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  1. Is it April 1st already ?
  2. The price of ink went up
  3. Love Street , Paisley home The Buddies staged speedway for a while , much like Berwick it had long straights and was narrow. Reportedly 6000 people attended the opening night in 1975
  4. Maybe it was one of the bumps that made his cut out come out
  5. Meetings like tonights on live TV are hardly a good advert for any potential buyers or investors
  6. Not the best advert for speedway
  7. Is that the free glass of sherry , you'll be drinking ?
  8. It's good to see the promotion trying to attract people, not just with this offer but the other stuff they've been doing , at least they're trying to get the message out there which is great to see . Maybe if they handed out some flyers at Armadale at The Scottish Open that might help get a few more Edinburgh fans to travel I hope it's a success, they certainly deserve a wee break going their way for all their efforts , my only worry is will it entice enough extra fans to make up the shortfall 500 people paying £7 less is a lot of cash to drop , its 300 + extra paying customers needed to cover the loss I can't honestly see any club attracting that many new fans not with the current state of the sport in the U.K.
  9. DSC67

    berwick bandits 2019

    With Dany in particular struggling on the tighter more technical tracks, has he ever spent anytime up at Duns at the training track in an attempt to improve his ability on these types of tracks ?
  10. Personally I don't think you could give tickets away to most speedway meetings these days
  11. Well I guess its going to be 31 years since we won the KO cup then
  12. Tight meeting, I think that The Diamonds might just edge it
  13. I think that the HT 15 1-5 will come back to haunt us , with a 10 point advantage I would have been fairly confident of going through to meet The Monarchs in the Semi's , but it's going to be hard work.
  14. Yup , I'm Scottish, it's in my DNA make up
  15. Are season tickets useable for this meeting?

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