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  1. Apparently young poet laureate Amanda Golden defies right wing anti- mask science by not only surviving wearing one mask, but amazingly wore two and could still recite faultlessly her poem at Joe Biden’s inauguration. Surely she should have needed medical help ?  I guess they also think you won’t be able to breath if you travel on a train ......

  2. 1 minute ago, Blupanther said:

    Did he say should ?

    Doesn’t matter what he said last year. Most people are able to learn and develop themselves. I know the right wingers are stuck in the past though

  3. Did he say people should ? Or did he say it makes sense the more protection the better ? Meaning if you want to wear something that protects you better than the minimum recommendation then high 5 ? No doubt if top quality masks were available for all then they would probably be the thing that was recommended, as is starting in some countries and others are discussing it

  4. 2 hours ago, Blupanther said:

    WHO guidance...:rolleyes:



    2 hours ago, iris123 said:

    An average of 28,000 people die each year in the Republic......so far around 3,000 have been put down as a Covid death. You work it out......:rolleyes:

    Of course it shouldn't need to be said, as I went through this all months back with Dean Machine, who posted a similar video.......but on average 77 people die in Ireland each and every day. But luckily if all deaths are down to covid, they have had a miracle in the middle of winter in Ireland as it seems only 7 people have died today. How do they do it ?


  5. 58 minutes ago, Phlipphlopp said:

    An eu enthusiast talking sense. Its a first i know but.....https://www.eurointelligence.com/column/vaccines

    Actually Germany has just ordered 200,000 doses of a covid medicine

    Plus the EU is starting to get a bit miffed about funding companies and not getting enough for their money


  6. Some bods talking about Covid and how to plan for the future. You will laugh, because this is today at Davos, which is the centre of the Great Reset....but the head of AstraZeneca is saying governments need to invest in prevention, rather than cure....only 3% of Health funds go to prevention. Always good to listen to what is being said yourself, rather than wait for the conspiracy loons to tell you what someone has supposedly said



  7. Just now, Phlipphlopp said:

    Avoid buying anything from the eu if possible. Thats been my mantra for the past 4 years .

    Well so far all you have managed is to collect DC2 as a follower.......but start small and work up. All the best with that and the self sufficiency plan

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  8. Well yes, but basically you are forgetting that the plan was not to present any evidence in any of those 60 or so cases anyway. The cunning plan was to wait with the bomb and bring that out in the Supreme Court.....

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  9. 38 minutes ago, Star Lady said:

    Staff may well be used to treating end of life patients as you put it, but to do it day after day, hour after hour must be soul destroying. I certainly couldn’t do it and I doubt you could either. 

    More keyboard warriorism trying to question people’s emotions in an emotional time 

    Then we have whataboutism from Crumpet saying others have it even harder , as if we need to have levels as to how hard it is to see patients die ffs:(

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  10. 22 hours ago, iris123 said:

    Not sure where you get that Sancho is an also ran now. Only 10 days or so they were saying he is getting back to his best after he helped Dortmund beat Leipzig. In fact stating if you look at the stats with goals and assists, he is only 2 behind last season when he was being hailed as one of the tops stars


    Integrally involved in every attack for Dortmund


    Sancho got another two assists yesterday and one paper gave him a 2 rating. 1 being super and 5 being terrible 

  11. 1 hour ago, Blupanther said:

    As i predicted...Lives lost because of playing politics.


    Brilliant that. Have you read it ? Maybe, but if you read it through you would see the person who wrote it was a bit confuddled. He wrote this 

    This comes after the 2020 election, of course. If they admitted the truth about HCQ before the election, it would have benefitted President Trump who has been recommending it for months

    Only trouble is he must have got his dates mixed up, as the AMA changed things on October 30th ! And when was the election ?:rolleyes:

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