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  1. DSC67

    AGM November 2018

    A bit the Mike Parker and his cronies having their fingers in serval pies back in the day
  2. You where that uninterested that you left early
  3. Anybody got 10 bob for the leccy meter ?
  4. maybe you should have stayed home and watched Dr Who
  5. Is that beer batter they're using in the chippy
  6. DSC67

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    From what I've been reading recently it looks like there won't be many WH Smith's shops in the high st anyway
  7. As long as folks keep responding to his P**h he'll keep posting under his various aliases, ATM he's reading this and laughing as Screm says he's best ignored
  8. When Rob Godfrey said " There was a serious risk of the credibility of the sport being damaged " did he do it with a straight face ?
  9. How can you get a paid win in an individual event ?
  10. Why no second ambulance or paramedic for a semi final meeting live on tv ?
  11. DSC67

    berwick bandits 2019

    Do I get paid In Andersons pies ?
  12. DSC67

    Speedway vs Moto GP

    The skill level and ability of the top MotoGP riders is amazing .Just like in speedway certain Moto GP venues produce better races , this weekends track usually produces good racing over all three classes . I'd always have a preference for speedway though.
  13. I don't think the FIM rules allow for a race to be awarded

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