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  1. MMX Events

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Welcome to Poole Rich.
  2. MMX Events

    Taking the knee

    If Sam uses “Vorina” it likely be that he asked Kacper the correct pronunciation .... I do this routinely at Poole so I can use what the rider tells me when I introduce them. I regard it as a matter of respect. I always pronounced it this way, after checking it out, but was frequently questioned.. My advice was always the same, “ask him yourself”
  3. Unfortunately being based here in the south it’s a long trip to the Bonanza. I don’t begrudge the entrance money though so I decided to pay for entry and save on fuel! it was easy to do by pressing the ‘DONATE’ button on the SRBF website here........ http://www.srbf.co.uk/ according to the Press release today Danny Ayers wanted to add 100 people to the gate so maybe if you can’t make it but want to support it you might consider doing similar.... it’s a great time to support their efforts and help achieve Danny’s dream!
  4. MMX Events

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Hi B.B. the REF has been running for many years and as Skidder says, in brackets, it stands for the Riders Equipment Fund. Fans can become members by making a monthly donation of anything from £5pm. During the ‘close season’ there are monthly social events for members and non-members that help to swell the fund. Usually the events are quizzes but have also included race nights, game shows and chat shows. Every year, each of the current Pirates is presented with a REF gift (usually £500) to help with expenses. Often the presentation would be made following mechanical failures or loss. Member benefits include discount at REF events and the chance to be asked to present the gift to the rider whilst taking part in the race day introductions. Plus, of course, the satisfaction of contributing to the Pirates’ riders. Potential new members are asked to contact the club via the website to request a form or to be put in contact with organisers Stan and Val Vatcher.
  5. MMX Events

    Poole Pirates 2020

    Reintroduction of race suits tells me the club is listening to the fans... should be applauded methinks.
  6. MMX Events

    Club Merchandise

    Personally, I love subtle merchandise with club logos. Especially things that you regularly use such as diaries, phone cases, credit card holders, pens. On clothing, polo shirts with small embroidered logo leaving the more garish stuff on posters, mugs, framed photos, tee shirts and mouse mats. Team jackets should be standardised for riders and fans to give unity.
  7. A bit off beat but I was delighted to see a 1960s edition of speedway star prominently on the table in one of the later shots of the new film Le Mans 66. It’s the true tale of Ford v Ferrari and the development of Shelby inc. can certainly recommend the film. A delight for race fans and a remarkable performance by Christian Bale as Ken Miles the English driver. he absolutely nailed the accent and expression. Even his walk was quintessentialy English! Great to see a nod to Speedway in there!
  8. Just for fun I HAVE to start this. It may raise a much needed smile. The popular tv programme QI has just featured the true story of What3Words a system of addressing the world with just three words allocated to every space on earth measuring 3m x 3m .... it’s a genuine naming system already adopted in some countries and it’s fascinating.... I kid you not, when you check out your home, office or other places ther are a host of 3mx3m squares to choose from. When I checked Poole Stadium I came up with the following ACTUAL indexed locations ... these are all TRUE ..check it out and perhaps add any other gems.... POOLE STADIUM Home Changing Rooms. = wins.supply.nights Away Changing Rooms = slick.rubble.newest Start Line = shelf.aware.pirate and my favourite......... Speedway Office = gossip.bucket.normal Source: what3words.com
  9. MMX Events

    Poole 2019

    Aviator, you know it would be unprofessional for me to comment in a public forum, on an internal matter, as it is still in fluid state. All I can say is that I did as I was asked last night.
  10. MMX Events

    Medical Cover

    Oh dear! Not wishing to decry the poster (Dave) but that story has got WILDLY out of hand! the fact was that Nico Covatti and Richie Worrall we’re both down. Nico was thought to have chest injuries and a possible punctured lung, he was having breathing difficulties and therefore prioritised by the medics. He was loaded into the ambulance and removed from the track to the sidelines. meanwhile Richie had his ankle immobilised and was loaded onto a stretcher/trolley but was waiting for the ambulance to come back onto the track to take him too. After a lengthy wait, The medics simply pushed him on the trolley to where the ambulance was waiting.. a journey between the middle of bend two and the entrance to bend one. It doesn’t alter the fact that medical cover IS a serious concern when more than one rider is injured.
  11. MMX Events

    Poole v Kings Lynn. Prem. 4/7/19

    I can assure you SUGARRAY would know if the issue was raised with track staff.... he would be the FIRST to know!
  12. MMX Events

    Poole vs BV. Premiership. 27/06/19

    I can only add that the referee (Paul Carrrington) actually SPECIFIED that there would be no ‘calling it’ if either team thought they had an advantage and wanted do so ... it was set in stone at 10.15pm and nothing else...hence why it was announced. . and with the match drawn at the point of that decision it really could have gone either way. As for commitment to getting in as many heats as possible, anyone that was there will tell you it was fast and furious and the action all the more hectic coz everyone knew it was a race against time! i’d say fair play...?
  13. MMX Events

    Poole vs BV. Premiership. 27/06/19

    It was the Referee’s decision to impose a 10.15pm deadline. It was discussed and agreed with both teams and the promotion before the paramedic had even begun his return journey. had the paramedic not returned within any reasonable time to allow for any more racing before that deadline it was agreed we would call a halt. The principle consideration by all concerned was for the fans .... (not withstanding the injured riders’ welfare)
  14. MMX Events

    Wolves vs Poole. Premiership. 24/06/19

    Agree BBC WM radio are spot on. Conveyed the closeness of this one.
  15. MMX Events

    Fill Up With Fuel - Speedway Style

    ‘Speedway’gas is the brand that is exclusively available in Walt Disney World in Florida. There are at least two gas stations within the property area and it always makes me smile! i think it used to be Texaco but ‘Speedway’ obviously won the contract a few years ago.

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