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  1. Dickie Head

    Kings Lynn v Poole. Prem 19/9/19

    Rumour doing the rounds here in Cambridgeshire this morning is that Porsing and KL have had some kind of falling out and he won’t be riding tomorrow.
  2. Dickie Head

    Poole vs Kings Lynn 12/09/19

    That sort of spikey remark is inappropriate. Wirtzfeld is a 16 year old who has done a full season with the Isle of Wight in the National League and has improved as the season has gone on. I would guess he is in the Southern League second half and was an easy option for Lynn. He will be out of his depth tonight but will use it as a learning experience and you Mr Wolfie should note his name as a rider with potential for the future.
  3. Just seen this event is taking place next Saturday. The text on Facebook reads ‘Come and celebrate 90 years of Exeter Falcons with your favourite Falcons rider past and Present. Tickets are £10 and can be purchased from the Royal Oak, Plymouth Gladiators track shop or any Exeter Falcons Development League meeting. The day/evening will include an auction of speedway memorabilia, private speedway collectors displays, buffet, disco, interviews and much more.’ The attached flyer should also help. Hope this is well supported and everyone has a great day.
  4. Dickie Head

    Rebells v Tigers 21/8 /19

    Got called down to a job near Minehead so went to this meeting after work. Some cracking speedway at the business end of the meeting although Sheffield hit the self destruct button with needless tape infringements and a Sedgmen elf on the line. Good value. Anyone know who the centre green bloke is. Like his style.
  5. Dickie Head

    Mildenhall v Kent 18th Aug

    Is Mildenhall the most dangerous track in the country? I might be wrong but there always seems to be a high number of incidents, fallers and withdrawals. Happened again today. Given that refs complete a match summary and have the benefit of the Incident Recorders report, I wonder if the SCB / BSPA use this information? I’m sure the sports insurers would be interested. On second thoughts maybe keep it in house, you never know what damage it could do.
  6. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. Would I be right in thinking King and Cook will be given the reserve spots at the Cardiff GP? From a personal viewpoint I would give Danny Ayres a spot. He wouldn’t let anyone down. Might add quite a few on the gate and if he could get on track and deliver his unique showmanship, the place would go mental.
  7. Think Cleggs average far too high. Time for the Warriors to do a bit of creative accounting of there own to match that of the visiting team.
  8. Just read the Mildenhall press release. Very convenient that Brooks who was scored 1 gifted point from four rides for Oxford last week is now AWOL / unavailable and his replacement Nathan Stoneman is an Island specialist. I know it is a legal move but strikes me as fishy, especially as he can get to Plymouth the next night. Also note that the press release says Mildenhall have ‘bought in’ Stoneman for the IOW meet. Unfortunate typo.
  9. Dickie Head


    Last weekend at Stoke I got told the Colts were considering Jack Smith and Danny Verge with cover for Bailey to be sorted . May have changed by now. Who knows.
  10. Dickie Head

    Birmingham Brummies 2019

  11. Is it my imagination or do Gdańsk get more than there fair share of the ‘big’ meetings. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been there and didn’t enjoy it that much so wonder why it attracts important events.
  12. Entertaining meeting. Vicentin looked competitive and I would compare to Groubar standard. Cook also tried hard and looks to have potential if given time to settle in somewhere. After getting sorted out Barker proved he can still deliver so don’t think he will be clubless for long. Given the threat of rain, Chris Durno pushed the meeting along. Helped to make it a slick, well presented evening (I was told that the Isle of Wight presenter Rob............filled in for the usual guy) in front of for a crowd of about 350.
  13. Dickie Head

    Plymouth 2019

    Stoke’s press release ahead of tomorrow’s match implies Henry Atkins is soon to join the Gladiators. Can anyone throw any light on this?
  14. Dickie Head

    National Trophy

    Afraid the plucky Islanders are going to get well and truly plucked. Easy home win. Think Jordan misses this one for exams.
  15. So if I told you Adam Ellis was guesting for Klindt you’d laugh............oh hold on. And Paul Starke for NBJ. Cover for Kurtz, decision pending.

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