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  1. This playoff final is rubbishe worst I can remember.
  2. Rob Godfrey and credibility in the same sentence!!!!! Your having a giraffe!!!
  3. Jack is a speedway rider not so good at motorcross.
  4. Why is the track so bumpy surely it would be better safer racing if it was smoother.
  5. lewy

    Premiership Most Improved Rider 2018

    When and who or are you just making it up?
  6. Water and oil doesn't mix!
  7. Don't think Garrity will score many as he's being replaced by Erik Ross allegedly
  8. lewy

    Kent vs Plymouth

    Plymouth WILL be using RR for Webster
  9. lewy

    Birmingham Statement

    I doubt it came to plymouth and let everyone believe he was the the saviour when the reality was he was costing the club a small fortune in expenses and never put nothing into keeping the club going
  10. lewy

    Brummies v Plymouth NL Wed 25th July

    As a plymouth supporter I was delighted to see Rogers go loves being in the spotlight especially when things are good seems to dodge criticism when things are bad maybe he's been found out
  11. Star man the grand master of "missing the point"
  12. Yes I guess you have a good point maybe team changes should be limited to maybe 1 possibly 2 a season as has been suggested earlier in this thread
  13. Read the post it starts "I THINK TEAMS" not "I THINK POOLE" I did say however that pooled initial declared line up at the beginning of the season has been poor. Do you understand now!!!
  14. I think team's should have to stick with the team that's declared at the beginning of the season and only replace riders who are out through injury longer than 28 days with a new rider. Pooles team building pre season has been poor for at least a couple of seasons but they have certainly improved by strengthening up mid season.
  15. lewy

    Poole 2018

    They would be happy to join any team in the premier league EVEN Poole as 5hey don't have a team in it and they want to earn a living

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