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  1. DSC67

    bandits 2020

    Stop feeding the troll , then maybe he'll try the Tweed for bites instead I hear the fishing at Cornhill is pretty good
  2. DSC67

    bandits 2020

    With extra fixtures next season , the pricing of the season pass is going to be important can't afford to make it to expensive or they're going to put people off purchasing one
  3. DSC67

    bandits 2020

    Well it looks like they took their offer down the A1 to BP
  4. DSC67

    bandits 2020

    No thanks . Haven't we already tried that particular t-shirt once before? Unreliable. Unprofessional and very unlikely to happen IMHO
  5. DSC67

    bandits 2020

    Santa's coming mmmmmmmm Nice
  6. If these changes where done to bring us into line with other forms of motorsports, does that mean we can expect bonus points for the rider with the fastest heat time or maybe an extra 5 points if you win all your heats ?
  7. DSC67

    bandits 2020

    THJ Coming back ?
  8. DSC67

    Poole 2020

    Not at Poole then ?
  9. DSC67

    Sheffield 2020

    That's my recollection of it , the idea of the air fences on the straights didn't last long
  10. DSC67

    Sheffield 2020

    Was it a World Cup meeting when Mark Loram tangled up with the air fence when they had it on the home straight, ? I remember it being on Sky on a Sunday afternoon
  11. The Bouncing Czech
  12. DSC67

    bandits 2020

    THJ could be another one headed to Poole as they own his contract don't they ?
  13. DSC67

    bandits 2020

    Personally I'd like to see Stevie Worrall at No 1 , with Aaron, and Jye coming back , Leon has already been announced and as you say if Kevin rides next year I'd imagine he'll be at Berwick. I've heard that Dany wants to concentrate on his continental commitments so that probably rules him out and I think Coty may return to Glasgow. If Poole are in the championship the NBJ could be there I've no idea who actually owns his contract is it stil the BSPA ?
  14. Marcin, Jacek, Gregorz & Thomasz - Rempala

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