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  1. iris123

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    As far as I know the track is still there. Maybe in a state of dis repair though. Although I think it was tidied up not so long ago
  2. Sad to see that the starter of this thread seems to have disappeared as has his very informative website
  3. iris123

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    I would have thought they were named after Carshalton
  4. iris123

    Has anyone been anywhere yet

    I saw a name mentioned a few days ago around that time. Turned out for Beckenham and then Tooting Tigers. Pete Jarman. Guess it is the same Pete Jarman who later turned to speedway
  5. Bob was one of the friendliest riders I met as a youngster. Though tbh there were a lot of very friendly and patient riders. Sad to read later that he was somewhat troubled, but guess a lot of people manage to hide it away
  6. Wasn’t Pete Smith captain at Poole ?
  7. iris123

    Speedway books details

    Here is one you misspelt all on your own. Not that I am at all bothered, but seeing as you posted
  8. iris123

    just answers please

    Thought you had the threads originator on ignore, so how do you know ?
  9. iris123

    just answers please

    We could always try to guess what comes next. Possible something on the forgotten Eaglets or Uncle Bob Harrison or maybe even the Red Herring fleet..... some popular topics
  10. Be thankful the forum isn’t over moderated. You’d be on a life time ban long ago, the way you talk to people. Although you said you were leaving enough times, they probably thought it wasn’t necessary
  11. iris123

    The NEW Wimbledon Stadium

    Not that it has got anything to do with anything much. But I do remember going to Crystal palace to see the then brand new 'sport' of skate boarding. A few young American guys doing some tricks on what I think was part of the old racing circuit. Not the speedway one of course.
  12. iris123

    The NEW Wimbledon Stadium

    Yes indeed. I have a very interesting book on Crystal Palace. They had some of the women racing there as well at one time
  13. iris123

    Bernt Persson

    I did read, his daughter is thinking of bringing out a book. If and when it comes out there is a thread for it already
  14. iris123

    Speedway books details

    Some people find it a bit painful to watch.....someone seemingly going through a bit of a mental short circuit Me ? I quite like it
  15. iris123

    Is there?

    I've heard that it not just on the internet.........

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