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  1. lewy

    Poole Pirates 2020

    I,m sure you will be on hand starman to pass on your massive knowledge of all things speedway
  2. lewy

    Eastbourne 2020

    Totally agree good side,
  3. lewy

    Eastbourne 2020

    He's not confirmed in any line up atm.
  4. lewy

    Eastbourne 2020

    I reckon the last piece of the jigsaw will be Drew Kemp
  5. lewy

    Plymouth speedway

    Is that because he scored 25pts in 2 meetings against you on your own track last season
  6. lewy


    Total joke of management committee and chairman self interest at it's best,should be ashamed of themselves !!!
  7. lewy

    Confirmed Signings for 2020

    At no point has Plymouth said they will not have a team in the nl.
  8. lewy

    Plymouth 2020

    Lots of boxes to tick and hoops to go through before it's a done deal, however if accepted it will be great to be back,look forward to renewing rivalry with our neighbours in what looks to be a league with alot more southerly feel to it
  9. lewy

    Plymouth speedway

    It was nl price that's why it was good value some 125cc races aswell and fireworks to finish.
  10. lewy

    Plymouth speedway

    The meeting was definitely value for money imo
  11. lewy

    Plymouth speedway

    Good night's racing,riders full of praise for the track particularly Richard Lawson who said it was better than the last time he came down to plymouth 4or 5 yrs ago hopefully championship next season and that standard of racing every week.
  12. lewy

    Plymouth speedway

    Kyle former club captain at Plymouth very popular rider down here.
  13. lewy

    Plymouth speedway

    End of season finale, Colin hill memorial, inter league challenge. H.Atkins B.Morley J.Edwards R.Andrews B.Barker K.Newman R.Lawson All track specialists should be entertaining, weather looks good atm.
  14. lewy

    Plymouth speedway

    As I am mot one to post gossip here are some facts plymouth speedway running costs are minimal and they are definitely not running with a six figure loss my source is Mark Phillips the owner/promoter of the club. Their was some initial outlay to purchase the club and new airfence which are now assets but I suppose you know different ht.
  15. lewy

    Plymouth speedway

    Your reputation as a poster really!!! What are the FACTS and who is your source with your reputation that really can't be a difficult question to answer rather than keep deflecting the issue is it gossip or fact?

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