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  1. Speedway GB have put up heat 12 for viewing. http://www.speedwaygb.co/news.php?extend.34739 Previous posts seem to suggest heat 13 was better. Suppose the DVD Company don’t want to scupper sales by putting the best stuff into the public domain.
  2. Dickie Head

    Plymouth 2018

    So Hopwood reported to be at the IOW tonight being very ‘hands on’ with the Devils. Cockle still absent after conclusion of ban. 2+2=4 or does it?
  3. Dickie Head

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    So Hopwood’s off because of his job. Buxton bound? I thought about suggesting Plymouth as it looks like Cockle’s a goner but guess that wouldn’t fit the job. Alfie Bowtell comes in. Fair enough. He needs the rides.
  4. Dickie Head

    Mildenhall 2018

    On Facebook the club are saying Danny is now in touch, he is sorry and he won’t do it again. The club will support him.
  5. Dickie Head

    Plymouth 2018

    SCB statement. James Cockle banned for 28 day’s for social media infringements.
  6. Dickie Head

    Isle Of Wight 2018

    Reports today that Jamie Sealey is being replaced by Shaun Tedham. At least they are doing something.
  7. Dickie Head

    RIP Ivan Mauger OBE

    Well done to the Isle of Wight guys who delivered a very fine tribute before their meeting last night.
  8. Heat 10 is now on the SCB site for viewing - could add to the debate on track conditions.
  9. I think Belle Vue will move Paul Starke to number 2, the guest or RR will run at 3, Rohan Tungate will be at 4 and the reserves will switch with Dan Bewley at 7.
  10. Dickie Head

    Leicester v Poole SGB Premiership A. 9/4/18

    I suggest you revisit the source of your information to confirm your statement is factual.
  11. Dickie Head

    Leicester v Poole SGB Premiership A. 9/4/18

    I’m told that former Glasgow man Stewart Dickson has been invited to deputise for Middlo at this meeting.
  12. Thought Richard Lawson was on duty for Lakeside with a guest (perhaps Tungate or Kennett) or RR in operation.
  13. Dickie Head

    Poole 2018

    Given the potential strength of the Pirates top five, astute use of tactical substitutes could pay dividends - perhaps limiting Holder (or others) to just three rides.
  14. Dickie Head

    Poole 2018

    I think you will find that the only reason Chris wasn’t interviewed was simply because the i/v’s were not pre-arranged and done after all the riders had finished on track. By the time the video guy went to get Chris, he had already left the stadium. Nothing sinister at all.
  15. Dickie Head

    Poole 2018

    Economy measure in the absence of TV money perhaps......bit like the speculated return to race bibs.

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