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  1. Oh it was! In most meetings the ruts on the start line were over 50mm deep. The track did not have enough clay in it so it was soft and broke up. By Heat 7 most weeks the startline would have been viewed as a trip hazzard. The mixture now used on the surface has more Clay in it to help it bind better. Im sure BTFC Lion could go into more detail on this.
  2. Quite, It could be a very shrewd long term move offering him a Cubs spot.
  3. Neither is an asset of any club as you cannot be an asset until you are 16.
  4. Correct it does, to develop young British talent like Max Perry this year and Max James next year (or even later this season).
  5. W9 Lion


    All of whom would need work permits. So they would have to be proven International Standard riders to get such a thing now we are no longer part of the EU.
  6. It was quite bad in the pits but it was worse on the third bend at Berwick last week.
  7. Curfew is 22:30, and it's a hard curfew. So that's bikes off the track & PA turned off. In reality it means riders will not be sent out for a heat after 22:27.
  8. I'm afraid not.
  9. W9 Lion


    Just out of interest had Newcastle dropped down a league who do you think you would have in the 1-7 as I think you would still find rider shortage a problem.
  10. W9 Lion

    Redcar 2022

    Agreed, one of Leicester's start marshals has had a couple of guest bookings at Birmingham recently. LR acted quickly when he had a problem including last weeks meeting against Leicester.
  11. Why? It makes business sense to have a Number One on a guaranteed fee as it makes budgeting easier. I think the issue is if you have riders on unrealistic guaranteed fees which is a different problem.
  12. Which he has also missed meetings for with illness recently (along with Ipswich).
  13. Tyre warming has been in tbe regs for a number of years now

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