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  1. iris123

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    The same can be said of riders like Mauger.He always made sure he was on the best,but that is surely part of being a class rider.Rickardsson was the same.Doesn’t mean they were lesser riders.The opposite is the case
  2. iris123

    Tai Woffinden Best Ever!?

    Not always the case.In 72 and 75 didn’t they just have the British final?And in 81 the Overseas final was at White City for instance and mainly you only had to finish in the top 10 or 11!!!Do you honestly think Tai isn’t good enough to do that? He rides more top meetings abroad than those old riders ever had to do.More in one GP season than a lot did in their wc career,so many were held in the UK
  3. iris123

    Boring formula 1 racing

    Of course on the face of it stock cars should beat F1 easily.The best drivers start at the back don't they?And as Tai said about speedway,you can see all the action from your spot.Now if they gave the best speedway riders a head start,what would people say about the sport???? Maybe promoters are missing a trick there.....
  4. iris123

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    There was even a report on the Beeb about young Sam McGurk!!! What the hell is going on? Lol
  5. iris123

    Blimey..speedway on BBC1!

    You must also recognize the fact that governing bodies are trying to push women’s versions of popular sports.As the male versions are popular there is the theory that the potential is also there for women’s versions.One of the disadvantages of speedway is it doesn’t have a popular version lol
  6. Stuttgart?Lost me.Is something happening?My girlfriends brother,who I could stay with is currently in Indonesia photographing the tragedy there,so ....
  7. Ole just has to invest in a robot lawnmower or two and the place looks as good as ever!!!
  8. iris123

    BBC Sports Personality Stitch Up

    I think the same way sports have rules.They naively expect people to play fairly.They obviously didn’t think one sport might make a campaign to get one person voted,just as sports expect people to play fair and not cheat A campaign is a form of cheating.I well imagine a number of speedway riders the year before all had a small but decent support, then all of a sudden Briggo got massive support and the other riders probably only got a handful of votes between them.Stuck out like. a sore thumb,I bet
  9. Well that is a total of 3 from 2 countries so far then lol
  10. Some of the food/drink sales points and changing rooms were only completed less than a decade ago.But the stadium really consists of the stand with a roof and seats,which on the face of it for a speedway stadium outside of Poland is a bit of a luxury!!!
  11. iris123

    BBC Sports Personality Stitch Up

    Never the less he was really correct.No matter how popular speedway was in 1966 it wasn’t as popular as the football World Cup and the England team.And even if Briggo was by far the most popular speedway rider,he wasn’t as popular as the most popular football players,was he?
  12. iris123

    Leon Madsen

    I also got it wrong with Madsen getting a wild card.Never thought that would happen.nd while I am on a roll I stated at the start of the season I didn’t think Lindgren would finish in one of the top GP places.He did
  13. iris123

    Torun 2018

    I must have been lucky,or unlucky if you like.I made one trip to Cradley and after beating Nielsen in the Golden Helmet,Gundersen then went on to get around 5 or 6 in the meeting against Oxford.I also went to Reading and you know what Per Jonsson got about 5 or 6 points!!! Obviously you are underestimating the impact as I am still talking about those meetings decades after lol
  14. iris123

    Leon Madsen

    We can all get it wrong now and again.Funny though when Nicki posted he was disappointed to be out of the GPs,I said Danish Speedway was in the doldrums and was going to say in a few years the Danish GP would be held at Holsted or Slangerup I am not sad at this news as Vojens is very easy to get to and as long as the roadworks are finished by next summer,quite quick as well.Easier to get to than Teterow for me

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