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  1. Yeah just looked at an earlier programme your correct
  2. hagonshocker

    Belle Vue 2019

    To be fair on paper at least Belle Vue built there side solidly which should had allowed them to carry Jaimon a little, to be fair i think he's done ok but I totally agree with my old mate Sidney do not let others gain as I'm pretty certain they would....up to Bewley Verge and in particular Wells to step things up especially away although for at least one of the latter two i think that horse has bolted
  3. hagonshocker

    Thread Sabotaged - Mods Please Delete

    Hey Hey hey
  4. hagonshocker

    Thread Sabotaged - Mods Please Delete

    Think he meant Ja Ja Binks
  5. In theory if our top 4 or even 5 are all on it this format potentially makes us even stronger with the last 4 races, that seemed a pattern earlier in the campaign
  6. Yeah I edited my response to FB once i remembered it was the tin potter
  7. Yeah I'm surprised by the switch also although it's a different format in the supporters cup so probably a one off
  8. Clearly Rosco lost patience with Starke.....Stefan next in the firing line
  9. hagonshocker

    Poole vs BV. Premiership. 27/06/19

    They travel ok...it's just when they ride they are s***!
  10. hagonshocker

    Thread Sabotaged - Mods Please Delete

  11. hagonshocker

    Thread Sabotaged - Mods Please Delete

    Fleegle Drooper Snorky
  12. Nick Morris to guest at 6........
  13. Please post on the official banana discussion thread .....
  14. hagonshocker

    Thread Sabotaged - Mods Please Delete

    Yeah...1 banana 2 banana 3 banana 4

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