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  1. Mark.A

    Speedway bike for sale

    GM long stroke for sale blitz mk2 carb full Jawa chassis 10 races since last service by Trevor Hedge new barrel piston and big end good condition ready to race if you need anymore info please get in touch £2250
  2. Mark.A

    Jawa 500 2 Valve For Project / Restoration

    Hi how much are you looking for it
  3. Mark.A

    Carb For Sale

    Blixt Mk 1 for sale new mix arm needle spray tube slide only used 6 times . Comes with used K&N air filter cable and throttle so can be put straight on and use £180
  4. Mark.A

    Stra At King's Lynn Today

    There is a change to meeting start time it is now at 13:00 not 12:00
  5. Mark.A

    Lydd -19th September

    First race 14:00 and they don't charge to watch
  6. Mark.A

    Bike For Sale

    Email sent
  7. Mark.A

    Bike For Sale

    Email sent
  8. Mark.A

    Bike For Sale

    Email sent
  9. Mark.A

    Bike For Sale

    Email sent
  10. LIST OF RIDERS TAKING PART IN THE BRITISH VETERAN SPEEDWAY RIDERS OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2014 "MODERN" LAYDOWN CLASS (riders over the age of 30) Chris Shallcross James Bowles Dave Patten Paul Stone Mick Ridgway Mark Anderson Adrian Harden Trevor Bebbington Gavin Ware Nigel Limb Glyn Edwards Syd Sherman Mark Castle Dave Perkins Rob Hollingworth Gary Ball Reserve: Ray Tillman "RETRO" 4VALVE UPRIGHT CLASS (riders over the age of 40) Richard Hutley Gary O'Hare Glen Belcher Dean Felton Dave Harvey Lee Coleman Ian Leverington Les Rowland Tim Mount Gary Kirtley-Paine Keith Hill Nigel Limb Adrian Harden Paul Evitts Stu Towner John Pope Reserve: Doug Wooler "CLASSIC" 2VALVE UPRIGHT CLASS (riders over the age of 45) Dave Dorling Giles Dismore Derrick Keyes Graham Tattersall Ian Barney (Chris Mac's bike) Graham Knowler Ron Jones Steve Cook Rob Snow Phil Spencer Chris Mackett ? Reserve: Malcolm Smith
  11. Check out lydd speedway on face book full line up on there
  12. Mark.A

    Bike For Sale

    Yes it is
  13. Mark.A

    Bike For Sale

    I will be there on sat but not on the bike I have for sale
  14. Mark.A

    Bike For Sale

    Bike still for sale

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