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  1. DSC67

    Edinburgh 2018

    Is JPB fit again ?
  2. DSC67

    Berwick v Scunthorpe

    I didn't realise the GP challenge was that night , Ricky Wells if he's available would be a good choice
  3. DSC67

    Berwick v Scunthorpe

    After last weeks loss at hom to Workington a win was important . This was much more comfortable win than I had expected to be honest, The Scorpions chances not helped by an awful performance from Nico Covatti , probably the worst showing from a guest as I've seen in a long time , poor return at reserve didn't help too l hope its nothing too serious for Danny Phillips looked like a fairly heafty impact . Josh Auty gave 100% as usual and is always good to watch at Berwick, looks like Stevie Worrall going to need a few more meetings until he gets back to 100% fitness . Everyone in The Bandits line up picked up at least a paid win and only 2 last places helped the cause good to see Aaron looking fast . The Tigers next up at Shielfield which I'm sure will be a much harder proposition especially with their new line up .
  4. DSC67

    Craig Cook

    That's not always true , plenty riders have had problems getting paid riding in Sweden and Poland
  5. As I've said elsewhere not only does it hopefully hook the youngsters it's also an incentive for the parents if the kids get in free helps to cover the other costs of going to a meeting
  6. Biggest problem is though how do you attract them once they turn 16 and have to pay . You need to get their mates hooked as well I'd say , if their pals are going they'll want to go too
  7. Kids go free at Berwick every week have done for ages
  8. DSC67


    Are we talking about the same Ritchie Worrall that the Glasgow fans have been criticising al season ?
  9. DSC67

    Glasgow 2018

    All those making snide remarks abut Glasgow " Splashing the Cash " are hypocrites , not one of them would turn down that sort of investment in their clubs . The Glasgow owners should be admired and applauded for what they've done ., without them It's most likely there would be no speedway in Glasgow now . Good luck to them I say for giving it a go , I for one would be quite happy to see them make success of things and for Glasgow to win the title , ( if it's not going to be Berwick that is ) , the petty jealousy is boring and sad IMHO.
  10. DSC67


    In place of who ?
  11. I'm sure Richard Knight stayed in the castle when he rode for Berwick
  12. With the benefit of the replay I'd say the ref probably got the correct decision
  13. Did he own or part own The Castle at one time ?
  14. Letting kids in free is a great incentive for parents to take them along it probably helps to cover the fuel costs, if they had to pay for them would they still take them ? Another thing I've often wondered once they reach 16 do they come to the meetings with their parents or do head out with their mates , it's the 16 -24 yr olds we need to attract

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