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  1. Just saw his van passing through the Hamburg traffic jams!!!
  2. iris123

    Denmark 2018

    Another sign that the Danish youth system is not working so well.Think this is the first year that a Dane hadn’t taken at least one of the 85cc World or European titles.First Germany took the world title and at the weekend a Norwegian took the Euro title in Denmark of all places(Skærbæk) and the German world champ took the silver!!! Maybe Erik Gundersen will travel to one of the other countries to see what they are doing right? lol
  3. Although I agree in principle that a wild card shouldn't be awarded to the same rider two years in a row,there is a big difference between Greg and Nicki,Firstly,Nicki is a GP winner this season and that should count for a bit.Secondly and possibly more importanty Nicki has major popularity in Denmark.No other Danish rider comes near him and basically Greg has very little importance,especially in his homeland. So I could imagine Nicki is in line for a wc if he fails to make it.Iversen will probably be a flop yet again and a not too popular flop at that,so Denmark and BSI need Nicki
  4. iris123

    Bob Dugard RIP

    Bob was riding alongside Olle Nygren when I first went to Plough Lane.A speedway man through and through from one of the great speedway families.Involved in South Coast speedway almost from the very beginning I think RIP
  5. Still called Danzig round here Thorn for Torun,Breslau for Wroclaw,Bromberg and Grünberg are other speedway clubs ......
  6. iris123

    The continuing decline of Speedway

    Ice hockey I think use the league places to decide the play-off games and the winner of the play-offs are the champs.This seems to be the universal system in ice hockey,as far as I have seen
  7. Promotional stuff produced and delivered for these dates,so must be sure baring some surprise
  8. Personally I love Glasgow,so that is not relevant for me.And I thought it had been stated elsewhere Holder can ride in open meetings,just not sign to ride in the league?
  9. It is a hastily arranged meeting.Basically an unofficial challenge.Polish clubs pay the dough,so call the shots.It is a problem the Bundesliga have had for years
  10. iris123

    Flying laps.

    I do remember Phil Morris doing this at Stralsund.trying to break an existing lap record.It is actually very very boring watching one rider going round on his ownsome.It is all down to time,and as that is down to some guy or gal with a stopwatch,not even accurate.....
  11. Maybe it is the other way around and Batch doesn’t want to deal with the guy,like one or two Danes don’t want to deal with Nielsen?
  12. They can’t.But obviously if he does ride beforehand he and probably his club will face the consequences.If his club are sanctioned you can imagine what will happen to him.Guess he can always stick a good old Aussie two fingers up to them though lol
  13. I am not sure it would make much sense to the Pardu people.Wouldn’t they basically have to hand over their track to BSI for a couple of days?And pay for the privilege
  14. Yeah,but does a frantically arranged friendly in Glasgow count?He could maybe ride as Sean O’Malley or something so they don’t know
  15. iris123

    Eastbourne 2018

    Probably good old English tripe.The sort you come out with

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