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  1. Just for fun I HAVE to start this. It may raise a much needed smile. The popular tv programme QI has just featured the true story of What3Words a system of addressing the world with just three words allocated to every space on earth measuring 3m x 3m .... it’s a genuine naming system already adopted in some countries and it’s fascinating.... I kid you not, when you check out your home, office or other places ther are a host of 3mx3m squares to choose from. When I checked Poole Stadium I came up with the following ACTUAL indexed locations ... these are all TRUE ..check it out and perhaps add any other gems.... POOLE STADIUM Home Changing Rooms. = wins.supply.nights Away Changing Rooms = slick.rubble.newest Start Line = shelf.aware.pirate and my favourite......... Speedway Office = gossip.bucket.normal Source: what3words.com
  2. MMX Events

    Poole 2019

    Aviator, you know it would be unprofessional for me to comment in a public forum, on an internal matter, as it is still in fluid state. All I can say is that I did as I was asked last night.
  3. MMX Events

    Medical Cover

    Oh dear! Not wishing to decry the poster (Dave) but that story has got WILDLY out of hand! the fact was that Nico Covatti and Richie Worrall we’re both down. Nico was thought to have chest injuries and a possible punctured lung, he was having breathing difficulties and therefore prioritised by the medics. He was loaded into the ambulance and removed from the track to the sidelines. meanwhile Richie had his ankle immobilised and was loaded onto a stretcher/trolley but was waiting for the ambulance to come back onto the track to take him too. After a lengthy wait, The medics simply pushed him on the trolley to where the ambulance was waiting.. a journey between the middle of bend two and the entrance to bend one. It doesn’t alter the fact that medical cover IS a serious concern when more than one rider is injured.
  4. MMX Events

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem. 4/7/19

    I can assure you SUGARRAY would know if the issue was raised with track staff.... he would be the FIRST to know!
  5. MMX Events

    Poole vs BV. Premiership. 27/06/19

    I can only add that the referee (Paul Carrrington) actually SPECIFIED that there would be no ‘calling it’ if either team thought they had an advantage and wanted do so ... it was set in stone at 10.15pm and nothing else...hence why it was announced. . and with the match drawn at the point of that decision it really could have gone either way. As for commitment to getting in as many heats as possible, anyone that was there will tell you it was fast and furious and the action all the more hectic coz everyone knew it was a race against time! i’d say fair play...?
  6. MMX Events

    Poole vs BV. Premiership. 27/06/19

    It was the Referee’s decision to impose a 10.15pm deadline. It was discussed and agreed with both teams and the promotion before the paramedic had even begun his return journey. had the paramedic not returned within any reasonable time to allow for any more racing before that deadline it was agreed we would call a halt. The principle consideration by all concerned was for the fans .... (not withstanding the injured riders’ welfare)
  7. MMX Events

    Wolves vs Poole. Premiership. 24/06/19

    Agree BBC WM radio are spot on. Conveyed the closeness of this one.
  8. MMX Events

    Fill Up With Fuel - Speedway Style

    ‘Speedway’gas is the brand that is exclusively available in Walt Disney World in Florida. There are at least two gas stations within the property area and it always makes me smile! i think it used to be Texaco but ‘Speedway’ obviously won the contract a few years ago.
  9. MMX Events

    Poole 2019

    Hi Sunliner im afraid you are right. The website has migrated to a new design, which is an improvement, but doesn’t carry live updates in the format we were used to. The management have pinned there colours to the ‘twitter’ mast. You should be able to see the feed from the new site without the need to have a twitter account.
  10. MMX Events

    Poole 2019

    RE-RUN Productions are looking for an interviewer for Poole in 2019. If your interested in getting pit access and up close to the riders on a weekly basis please email me first at talkpirates@yahoo.com for more info....
  11. MMX Events

    Poole 2019

    Delighted to confirm that our FAN FORUM on Weds night (20th March) in the glass grandstand will feature three Promoters, three riders and the Team Manager. Starting at 7.30, we will hear from Matt Ford and his two new Co-Promoters, Anthony Tilley and Dan Ford, in the first half of the presentation. After an interval and opportunity to mingle, we will then be pleased to welcome, 2019 Pirates, Josh Grajczonek, Jack Holder and Richie Worrall along with Neil Middleditch. The event is held on behalf of, and for the benefit of, THE RIDERS EQUIPMENT FUND. Admission on the night is £5 with REF members benefiting from a £1 discount. Doors open 7.00pm
  12. MMX Events

    Poole 2019

    Nice one skidder
  13. Copied from Pirates Memories Facebook page........... For all those who missed out on the 70th Anniversary Gala Dinner in March, the REF is delighted to be showing the recording of the evening this week at the stadium. Make a date for Wednesday 14th November from 7.30pm in the main Grandstand to see the event on the big screen as we ‘turn back time’ on the Pirates. The video captures all of the rider interviews and presentation with contributions from 27 riders and ex-riders who have graced the Pirates colours over the seven decades. Pirate legends such as, Tony Rickardsson, Mark Loram, Gary Havelock, Pete Smith, Alun Rossiter, Steve Schofield, Lars Gunnestad, Magnus Zetterstrom and, of course, Team Manager of the last twenty years, Neil Middleditch were amongst the attendees with further screen messages from Ken Middleditch, Darcy Ward, Dave Watt, Bjarne Pedersen and Greg Hancock. It served as a virtual “This is your Life” of Poole Speedway and was emotional, uplifting and inspiring. The opportunity to see the likes of Havvy and Tony Rickardsson talking at length about their time with the Pirates as well as Matt Ford sparring in dynamic interviews with former riders is a one time chance not to be missed! As the story unfolds, it underlines how the club, under its current promotion, has become one of the most famous names in World Speedway and how they must build on all they have done to go on with pride and determination and continue their success. The event is now to be staged in the GLASS GRANDSTAND to make room for everyone to attend. £5 entry with a £1 discount for REF members. Hope to see you there!
  14. MMX Events

    Poole 2018

    There is potential for a rearranged fixture on that date .. far from certain but fans, last night, were advised to check press and social media for any update.

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