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  1. W9 Lion

    Poole Pirates 2020

    It actually says n the Lions site that its due to rider availability on Saturday nights because of TV commitments.
  2. Nothing wrong with the way the tapes were going up from where I stood.
  3. The only two decisions the ref had to make was to warn Proctor in heat one for delaying the start and then to exclude Vissing for going through the tapes.
  4. W9 Lion

    Leicester 2019

    From where I was stood Mountain got second by about 10cm (And I have a very good view of the start line).
  5. Regarding the format I thought it was excellent. It's a shame that supports in the UK dont support individual meetings. It was an excellent nights entertainment and a credit to the club.
  6. It was my first visit to the Island and a good overall experience. Its a clean tidy stadium, that serves real ale (result). Racing was of a good standard, passing in all races created by the format. It did seam a little unfair that if no one was off 15m, the riders off 30m could move forward as surely the point of them being off 30m was they were the best riders in the field. The final was a cracker with a Leicester 1-2-3 and a Leicestershire 1-4. Well done my butcher! My only gripe is that smoking is allowed at the end of the stand we chose to sit as I thought this was not allowed in any sports stadium that had a roof....
  7. I agree with you Skodaman. 95 minutes was a quick meeting as we were aware of the weather and the late start. As one of the few start marshals to wear a stop watch I call the riders to the tapes after 90 seconds. The ref was also trying to get the riders out of the pits as quickly as possible. With 1 or 2 reruns, a fire ,three track grades and no interval I would be interested in how you would speed up a meeting further Ianb?
  8. W9 Lion

    TV new deal?

    Its not only the net viewers (watching live + time shift) that is the issue. The demographics are terrible for potential "big brand advertisers" We are all to old, to working class, to poor and to retired. Its not an attractive combination for advertising agencies to take a punt on for their clients.
  9. So based on what was said last night its RR for Richie and Doolan for Bates. I think that makes us stronger than before.
  10. Overall Edinburgh were very good value for your point. I don't think many teams will lead the Lions by 6 points at home during the meeting. Masters was electric away from the tapes in 4 rides. Lawson was the surprise for me. He gated for his points; Pickering I would have as a guest at Leicester. So exciting with his big sweeps around the air fence.
  11. He actually looked quite handy at Leicester on Sunday, and comfortable on the bike. ((In the previous meeting I suspect if he had raced against the Dan & Joe Thompson they both would have beaten him.))
  12. It would have been much louder but we were not allowed to use air horns.
  13. W9 Lion

    Redcar v Leicester Friday 28th

    No Worrall for the Lions as broke his ankle in four places last night riding for Poole. Chris Harris guests.

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