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  1. Manuel Hauzinger , one Peter's signings. Came into the season with a shoulder injury. I seem to remember he hurt the shoulder again during a earlier visit to Armadale on the both occasion he only made it as far as the first bend
  2. DSC67


    Sad to see . It will probably end up like Oxford & Coventry and fall into disrepair
  3. Has the makings of a decent match. Berwick should be strong enough to win by about 8 points
  4. DSC67

    Lions v Glasgow 17th August

    Thats why I like to record Gps as you can fast forward through all the drivel while the track grading is taking place
  5. Maybe he's been tutored by The Roo Boy
  6. DSC67

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Have any of the riders been asked why they decided to have their practice starts before the parade was over ?
  7. DSC67

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    I've never seen that happen anywhere I've been over the last 50 years I've been waiting speedway
  8. DSC67

    Cook, Vissing and Kennett banned.

    Have they appealed yet ?
  9. Will the centre green presenter make sure that the Glasgow riders wait until the introductions are over before they do their practice starts ?
  10. Is it standard practice at Arlington for the visitors to do their practice starts whilst the home team are still being introduced ? If not why was this allowed to happen? If they'd waited until the introductions were over none of this would've happened
  11. That was the turning point IMHO .
  12. That was why I asked where he'd got that particular information from ,as I hadn't seen it on any official platforms . It wasn't until after he was challenged that he admitted it was a " Joke " . A rather stupid and pathetic joke IMOH
  13. There's no need for changes , Mr Barrie says our promotion picked the correct 7 riders to begin with unlike the rest of the teams in the league who have all made changes
  14. Nothing new in this article from Dick , he's been writing this sort of stuff for years
  15. DSC67

    Poole v Peterborough. Prem. 1/8/19

    Don't respond to the troll ,you're only encouraging him . Let him chase his Billy Goats somewhere else

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