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  1. hagonshocker

    Swindon v Belle Vue 16 August

    Early heats are generally spread out but ridiculous to suggest this happens from start to finish of every meeting...just lazy criticism....yes it's seen better days but still not as bad as everyone makes out
  2. hagonshocker

    Swindon v Belle Vue 16 August

    Not certain if i will be there thursday small matter of supporting the lead singer of The New Model Army at the Vic in Old Town same night!! Could be a case of slight jiggling around but this looks like it could be a decent one....Aces seem to have strangely imploded somewhat but still on paper at least pose a threat around Blunsdon but i am confident our top 6 will carry too much know how round our home
  3. hagonshocker

    19/07/2018 : Swindon v Somerset : Premiership

    P**spoor stuff tonight definitely giving Monday a miss you know the 69th anniversary! Dreadful track hopeless racing embarrassing reserves against a Somerset side that didn’t exactly convince either neither will be anywhere near winning the playoffs and at this rate Swindon won’t even make them
  4. hagonshocker

    19/07/2018 : Swindon v Somerset : Premiership

    Would take a very poor Rebels performance for Swindon to win this one!! In theory we need the 4 actual premier standard riders to score 45 that's a massive ask on current form and against Doyle and Holder
  5. hagonshocker

    19/07/2018 : Swindon v Somerset : Premiership

    Troy Nick Tobi Adam to score 46-47 between them? Against Doyle Holder? nah
  6. hagonshocker

    19/07/2018 : Swindon v Somerset : Premiership

    In order to even make a match of this Swindon need the top 4 to hit at least 40 odd a big ask this R/R with no firepower at reserve is a massive no no only opportunity to cover one ride will be Ellis heat 8 , if we run too many meetings like this we will fall out of the top 4 quite easily and i am pretty surprised we are willing to risk this? A stopgap for Bellego is a risk worth taking even if he scored 5 or 6 from number 2? Not inconceivable Adam could lose heat 8 against BWD and we may end up garnering only 1 or 2 from R/R ...
  7. hagonshocker

    19/07/2018 : Swindon v Somerset : Premiership

    Isn’t Covatti riding for Ipswich??
  8. hagonshocker

    Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    What a load of Ill informed s**t being spoken on here....nothing changes , the track was totally suitable to start on the pits bend looked greasy compared to the first corners but all 4 riders went into the 3rd corner at full pelt which resulted in the inevitable, despite what Hans typically says in hindsight everyone was keen for the meeting to commence so keep your bull***t opinions to yourself MattFordFan you total fanny
  9. hagonshocker

    Swindon v Leicester 12.04.18

    Close one tonight mefinks Leicester have a few that are more than decent round here and if Vaculik and Piezfella get dialled in quick it could be squeaky bum time
  10. hagonshocker

    How will Martin Vaculik fare in the U.K.?

    Had a little insight into Martin and his gp set up in the pits at Cardiff very impressed too, very approachable guy with good support around him and having Steady and The Bates at Leicester will only help him further in the UK next season
  11. hagonshocker

    Poole 2018

    We’re good mate look forward to hooking up again in March there’s a supporters club quiz night Thursday at the Southbrook if your interested
  12. hagonshocker

    Poole 2018

    Bloody hell going through it! Fingers crossed for your scan I’m sure everything will be fine step by step mate
  13. hagonshocker

    Poole 2018

    Agreed think it will be a big year for Smiley I do like the lad very approachable and certainly very talented, really want to see him and Zach kick on this year and get up to Bewleys level as I think talent wise they aren’t really far behind
  14. hagonshocker

    Poole 2018

    Good to see Starman back hope everything’s going ok?
  15. hagonshocker

    Swindon 2018

    What? You do talk some rubbish don’t you? You seem to have developed an obsession with Swindon at the moment ... why is it laughable? Look down the list of riders in the Aussie title it’s diabolical compared to what it used to be and winning it nowadays means very little , Tungate a serial 6 pointer think your getting carried away as usual if anyone’s laughable it’s you ya clown

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