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  1. 9 minutes ago, Speedtiger said:

    You are full of crap mate...why is PC not involved and welcome at BV then? 

    Been well documented here and probably elsewhere. He is welcome, but has decided to boycott the place until all ex speedwsy riders get in for nowt 

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  2. 14 hours ago, Split said:

    I imagine that the fact that we English often simply ignore the umlaut must be a constant source of irritation to German speakers.  Iris is correct that Müller can be written as Mueller for those who haven't discovered the alt129 entry.


    Quite interesting on Facebook that the former Wimbledon rider has his name down as Schroeck but his wife has herself down as Schrock I think

  3. 12 hours ago, stevehone said:

    i'm another looking to get to more longtrack, i've only been to Scheessel the year Tatum won his first title and loved it.

    a really small town with limited accomodation, but as mentioned, between Hamburg and Bremen, although only went into Bremen.

    i'm not sure whether it's worth driving to some or fly/car hire

    As I said and one or two agreed Herxheim is the best for crowd/atmosphere. And if you make a few days of it nicely situated for a bit of sightseeing. 100km away from Stuttgart, which is a lovely city. Or in the other direction you have the German- French- Luxemburg triangle. Trier,Metz and Luxemburg are super and great  countryside in the area and a major wine producing area.We got shown around a wine cellar just by asking a question . Very friendly area

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  4. 19 minutes ago, Dandelion said:

    Hi, I hope this is the correct place for longtrack posts as I can't find a section devoted to it. Anyway...

    I am completely new to longtrack but I was thinking maybe this year giving it a chance somewhere. I just want a basic run down and people's opinion on which is the best event to go to for the 2019 season. (Herxheim, La Réole, Marianske Lazne, Mühldorf, Scheeßel, Morizes, Roden)

    Which has the biggest track? Are the bigger tracks better to watch at?

    Which has the biggest crowds drawn?

    Which is the better location to spend a few days in the area? I understand Muhldorf is near Munich... Maybe that would be best?

    Any advice is appreciated, just want a bit of help... Thanks very much in advance :)

    Herxheim from memory has big maybe the biggest crowds

    Scheeßel is also situated between Hamburg and Bremen, both well worth a visit B)

  5. 20 minutes ago, lucifer sam said:

    Rider with the most misspelt name in British Speedway... Mike Broadbank. 

    Mind you, if he was bothered about it, he would have pointed it out to the editor of the Swindon Speedway programme.

    Quite possibly, but were Egon Müller or Kevin Wölberts name ever spelt correctly in the UK? At least the press spell Müller correctly in relation to the Mueller report on Trump . Add to that a number of Swedes like Sjösten or Lindbäck....

  6. 6 minutes ago, lucifer sam said:

    Tony Rickardsson got booted out of the team two weeks early and was replaced by Todd Wiltshire.  The first meeting with Todd was a home win over Coventry, with the team spirit completely transformed.  To be fair, I think Rickardsson had already lost interest in speedway – with hindsight, he should have retired on top of the podium in 2005.

    Just checked and it was 29th March v Wolves, and I was right for once, Leigh Adams guested,but TRick was all over the programme.Front and back cover and inside receiving the rider of the night trophy etc

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  7. 8 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    He never even crossed my mind (although I had left Oxford by then) but wouldn't have come any where near being included in a list of mine.

    The last time I went to Oxford was when he was in the team, but pulled out of the meeting beforehand for some reason !!!

    From memory Leigh Adams guested instead

  8. 4 minutes ago, lucifer sam said:

    But it would be a bit daft for e.g. an Oxford fan to pick Tony Rickardsson, just because he did a handful of appearances for the club.  I'm sticking with what they've done for the club.

    That was the question as to how Simmo and Banger get picked for West Ham, when they performed much much better elsewhere

  9. 3 minutes ago, Milankovitch said:

    At least three world finals in the 80's and 90's were won by riders using 'big' engines, fortunately that sort of thing can't happen now. 

    One insider told me Egon had a manipulated bike, but that it was something to do with the exhaust rather than engine. But can anything be proved ? Mostly rumours and they go right back to the 1930s

  10. 6 minutes ago, norbold said:

    I think CHR meant the eight greatest of all time and then grade them as if they were in one team together. The point you make about Banger is what I meant and I agree. Malcolm Simmons started out as a reserve but worked his way up to heat leader with West Ham, but his best days came after he left the Hammers, so he is another in the Split/Banger category. Lofqvist was always a heat leader.

    Thanks Norbold.The Lofqvist situation was the one that was confusing me most.I think when Tommy Jansson first came to Wembley he was down at reserve,so thought maybe Christer was at West Ham.Then it would all fit into place.In fact I think it would be more interesting to make a team up of the best riders who actually rode certain positions,rather than the best 7 or 8 riders.Tatum for instance one of the best reserves I saw at Wimbledon,but not one of the best 7 riders

  11. I do remember some meetings at Plough Lane in the early 70s where you had difficulty finding a way through the crowd.The gangways were pretty well blocked.But they were mostly individual(Internationale,2nd Division Riders or even the early Spring Classics or test match meetings.I seem to recall one of the England v USA tests in the early 80s being packed where I was.But maybe by that stage some of the stadium was closed off

  12. 8 hours ago, norbold said:

    The problem I have with this is, do you mean when they were actually riding for the club, or over their whole career? My best example of this would be Split Waterman. If it was over his whole career he would certainly make my New Cross team, but if we are just talking about the period he was actually at New Cross, probably not.

    I am a bit confused at how to put a team together.I am wondering if the riders actually have to have ridden in that position for a team,rather than just listing 7/8 best riders?For instance the inclusion of Banger troubles me,because I didn't think he was that great when he rode for the Hammers and developed into a top rider later.Simmo,i think did ride as reserve for West Ham,but did Löfqvist? That might explain the absence of better riders like McKinlay

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  13. 1 minute ago, customhouseregular said:

    totally impossible to compare due to many factors...machinery, track differences, strength of competition, different racing formats, curtailed careers etc.

    3 World Championships makes Tai the most successful but not necessarily the best British rider. I would venture Peter Craven who but for his untimely death I feel would have won more titlesn in an era when winning was more difficult.

    Why was winning more difficult in that era? I think all champs from that era were multiple champs,which sort of makes it seem it was easy.If lots of riders only won 1 title I would say you have a point

  14. 26 minutes ago, steve roberts said:

    Wasn't always the case during its formative conception.

    But it doesn’t really matter that much.The year before TRick met some of his main rivals only once (Boyce) or twice (Hancock) . A year later and Hans had to meet all his main rivals 6 times....at least !!! Checked and Hans met TRick 9 times and Sam 7 in the first GP season.


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