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  1. Cost of living is the big difference. There is around 40% lower living cost in Poland. Obviously great for foreigners and that is why a lot of Germans travel over the border every week. Just like according to Dortmund and a BBC report a couple of years back 1000s of British football fans take advantage of the cheap tickets for Dortmund’s Bundesliga home games. Cheapest tickets to stand in the 80,000 crowd are less than €17!!!

  2. On ‎6‎/‎23‎/‎2019 at 8:07 AM, racers and royals said:

    Brokstedt v Stralsund Saturday June 22nd  


    Total b###s up this. Brokstedt with Holta and Rene Bach etc and then Stralsund turn up with a bunch of youngsters. Lots said on the net(including myself) that they wouldn't turn up and pay Bundesliga prices for what was a 2nd division team and even some of the second division sides are better than that Stralsund team!!! Should be a minimum strength.....was actually looking forward to this but it was obvious before a lap was run who was going to end up winning.Speedway !!! No wonder I am losing my enthusiasm. Maybe Ludwigslust at the weekend will get me to the track. Lower level meeting, but if the line-up is relatively equal ability then I am ok with that. Rant over

  3. It is also no new phenomenon, not wanting stadia near your home. Sure there were complaints way back in the 1930s about speedway racing in or around London. And it wasn't confined to the UK, as the track in Hamburg caused neighbours to complain and try to get it closed for a few years in the early 1930s

  4. 27 minutes ago, OveFundinFan said:

    May have something to do with funding that the go is at Prague. Doesn’t look like Pardubice is a big city,  ore like a town. Could be Prague city council provide funds on the basis thousands spend money in the city over go weekend. I don’t think Pardubice has the same attraction.  Good track though.

    You would have thought the situation would be the other way round. On the basis Prague is one of Europe’s major tourist cities the council don’t need to attract speedway fans. In fact in a lot of major cities they are turning against attracting tourists. On the other hand Pardubice council might want to attract a few thousand foreigners for a weekend. But I don’t think the speedway club want to touch the GP

    Quick google shows both Prague and Czech Republic had a record tourist year in 2018 and Prague is already taking measures to clamp down on Air bnb and have appointed a night life Mayor to try and get to grips with the excesses of tourists and cheap drink 

  5. 4 minutes ago, James Carter said:

    Wow spoiler alert

    Win some, you lose some. Can’t do right for some folks on here. Thought it might actually attract some folk knowing Robert done so well. There you go. To spoil it even more the meeting dropped off after they done track work after ht12 and a few people who were at the meeting complained this is a regular feature at Gûstrow

    Nobody has to watch it if knowing the top 2 is a real spoiler though.And I don’t apologize for doing what I think is right

  6. Liam having a hard time at the moment. Carrying an injury from a few days ago, he rode at Güstrow last night and had 2 falls and pulled out of the meeting. Fellow countryman McGuinness managed 6 prs in a meeting won by Artjom Trofimovs in front of a decent crowd for a junior meeting of 1300

  7. Talk about a closed shop and Robert Lambert in the same breath !!!:rolleyes:

    What is the answer then stop the best riders getting in so we have some new faces who aren’t good enough just for the sake of it? Do we ask Liverpool and Real Madrid to put out their reserves next year so they don’t do well and lesser teams qualify ..,.. 

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