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  1. I hope Jason Crump is better from tomorrow night for us than he is tonight vs The Tigers
  2. I don't know what the market is for second hand engines , carbs and the like is , but I'd imagine it's going to be very small , speedway is a niche sport the parts aren't interchangeable with other bikes they're bound to turn up somewhere. The tools etc will be very easy to get rid of though
  3. I assume he'll be riding on a British License
  4. DSC67

    Glasgow 2021

    I think the Polish authorities don't allow them to in order to avoid fixture clashes so that they don't miss any Polish matches
  5. DSC67

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    James Dean - Rebel without a cause
  6. DSC67

    Song Title Game

    Do you know the way to San Jose ? - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  7. DSC67

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Norman Vaughan - Game show host / Comedian/ Actor
  8. DSC67

    Song Title Game

    Here comes the Night - Them
  9. Looking like the weather will win today , been raining here for 2 hours at least and it's heading eastward, also Berwick Rangers are at home this afternoon
  10. Any team with Scott Nicholls in it is always going to be tough , I'm sure that Paul Starke will still remember his way around Shielfied too , if Batchelor is in the mood then it could be a hard fixture , The Bandits will need to show the same form and attitude as last Saturday night to grab the points
  11. DSC67

    The Three Word Game

    And The Equals
  12. Hyde Road, The Shay , The County Ground, Glasgow White City , Old Meadowbank
  13. DSC67

    Entertainers First/Surname game

    Dr Pamela Stephenson - Mrs Billy Connolly
  14. DSC67

    Song Title Game

    Walking on the Waves - Skipinnish

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