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  1. Two day final,that both count towards the GP.There is no qualifying,but Friday they hold a practice session like speedway GPs and Thursday they have the German championship.So 4 days of action
  2. If I remember rightly Svensson Pletschi Niedermaier Ebner No Finns this year.....
  3. Yes.They were announced yesterday See Shishegov has got the wc for Astana with meeting reserves 17. Vladimir Cheblakov (Kazakhstan) 18. Pavel Nekrasov (Kazakhstan)
  4. Well I do work with 4 polish guys who are under 40 years old.One as you mention does come from a place near Bialystok.Not really speedway country
  5. OAP concessions, why?

    Does that matter?You still have to look at the topic and ask yourself 'is there a point worth discussing'?I agree with Halifaxtiger,that some people have aimed abuse at scb for no real good reason As I have said,if the oap reduction is a sort of mark of respect for all the years of service to club and country,then I wouldn't argue against it
  6. OAP concessions, why?

    I think he saw what he thought was a relevant article in the news and then made a thread out if it,like many hundreds of others have done on different topics.That is to an extent what this forum is about,surely?
  7. I'd laugh my balls off if Bauer didn't get a wc,but expect he will.Won't be long before he has no chance though........ I see that he has had to have 28 stiches in his foot because he left his leg trailing and rode over his own foot in the run-off and then had to wait ages for medical attention!!! also see St.Johann next week has been cancelled!!!
  8. OAP concessions, why?

    One of the best and as ever from you,fairest posts on the thread. It is a reasonable topic to hold.It is fair to ask why a certain group in society receive such a benefit across the board.I mean a millionaire pensioner gets in at a reduced price,not only for speedway,whereas someone of say 30 years old who is working in a poorly paid job has to pay full whack.We even get,although I guess it was tongue in check,someone saying kids should also pay.Students also often get reduced prices,but some students are sons and daughters of millionaires and some even millionaires in their own right.The fair way would be to have people pay at the level their bank balance allows,but is impossible to police. You do also point out that some,like your friends think,maybe rightly, that reductions for pensioners are has more to do with recognition of their contribution to society.Maybe that was one of the reasons years ago to do with those who fought for the country etc.But a lot of those benefit scroungers from the 70s are now pensioners,who hardly contributed a thing to the country.If they take their reduction away,as you say,regardless of their wealth,they won't go.Rather like some of these ex-riders,who maybe turned out half a dozen times for a club won't go unless they get in for nowt!!!
  9. Yes,but presumably now it will be a stylishly cool Italian scowl instead of that nasty cold German one
  10. Ditch the Family Tag??

    Yes,i go to Denmark sometimes for league speedway and it is totally different to Germany.Because Denmark have a proper league with a number of home meetings it is the short,sharp night,whereas in Germany as most tracks only have two or three meetings per season it is the day out,take your time and bring your picnic,sort of occasion.I would say the crowd in Denmark is generally a younger one than attends in Germany
  11. Ditch the Family Tag??

    I'd agree with that.The thing about ice hockey and arena jumps motox is the whole presentation is super.There is plenty of action going on and often something in the breaks,which come in handy for going to the loo or getting something to eat.The trouble with speedway,is it is outside in a poor stadium and the action to break ratio is way too far over on the nothing much is happening side.......
  12. Ditch the Family Tag??

    I don't think the problem is with families,as I have pointed out,just look at the change in the football audience over the past 3 decades or so and just look at the audiences who go to MotoX jumps or even in my experience ice hockey.The problem speedway has and where the audience attending is noticeably different is the amount of over 40's and even over 60s.Even on the recent link about popular sports in Poland it mentioned the average fan was between 40 and 59,i think......
  13. Ditch the Family Tag??

    Not sure why the 'family tag' is detrimental to the sport.It is after all what ended up taking football to a new level after decades of being a male dominated sport that was going downhill.Also if you look at the packed arenas that MotoX jumps get and see the crowds....also families,not just male motorcycle junkies. Here the recent event in Hamburg which included Porsings brother,who I remember seeing as a young speedway rider http://www.ardmediathek.de/tv/Hamburg-Journal/Abheben-bei-der-Night-of-Freestyle/NDR-Fernsehen/Video?bcastId=25231214&documentId=48971812 Look at this from the same tour and see just who is having a walk around to look at the bikes and it is families with young children I don't think the family tag is one of the problems facing speedway and neither are some of the strange rules.
  14. Swc 2018

    Second week in June for the announcement,is leaving it very late!!!
  15. See Luca Bauer is in the Ö-vik line-up,but not sure on what licence,if Italian or not.But going on his form over the weekend in Sweden,i don't expect him to trouble the top riders