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  1. Dickie Head

    IOW vs Plymouth NT 02/05/2019

    What’s happened to Chris Widman. That’s another poor home meeting. Not matching a 3 point average. He’s been slipping over the last couple of seasons. For the good of the team they need to be brave enough to show him the door even though he’s the promoters son.
  2. Dickie Head

    Rebels vs Pirates

    So we take 2 on this anniversary challenge and if I read the fixtures correctly Groubauer will be on the continent so presumably a guest will be used. Josh Bates is in pretty good nick and might be worth a punt. Being a Wednesday Busk Jakobsen will be needed in Denmark, but no fixture clash for Klindt. Assuming Covatti will be a Rebel then Poole will need two reserves. Paul Starke looks an obvious choice for one place and maybe try Kemp or Thomas in the other. Won’t be much in it for sure.
  3. Every Good Friday morning meeting at Poole has suffered serious dust problems. I know that a Good Friday meeting is one of the best income generators and Matt Ford fought tooth and nail to run off the fixed race night this season, but why start at 11.30 when identical line ups could have been on track at 7.30 thus allow normal prep. time? In fact racing didn’t start until 11.57 because of additional watering compounded by the late arrival of the paramedic. Apart from an inaudible sound system, the rest has been fully reported above and the whole event was put into perspective / shame by Somerset who staged a very competitive Under 21 Semi Final that night without a hitch.
  4. Travelling by road from Poole to Redcar on a bank holiday afternoon for an evening meeting just doesn’t bear thinking about. I see Zach and James have to go to Eastbourne for a 3.00 start so Sarjeant and Berge will guest for the Robins.
  5. As stated, he’s at Redcar. Klindt, Covatti and Busk-Jakobsen can take the RR rides.
  6. Two Swindon wins for me, especially with Poole missing Worrall on Good Friday (seems Leicester have priority).
  7. Dickie Head

    Mildenhall 2019

    Poor old Sam Bebee. Injured during practise yesterday and kept in hospital overnight with vertebrae and lung problems. Looks like Mildy will need a temporary replacement but who?
  8. Dickie Head

    Speedway Star in the winter

    Have the Star done away with match reports? The Racing Record in this week’s publication only shows scorers and heat details.
  9. Dickie Head

    Cradley Heathens 2019

    Did young Harry McGurk have a nasty fall in the Ben Fund meeting at the weekend? Anyone know? Hope he’s ok and will be able to start the season.
  10. Dickie Head

    Plymouth 2019

    I’ve just seen on Facebook and now in the Speedway Star about Stewart Kellie stepping down as co-promoter as he can’t commit to Friday nights. He’s only been there for a season or so and I thought I had read he was doing a good job generating new blood. Anyway good luck to the bloke and it opens the door for Matt Bates to pick up the roll. And in other Devon news, Speedway Star are also reporting a fall out between Alan Spencer and Robert Doran about the MSDL team which will see the Exeter name dropped in favour of Plymouth Cobras. Lots going on way out west.
  11. Dickie Head

    KENT 2019

    Planning information: https://pa.midkent.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=PJJ0SNTYFN400
  12. Dickie Head

    Polish Fixtures - Saturday 28 July 2019

    Sorry. I’m interested in Saturday 27th.
  13. Could anyone advise the meetings scheduled for this date please.
  14. Dickie Head

    Peterborough Panthers 2019

    How true is it that the BSPA committee are currently refusing to ratify our proposed line up? Honest question arising from pit comments at Undera yesterday. Perhaps Neil Watson could comment please.

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