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  1. Leicester Lion

    Slovenian GP Krsko Saturday September 8th

    Did Pearson just say Holder is in the final?
  2. Leicester Lion

    Slovenian GP Krsko Saturday September 8th

    Woffinden gave the ref a reason to exclude him. Riders know they have to be ready even if the others are not.
  3. Leicester Lion

    Slovenian GP Krsko Saturday September 8th

    Give it up, Tatum and Pearson, he's excluded, even if you include his name in the race commentary!
  4. You're right and I've pointed this out a couple of times in previous threads: the original dimensions of the speedway track at BP were in almost exactly the same proportions (width of centre green to the distance between the apexes of the corners) as those of the cycle track at Slater Street. A bizarre coincidence?
  5. Leicester Lion

    Leicester v Poole. Prem. 9/7/18. BT sports.

    Indeed, the dimensions of the track he built were remarkably close in proportions to those of the cycle speedway track in the city. He got a lot wrong. Some saw the signs early on and stopped going. Sadly the "improvements" have done nothing to attract me and others back.
  6. Hardly dirty; there was a gap, just not enough of it.
  7. Got to commend Pearson and Tatum for treating us to the full range of their broadcasting skills during the extended break prior to heat 21.
  8. Excessive of Pearson to say USA are finished.
  9. Leicester Lion

    Czech GP prague Saturday 26th May 2018

    But not all races were won from the gate, so these stats are meaningless.
  10. Leicester Lion


    If Scott Nicholls can't ride Championship Speedway, why should Chris Harris? The amount of doubling up of riders of increasingly higher standard has become ludicrous. It prevents any chance of team speedway being taken seriously by anyone other than the ever-dwindling number of die-hards.
  11. Leicester Lion

    Leicester Lions 2018

    The ultimate journeyman.
  12. Leicester Lion

    Melbourne Gp Saturday 28th October 2017

    It's such a shame that the classic races of our time are accompanied by commentary that consists of nothing better than screaming and shouting and elongating riders' surnames.
  13. If anything, they showed that Monmore can be ridden successfully by any team when their riders don't go throttle-happy.
  14. Leicester Lion

    Jacob Thorsel

    Yeah, why do people get worked up about getting things right?PS Are you a speedway promoter?

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