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  1. hagonshocker

    Wolves v Panthers 13/9

    Nicol's average Seems to fluctuate between 5.5 and 6 this season so hardly a 'let down' for his relative inexperience....I do however admit to thinking he may have kicked on a little more as the season went on but surely overall Wolves fans should be generally pleased with the season as a whole?. I think you are a more potent 1-7 away than at home where only Masters Becker Schlein (until a month or so ago) have looked at ease?
  2. hagonshocker

    SGP Vojens 2021

    It's horrible isn't it? Dont really know why I still bother watching gp garbage
  3. hagonshocker

    SGP Vojens 2021

    Ackroyd is a complete embarrassment....second only to Emil....the Neymar of Speedway.
  4. hagonshocker

    07/09/21 1830 Kent v Scunthorpe (Champ)

    Crazy last 4 heats...but that's what speedway can be about occasionally!
  5. Be interesting to see how Troy rides and scores tonight as he either seems to be good or bad round there....not much in between! Decent starts and fast machinery should make him a threat to Aces...oh and attitude!
  6. hagonshocker

    R.I.P BobC

    Incredibly sad news Bob was clearly a lovely guy so very sad to hear this RIP Bob.
  7. hagonshocker

    Poole Pirates 2021

    Oh no Bob seemed such a lovely guy how dreadfully sad ,always came across as a very fair minded contributor on here and most certainly a very loyal fan who clearly loved Poole RIP Bob so sad.My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
  8. hagonshocker

    Sheffield 2020

    Think it's particularly fair Swindon claim the majority out of his clubs...2 league titles and would had been riding for us if it wasn't for the two evils of Covid and Clark Osbourne!
  9. Big loss is Stefan such an unlucky rider with injuries....was quite surprised he dropped to reserve but going to make him an even bigger miss for Poole and Sheffield ,gutted for him
  10. Holder Batchelor Ellis Howarth Pickering top 5 ....no not stronger than Tigers in particular especially as Sheffield have Stefan Nielsen at reserve and he's in Pirates 1-5 but certainly would agree about being stronger than Ipswich etc
  11. hagonshocker

    22/08/21 1600 Newcastle v Kent (Champ)

    Batchelor paid max
  12. hagonshocker

    22/08/21 1600 Newcastle v Kent (Champ)

    45-45 on Twitter
  13. hagonshocker

    22/08/21 1600 Newcastle v Kent (Champ)

    Don t know! It now shows Newcastle Glasgow as current fixture today's had disappeared
  14. hagonshocker

    22/08/21 1600 Newcastle v Kent (Champ)

    The match on updates has disappeared?
  15. hagonshocker

    Swindon Robins 2020

    No...we wont!

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