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  1. iris123

    Former Riders

    Who remembers Putt Mossmann ? I believe he and his touring party nearly got killed on the way to one of their bookings !!!!
  2. iris123

    Former Riders

    Mason Wear. Anyone remember him ?
  3. iris123

    Lambert to comeback stronger.?

    Sid, you change your opinion within one post !!!! But I hope Lambert makes good progress whenever racing gets going again
  4. iris123

    Picture.Anyone name the riders?

    Eric Langton 2nd from right I think
  5. iris123

    Speedway books and magazine

    I'm the same with Mao Tse Tung
  6. iris123

    Newcastle 2020

    I ain't got any memories of the speedway. Only ever ventured to Newcastle once and that was on the way back from Scotland with a group of pals. We stopped for a few drinks and a curry....never to return. But I did see a great piece about a Finnish woman who lived in Byker I think and took some great photos of the place
  7. iris123

    SON 2020

    Never heard of it. I do know they need a lot of cox. Sure you have been in demand most of your life
  8. Well I had a similar but better experience last summer. A beautiful polish woman ,who was very well equipped I must say (camera wise) started talking and seemed to want to show me all the hundreds if not thousands of photos (most very good) she had saved on her camera. It did get a bit tiring as I am not only looking for birds and insects or in this case an area where snakes and lizards are seen. She even invited me to join here the following days to one or two spots she knew including a place Eagle Owls are known. But tbh I was glad to finally get away....I couldn't get a word in edgeways
  9. Bit of a dilemma for me. The spot I was hoping to go to for a bit of bird watching is in the next county and they have banned 'tourists'....so I don't know if me travelling over the border for a few hours counts as being a tourist. Did see one woman on FB ranting about day tourists though. The thing is, as I said before, I would just be in my car and have no contact with anyone. Whereas if I just go round by foot in my local area I have the problem of people coming up to me and talking to me, just like yesterday. An old guy who didn't look too healthy with his runny nose came up and asked if I had seen anything interesting and then carried on talking.........which normally annoys me anyway. Often I am stalking a bird trying to get a better look and then lose track f where it is. Or like the woman who came along with her dog when I had spent abut 20 minutes getting close to a kingfisher and she said quite loud 'i'm coming past.....oh,that was a kingfisher !' as it flew off . I really could have killed her
  10. iris123

    SON 2020

    Words of wisdom. We never would have guessed . Thanks
  11. iris123

    SON 2020

    Strip it down to the bones. Get rid of the no-hopers like France and Finland and ask El Presidente in Belarus if he will put on a weekend of racing in Minsk, seeing as he thinks it's all a load of old rubbish and they have started the football season with the public in attendance. No offence meant, but desperate times ask for desperate measures. SON one day and a GP the next Sasha Lukaschenko is yer man
  12. iris123

    SON 2020

    Maybe needs a re-think then on the crowds they attract nowadays ? Not everyone can earn when only hundreds are coming through the gate.....
  13. iris123

    SON 2020

    Well it is obviously not going to happen on the dates released. It is just a matter of whether it will happen at all, where and when- I guess atm the FIM can't answer any of those questions
  14. iris123

    SON 2020

    Taking a wild guess, it is down to the money, if you look at other sports, it is the athletes in a lot of cases that have forced the hand of the authorities. Lewis Hamilton kicking up a fuss. Football clubs kicking up a fuss with players not wanting to play in some countries eventually forced the hand of EUFA and local leagues. Now athletes as individuals are saying they won't compete at the Olympics and slowly governing bodies and now Canada as a country are trying to push the IOC ino making the right decision......
  15. iris123

    SON 2020

    In a sense it doesn't matter what 'some regions' have done. We are talking about speedway here and in a lot of regions they don't have speedway The things that matters is the hardline region who are leading the way with strict rules is Bavaria........at least for this thread that has some relevance. Plus you not only have to have the ban lifted, you also have to have the borders re-opened. Especially considering Italy and France are due to ride here. Two countries badly hit by this virus......

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