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  1. And 'there's rain in the air'....it's pissin down!
  2. So now I can hear Kelvin the first thing I hear 'in front of a decent crowd'......lmao
  3. But some haven't got Eurosport so it's make your own commentary time again....
  4. So I switch to Eurosport despite paying bloody extra for Discovery sports only to find a frigging advert break
  5. Yes but I've watched it all week on prime so prefer to watch tonight with no adverts again....
  6. Oh my God the size of the crowd is utterly embarrassing....think Denmark hosting anything like this has gone for a burton....dreadful....no replacement for GB?....wow...this gets better hope the racing is good but this year not at all impressed by Discovery ....watching on the app and no commentary again???
  7. Poles were lucky there
  8. There's a shame but felt leaving Kemp out on gate 4 was a bit weird....his only real chance of beating Chlupak was being off two....think Brennan had enough about him to cope off 4 and split the Czechs after the first corner
  9. Two good prospects for Latvia , one clearly more advanced but both look really promising
  10. Nice gift from the French with gate choice considering Bellego off 4 on a warning?
  11. Body language not overly inspiring in the GB pit?!
  12. Stead and Allen have no backbone....and now it's gone blank

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