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  1. On 1/15/2022 at 5:10 PM, stevehone said:




    Is he forgetting he was the person who appointed him into the job ? 

    President Trump congratulated Dunford on a job well done and thanked Milley for accepting the position. "In his new role as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley will serve as my top military advisor," Trump said. "I have absolute confidence that he will fulfill his duty with the same brilliance and fortitude he has shown throughout his long and very distinguished career. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, Blupanther said:

    Believing in viruses is like believing in demons that invade your body and possess your soul. Both conditions come from within, not without. By making you think they come from without, you can be controlled by the big pharma priesthood who offer the "cure"...

    Yes if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist in the world of Naturopathy….. oh wait :rofl:


  3. I guess it is a case of politicians deflecting from what is really important.......whereas something the country does have control over and can make an actual difference is less important ? Or do polls ignore it ?

    Bulgaria and Romania have Europe's lowest life-expectancy


    The end of 2021 brought bad news for both Bulgarians and Romanians, as the latest European Commission Health Report puts the south-eastern European nations last in terms of the overall lifespan of their citizens.

    The report shows that due to Covid-19, Romanians and Bulgarian now die even younger than before. Life expectancy in both Bulgaria and Romania fell by 1.5 and 1.4 years respectively in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic - double the European average of 0.7 years.

    The European countries with the highest life expectancy are Norway (83.3 years), Iceland (83.1 years) and Ireland (82.8 years), while Romania (74.2 years) and Bulgaria (73.6 years) rank last.

    In Bulgaria, much like in Romania, the "Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily reversed years of progress in life expectancy, already the lowest in the EU in 2019. Despite health system improvements over the last decade, the impact of persistently high-risk factors, high out-of-pocket payments and excessively hospital-centred care continue to hamper the system's performance", the report points out.

    Life expectancy in Romania and Bulgaria saw an uptick of four and two years respectively over the period 2000-2019, but still remains below the EU average by a whopping six and eight years.


    In Romania, women live, on average, eight years longer than men (78.4 years compared to 70.5) - one of the largest gender gaps in life expectancy in the EU.

    One major culprit that shortens the lives of many Bulgarians and Romanians is the ailing healthcare system.

    Per capita spending on prevention in both countries is the lowest in the EU, the document says. The healthcare system is under-resourced and underperforming.

    Despite recent spending increases, healthcare funding on primary care is also the lowest among EU countries. The weakness of primary care and prevention could explain the high mortality rates in Romania in Bulgaria from both preventable and treatable causes.

    The report says that in Bulgaria "it is estimated that up to one-third of all patients circumvent primary care physicians by going directly to hospital emergency departments".


    Lowest spend per capita

    The healthcare in both countries has consistently been ranked in past years as the EU's worst according to the Euro Health Consumer Index. Romania (€661 per inhabitant) and Bulgaria (€626 per inhabitant) spend less on their medical system than any other EU country, according to Eurostat, way behind top performers such as Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark, all with over €5,500 health expenditure per inhabitant each year.

    Another problem identified by the report is the lack of medical staff.

    For Romania "the migration of medical staff has contributed to the shortage of health workers in the country, and the number of doctors and nurses per capita is well below the EU average. This negatively affects access to care and increases waiting times".

    In Bulgaria "several factors contribute to the nursing shortage, including the low number of nursing graduates, a loss of trained nurses due to emigration, an ageing workforce (the average age of nurses is over 50) and dissatisfaction with salaries and working conditions".


    This is a problem former communist EU countries have been battling for decades. Droves of doctors and nurses left to work in other member states in search of better pay and better work conditions, escaping the lack of investment in the medical system, widespread corruption, and politically-appointed hospital managers.

    In addition to the poor healthcare system, the European Commission report shows that unhealthy habits contribute to almost half of all deaths in Bulgaria and Romania.

    "Romania reports higher alcohol consumption and unhealthier diets than EU averages".

    Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death, while lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death.

    Bulgaria gets the same grim assessment.

    "Smoking, unhealthy diets, alcohol consumption and low physical activity are responsible for nearly half of all deaths in Bulgaria. The adult and adolescent smoking rates are the highest in the EU.


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  4. Just now, PotteringAround said:

    How many John Greenwoods have been hidden now?   That's the real tragedy

    I think someone is trying to make as much of a nuisance out of himself and disrupt things, before another enforced vacation comes along. Maybe for the last time....

  5. Everyone understands that omicron is not a common flu :rolleyes:


    Do you remember what it sounded like in the spring of 2020? Political leaders around the world launched their own theories about the virus that spread. Some, such as US President Trump and his Brazilian counterpart Bolsonaro, took it easy for the most part.

    Corona was strictly speaking no worse than a flu. Maybe it could be washed out of the lungs or cured with home remedies. Absolutely no reason to appear in disfiguring mouth guards or cancel glorious encounters with screaming crowds.


    Figures on the rubbish heap

    The Swedish Public Health Agency has revised its forecasts. New knowledge about omikron's ability to infect means that all old figures must be thrown away.

    In the worst-case scenario, experts now expect almost 70,000 infected a day when the peak is reached in a couple of weeks. If the third dose proves to have a really high protective effect, the number of infected people can at best stay below 50,000.

    Even though it now seems that the vaccine and the new virus variant together mean that a smaller proportion of the sick will have to be hospitalized, the burden on care will be extreme. And people will die.
    In addition, those who are ill need to stay home from work.

    It is not a common flu epidemic. One day we may look at covid that way, but not today.

    70,000 infected a day who can not go to work. Anyone realizes that it will paralyze important societal functions.

    A prime minister and two party leaders were forced to isolate themselves after Wednesday's party leadership debate. In retrospect, Andreas Norlén's decision to conduct the debate appears to be a big mistake

    Liberal leader Nyamko Sabuni may have to thank her lucky star for not being allowed to join.

    Sabuni had to choose other scenes. To Svenska Dagbladet , for example, she said that freedom and rights can be restricted "just so that people can become infected".

    Left -wing leader Nooshi Dadgostar went on to accuse the government of imposing restrictions as a way to save money. And Center leader Annie Lööf called the measures incomprehensible. That was of course before she tested positive.

    No, neither Sabuni, Dadgostar nor Lööf are Trump or Bolsonaro. But as long as the virus can get past our immune system, both party leaders and everyone else must realize that it is not a seasonal flu that is ravaging. And act accordingly.


  6. 34 minutes ago, E I Addio said:


     According to the poll 70% of Romanians think leaving the EU is  a price worth paying to defend national interests.



    But it is a poll. 

    To counter that then and your argument, this was at the end of 2021. And it has been a regular thing with Poles that the vast majority support membership. Maybe their politicians need to take notice ?

    A recent CBOS opinion poll shows that 88 percent of the respondents support Poland’s membership in the European Union and only 6 percent oppose it.



  7. 1 hour ago, arnieg said:

    Lars Gunnestad

    Must admit i had a break from speedway after 1977 until 1983 when i slowly got back into the sport again. lthough i did go to the ocassional meeting during those years. Mostly the National League riders championship, and one England v USA test. So there are quite a lot of riders during that period i haven't heard of.

    Gunnestad also i think came during my next perdiod away from the sport after the Dons originally closed, as did Kylingstad, so Holta is the only one i really have much of a memory of after the Lovaas, Eide , Stangeland period. Have seen a number of less successful riders though (Rune Sola,, Glenn Moi ) this Century in Denmark. None so far have made an impact of the sport, but see Fredriksen has signed up somewhere

  8. 4 minutes ago, Blupanther said:

    It would be no surprise that many Australians agree with their government against Mr Djokovic. In the 1930s the vast majority of Germans agreed with Hitler, and the vast majority of the Italians agreed with Mussolini...

    Ho hum

    Despite achieving a much better result than in the November 1932 election, the Nazis did not do as well as Hitler had hoped. In spite of massive violence and voter intimidation,the Nazis won only 43.9% of the vote, rather than the majority that he had expected.

    After that Germany didn’t have a chance to vote again, as the other right wing parties helped Hitler to power and a one party state. But they ain’t bad are they, as Crumpet chose to live in one

  9. Never heard of him. Had he achieved something beforehand like a good performance in the Norwegian championship ? Recommended by another rider? But Reading we’re not alone at the time in signing hopefuls that were disappointing 

  10. 18 minutes ago, Wolfsbane said:

    Australian Government lawyer

    '..........Mr Djokovic may become an icon of free choice......'

    Are you paying attention now?


    Surely he is the same as all other rule breakers and should be treated so ? Shouldn’t we be applauding this ? Oh no. Obviously you and Blu are very much part of the one rule for some, another rule for others brigade

    I personally want Boris, Keir, Cummings, and all the sports and film stars to abide by the rules I have to. Full stop 

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