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  1. How many time is that going to be said, and posted on here? Almost very blinking year for a decade I think........
  2. iris123

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Win some, you lose some. Can’t do right for some folks on here. Thought it might actually attract some folk knowing Robert done so well. There you go. To spoil it even more the meeting dropped off after they done track work after ht12 and a few people who were at the meeting complained this is a regular feature at Gûstrow Nobody has to watch it if knowing the top 2 is a real spoiler though.And I don’t apologize for doing what I think is right
  3. Was just wondering if he done a Jesper B. Jensen (Monberg) and changed his name while I wasn't looking.Particularly as I was looking at sportowefakty and his name was spelt normally..
  4. I know i missed it when Bombay became Mumbai and I missed the changeover from Rumania to Romania, so when did Loktajev become Lokoksiev?
  5. Smoli looks to be safe now, given his opponents in ht 20, surely
  6. rubbish happens. Harris has been knocked out, got back into the Challenge and qualified in previous years I think
  7. Maybe people from Finland who stock up on cheap trainers and alcohol before going to the meeting
  8. iris123

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Last nights Pfingstpokal from Güstrow, won by Bellego with Robert Lambert 2nd watched by 8,000 fans
  9. iris123

    Polish and other match video`s 2019

    Speedway Challenge Junior meeting, Güstrow 07.06.2019
  10. iris123

    Liam May for Lezno

    Liam having a hard time at the moment. Carrying an injury from a few days ago, he rode at Güstrow last night and had 2 falls and pulled out of the meeting. Fellow countryman McGuinness managed 6 prs in a meeting won by Artjom Trofimovs in front of a decent crowd for a junior meeting of 1300
  11. iris123

    Olching UK Tour 1973

    Gilgenreiner was German Speedway championing 1980 and was part of the bronze medal German team in the 1981 WTC final
  12. Talk about a closed shop and Robert Lambert in the same breath !!! What is the answer then stop the best riders getting in so we have some new faces who aren’t good enough just for the sake of it? Do we ask Liverpool and Real Madrid to put out their reserves next year so they don’t do well and lesser teams qualify ..,..
  13. https://m.sportowefakty.wp.pl/zuzel/823567/im-danii-niespodzianka-w-polfinale-rasmus-jensen-najlepszy-w-brovst
  14. Saw Moi some years ago on 80cc and he was quite exciting, but hasn’t done a lot on 500cc. Fredricksen is the younger(I think) and better Norwegian rider
  15. iris123

    Danish league 2019

    Sounds like big problems in Outrup. Crash in the first heat due to track conditions and a couple of hours delay trying to sort the problem out.... Now called off!!!!

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