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  1. Having been a favourite at Bournemouth, he'd be an eejit not to..
  2. Congratulations to Robert Lambert, well deserved As for Dan Bewley, wow...
  3. Hope Lambert wins it tonight.. Bit of a joke otherwise. Enjoyable meeting !
  4. Enjoyable meeting, well done Russia, hard luck GB, no need for semi-final and final though..
  5. Well done BV.. Good to see Bewley and Etheridge amongst the points too..
  6. Excellent stuff Tobias, great race..
  7. Thanks for the update jrs.. Poor lad, I do feel for him, hopefully loads of people will give to the various collections
  8. It's only banter Starman as was Steve's reply. Surely you can see the funny side when the ever popular title favourites are rooted to the bottom of the league.
  9. YerRopes

    Swindon 2018

    Yes, hopefully so.. Best Wishes to Mitchell
  10. YerRopes

    Poole 2018

    I thought this was a picture of all the enthusiastic applicants for 'The Undateables' or something similar
  11. YerRopes

    Poole 2018

    This is contrary to my usual thinking, but I'm beginning to feel for the genuine Poole supporters on here... Not that kin eejit MFF though..
  12. YerRopes

    Poole 2018

    You do come across as a smug 'know it all' at times..
  13. He's young and his scores in the CL highlight his potential.. Would love to see him at Swindon, but Poole would be mad to get shot of him..
  14. Congratulations Somerset, Jack Holder seems to be on fire atm.. Why the forum eejit has to slag off his latest team is beyond me, especially young Mr Shanes..

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