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  1. iris123

    Grosskreutz + the Golden Helmet Controversy

    I was reading the report on the Farndon v Grosskreutz 1934 clash for the British Individual Championship, which was said to be the best ever up to that point, with nothing between the two
  2. iris123

    Grosskreutz + the Golden Helmet Controversy

    Great rider. I would say they all( Case excluded) had a period when they were arguably the best rider in the world , Sid. Grosskreutz retired and came back a few times, so his career was longer than most. Not sure what happened there, but I was answering a question from Sid, which seems to have disappeared !!!!
  3. iris123

    Fay Taylour

    Anyone have any info on Grace Boyle, who supposedly came from London and toured Australia with Putt Mossman and his troupe including her brother(one source say's husband) Jim Boyle ?
  4. iris123

    Harringay Riots

    Seems down the years Harringay was a rather lively sporting venue to put it mildly In 1936 they hosted local London rivals Hackney Wick and what one paper described as 'scenes unparalleled in the history of Speedway racing occurred' after the visitors defeated Harringay 38-34. The Australian international captain of 'hackneywack' !!! accompanied by his wife and other hackney riders,plus Fred Whitehead, managing director of the club were departing after the meeting when a shouting crowd of around 2,000 men and women assaulted them,repeatedly striking Case and others. Mrs Case was roughly handled and had her dress torn Half a dozen Harringay officials tried to intervene to no avail and Case's motor car was wrecked, the tyres slashed, windows and lights broken and they even tried to overturn the car !! 'Hackneyites amid a fusillade of brickbats and other missiles reached the garage when their supporters rushed to the rescue and a fight developed.Traffic was held up and the police intervened' The trouble was attributed to Case, following an incident in heat 7 when he fell whilst in the lead and caused all following riders to crash. Harringay's Norman Parker was injured and couldn't continue in the meeting Results Harringay 34 J.Parker 3,3,2,3 B.Pitcher 1,2,1,1 J.Ormston 2,2,2,2 D.Smythe 0,N,1,1 N.Parker 1,1,N,N L.Wooton 0,2,F,3 B.Lovell 0,1,0 Hackney Wick 38 D.Case 2,3,3,0 B.Hansen 0,1,2,2 M.Hansen 3,3,3,2 B.Clibett 1,0,N,0 C.Milne 3,0,XS,1 G.Wilks 2,1,3,3 S.Dell 0 That wasn't to be the last trouble at a speedway meeting at the track, as in 1938 when New Cross came to visit apparently 2,000(the same mob as two years ago !!) demanded their money back after the meeting was stopped. When they got nothing, they broke onto the track smashing and damaging parts of the stadium and set fire to the tractor !! According to wikepedia similar scenes were also witnessed at a couple of Greyhound meetings
  5. iris123

    Grosskreutz + the Golden Helmet Controversy

    As a follow up, acouple of days later, Grosskreutz's motorcycle suppliers wanted to celebrate the Golden helmet win and new track record with a rather unfortunate advert. A drawing of a bike and underneath in big bold letters... 76 Dead
  6. Davies Park, Brisbane, November 1928 Max Grosskreutz, possibly one of the most under-rated of the pre-war stars was yet to reach the top, but was on his way. Often stated by Australian historians that he started out at Townsville, but I have my doubts. We will get to that later, but the scene is set in Brisbane as some of the top riders have recently returned from their venture to the UK to start the sport in Europe.The Golden Helmet was one of the main trophies at the track and the holder received a wage for the period they held it. This is how one newspaper reported the meeting Max Grosskreutz has long been a favourite with the speedway crowd, but his dashing victory in the Golden Helmet last made him more of a 'hero' than ever. He beat Taylor and Hastings pointless, and covered the 4 laps in a faster time than has ever previously been recorded, 76s The Northern boy rode a beautiful race, and it is doubtful whether even Frank Arthur would have beaten him. Unfortunately Arthur's back tyre came off in the second lap, and deprived him of any chance. Grosskreutz won by virtue of his ability to ride the white line. On the turns he was rarely more than two feet out. The only fly in the ointment of Grosskreutz's win was the fact that he did not actually finish in the semi-final, and it is questionable if he had the right to start in the final. After his engine failed in the semi final, he pushed it around on the inside of the track, and did not actually cross the finishing line. Pearce apparently won the right to start in the final, but he sportingly handed it to Grsskreutz, according to the announcer. But Pearce himself also finished on a 'busted' engine on the inside of the track. So where are we? Grosskreutz rode a wonderful race in the final, in record time, and it is a pity he should win in such circumstances Results ht 1, M.Grosskreutz, Harry Mangham, Ben Unwin, Len Percival ht 2, F.Pearce, Jock Binney, Cyril Anderson, Bruce Richmond ht 3, F.Arthur, Harold Hastings, Arthur Yenson, Bert Jones ht 4, A.Taylor, D.Case, Les Lawrence, Bruce McCallum semi 1, H.Hastings, M.Grosskreutz, F.Pearce, D.Case Grosskreutz took the lead until 3rd lap when his engine failed.Pearce fell on 2nd lap, but remounted, but also had problems. semi 2, F.Arthur, A.Taylor, J.Binney, H.Managham It was then suggested Grosskreutz and Pearce have a run off to decide who goes into the final, but as Pearce's bike was knackered, Pearce gave a walk over to Max In the final, Taylor was on the inside with Max next to him and Hastings on the outside. Taylor went into the lead with Grosskreutz following close behind. On the 2nd lap, Arthurs back tyre came off and he was out. Then Groskreutz passed Taylor on the inside and they had a great battle for the last lap, but Max won by 4 lengths 'amid a roar of cheering. It was the most popular win ever seen on the track' Then the fun and games began Two days later the ACU ruled Grosskreutz was not eligible to compete in the final on 3 grounds Firstly he had not finished,plus he was not the fastest second place(it having been stipulated in the programme that only the two semi final winners,plus the fastest second would start in the final) and lastly, he had pushed his motor from a greater distance than the red post. The Clerk of the Course , it was claimed then decided that he could start in the final, and the stewards agreed under protest. On Monday the union officials informed the speedway management that the pay for the prize should go to Alby Taylor, who was therefore the winner of the Golden Helmet and second place was awarded to Harold Hastings The came the problem with the qualification to the final. Apparently recent Golden Helmet meetings had been run with 3 heats with the winners and the fastest second going through. But due to 3 top riders returning from the UK it had been decided to run 4 heats and then two semi finals, so the first and second in each s/f should go through. The information in the programme had been misleading Then a statement came from Alby Taylor saying he 'is not satisfied to retain his trophy for the usual period of 4 weeks, because of the controversy raging around the decision, and the fact Grosskreutz rode so remarkably well'. In deference to Taylors request the speedway management announced the Golden Helmet would be at stake at the next meeting, with the same riders in the same line up A record crowd turned up and perhaps the best nights racing seen on a Brisbane speedway was witnessed In the end Harold Hasting ran out the winner with Max in second place.....Taylor didn't get past the semi final
  7. I think it is important to use environmental friendly mats. Maybe from coconut fibres from B & Q or the Garden Center
  8. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    Seems Schaap had problems getting a visa, so Hutla is in the Almaty GPs
  9. iris123

    Warsaw GP 16th May 2020 tickets

    Heard lots of problems with the site. Think some football clubs were refusing to let people in with tickets brought from the place and there was this warning last year https://metro.co.uk/2019/03/19/not-buy-tickets-viagogo-caused-distress-music-fans-8935127/
  10. iris123

    Strikes, bans and protests

    Bit of two for one here, which will really confuse one of our forumites, I think !!! In 1947 as a protest at what they thought was a weak selection, Aub Lawson, Vic Duggan and evergreen Max Grosskreutz pulled out of the first Australia v England test. They were unhappy that Ray Duggan for instance was left out for 'poorer' riders. Seems they were then subsequently banned from the 2nd test In another move, the Board of Control banned riders from imbibing intoxicating drink 24 hours before a test !!! The penalty for infringement was disqualification, plus the penalty for bringing alcohol to the pits would be a life ban!!!
  11. iris123

    Hamburg Lokstedt Dirt Track

    One or two other interesting bits have turned up about the 1933 season. One funny tale, again making the mistake in saying Hitler's birthday was a holiday, was that one rider was trying to make his way to the Stadium during the 3 day holiday for Hitler's birthday and there was a parade with 250,000 people that was ending just by the stadium. He was stopped a couple of times by police, but they had no English and he could speak no German. Eventually as he was getting nowhere he shinned up a lamp post to get a better view of the parade. All of a sudden a storm trooper started prodding that bit of his anatomy that was to be seen from ground level with a bayonet and started saying something. The rider said ' He might well have been telling me to get down, but I just climbed further up the post' As with a lot of these tales, who knows how much truth there is, as there are big holes in most stories about the venture
  12. And just in time for my cousin who has moved from the speedway desert which London has become to Perth, which now looks to provide some good entertainment on his doorstep !!!
  13. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    Seems like the warm weather could play havoc with this weekends Russian League meeting at Ufa!!!
  14. iris123

    Parker bros v Milne bros

    Actually came across a famous brothers match race between the Milnes and Parkers in 1938 !!! Probably the photo was wrongly captioned Ht1. Cordy, Jack Milne, Norman then Jack Parker Ht 2. J.Milne, N.Parker, Cordy, J.Parker
  15. iris123

    Other Museums

    See this person or couple seemed to have picked up some wonderful trophies auctioned off from Billy Lamont’s collection

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