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  1. iris123

    A voice of reason?

    Heard it was a bit chilly in Sweden today
  2. iris123

    'the Donald' Trump

    Say's the person living under Sharia law, but trying to warn everyone else Covid is all about taking control The person who can't debate, just run away
  3. iris123

    'the Donald' Trump

    Don't tell me you are a Doctor as well as election expert
  4. iris123

    'the Donald' Trump

    So, it went from no one to not many......you ain't doing very well at this, what with your Churchill nonsense
  5. iris123

    'the Donald' Trump

    How do you know ? I guess a friend in Belgium told you ?
  6. iris123

    'the Donald' Trump

    And then this...... Since May 2021, people living in counties that voted heavily for Trump in 2020 have been nearly three times as likely to die from COVID as those in counties that went for Biden.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-59552524
  8. Isn’t that out of date ? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2021/12/06/federal-appeals-court-denies-florida-injunction-against-healthcare-worker-vaccine-mandate%3fmedia=AMP%2bHTML
  9. I am on neither side in this. As I said my sister was hospitalized with Covid and weeks later is still recovering But , in one of the articles I read/ posted I think, they said about 200 symptoms could be because of Long Covid. Which is pretty all encompassing to me
  10. But obviously doesn’t bother you moving to a place under Sharia law. An autocracy . Maybe because you get special treatment unlike the rest . But I thought that is what you want people to protest about, isn’t it ?
  11. Yes. Pretty much. Donating to research into health etc I also saw one Billionaire go off into space i think with another as passenger. Now how many could that of helped instead of squandering it on a self interest project, so he could get a perspective on life, as he said ?
  12. Well it doesn't seem to worry you, as you moved to UAE, and i mention Within the UAE, Dubai has considerable autonomy, and is under Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's autocratic rule. The UAE is an authoritarian state. The UAE has been described as a "tribal autocracy" where the seven constituent monarchies are led by tribal rulers in an autocratic fashion. It also issued Port State Control last year ,under the guise of safety and environment Industry sources have indicated that port state control (PSC) is now being physically implemented within the ports of the UAE. Inspections are already under way and reports of non-compliance are being submitted to interested parties. This unilateral step within the Gulf is being welcomed by the local maritime industry as a brave move by the UAE, which will set a clear example to all other administrations within the area, who have been slow to even plan the implementation of port state control despite discussions last February on a memorandum of understanding on PSC between several Gulf states. Capt. Mohammed Alaa Farag, marine affairs consultant to the Ministry of Communications, confirmed that the initial process is underway, but would necessarily take several months to complete. https://shipip.com/uae-begins-enforcing-port-state-controls/ and to add.... UAE is under Sharia law, but that doesn't mean you are completely banned from drinking in the country. ... The UAE legal system is largely determined by Sharia law, and Sharia law prohibits alcohol. https://www.expatica.com/ae/living/gov-law-admin/drugs-and-alcohol-in-the-united-arab-emirates-70991/
  13. iris123

    Being called a 'bad name'

    This is one of the funny, or sad stories that happen now and again. About a sculpture outside of a zoo It is of a man climbing the neck of a Giraffe Now the man looks black, and that to some is racist. The artist say's it is bronze and that is how the colour has changed over the 20 years since it was erected But i also saw a Muhammed Ali interview with Parky the other day, when Ali was talking about every day racism in society and got on to the topic of Tarzan....the king of the jungle, and it was a white man. He beat up the local tribes and amazingly seeing as they had been there for thousands of years, Tarzan could talk to the animals, but the locals couldn't !!! Anyway, if we follow Ali's examples/advice, then surely it would have been racist to have a white man climbing an African animals neck ? As it is a proper racist story recently came up in relation to the same zoo. It included the grandfather of world cup winner Christian Karembeu, who along with others were put on display at the zoo in the early 1930s https://www.mopo.de/hamburg/zoff-um-hagenbeck-skulptur-rassismus-kunstwerk-mann-mit-giraffe-soll-weg-36988154/ https://www.spiegel.de/geschichte/fussballer-christian-karembeu-tierpark-hagenbeck-soll-voelkerschau-aufarbeiten-a-8c958343-3e02-453e-862e-9a63a854b80c
  14. iris123

    A voice of reason?

    November was the same in Lithuania and Estonia as well.....

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