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  1. Bloody hell , I can’t keep up with all these threads that have Workington in the title can’t make the away leg tomorrow with Work , stay safe boys , keep it close if you can
  2. We were just opposite you then on the back straight
  3. The amount of rain we had over the 36 hours was unbelievable...we were both lucky to get any Speedway on at all on Sunday so no need for shaking of fingers the clever ar*e , the one who hides behind his avatar , brought the tracks up . Wind must have changed Mason was bloody flying in the Worky match
  4. If not you can always spare some of that ploughed field you had up yours Sunday
  5. Here you are commiserations for Sunday
  6. So Workington have got all their fixtures in for the Finals , someone will still shout it's our fault ,
  7. Glasgow have an abornally high no 1 with Cook at 10.45 ...averages make up the team, ours strength in depth , “them’s the rules”
  8. Agree Geoff....let us enjoy it no real need to add the last sentence
  9. It’s not ridiculous at all ! Here we go again win at all costs win on credit not because you can pull in every heat leader now available , hopefully the rules will be abided too. We are in 3 finals with 6 riders and one being young Kyle gaining his experience, unfortunate the situation Peterborough are in but it is what is
  10. WOW! What a day yesterday was , emotionally drained our boys certainly know how put us through it ! Commiserations to Glasgow fans that must be a bitter pill to swallow , I know how I would be feeling today to lose by 1point. Both teams had their misfortunes so the matches were evened out , nothing to do with referees as your Team Manager has said . Must admit thought Harris would have gone through the card after watching on telly last week for Poole , he was a completely different rider Thanks to the Glasgow fans for your well wishes , shame Sharpenrake and Manse couldn’t crawl from under their stones to do the same Now we get ready to go again this weekend and do it all again , so proud of all our boys , our Dream Team 2018
  11. Taylorj

    Workington 2018 .

    Thanks for the info
  12. I know it’s put some rain down here in Workington too ! Let’s hope it finally stops and we see some speedway tomorrow. Heading up to Glasgow weather permitting
  13. Quite a few us driving up so we will definitely be there , shouldn’t be able to miss us
  14. Now that’s what a strong Edinburgh side thought when they brought a 28 point lead

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