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  1. AWAY FANS VIEW As one of the "Berwick Twelve" Lions fans I have to say Berwick remains my favourite away venue. Its not just because of Robert Smiths down the road either. I though this could be the meeting where the team could loose by ten points but I was proved wrong. Now granted, I have not been up while in a different division but you still have a clean and tidy stadium. I don't remember the slope going into the third bend being so big in previous visits. The thing that surprised me was that the track looked slick on the inside and to heavy on the outside early doors. Is it always prepped like that? Also your water truck appears to do a better job of cleaning the air fence rather than watering the track, Racing improved as they tried to drag some of the dirt down from the fence. I think the difference was the Lions were gating and rode a decent line. We have surprised a number of teams this season and if it carried on like it started we will win more away this season than in the previous eight seasons combined! Remember you still have a team to support and every club should have a black & gold club! Thanks for a cracking night out.
  2. W9 Lion

    leicester v stoke potters.

    Riders were happy to give it a go. The ref decided we should start the meeting. Home Promoter does not have a say once ref is in the stadium.
  3. W9 Lion

    leicester v stoke potters.

    Thanks to all the riders, staff & volunteers who worked hard in getting this meeting to happen.
  4. W9 Lion

    Leicester NL 2019

    I've looked in the rule book and I was unable to find anything that says you cannot ride in 3 leagues. #SMKB
  5. W9 Lion

    Swindon 2019

    Perks is a decent signing for Swindon. He can trap and has been in good form this year for the Lions & the Cubs. #SMKB
  6. W9 Lion

    Craig Cook: what next?

  7. W9 Lion

    Craig Cook: what next?

  8. W9 Lion

    Craig Cook: what next?

    How hard is it to sit still..... Based on 9 years of being a Start Marshal and trying to do what the rules say almost impossible.
  9. W9 Lion

    Leicester Cubs v Mildenhall

    Totally agree. A very professional start. No last places and beating not only the reserves but passing and beating more experienced riders. If only I could tell them apart!!
  10. It's to slow down green light go starts so I was told.
  11. W9 Lion

    Leicester 2019

    After seeing most of the Lions on track yesterday I am hopeful of a successful season if (for once) we can stay injury free.
  12. The difference is once you signal to the ref that you are happy, drop you arms but now you don't walk away from the tapes until the ref puts the green light on. Before you walked as soon as you dropped your hands then the ref put the green light on.
  13. Tell me about it - I binned 100 metres of cotton tape at the end of the meeting. All the riders were told of the new starting procedure in the refs briefing before the meeting started. I guess they are just not good listeners.
  14. W9 Lion

    Ipswich 2019

    Yes, he was the fall guy when we made en mass changes in one go. Most fans were sad to see him go. Very professional, top notch bikes, first class gating, and was only going to get better. You have got a rider with lots of potential. Only downsides, forgets to look for team mate on the outside at times and not keen on an interview in English. IMHO he is a good signing.
  15. W9 Lion

    Leicester 2019

    Overall, happy with the Lions side for next season, a few riders with things to prove and the scope to improve their average. Fingers crossed its good enough to get us into the playoffs.

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