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  1. iris123

    Pat Flanagan

    Is this 1950 thing the work of speedway historian John Hyam by any chance ?
  2. You just ain’t getting it Your meme Is idiotic Where is the main place the virus is spread ? The home And do people wear masks at home ? Not generally. But that isn’t a political decision as your meme is trying to suggest. It would be people who generally wear a mask when advised Only retards would think such a meme hits the nail on the head
  3. Again, some on here would question that, especially if it is on a factchecker It was known as Darwin's theory and if it is a fact, it seems it doesn't work quick enough to get rid of the dead wood......
  4. iris123

    Pat Flanagan

    Seems quite possible it is the same rider Looking at the link with Hastings, I can find a 'Bud' Flanagan riding on 17th May 1948 at Hastings. Then a Pat Flanagan is riding for Hastings in Ireland on 11th July that year https://www.speedwayresearcher.org.uk/hastings1948.pdf
  5. Looking at some of the posters on here, it seems a questionable theory
  6. Quite obvious if you really think one minute about it......masks are to protect others, remember. So maskless people are that part of society that only cares about themselves and couldn't care less if they spread the virus...... if we want to debate on that level. Then the answer is maskless people
  7. iris123

    Gerald Reardon

    Neville Brice I assume is related to, possible the father of Kevin ?
  8. iris123

    Gerald Reardon

    The Pat Flanagan thread got me thinking, as I had a couple of unknown Canterbury riders pics in my collection. One I think on here was identified as Gerald Reardon, but my poor memory I thought it was Flanagan until I just looked. Now it got me on a search about Reardon who I also had never really heard of and I came across this, which from my old pic and from the d.o.b could well be the same person......but no mention he was a former speedway rider, so might not be https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/201771/Lying-pilot-exposed-by-Sunday-Express-is-jailed
  9. iris123

    Pat Flanagan

    Would this be the same Pat Flanagan that made an appearance for Ireland in 1948 ? http://www.internationalspeedway.co.uk/ireveng.htm
  10. I already corrected it....keep up
  11. iris123

    Football 2020/21

    Having pointed out how impressed I was with young Bellingham the other week, he goes and scores his first goal for Dortmund yesterday.
  12. The qualifier for the world and European championships being held at Esbjerg on Wednesday. Looks at great line-up, although not sure who is at no.2 + 11 and there might be a mistake of a change or two. Bech Jensen possibly in there somewhere. Seem to recall he retired over the winter 1.Mads Hansen 2. 3.M.Mikkelsen 4.K.Bjerre 5.Rasmus Jensen 6.Patrick Hansen 7.J.Jeppesen 8.M. Birkemose 9.R.Bach 10.M.J.Jensen 11. 12. P.Kildemand 13. H.Andersen 14.A.Thomsen 15. N.Klindt 16. N.K.Iversen
  13. One of many articles, just the latest and shows how it is difficult to argue/debate with these people and all 'facts' are dismissed https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/six-common-conspiracy-theories-and-why-it-s-pointless-to-argue-with-them-1.4531139?fbclid=IwAR0uL0xxdAVLYhbXU_0dstw_GXa-yFYE7-pm6EOgNkHOhX4hb0A4KhN7YKM
  14. iris123

    'the Donald' Trump

    As Phil would say, but a few others wouldn't.....nail on the head time for me
  15. I can buy into that But something are just laughable. Trying to link the death of the Tanzanian President into the plot to control the world or a ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal I mean people will ask questions about a Tanzanian President. Much easier to get ride of Wolfsbane or Blu......all you'll get is a thread on the BSF in a month or two asking if anyone knows what's happened as they haven't posted lately. Nobody will be able to answer 100% and it will all be forgotten

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