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  1. W9 Lion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    If my understanding is correct they are looking at the lighting situation (and it will not involve more rubble dumping).
  2. W9 Lion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Try being the bloody start marshal for the sidecars! They are like 1,000 CC rotavators which can dig a trench from the start line to the first bend. I had blood running down the inside of my trousers as a result of being hit by flying shale. Never again.
  3. W9 Lion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Wasnt that to cover the storm damage on the Roger Webster stand when they had to replace the wood at the back of the stand or else it would have to be closed to the public?
  4. W9 Lion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    I would imagine as its the emergency route for the ambulance it has to be kept clear at all times. This is also the reason why vans are not allowed to be parked there.
  5. W9 Lion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    The Industrial Estate which is behind the back straight.
  6. W9 Lion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Correct Richard.
  7. W9 Lion

    Somerset 2020

    I think you will find Nick Morris was not "nicked by Leicester at the last minute" but was something that happened at the first available opportunity.
  8. W9 Lion

    Knockout Cup Draw

    To get 8 clubs in the second round.
  9. W9 Lion

    bandits 2020

    That's a good point. I am unable to remember him making a decent gate at Championship level.
  10. W9 Lion

    bandits 2020

    It's not only the smaller tracks. He is poor at Leicester and is not making the progress that may expected him to do.
  11. W9 Lion

    Wolverhampton 2020

    Good signing for the rider and the club. I hope staying at Leicester and Wolves means that he is able to attract some UK based sponsors so he can invest in better machinery to continue to grow as a rider,
  12. W9 Lion

    Leicester Lions 2020

    Yes team would come in at 40.75 if I have made applied the correct 2.5% reductions.
  13. W9 Lion

    Poole Pirates 2020

    It actually says n the Lions site that its due to rider availability on Saturday nights because of TV commitments.
  14. Nothing wrong with the way the tapes were going up from where I stood.
  15. The only two decisions the ref had to make was to warn Proctor in heat one for delaying the start and then to exclude Vissing for going through the tapes.

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