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  1. iris123

    Corona virus

    Prisoners also are allowed out on day release. But we won’t mention that
  2. iris123

    85cc Euro Champ

    Report and results https://www.junior-speedway.de/hannah-grunwald-faehrt-auf-den-3-platz-im-finale-der-europameisterschaft-in-gedansk/?fbclid=IwAR1JDkhLqHDXdWdlir0AbUM3q_9_2Qb5tbSq35HiI1-WFsi54IINpWoNGjc
  3. iris123

    85cc Euro Champ

    Came as something of a surprise to me, too. To get in among the Swedes and Danes is a great feat. Brian Andersen’s son looked good, but Hannah tangled with someone else and lost the chance to challenge in that last proper heat. Then maybe nerves set in. Thought the young Zetterström looked quite good at the end
  4. Yes. St Petersburg to Vladivostok is over 9,600 km
  5. iris123

    Rye House 2020

    Comedy Gold even in such sad times, and you don’t even do it on purpose
  6. I’d say 1989 We had a fairly decent decade in the 80s imo, but the fall of the iron curtain marked the end of the good times. Ok my team Wimbledon went on a couple of years and wasn’t so effected from the rise of Polish speedway.
  7. iris123

    85cc Euro Champ

    Great performance from Hannah to finish 3rd. Gating let her down in the end
  8. You could adjust it again and ask will they allow another promoter to lose less than they are ?
  9. That is the problem. But I was thinking more like in the old days of Mildenhall with a few training matches and one or two individual meetings rather than top stuff. But I do think the trouble is everyone has to be in a league, which is too rigid
  10. I do think and I have said it before many times is they have to be more flexible and let one or two promoters maybe hold just a handful of meetings a year if that is what will help more tracks to survive. Not tie everyone into a league
  11. iris123

    85cc Euro Champ

    Yes sorry. On holiday and thought today was Friday
  12. Supposed to be on YouTube live tomorrow from Gdańsk Not sure of the line-up If someone has more info would be appreciated or I will put up a link when I find one
  13. iris123

    Hans Nielsen

    Interview with Hans
  14. https://www.speedweek.com/speedway-racing/news/162447/Falsche-Lizenzen-Wittstocker-Ligateam-wurde-gesperrt.html Mauer say's he will find out where the problem with the licences was and act accordingly !!! 700 tickets available on the day, if anyone is desperate for a speedway kick

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