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  1. They kept animals to protect their grain.That is why we have domesticated cats,brought to Europe from Egypt by the Romans.Meat was expensive and even up to the 19th century lots of people survived on mainly a vegetarian diet.The reliance on vegetables or particularly the potato was shown in the famine in Ireland
  2. iris123

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    I went to the Boulevard for Briggo’s farewell meeting.Was nearly a disaster as my dads car broke down on the motorway and had to be towed to Worksop for repairs!!Seemed like ages,but we did make it in time and got back to London safely
  3. iris123

    Leon Madsen

    Had forgotten that incident!!!But just adds to the list.Seems so many people have had trouble with him,and of course he has failed to impress at international level.Own worst enemy I guess
  4. iris123

    Leon Madsen

    I saw Leon ride for Denmark U21 against Sweden in what was Stekkers first meeting in charge.I don’t think it was long after that he seemed to be strutting around the pits as if he owned them and was almost alone there,with hardly anyone talking to him.This was even before the silencer problem mentioned.But that seemed to be the incident that caused a big problem and he was after that out of Cavour.The situation carried on even after Stekkers left the job,so possibly from higher up there remains a problem.But as someone else mentioned other riders it is rumored don’t get on with him. Guess the problems remain even now Nielsen is in charge,as I think Leon said he wouldn’t ride for Denmark or Nielsen said he wouldn’t pick him
  5. Broken arm so I see!!!Off to hospital tomorrow to see if he needs an op or not
  6. Well you give us the rubbish then and save the good stuff for elsewhere?
  7. I was dismissing 45 of those years as being irrelevant to this discussion lol
  8. Seems like the only person Phil has criticized in the sport is Charlie Webster and the NZ promoter.And it was funny that he only criticized him once he pulled out of promoting a GP!!!!Before that,he was a great bloke lol
  9. Not when it is a team competition.That can’t be too hard to understand?
  10. Yes,i agree.Sports journalists would be used to that because I think both Cycling team and Cross country athletics etc all have to have a certain amount of team members finish in front of the other countries 4 or 5 and the winner of the race doesn't matter...that part isn't unique .In fact they would probably find the idea of one of the team going off on his own to win the race and leaving his team mate(s) to fend for him/themselves, stranger
  11. Is that true?Can you back that up,as most if not all the bad or fatal accidents over the past decade have occurred on big wide tracks in Poland,Argentina,Czech or even on German long tracks,as far as I know
  12. This is what I suggested some years ago on here.The Business Plan of league speedway is good for some,but I fear not for all.Instead of forcing clubs to fit one plan it would be better to maybe,like you say,let one or two just do a few open meetings.Better than having clubs close,but I think the other clubs fear having too few clubs in their league and not enough meetings.Catch 22
  13. Well the good news is the Danish league goes on holiday for the summer at the end of the month or beginning of July! Funny that the person with the most to say is someone who doesn’t go,no matter what night of the week !!’
  14. There have been various categories of games for years now.ManU,Liverpool etc would be the top category with high priced tickets,due to high demand and downwards to the likes of Crystal Palace where prices will be cheaper
  15. Is that throughout the speedway world or a different bike for UK tracks?

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