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    Thank you to the BSPA

    This demise of once a great family sport in Great Britain is now on its last legs thanks mainly to the BSPA. You ran the sport your way for years and years. When speedway was on a high, as it was in my opinion up until probably the mid-eighties, you took the fans and riders for granted. Now you’ve ruined the sport and you have got the nerve to ask now for a National Supporters Group to meet 3 times a year at various venues around the country. “To provide a structured platform for supporters (each representing one of the sport's tracks/clubs) to meet with the BSPA to air their views (however critical!) and provide ideas. The BSPA see supporter engagement as critical to the future of the sport - seeing the formation of this new Group which it believes will add significant value to the sport's continued development.” I love this part ‘will add significant value to the sports continued development’! Poppy cock!!!! When emails have been sent to BSPAHQ asking questions and making suggestions they the BSPA have not even had the decency to reply! What great public relations that is! My speedway fix will probably be at Lydd/Rye House when they have a meeting or training school, both of course black listed by the SCB and at Iwade, not black listed. Perhaps that’s where speedway’s future lies, away from the BSPA? Somebody from the BSPA must read the forums and wouldn’t it be nice if just for once they had the decency to actually reply…….
  2. Dave Stummings

    Rye House 2018

    All the talk by various people “in the know” including Len claimed Warren Scott was a millionaire and had money to burn, hence taking on Rye House. Well obviously his millions ain’t no more! As for Steve Jensen he started as the man with the keys, then co promoter. He’s tried his best but with the total lack of speedway knowledge he was kinda thrown in at the deep end. Perhaps his man management skills could do with a tweek here and there but I’m guessing he’s also now jobless along with the charming Emma. Presentation at Rye was truly awful I saw a post that said Rye House had become stale in Lens latter years. Yes it had and if you go to Central Park Sittingbourne Lens track there’s very poor presentation and it’s stale to, but at least it’s still going. I did here rumours that Warren Scott had pulled his interest of the speedway before the start of the season and passed it on to his brother, how true that is I don’t know. But perhaps this could explain a few things?
  3. Dave Stummings

    Rye House 2018

    Not sure how it works £ note wise but I believe the go kart track is part of the 99 lease that was bought by Len in the early 2000’s so I would think the gokart track comes under the control who ever owns BMR.
  4. Dave Stummings

    Rye House 2018

    The speedway club I believe submit their accounts as Carter & Bailey. This company has gone back donkeys years at Rye House. Len traded at Rye under this name may have sold the company name to BMR.
  5. Dave Stummings

    Rye House 2018

    Not sure if this has already been posted but doesn’t make good reading from the Dragons Speedway Club “Hi everyone, sadly the meeting this Sunday (8th) at Rye House is cancelled. Our next event is Sunday 29th July 12-4pm at Rye House. If you would like to enter please contact Claire on: Mob: 07904 234022 email: dragonsspeedway@gmail.com”
  6. And possibly in the Championship to! Let’s look at the reason Rye House is such a mess after so much was promised a few years ago by the wealthy owner Warren Scott. Firstly the ludicrous decision to make the long bar a motorcycle dealership. Can someone explain how this benefits anyone? The presentation is awful. That’s no criticism to Craig Saul who does a sterling job alone, but it’s basically flat! The way the meetings are run as though no one has a care in the world, well the Rye management may not have, but the few paying punters that are there most certainly have. The meeting against Belle Vue, one of the air bags was punched. Already delayed by a sun break the replacement air bag was sought and it took ages to come from the pits. Surely they should be on the bends ready in case of such an instance! Then we come to the moto cross effort that is now in place of the centre green. Are they getting massive crowds for these events? Have they actually had a meeting yet as such on the jumps? The awful stand by the starting gate which has steps that are so steep! How on earth the H&S people passed that I have no idea what’s so ever. The viewing platform by the top bar [by the starting gate] on top of the container is an accident waiting to happen with uneven planks of wood! The suicidal decision to move to the top league and loose there Saturday race night was probably the biggest mistake they have made. Even with good crowds last year there’s been money spent on the stadium no doubt but I’m not sure in what part. Who’s to blame? Ultimately the promotion but the also the blame is partly with the cronies at the BSPA. If speedway is to continue at Rye House then it needs a team the club can afford, race on a Saturday night and Bank Holiday Mondays and in a lower league. Unless the dithering idiots at BSPA HQ decide to make more changes next year [which they’ll have to] speedway really will be on its last legs in the UK. Probably six man teams and have a combined 1st/2nd Division and a NL for those who basically can’t afford to run higher league speedway, which will probably be most teams. One final point the start line girl who holds the blue umbrella needs a new one as its basically had it!
  7. Dave Stummings

    Rye House 2018

    Saturday, old habits indeed! Yes of course your correct Hammer1969, Wednesday lol lol. But due to work I won't be there so will be dependent on others views.
  8. Dave Stummings

    Rye House 2018

    I read with interest the stadium cross track that has appeared on the centre green at Rye House. The stadium, as in Len’s day, isn’t cheap to run and as many activities need to be run to enable to keep the stadium a viable proposition. Let’s not forget when Len sold the lease to Warren Scott that also included the go-karts, which must give a fairly good rental income. Was it a mistake to perhaps remove the dog racing? My personal view is Rye should have stayed second tier and therefore could have kept that Saturday night mantle. With more clubs in the second tier and a good crop of riders to, we could have had variety. But alas we have the boring top tier, but of course many will say Rye was brilliant last year, really? But let’s look at the reasons why staying in the Championship didn’t happen. When Len became involved with Central Park, Sittingbourne [Kent Kings] in 2013 it was a stone’s throw from where he lived. While he was running Rye House he would spend time sleeping in a caravan as well as being co-promoter at Kent, it was obvious he couldn’t do both. So Len decides to sell Rye House to Warren Scott. The stadium was, let’s be honest becoming very run down and new blood was needed. So the last year of Len’s reign, at the start of the season we were told there would be improvements you would see every week at the stadium. Well that never happened, a part from the flower bed by the turnstiles. Len leaves and Warren Scott and Steve Jenson take over. The bright lights of TV money, more exposure of the BMR brand could only be a good thing and of course the top league racing was what Scott wanted from the word go to promote team BMR. A new motorcycle outlet was being built [is it finished yet?] in place of the long bar and all would appear to be rosy! Well that’s what a lot of people thought and still do. All these people who have said the ‘wow’ factor was at Rye House must have been referring to the Rye House pub. The stadium was and probably still is a mess. The old wooden terracing by the start had to go, no question, but a farcical situation of putting the ref’s box back to the old box it spent many years in. Putting a temporary ref’s box for the TV match last year, exposed to the elements, the continual building work of the motorcycle dealership on the long bar and crap viewing, but two years before just to remind you we were told there would be improvements every week! I for one have not been impressed with the promotional team at Rye. It obvious all the changes have been made track side. Looking at the video the straights of the stadium cross track seem fairly high and as for the bends well………. Nicholls, Harris and Kasprzak will be on good deal financially which the club can probably ill afford. Can only assume Barker wanted more £ notes thats why he left? The Lakeside fans won’t bother with Rye as they have in my opinion a very good and exciting team. Crowds will drop considerably at Rye and especially being mid-week. I fear for speedway’s future at Rye. The general public seem to be the least of BMR’s concerns. Am I, along with other paying fans being taken for granted? Facilities are important for the paying public and making them feel comfortable. That I’m afraid hasn’t been the case at Rye in the last few years. No doubt this Monday’s meeting won’t take place as the winner will probably be Mother Nature, so we will all have to wait until Saturday week to find out if it's as bad as it looks!
  9. I’ll be off to this year’s Celebration of Speedway as it is an enjoyable day out. But I do have reservations over the price that has increased to £10 per person this year. If I am correct the event was originally free if you produced a copy of the Speedway Star advert. Then I recall it became a voluntary donation, then it was £5 and now it’s up to a tenner. Prices for drinks and food aren’t exactly cheap either and I’m sure they would still make money by charging less. I fully except the admission price to walk around the Wildlife Park is considerably more but not everyone wants to walk around the park as nice as it is and especially if the weather is inclement! I’m sure there are people who take advantage of the cheap price on the day to use all the facilities on site but as I say not everyone want to use them. Surely the Speedway Star idea should still be used? I do think the event is now becoming a money earner for the park. Does money on the day go to the World Speedway Riders Association, to the park, the speedway museum [is that part of the World Speedway Riders Association?] or do they all benefit? Maybe as an olden these days on a pension I expect too much. High Beach the spiritual home of the first meeting did outgrow its self but it would have been an idea perhaps to have something there this year as after all it is speedways 90th anniversary.
  10. Dave Stummings

    Romford Speedway Reunion in 2019

    I think I read that the greyhound stadium is going the same way as Wimbledon’s stadium in Plough Lane. I’m sure there are restrictions on numbers in the stadium due to health & safety issues. If it’s true it's a very familiar story, run it to the ground and sell it off for housing. As for a Romford Reunion bring it on! Great times with fantastic rivalry between Brian Foote and Crayford’s Tony Childs. Dave Lanning [and his Eastbourne Eagles] had a love/hate relationship with the Bombers fans, George Major and Alf Wells weren’t particularly popular either! As for Len Silver and his Rayleigh Rockets….. 1976 World Speedway Champion Peter Collins had one meeting at the Brooklands Stadium in 1971, wonder what he made of the place? In those days promoters were a different class to the muppets who ran clubs today! Maurice Morley now 93 I believe is in reasonable health and wouldn’t it be fantastic to see at the Romford Reunion!
  11. Dave Stummings

    2018 Celebration of Speedway

    In years gone by Len Silver would have run an anniversary meeting at Rye House as it's probably the nearest track to High Beech. It's a shame the current Rye promoters didn’t have a meeting the night before the Celebration of Speedway at Rye. Yes the weather could be iffy but it couldn’t be as cold as in 1978 although of course rain may be an issue, but that can cause mayhem during the summer. But no doubt the BSPA would want a fortune to run from Rye House [or any other track] to hold a meeting out of season. But surely this would have been great PR to run a meeting close to that original date/venue and support the event. But I'm afraid in my view the sport is run by pot-bellied old men, with little or no interest in promoting speedway other than that of their own track, but what do I know!
  12. Dave Stummings

    Rye House 2018

    It’s a shame for me as work commitments make it very difficult for me traveling to either Rye on a Wednesday or Arena on a Friday, so much for their excuses 18 months ago about issues with Friday night racing. The team put out by Steve Jetson were born around the same times as Hanna-Barbera, originally ran The Jetsons in 1963. There’s no disputing Nicholls and Harris on their night around Rye can be truly ruthless, risking life and limb. But they’re another year older and perhaps a bit wiser? The same can be said for Stuart Robson. With Harris also racing for Glasgow, plus probably meetings on the continent how long before he burns himself out? Eddie Kennett and Ben Barker are at the moment the youngsters of the team and hopefully Kennett with far less pressure on his shoulders in 2018 than in 2017 can rekindle the form around Rye we all know he can do. Barker is very up and down but did start to pick up towards the end of 2017. Max Clegg hasn’t really impressed me and as the baby of the team I’m not expecting too much from him. My worry is away from Rye. I can see them struggling. But what about KK, is he the missing link? We all know when his confidence drops he is truly awful. Every year he seems to become a total disaster at some stage during the season. If as expected KK does sign the benefit of Stanstead just up the road will be of some help to him but can Rye afford to have him drop out of form with the other six team members? But let’s look on the plus side. We have the fantastic Rye House website updated monthly, the stadium will have been completely renovated, the old long bar may now well be a dealership and may even be finished, [what benefit that is to speedway at Rye House I have no idea] the bars will be selling tinned beer, the club shop will be run by the club, then given back to the Barbers mid-season after they fail to make enough money, the chip bar will be selling cod and not some fish substitute, tea and coffee will still be £1 [great value], the referee and announcers box will be on the start/finish line and in a proper box and not open to the elements as it was towards the end of last season and finally we still have speedway at Rye House. Personally I think Rye made a big mistake moving from Saturday’s and should have stayed in the second tier of British speedway. With the shower at Arena racing on a Friday in speedway’s Championship, I can see many who left Arena to go to Rye returning back to Purfleet. But what do I know, just an old git typing his thoughts, but if it’s bought the smallest smile to your face, fantastic!
  13. Dave Stummings

    British Speedway 2018

    With the uncertainty of various clubs for 2018 I wonder what the BSPA have planned for next year. Will promotion/relegation continue? Has it or will it been a success? I’d like to see the tactical substitute rule changed to when a team are 6 or more down a inform rider can replace a reserve or out of form rider who is the main body of the team. Will the six man teams be put back on the table with the apparent lack of riders? Regional speedway leagues don’t practically wet my whistle, although with only a handful of teams in the upper league perhaps if it gives more variety of teams and riders I may change my mind. With the uncertainty with Lakeside, Plymouth and Cradley’s participation in next season’s 3rd division I wonder if we’ll see anyone replacing them should they not run, Rye House maybe?
  14. Speedway at the end of September at Lakeside, wow! Think Lakeside will probably win the home leg, but will it be enough for the second leg? Hopefully Belle Vue will have Dan Bewley available. After yesterday at NLRC there should be some good races with Morley
  15. Dave Stummings

    Nl Riders Championship Leicester Sun Sep 24th 3pm

    The tyres supposedly went to Sheffield! Bowen and Bewley made the meeting acceptable; otherwise I'm afraid it was a typical Leicester meeting. I have to say Luke Bowen is fearless, his outside manoeuvres trying to pass Ben Morley were breath-taking. Think the few fans on the 3rd and 4th bend had quite a bit of dust [or was it shale?] to wash off when they got home. League Riders Championships were once meetings when it was the cream of the league representing their club. Obviously injuries played there part yesterday but Steve Boxall non-inclusion is baffling. Another baffling decision was NOT to announce dates and matches for the play-off semis at the meeting. This was after all the NLRC and surely would have been an ideal time to announce the dates! What should have happened the promoters of all the NL Clubs should have been in attendance [were they?] and they would have been giving interviews over the PA doing there bit to promote their meeting, but needless to say nothing! We've had to learn later that evening the dates and who has chosen who. But typical that Eastbourne haven't announced their home leg date with Kent yet! Speedway could be run so much better, the little things can make all the difference, but I guess when you have Muppets running British Speedway you can't expect anything less. And finally can we have the NLRC somewhere different next year please.........
  16. With some clubs season already over Kent continue with a very important fixture [weather permitting] against Steve Boxall's Plymouth team. Surprisingly no thread this Monday morning. It's a must win match for Kent with several away matches, one of which is still to be arranged. Always thought the NL and old PL were the best leagues to be in, with rider shortages it seems what ever league your team races in you just don't know who's not going to be riding. On the way the Kent team have rode this year can only see a Kings win, but if the track is wet, it could be close.
  17. Dave Stummings

    Hammers Vs Stoke 3/9

    I think the issues at Lakeside go far deeper than we all know. I have never been a fan of the track, but the reasons for a drop to a lower league were of course due to the money being lost over the last few years at Lakeside. Stuart Douglas has been probably the only reason Lakeside are still racing today. To go from seeing the top riders in the then Elite league to the third tier will of course mean the gates will drop, especially as Rye House had taken the step up to the first tier of British Speedway. Monday nights at Lakeside would I believe would be a bigger disaster next season, as this year has been. Look at the crowds when Sky Sports Monday meetings were televised, probably similar crowd to yesterday! Thursday race nights, well of course Arena have ridden before on Thursdays with reasonable crowds. My own personal view would be second division racing, however I can’t see that being much cheaper to run than last year. In the second tier that means they could race when the club want, in conjunction with the stadium owners. However I thought the stadium was under the spotlight as being sold and that was one of the reasons Lakeside went into the NL? Is there a way forward? If riders such as Jason Doyle don't want to ride next season unless a Monday or Thursday then let them not bother riding here in the UK. But has the UK enough riders to go around without the likes of Doyle and co? It's the GP's that have really hammered British Speedway's in to the depths is currently in. Season's finishing in late August early September is crazy. Long gone are the days when a club would have 30 home meetings a year. At least Kent are running meetings every Monday, who've probably had double the meetings Lakeside have had this season. And what of the Lakeside season ticket holders, have they lost out this year with the club pulling out of the NLKOC? It’s all a mess at Lakeside, like the rest of British Speedway. As I said at the start of my reply to City Rebel the issues at Lakeside go far deeper than we all know.
  18. Dave Stummings

    Kent Kings 2017

    Can’t see a topic on the Kings for 2017 excuse the post if there is. With James Shanes riding for Poole and possibly a Championship club, plus Long Track and Grass Track will he have time to race NL speedway? With the possibility of Danny Ayres doubling up to this could be a very difficult season with missing riders if both Ayres and Shanes ride for the Kings and are unavailable. Should the club look elsewhere to replace these riders? Jack Thomas should improve no end in 2017 as should Ayres and Shanes whatever clubs they ride for. Of the rest of the 2016 team I doubt Luke Clifton will be back, Danno Verge had moments but did struggle on the fast pacey tracks. David Mason obviously still enjoys his speedway but will he want another season riding? Good to see Luke Bowen back for 2017, looked like he really enjoyed his speedway riding for the Kings and is an excellent number one to lead the Kings in 2017.
  19. WE HAVE LIFT OFF! Ok it’s early to put up [6 weeks] this thread, but for the first time in many along year I’m quietly looking forward to the 2017 season. Have the BSPA at long last got it right I wonder? The opener for my local track Rye House is the visit of Wolverhampton’s on April 1st, ironically of course April Fool’s Day! For the Wolves certainly Sam Masters has been around the Rye track quite a few times but not at the senior level. But how much difference is there now between the old Premier and the new SCB Premiership? Not sure if Adam Skornicki has even ridden at Rye but it’ll certainly be a meeting when the riders from both teams will be brushing off the winter cobwebs. The outstanding rider for the Wolves is Freddie Lindgren, again not sure if he's ridden Rye and with backup from Jacob Thorssell. The tail does look a bit weak for Wolves in Nathan Greaves, Kyle Howarth, and Max Clegg. With the Rockets 1-6 certainly looking a lot stronger with Eddie Kennett, Chris Harris, Scott Nicholls, Davey Watt, Stuart Robson, Rob Branford and with Ellis Perks hopefully he'll be able to pick a few points up. A few of the Wolves boys will have ridden at PK’s farewell a few weeks before and Wolves will have raced at home to Poole the previous Monday so they’ll certainly be less race rusty than the new look Rockets! As for the result, well I’d probably still plump for a Rye win but you never know with speedway. I’m sure there’ll be some disagreements in my post and sure there’ll be some corrections! It’ll be interesting to see what changes and improvements have been made to Rye's facilities for the opener as quite honestly last year the place was a building site, let’s hope it’s all completed for the opener on April 1st!
  20. Dave Stummings

    Rye House V Wolverhampton Sat 1st April

    It's under a week, bring on the 2017 BMR Rockets :t:
  21. Dave Stummings

    Rye House V Wolverhampton Sat 1st April

    Two weeks Saturday until BLAST OFF, bring it on :t: :t: :t:
  22. Dave Stummings

    Lakeside 2017

    I’ve never been a fan of Arena Essex when they’ve been in the top league. Strange isn’t it I just couldn’t get on with EL speedway at Arena. However I enjoyed second division racing there and also when they raced 3rd tier only a good few years back. So despite me not going to Arena at all last year, I will return at least for their opening meeting and probably a few others throughout the course of the 2017 season. Despite the so called ‘best riders’ riding in the EL, I found Arena wasn’t the most entertaining track to watch these so called ‘big boys’, but the NL I think will produce a lot more passing. Yes it’ll probably be due to rider errors in some cases but Arena is a tight track and could well be a learning curve for many. In relation to the team, I’d take this team if they could race in Hackney’s Waterden Road Stadium! Hang on, David Mason did! In all seriousness Arena need support to try and find a new home. If this season is the last one at The Arena Essex Raceway I think like many tracks, it’ll be confined the record books, just like Hackney. So back to the team, Morley will be outstanding as he was last season at this level. I am surprised he’s not riding in a higher league although I’m sure that’ll probably happen. Zach Wajtknech should do well, but after that the tail is extremely long. George Hunter I hope will be calmed down by the Tatum influence, otherwise he’ll be injured more of the season than fit. Alfie Bowtell’s 3rd season in the sport and after a good start with Rye in 2015 didn’t perhaps live up to expectations at Mildenhall in 2015. Nick Laurence will probably pick a few points up here and there judging by some of the team line-ups I’ve seen thus far and especially around Arena. David Mason obviously still enjoys riding a speedway bike competitively. All though getting a lot of stick on here will be good for a few points both home and away. Yes the teams not got the look of a Belle Vue Colts team perhaps but as I stated earlier, I’d jump at the chance to have that team [or any other team for that matter] racing at The Wick! Despite what Jon Cook has stated regards the availability of the track in 2017, I believe it goes a lot deeper than that. I see the main team sponsors Vortex seem to have departed and wonder if Stuart Douglas [and his financial input] has gone to, despite he’s still showing on the website as promoter. As already stated cost of admission will make many people either go or stay away. They had a great programme in previous seasons but it needs to be a realistic price and probably changed to a less classy proggy. £15 including a programme I think would be the max. £12 admission and £2 for a basic programme would for me, be about right. My biggest fear for the survival of Arena are will the crowds take from watching AJ to watching NL speedway. Race days of course are always going to be issue. Whatever day of the week it’ll not please everyone. Location wise ideal but the M25, Dartford Crossings and the A13 argh……..
  23. Dave Stummings

    Lakeside 2017

    I agree cityrebel, if Rye want to attract Lakeside fan's AJ is the rider they need and Kennett of course. To have NL [suppose they'll change their name for 2017] speedway at Lakeside, well I think it won't happen. Cook was going to race a NL team a few years ago and they decided they couldn’t afford it, what's the difference now?
  24. Dave Stummings

    Lakeside 2017

    Arena as it was then ran Conference League, the NL equivalent 20 odd years ago and it wasn’t well supported. Cook stating that he'd put a NL team out a season or two ago, then said it wouldn’t be financially viable. Is the rent for the stadium going to drop? Probably not, just the riders wage bill and I'm not sure that'll make fans come to see speedway at Lakeside. Birmingham's track is near the middle of the city, Lakeside isn't. Eastbourne do get fairish crowds when they’re winning and they're more remote than the Purfleet raceway, but I'm not certain enough people will go to Arena to support NL speedway, although I probably will.
  25. Dave Stummings

    Rye House 2017

    Well…..will Rye House become the mecca of UK speedway? Will the stadium construction be completed? Will the price of admission go up to £20 plus a programme? Will the promotion have a clue what to do? Will Rye House be relegated? I’m extremely disappointed the clown of a promoter didn’t consult the fans over this move. OK Warren Scott is the money man, hardly seen at Rye this year but does he honestly have any idea what he’s let himself in for? Other forums have suggested gaining promotion into the Premiership would be better than buying your way into a league that’s had it. 9 teams, wow! Will it be the same teams twice in the league, if so, wow? As you can probably gather I’m not impressed. I am pleased the title of Elite has gone, but trying to copy footy with the Premiership and Championship, poor PR in my opinion. There’s a lot of work to do in the stadium to make the home of the Rockets half decent again. My biggest fear will be the cost of admission. Its currently £18 with a programme, I hope Scotty doesn’t expect fans to pay more than £20.00 plus a proggy, it’ll price me out of going, should I decide to go. Perhaps a subsidy would be good for the first season? Will Rye have a NL team I wonder? This in all honesty would be my preferred choice seeing riders improve and travel to grass roots speedway such as Buxton. To have a team in the new Premiership is going to cost serious money. Certain riders in the 2016 Elite league where on £2000 per meeting and similar amounts to in the Premier League according to Phillip Lanning. So that’s a 100 people to pay that riders wages, plus of course travel money. I’d think Rye will need at least 1500 paying people per meeting, probably doubling their current gate. To entice Lakeside fans you’ll need AJ and he is going to want serious money. To get GP quality riders it’s going to take loads of money! But will Lakeside fans go to Rye to see top flight speedway? The other issue of course is race nights. Friday or Saturday but anything else, well count me out should I decide to go because of a little thing called work. What has really cheesed me off is the total lack of any announcements from the club over this. The rumour mill has been saying top flight speedway for months. Well now it appears to be here and I think back to 1987 Hackney. Took the step up into the then Division One, lost an absolute fortune. Got promised the earth from the BSPA and got sod all, bar Simon Wigg, who didn’t like the track at Waterden Road. He was on £50 a point then I believe not bad money 30 years ago. The following year back into the second tear and won everything. How I wish I could go back to the 70’s, but I can’t so it’s what happens next season to decide if I go to Rye or elsewhere

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