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  1. I've followed Robbos career since he was doing second halves at Berrington Lough , him and others like him are the bread & butter of speedway , good luck to him in whatever he does in the future
  2. DSC67

    Celebrity fans

    Ex Footballers Graeme Stuart & Paul Scholes are speedway fans as is TT hero John McGuinness and few others from the bike racing fraternity
  3. DSC67

    Speedway Star and WH Smith

    SS is available in my local Tesco as in there regularly that's where I buy it , as for WH Smiths it's I shop I rarely visit these days as it has become a sad reflection of what it used to be
  4. Scored a bucketful of points for The Bandits too when he guested for us
  5. 4 teams represented on finals day so I'd say the crowd was about what they'd expect
  6. One thing I'd did like about last nights meeting was the transponder on Linbacks' bike that showed the speed he was traveling at , apart from that there was very little to get enthusiastic about
  7. DSC67

    Ipswich V Berwick

    Home defeat to Worky has proved costly
  8. A Bandits win at Armadale is almost as rare as Rocking Horse manure , great performance guys well done
  9. I guess the Edinburgh riders where struggling to find a set up
  10. It shows how poor a meeting it was when the main talking point is a refereeing decision. IMHO the ref was trying to make an example of someone by throwing them out , unluckily for Woofy it was him the ref chose to sling out ( I guess you may as well hep his nearest rival if you're going to do it ) in reality it didn't make any difference to the riders shenanigans at the starting tapes they rarely seem to take any notice of the SMs instructions anyway .
  11. DSC67


    It's no a format that I particularly enjoy either , I'd rather see the old style one of world final format
  12. DSC67


    So it's probably going to be a Bordernapolis to end the season then , will it follow its traditional format of handicap racing ?
  13. DSC67

    Somerset vs Wolves 29/08/18

    They should get a job then , just like riders used to do in years gone by
  14. Bring back the two extra guys standing in between the riders at the start to watch for movement
  15. Not good news , for Dan and BV .

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