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  1. iris123

    Wimbledon Memories

    Yes that works. Great. I’ll have a gander
  2. iris123

    Barry Duke

    Only thing I remember is I think he looked like one of the Bee Gee’s
  3. iris123

    Mr Garrity

    Probably,but first came to my attention going on about scb.......and was thinking of posting something along those lines the past few days jokingly But as you say, Bila Hora was found out fairly quickly as Subedei and Speedibee/Adonis was as well
  4. iris123

    Mr Garrity

    Someone who is always right and obsessed with stats......hmmm, who might that be?
  5. Thought there were a few French League meetings, before it all went quiet
  6. iris123

    Wimbledon Memories

    Doesn't really. All I get is a photo of I guess him and his wife in a sidecar (liked by terry Mussett, I see), another photo of a rider in a Dons body colour and then the date he was born. Not really that interesting, but thought I would post, as either you have done something wrong or there isn't much there, or it is just for friends to look at, and as such, they will have looked, I guess
  7. iris123

    Soldier Boy

    I think I met him once on the London tube. At least some guy said he was him, and I wouldn’t have a clue. But not the sort of person someone goes around imitating
  8. iris123

    One Club Servants

    Yes, I was thinking Terry Mussett. Apparently his career is shrouded in mystery, but I see he did ride for a couple of teams other than Wimbledon
  9. iris123

    One Club Servants

    Miny Waln, Benny Kaufman, and Alfred Rumrich and Pee Wee Cullum
  10. iris123

    One Club Servants

    Ronnie supposedly rode a couple of meetings for Coventry, although I really don’t remember it
  11. iris123

    One Club Servants

    Think we have done this one before Steve. Internationally from memory was it Swist in Poland ? Matten Kröger was over 25 years i think with Brokstedt
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD2UY9HyFfE
  13. iris123

    US riders of the 30's

    Something I did find interesting, was a get together of motorcycle racers in Caifornia in 1963. The Milne brothers attended and it stated flowers were sent to a very ill Lammy(who sadly died not long after). But it was said that some film was shown of flat track, plus night speedway and of the Milne's and the world final where the US took all the podium spots. Being in California I would have thought there would be a good bit of footage of speedway, but nothing seems to be online
  14. iris123

    US riders of the 30's

    Home of Sprouts Elder. But when I looked on wiki for the famous sons and daughters of Fresno, his name wasn't amongst them

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