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  1. Zmarzlik channelling his inner Pedersen.
  2. What a joke of a meeting. Inclusivity at the expense of competitive racing. An appalling track. Mistake-littered commentary. Altogether a great advert for world-class speedway.
  3. Great viewing and an exciting conclusion, thank you R&R for the link.
  4. Following his antics the evening before when Wolves rode at Oxford.
  5. Leicester Lion

    2m rule scrapped from july 4th to 1m

    It's inaccurate posts like this, in the wake of deliberately vague pronouncements from this government, that cause uncertainty, leading in part to people spreading the virus. Social distancing has not been reduced. It is still 2m. If 2m is not feasible (for instance in places with limited space such as some shops) it can be reduced to no less than 1m. There is no reason for it to be less than 2m for spectators in a sports stadium.
  6. Leicester Lion

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    You don't know me, and there's no need to make personal digs.
  7. Leicester Lion

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    Although you answered your own question for yourself (and said you weren't listening to the commentary anyway, which rather negates your point), for me it devalues not only the live coverage but also the recording as a part of speedway's history. At its best, speedway is the greatest sport on the planet; those in the privileged position of being paid to commentate on it should aspire to deliver real words that befit the action, not whoas, wows and ridiculously elongating the last syllable of a rider's name.
  8. Leicester Lion

    Wroclaw GP 2019

    It's such a shame that when anyone looks back at recordings of what was one of the greatest GPs ever, those incredible moments will have those two with their whoas and wows as the soundtrack, unable to produce real commentary to match the high quality of the racing.
  9. I suppose the distance does make it so much harder for them to find words other than "big" to describe pretty much every race and every 5-1.
  10. Leicester Lion

    The Starts

    Agreed. They should not allow mechanics onto the track. If riders want to make adjustments they should return to the pits under a 60-seconds time allowance.
  11. The exception that proves the rule. Among the many reasons I stopped going to meetings was because I tired of hearing riders describing a track as great (because it gave them an easy ride) yet the racing was dull for those who had paid to watch.
  12. Pearson hoping and hoping for a Lindgren exclusion.
  13. So what if he was in front, or, more accurately, marginally ahead with his opponent alongside? It doesn't give a rider the right to ride dangerously. If Bellego had been left enough room he wouldn't have crashed.

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