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  1. Belle Vue Abroad

    Also here 1990 http://www.historyspeedway.nstrefa.pl/mpaustrii.php
  2. Wimbledon stadium

    Same here Steve.Grandad was in the St.Johns working at the stadium and my mums uncle was mechanic for Ronnie and then machine examiner there.One of the family even lived in the flats overlooking the stadium.Great memories for a lot of my family there.So much excitement just going to the track in the old days and a few scares going down the alley back to Colliers Wood after the meeting Sad that there is no longer room and support for a speedway team in London any more
  3. Lakeside 2018

    To me it looks a poor line-up for that price,but you could still get a great meeting....
  4. I guess it is,but wouldn't it be a really good thing if these companies paid their taxes,as well as paying a couple of speedway riders.Ok,the guy is now brown bread,but the german founder of the company was a billionaire,but payed the same amount of tax as one of the plasterers or carpenters that used his shop.In fact i'd guess AJ probably paid more tax than he did
  5. Oh ok.Maybe you can understand my confusion then as we were and particularly the post you quoted was most definitely One could almost speculate from your post that there is very little extra sponsorship for this series,it is just a sponsor who is sponsoring these riders anyway....
  6. Guess it all depends on what currency that 100k is in But can you honestly see Thorsell or even Jonsson,who is over the hill getting that sort of money in pounds sterling when it has been estimated that the /th/8th best earner(Zmarzlik-Kolodziej) in the Polish league is on about 300k for a season?Some middleweight is getting 30% of that for 3 meetings that are nowhere near as important as Ekstraliga.....who has been doing the speculating is my next question
  7. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    He always was a bit of an old woman though Gem
  8. Always a question mark against those.The British league has never had better coverage on tv than in the last decade,but what has it dome?The state of British speedway has continually dropped over that same period.As for sponsorship,there is also a question mark as to what extent that helps,and to what amount is pumped into the sport.I kind of have the feeling that this sponsorship is on the level that McDonalds sponsored Tobi Kroner or Robert Barth....i.e if you asked at McDonalds HQ about the sponsorship nobody would have a Scooby doo what you were talking about
  9. Coventry Bees Nl ?

    Let’s hope it isn’t long before Adonis gets owned like speedibee did on the Coventry thread!!No wonder he went off into hiding.Adonis seems to have the same twatty views,so I don’t think it will be long lol
  10. Birmingham 2018

    Nadine and Julia Frenk were two sisters on Longtrack/grass https://sites.google.com/site/racingteamfrenk/ The Grosser twins were highly rated by Egon Müller,but never really got on once they moved up on 500cc bikes.They did a season of practice sessions,but don't think they ever raced in proper meetings once they left 250cc events https://www.shz.de/lokales/landeszeitung/schnelle-zwillinge-aus-krummwisch-id9403731.html
  11. Birmingham 2018

    Sabrina Bogh was probably the best female rider of the modern era.She was Danish Junior Champion and made it through to the European Junior Final https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_Individual_Speedway_Junior_European_Championship I have seen a few females in Danish teams at a few levels.80cc and 500cc.In fact there was a team a few years back that was made up largely of females in Denmark.One of these did sign a contract with a Polish league team,but that as you moot was a publicity stunt As for German female riders Celina Liebmann,the daughter of a former German ice speedway rider has followed on from Sabrina Bogh and became the first female to win a national title two seasons back.Had a nasty accident last season,but she is back this year and will hopefully make some more progress
  12. Of course,the competition has been snookered by BSI and the FIM now.When it was an international team tournament it was interesting,but obviously got up BSI's nose.Since turning into some strange firms event it has lost a lot of interest and I expect now BSI have moved into the pairs territory there is even less point in the thing.Some speedway fans on the fringe will still lap up anything though
  13. I have one just down the road.Will have to go down any buy something as a 'thank you'
  14. Actually a German diy company with a somewhat iffy reputation for workers rights.Guess there is a reason they are 'Swiss based'