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  1. iris123

    New speedway film

    I don’t think so. Vojens is Vojens in the UK. I think the place is only called Woyens in Germany. Same as Haderslev is Hadersleben in Germany. As it is next year is the 100 anniversary of the border and some of the Danish towns are asking for dual Danish/German town signs
  2. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    German nominations for the World Championship qualis 11.01 Örnsköldsvik-Sweden Hans Weber Franz Mayerbüchler 11.01 Kaujahoki-Finland Max Niedermaier Markus Jell
  3. Seen this article from Castagna now. Talk about giving countries where speedway is still just about established some priority. South Africa and of course his old favourite, Argentina. And that Discovery are well established in Asia, so........ https://www.speedweek.com/speedwaygp/news/152697/Exklusiv-Der-Speedway-GP-expandiert-ab-2022-weltweit.html Barely able to hold a straight face as I post this !!!
  4. Tbh, they don't seem to have had great success with their Rally X efforts . The series went from 13 rounds to just 10 last year. Possible 11 next year but the contract is yet to be signed etc
  5. Main thing is they get some new dolly birds in to replace the monster girls. I will miss Vicki Lund and co
  6. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    Can add Stefan Svensson and Max Niedermaier jr to the list
  7. iris123

    Harlow Greyhound Stadium

    Oh ok,i thought all those building by Hobtoe rd etc were houses and were about 5 minutes walk away. My mistake I guess. Also assumed it must have been some locals that started the petition and are among the 10,000+ .Who knows
  8. iris123

    Harlow Greyhound Stadium

    You don't need to go to Harlow,just look at the map you posted to see all the nearby houses!!! I also see with a quick search that there is a campaign by anti-greyhound lobbyists to close the stadium. Not reached their target yet and strangel most supporters seem to be overseas, but the tide is turning against dog racing, just as it is in the States against horse racing https://www.thepetitionsite.com/en-gb/980/623/985/close-harlow-greyhound-stadium/
  9. iris123

    New speedway film

    The film will be shown on Danish tv station TV2 on Saturday at 19:15 uk time. I note that you can get a 30 day trial free subscription. Might be worth signing up for someone who is really keen and/ or understands Danish !!
  10. Well the one thing mentioned was making it available on Eurosport rather than pay tv. Remains to be seen really whether they can put new life into the series and bring new venues and new sponsors in.
  11. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    This global village comes to a standstill when a bus driver spots the traffic queue too late and has to break sharp sending the passengers flying though the bus. End result a few ambulances on the scene and lots more traffic queues. Such is life in the big city
  12. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    At least they would wait in fairly good weather. Waiting at a border for hours on end in freezing weather can’t be much fun I get fed up waiting 15 minutes for a bus
  13. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2019-2020

    Markus Jell, currently training with a number of riders in Kamensk. Had to wait 31 hours for all the paper work before he could get over the Russian border!!! https://www.speedweek.com/eisspeedway-racing/news/152496/Markus-Jell-Wurde-nicht-von-Anfragen-ueberrannt.html?fbclid=IwAR0i3mPCcfHxwAE6rbNf0B2YowKvCx0hm7uFC4yIzOqOWJCeMV0qRfv8J-U#.XeDPriU23HQ.facebook
  14. iris123

    Swindon v New Cross..1960

    Tracked it down. Sweetman rode for NZ v USA in 1972. Next season he was still riding and rode against NZ in 73...
  15. iris123

    Swindon v New Cross..1960

    Ah that explains how he got an NZ cap!!!

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