursday. Wait until the day, click on the link below, then if its not shown on the Homepage, click on the "Motorsports" tab at the top and there should be a link. They usually don't display matches until the actual day. Its a typical streaming site with lots of pop ups, but I usually get it to work for Swedish and Polish speedway. http://1m.freestreams-live1.com/
  11. Yes, I noticed that. The link to the info is here; https://www.sky.com/help/articles/discovery-plus-v1?DCMP=tva-skycom:ec_discovery_plus&awc=11005_1633102631_7c370f3dad660c4b3e4c5ece1ec8c142
  12. Bunce


    When the contract was signed by Eurosport, can anybody remember how long it was for? Their coverage of our sport so far has been pretty dismal, and I wondered how much longer we have to suffer it for. Fortunately Eurosport is part of my Sky package, as I certainly wouldn't pay to watch it!
  13. What a cracking match that was, really enjoyed it. Huge crowd, fantastic atmosphere, if only British speedway was like that?
  14. "just a little question why do riders lift their leg off the peg coming out of the bend s tonight it seemed to be causing them problems" I suspect their soiled pants are sticking to the seat!
  15. If the first few races are anything to go by, then I think I'll go and watch some paint dry!

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