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  1. Leaving aside the fact we have little chance of a World Champ in the near future and our record is not so good.What about our record of GP wins.3 wins since the GP's started out of about 70 or 80 GP's is rather pathetic.
  2. Wild cards or seeds are part of speedway now.Look at the U21 team final with Czech seeded,GP's with Dryml,whoever the Italians will pick,etc,etc.....
  3. Me too Just checked the prices and its 290€ for a trip,compared to 95€ for the Mallila Gp
  4. Wiener Neustadt.Nina will sell you a ticket if your going
  5. Well good luck Peter.If your passing through Hamburg,your welcome to stop for a cup of coffee
  6. Must say in his defence,i have been impressed by Scott on the few occasions i have seen him.At the Danish Gp he was one of the few exciting riders.Maybe like AndyM said,with a proper back up team(a sports psychologist and an ex World Champ,P.C or Ivan)he should be able to get to the level where he can win a GP or 2.Once he makes that breakthrough,who knows.
  7. iris123

    Hackney Speedway

    Did he ride for Hackney then?Never heard of him.Must admit i was thinking the bloke got the bodycolour from Banksy or maybe Tim Korneliussen who does longtrack still.
  8. There is still one GP in Poland to race.Seen a rumour that Pepe is that man,with Zabik and Kasprzak as track reserves
  9. Not sure i agree.Despite Nicki Pedersen's win and being at the Danish GP it is amazing how popular he is,that popularity hasn't made league racing in Denmark any more popular.In fact the Danish authorities were very disappointed last season.It just seems the fans turn up once a year
  10. So there is still hope for our boys then,under those circumstances
  11. While i agree with most of what you say Andy,i can't see Hancock winning again
  12. iris123

    Hackney Speedway

    Just looking at the line-up for this weekends grasstrack meeting at Cloppenburg and saw this.Who is the guy in the Hackney bodycolour
  13. German Bundesliga split into 2 qualification groups.Top 2 from each group go into final,which should be held 3rd October at Brokstedt. There is a 40 pt max in making up a team,and a min of 25 pts.Think foreign riders are on 10 pts,at least,up to 15 pts for a GP rider.Some German riders are on 0pts,so it is possible to have 4 riders at 10 points each and a german junior and still get in at the 40 pt level.It is of course a 4tt format and the reserve rider should be used at least twice In the second division there are restrictions on foreign riders,but 2 Polish riders are riding with german licences. Here is a list of riders and their points(averages) for team building.Its not complete as other riders have since been signed
  14. iris123

    Speedway Photo Site Updates

    A few from the Euro Semi,Stralsund here And i can't get through on your link Conkers
  15. iris123

    Who Would You Like To See An Article On?

    Milan Spinka was in Stralsund at the weekend promoting the Prague GP.If i heard correct.
  16. iris123

    Who Would You Like To See An Article On?

    I'll ask him for you,Steve.If i go of course.Sure i'll see him at sometime during the season,at Brokstedt if nowhere else.
  17. iris123

    Who Would You Like To See An Article On?

    What about a middle page photo spread on the German riders who have appeared over the years.Uhlenbrock,Müller,Maier....Rolling back the years this weekend Egon and Karl will be appearing alongside the likes of Jiri Stancl in an "oldies" competition at Cloppenburg.
  18. iris123

    Ekstra Liga - 03-07-05

    Seems the father and a mechanic were also involved.Holta had a swollen face afterwards,giving an interview.Happening all too often at the moment,sadly
  19. iris123

    Ekstra Liga - 03-07-05

    I see there was a bit of a scuffle between Holta and the Kasprzaks
  20. iris123

    Ekstra Liga - 03-07-05

    Think your right there.Don't know the regulations but Torun's loyalty to Puszakowski could be there downfall.Maybe they can't change,but apart from one meeting don't think he has scored much at all.Thats o.k if all the others are going well but if someone else is having a bad day the team is stretched
  21. iris123

    Ekstra Liga - 03-07-05

    Yes,very strange how he can do so well in such a strong league,but not in others.Been sitting here watching the Edward Jancarz meeting someone kindly sent me.See Leigh Adams in a different light as well,riding with tenacity.Also first chance to see Hlib.Quite impressive
  22. iris123

    Ekstra Liga - 03-07-05

    And where is your lovely assistant this week, with the averages
  23. iris123

    European Championship Semi

    Could be.The same with Zagar. Walasek started slow(done that earlier in the season here as well).First heat he finished behind Drabik and Gizatullin,no disgrace.Then, next heat he finished behind Gafurov and Dryml .Won his next 2,but in the last heat had bike trouble and retired.So luck of the draw a bit,to have 2 hard heats at the start
  24. M.Ferjan 13 S.Drabik 12+3 A.Dryml 12+2 T.Gapinski 11 B.Brhel 10+3 ------------------ R.Gafurov 10+2 ------------------ T.Suchanek 9 G.Walasek 8 D.Gizatulin 8 J.Kolenko 7 N.Magosi 6 F.Wallner 5 T.Piper 3 C.Hefenbrock 3 M.Schultz 2 M.Wolter 1 Good meeting.1,500 att.Great run-off between Brhel and Gafurov,passing each other a few times.Bit unlucky was Suchanek who apparently blew both bikes in training and i think got a bike from Egon Müller.He looked pretty lively,but fell in his last heat.German riders weren't in it really.Matze had a good start with 2 points and was in second in his next heat,when his bike packed up.After that,maybe because of the bike he didn't look so good
  25. Agree with that. Liked his(Ivan's)comment on the GP venues,saying Norden is like Wembley compared to Krskro,Lonigo....Bring it on,lets have a GP at the Wembley of Ostfriesland

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