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  1. DSC67

    Mr Garrity

    Early guilty plea , looking for a lighter sentence ?
  2. DSC67

    Speedway Crashes

    Not only did he walk away , he came out and beat Havvy next time out
  3. DSC67

    Could the season be extended.

    I seem to remember that you had to get special dispensation to run meetings in November
  4. DSC67

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    The equipment you talk about wil need to be paid for by someone at some point , with no income this could prove difficult
  5. DSC67

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    Who owns the rights to the highlights of League matches and world finals ? Is it the TV companies or the BSPA and the people who run the GP series ?
  6. DSC67

    Season Ticket Holders

    That would be the best option IMHO
  7. DSC67

    Will British Speedway Survive ?

    I can't see there being any league matches , but there may be a few one off meetings with invitational teams in August / September
  8. DSC67

    scam callers

    I hope you put the phone next to the radio with some music playing
  9. DSC67

    scam callers

    I got an email claiming to be from the tv license people saying my quarterly D/D hadn't been paid even though it's not due yet . I also believe there's a scam about Sky Protect doing the rounds
  10. DSC67

    Season Ticket Holders

    Because like myself the season ticket was bought months ago , long before the current lockdown started
  11. DSC67

    Corona virus

    And they will probably be the first to complain when or if we move to full lockdown
  12. DSC67

    Sky and Bt sports

    I've been wondering how many people might just decide not to reactivate their sports subscriptions when this is eventually over , some might just decide they can live without it
  13. DSC67

    Sky and Bt sports

    You’ve probably already paid for the next months “ viewing “ such as it is
  14. DSC67

    Corona virus

    Sounds a bit like Basketball star Rudy Goberts' joke about Corvid19 when he touched the table , microphones and tape recorders at a press conference and then was diagnosed with the virus
  15. DSC67

    bandits 2020

    I can't understand why people give that particular member the attention he obviously craves , best plan is to ignore him

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