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  1. Bunce

    Mildenhall 2019

    Me too. I'll be testing them this Sunday, lets hope they are up to their usual Michelin Star standard!
  2. And don't forget oxygen, you are well above sea level up there, and the wind comes all the way from the Arctic.
  3. Yes, I was standing right by the fence when he hit it. Made me jump out of my skin! Didn't he suffer a broken hip from the crash and it ended his season?
  4. These were the 2002 riders we used for the season, can't remember the line up v Ipswich, but you are pretty much spot on! 2002 Nicki Pedersen..30..163..338..7..8.47..2F..1P Ronni Pedersen..1..7..12..2..8.00 Sebastian Ulamek..27..145..246..17..7.26..1P Freddie Eriksson..36..177..233..47..6.33 Tom P Madsen..37..160..185..36..5.53 Travis McGowan..30..137..157..22..5.23 Sean Wilson..2..11..13..1..5.09 Lukasz Jankowski..2..9..10..1..4.89 Adam Shields..5..21..21..3..4.57 Artur Pietrzyk..16..60..58..6..4.27 Roman Povazhny..8..38..38..2..4.21 Jernej Kolenko..12..48..37..6..3.58 Emil Kramer..26..93..72..7..3.40 Bjorn Hansen..5..16..6..3..2.25 Marian Jirout..1..4..1..0..1.00
  5. Bunce

    Mildenhall 2019

    The chips were always excellent, whats happened, change of ownership?
  6. The dark chocolate ones are yummy!
  7. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I'm pleased Lewis is returning, delighted in fact. Lets hope he has an injury free season and shows us what he is really capable of.
  8. Bunce

    Swindon 2019

    With the terrible news about the closure of Honda in Swindon, I wonder how many current fans are also employees of Honda? As said a couple of posts ago, this could have a knock on effect for the Robins although the closure is not for a couple of years. I suspect even now, belts will be tightened and unnecessary expenditure put on hold, so that may include trips to the Speedway. Having been made redundant myself (twice) in past years I really feel for those car workers, lets hope the prospects for all involved is brighter than it looks at the moment, and it doesn't affect the Robins plans for the future.
  9. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    You've got the job, when can you start!
  10. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Does seem sad that I find out this news (assuming its true) via this Forum, and not on the Official Kings Lynn website. Nothing like keeping it from the fans is there, to heighten the suspense.
  11. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Being a hundred mile round trip for me, and my interest level being rather low, I'll give that one a miss thanks!
  12. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Has anybody heard when we will have the privilege of learning the name of the fourth member of our team? Being drip fed news at this snails pace is not really holding my interest much.
  13. Thanks very much for putting the list back up Scottyfan. Like many others, I often look at the list to keep up to date what is happening. I don't have the time to read every little bit of info on various web sites, so this helps a lot. Thanks.
  14. Well we all know now, how this panned out!
  15. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Thanks Philip, at least its good news about Robert Lambert, even if the news has got out a little early!

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