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  1. Dickie Head

    Celebration of Speedway 2020

    Former World Speedway Champion Egon Muller to be the next WSRA president The World Speedway Riders' Association is privileged to announce that Egon Muller, the 1983 World Speedway Champion, will succeed Mike Broadbank as the Association's next president. Egon, who also won the Long Track World Championship on three occasions and who was West German Speedway Champion five times, will receive his chain of office at the WSRA's annual Celebration of Speedway event at Paradise Wildlife Park on Sunday February 23. Egon is one of the most charismatic riders ever to have ridden a speedway bike and his exploits on two wheels are renowned in all parts of the world where he has performed. He will be up on stage in the marquee at the CoS where he will be interviewed by the day's Master of Ceremonies Craig Saul. The announcement of him taking the WSRA chain of office and his mere presence at PWP will ensure that the CoS will be held in front of a record attendance. The WSRA committee has come up with a number of new ideas that will be seen for the first time at PWP on February 23. Full details of these will be posted on this site in the run-up to the event. Report by Tony Hurren.
  2. Dickie Head

    IOW 2020

    Now Campos is confirmed for 2020. Two places to fill and 10.46 left. Connor King deserves another season so that would leave about 6.5 for 1 more. Expect that will be Danno Verge so it would be bye bye to Chris Widman.
  3. Dickie Head

    IOW 2020

    Warriors website says Connor Coles is their first signing for 2020.
  4. Dickie Head

    Mildenhall 2020

    So does this mean Danny Ayres will miss out on a NL slot anywhere in 2020?
  5. Dickie Head

    IOW 2020

    Given that they ran at a loss last year, riders wage demands may hold the key to who and who doesn’t get a team spot.
  6. Dickie Head

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Is Todd Kurtz a possibility for 2020?
  7. Dickie Head

    Isle of Wight 2019

    Congratulations Warriors. BSPA ‘Most Improved Club 2019’ in the National League and also the WRSA Community Club of the year again. Best wishes for a positive outcome at Tuesday’s AGM.
  8. Dickie Head

    Plymouth speedway

    Championship application rejected at BSPA AGM. No clear reason at this stage. Guess that means another season in the NL.
  9. Anyone know anything about Wright and Mudgway being fined for comments made over the PA?
  10. Dickie Head

    Poole 2020

    According to Andrew Moon (Twitter) of Radio Solent, Pirates applying for the Championship in 2020.
  11. Will either side have to change their riding order as we are now into October and I guess new averages will be in place?
  12. Dickie Head

    Cardiff 2019 Saturday September 21st

    What was the race time of the final at the British GP please.
  13. Dickie Head

    2019 NL Season

    So as the end of the season approaches, are we bidding farewell to the NL? With Stoke departed, Plymouth looking to move up and rumours that Cradley, Leicester Cubs and Belle Vue Colts are ‘doubtful’ for 2020, what happens if those scenarios actually play out. Obviously a 3 team league is impractical. Perhaps Rye House and Buxton and others could return but what is the realistic future for Kent, Mildenhall and IOW? May be Kent and Mildenhall could be induced in to a step up but I would fear for the Island’s ability to finance higher costs without a big increase in attendances or significant additional sponsorship. I Wish I had some answers.
  14. OK let’s get this going. Assuming weather doesn’t create problems I’ll go for a Somerset win on Wednesday by six with Tigers going through on aggregate on Friday. Don’t think tactical substitute can be used at this stage as it’s a two legged tie.
  15. Dickie Head

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Rumour doing the rounds here in Cambridgeshire this morning is that Porsing and KL have had some kind of falling out and he won’t be riding tomorrow.

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