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  1. He was your man, who was going to take back control. It was what you wanted and we warned you Fools who never listen
  2. Nigeria according to Wolfie. I thought you were constantly keeping each other informed or are you having a bit of a tiff ?
  3. Putin loves the Hokey Cokey it seems. He is in and out of the WEF so often Thinking in straight lines !!!
  4. iris123

    A voice of reason?

    Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany announce plans to build more wind energy plants https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/de/2022/05/19/belgien-die-niederlande-deutschland-und-daenemark-wollen-mehr/
  5. iris123

    Joe Biden

  6. iris123

    'the Donald' Trump

  7. iris123

    A voice of reason?

    And....... Now the EU plans to speed up its shift to green energy but says it must also invest in pipelines in other countries. The strategy focuses on three key topic areas. Improving energy efficiency, expanding the use of renewable energy and securing non-Russian suppliers of oil and gas. As predicted, and not as one or two morons would have us believe with their big oil fake rubbish
  8. Well your group certainly can't be accused of thinking in straight lines, if they can be accused of thinking at all. Whatthey can be accused of is covering all the bases and including absolutely everything possible in the conspiracy.......
  9. See I am getting confused According to you and Blu, after the Convid it was going to be the climate agenda taking control. It was planned you told us. But then came the war which was also planned you told us, which apparently, you also told us, had cancelled the climate agenda !! Do you see what I am getting at ?
  10. iris123

    Ed 'Crusty' Pye details

    Blimey, the amount of threads and other times you have mentioned that meeting on here and it has just dawned on you that ol Crusty was riding
  11. iris123

    'the Donald' Trump

    rubbish for brains or as we say here, Blumpepper

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