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  1. W9 Lion

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    Or maybe it shows a pathway for a rider to develop going into his third season.
  2. W9 Lion

    Leicester Lion Cubs 2021

    It's shaping up to be a good side. Suspect that Leicester have done their business very early for both the Lions and the Cubs. I would imagine that running open and private practice days means that both sides are very attractive to inexperienced riders where they can get greater track time than at other clubs where there is limited opportunity to practice. Also it looks like the Gaffer is keeping to his promise to the Fans from a couple of years ago of developing the clubs asset base.
  3. Thought the most impressive rider of the day was Max Perry. He looks like he is going to the top. I think he can do the NDL in 2022 and would be a great signing for any club.
  4. W9 Lion

    Glasgow 2022

    If my understanding is correct they are acknowledged once the press release on the rider has been issued by the club and the rugby office have received a signed copy of the contract.
  5. Based on working at a couple of Team GB // British Youth training days at Leicester earlier in the season only Brennan & Flint were quicker than Rowe around Beaument Park. Also isnt his Champ avg actually lower than his Prem avg? If you ask me, if it is Rowe as the final rider, it could be a masterstroke.
  6. W9 Lion

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    Demographic information on viewers/crowd is only good if the figures are helpful. Based on my first hand experience as Advertising Sales Director of the then broadcast partner (which is over 15 years ago) speedway fans are to old, to male, to poor and come from the wrong socio-econimic profile to be attractive to most advertisers. By comparison and based on 2019 broadcast information the average netball viewer is 30 years younger, and earns twice as much as a speedway viewer. Where Demographic information would be helpful is in developing the product to attract a younger more affluent audience which will be more attractive to commercial partners within the stadium.
  7. W9 Lion

    Birmingham Brummies 2020

    The issue with that is you pay VAT on the ticket but not the programme (id sold and not part of admission) so it dents the profit.
  8. W9 Lion

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Isnt he a Leicester asset who are also owned by the Bates.....
  9. It won't be. I can't see Glasgow giving us Sarjeant on loan after the Gaffer made the Tigers buy him after they were caught (again) making an illegal approach for him back in 2019.
  10. W9 Lion

    Potential stadiums

    Opposite a country park and near a nature reserve. Noise pollution could still be an issue there I would suspect.
  11. W9 Lion

    Ipswich 2022

    Are Sheffiedl not announcing their 1-7 on Wednesday 1st December? I think that you will find most teams have a minimum of 5 riders signed, while some teams have clearly had their 1-7 signed for a while and are just timing their announcements to get maximum media exposure.
  12. And that may explain the initial shape of Leicester's track. LoL
  13. I like the way the team has been developing with the first four signings. Not sure why Rowe is a left field name. Based on my experience at a couple of Team GB training days earlier in the season I would rank Rowe behind Flint & Brennan but ahead of Palin and everyone else.

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