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  1. iris123

    lakeside 2019

    The guy is a total twonk,who is best ignored.He even said a week or so ago he wouldn't be posting on here any more as he doesn't like it.But given an opportunity to spread some of his negativity about a track he admits he has never even visited,he couldn't resist.Pointless
  2. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Seems 12 heats have to be run for the result to stand
  3. iris123

    Polish Transfers 2019

    Łódź and rzeszow refused licenses?!chaos continues under the new guy at rzeszow
  4. iris123


    See Jacob Olsen is taking over Vojens with plans to run a team in the Superliga in 2020.Good news for me!!!And there are also plans to host other events such as concerts.A need for renovation/ upgrading the stadium is also mentioned
  5. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Kamensk 1+2,Togliatti and a Europe team
  6. iris123

    NL AGM 2018

    Tbh I am happy they have given Buxton permission to carry on with open meetings.I have been saying on here for years that it should be an option for clubs to keep ticking over.Glad someone has seen sense.Good luck to the club and I hope it helps them remain open and help the development of more British youngsters
  7. iris123

    Swindon Robins v Leszno Bulls

    Others are obviously missing a trick here.Players often complain about the arduous journey for promotion matches.Think the Bayern players moaned last season.Why not have a Bayern v Real Madrid promo game with some local players,whilst the real players sun themselves in Florida?And why not have an Elton John concert with some local club piano player? I do remember attending a Brokstedt v Outrup v Luxo Stars v Łódź meeting where the Outrup and Luxo Star teams were mostly riders who had never ridden for the real teams
  8. iris123

    Other Museums

    Tracked it down(no pun intended) Vimmerby ,Sweden.Listed as an MX museum,but has a speedway section http://www.mxworld.se/
  9. iris123

    Other Museums

    Seems there is also a museum in Sweden with a lot of speedway memorabilia.Try to find out more
  10. Must have missed something along the way,but I seem to remember Rob Branford as a young aussie riding in Denmark,now he is listed as UK?Did he change nationality?
  11. iris123

    AGM November 2018

    Could that be a deliberate ploy,so nobody notices how bad the racing is?
  12. iris123

    Ice Speedway 2018/19

    Didn’t they announce exciting times ahead with a possible series just a couple of years ago,which never came to anything? The weather has obviously taken a toll over the past few years in Western Europe and even Poland,Czech Republic
  13. iris123

    AGM November 2018

    In a way that causes another problem though.Say one or two teams produce their own talent and are forced year after year to release one of their own good youngsters.The promoter and fans are p’d off with that situation..... The sport has got itself in such a situation where sorting one problem generally only starts another
  14. iris123

    AGM November 2018

    Meaning they ride/drive in one series where you can make rules to suit.They don’t ride in different leagues,often under different authorities and then in international meetings.If they only exclusively rode in one league or in one country it would be as easy as in F1 or Formula Ford etc .And generally the cars bikes are supplied by the team at top level at least and if someone wants to drive in Formula Ford and also do Drag Racing then that is his choice
  15. iris123

    AGM November 2018

    Surely any speedway fan can instantly spot the difference between our sport and practically any other motor sport I can think of?

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