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  1. Thanks very much for putting the list back up Scottyfan. Like many others, I often look at the list to keep up to date what is happening. I don't have the time to read every little bit of info on various web sites, so this helps a lot. Thanks.
  2. Well we all know now, how this panned out!
  3. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Thanks Philip, at least its good news about Robert Lambert, even if the news has got out a little early!
  4. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Seems odd there is nothing on the BSPA or Kings Lynn web site, and yet its announced in the Speedway Star that went to print days ago! Not complaining, just an observation.
  5. Bunce

    Tomasz Gollob

    This made for a really hard read. For any of us that had the pleasure of watching Tomasz at the peak of his career, it must come as a huge shock to find he is still suffering so badly. I can't imagine the pain and frustration he must be feeling, and the possible prospect that things may never improve much, must be awful for him. It is so sad that several of the sports greatest riders have paid such a terrible price to entertain us, although I believe the injuries to Tomasz and Leigh Adams were not actually on a speedway track, but it matters little in the grand scheme of things. I must also mention Darcy Ward, probably one of the most naturally talented young riders we have seen for many years, he too had his career cut tragically short in a split second. I must admit I was truly shocked to read about Tomasz's condition, I pray that things will improve for him and all those other riders who have suffered such appalling injuries whilst entertaining us all.
  6. Bunce

    Model Kit Jawa Speedway Bike

    You have reminded me that I've got one in the loft, part assembled, and like many others, I never finished it! These posts have now encouraged me to go and find it, and finally finish it off. I can't remember how many years ago I bought it, but its a lovely model with great detail.
  7. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I thought "Take Your Pick" would fit the bill (for those of us that can remember that far back!) I'm not even going to hazard a guess at the team for next year, I'm sure all will be revealed in the New Year.
  8. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Nope, they went up with a bang! Remember them blowing up in a spectacular fashion, but Mrss reminds me, we were beaten that night. Trees also reminded me it was Brian Griffins idea. Seems a long while ago now, but I'm looking forward to my local Derby visits to Foxhall Heath again.
  9. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Anybody remember the Stars v Witches match that had "exploding witches" on the bends? I think it was during the time when Waggy was in charge, a great bit of showmanship, that got the crowd going!
  10. Bunce

    AGM November 2018

    Is the Conference 3 days finishing on Wednesday?
  11. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    When Huggy did the track, I always thought the racing was excellent. It usually seemed to be on the grippy side, which visiting riders weren't always too keen on. Since Buster has been doing the track, I have never felt its been the same. I don't know if that's down to a different type of shale, or differences in todays modern bikes, but what ever the reason I don't think the racing has been as exciting as in times past. Maybe its my rose tinted specs, but "from the gate" racing is poor entertainment as far as I'm concerned, and has been a major factor in my loss of interest in the sport over the last few years.
  12. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Too true John! A key man during 2018, a MUST as far as I'm concerned for next year, as long as his Danish committments don't cause issues with him missing key matches. The "Danish" situation caused problems this year, so we don't really need a repeat of that.
  13. Bunce

    Kings Lynn 2019

    I can't see Chris Harris being anywhere but Poole next year, and surely we must be able to fit Michael Palm-Toft in to the team somewhere, he was sensational this year.
  14. Yep, I think we need one of Busters deep grippy specials !
  15. If there was a grain of truth in this story, why would Kings Lynn want to swop one of the hottest properties in world speedway, with his whole career in front of him? I'm not sure where Robert lives now, but Jason lives not far from me on the outskirts of Norwich, so very easy travelling to Saddlebow Road. I really can't believe this story but who knows, in this crazy sport of ours, anything is possible!

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