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  1. Taylorj

    workington ..

    Am i missing something here ??? DON'T READ THE THREAD IF YOU DON'T WANT TO , honestly it is that simple
  2. Taylorj

    workington ..

    Don't read it ya numpty, no-one forcing you, jog on back to your own thread which should surely this season after the last 3-4 should be called something like " Glasgow 2020, lets hope we win some silverware this season" or maybe " Glasgow 2020 - Desparado " . Worth the thread just to p... you off
  3. Taylorj

    Glasgow 2020

    I say go for it move up Seriously though, Glasgow have the financial backing and facilities, advertising/promotion to move to the top tier . I don't think it would affect the crowds tbh, no disrespect to the riders but Sam Jenson/Anderson never lit up the stage yet according to the info on here crowds were up so you add more top riders to the team can only benefit can it not ? Televised meetings too , could be a very attractive package , more so too for fans like us with no team, think you could see plenty having trips up to watch Glasgow ride against the likes of Doyle, Fricke & co Now enough of being nice .....I need a lie down see Bagpuss you've brought out the classy side of me
  4. Bloody hell , I didn't know you knew me that well
  5. Hang on a minute, the clowns on here take great joy that Workington folded last season . Nagy1 a prime example on their last 2 posts , along with the other 3 . All very sad . I guarantee you its not jealousy where I'm concerned that's an absolute certainty, but nice to see the smug few on here brought back down a peg or two
  6. Ooops, touched a nerve did we And that is where you lot let yourself down every time....gloating about how much money Glasgow have and how amazing they are ....Every fan and Promotion of any team would love to have the money but most are just treading water, but hey you carry on because in 5 years time there will hardly be any teams left for the Amazing Glasgow to ride against !!! Speedway is on its arse, only so many teams Buster Chapman can buy !
  7. Jealousy ....don't be so ridiculous I can't see any post from the 3 usual suspects congratulating Leicester and taking it with dignity in defeat , they leave themselves wide open to criticism , only shouting when they're winning then go into hiding when they lose .... Over to you Manse ,Solidmango, Sharpenrake
  8. Well of course they would , they were a team of mostly Ex Comets to begin with So it looks like those 12 points weren't that easy to claw back as they thought. Another year , another empty trophy cabinet , well you could try asking Jacko to become Team Manager next season and get rid of Mr Cheeseballs , maybe he could show you the way to becoming a Treble Winning Team Well done Leicester , enjoy every minute and look after our Trophies
  9. He's one of the reasons I want Leicester to lift that trophy , opens his gob and the garbage just spills out !! He has never once said that the better team won on the night , always an excuse as to why Glasgow get beat Not sure 12 points is enough at Ashfield, Cook and Rasmus will go through the card, , Bailey & Bickley will score more than the 2 at Leicester Nicholls needs to get his finger out, about time he stuck to his broadcasting
  10. I pay every month of the year to watch BT for the Speedway so I'll whinge all I want, I wouldn't walk out a meeting once I paid the £20 so not going to switch the telly over either ....the only reason they pushed that meeting through last night was the cameras were there , makes a complete farce out of the Play-offs even more so at the top level , shouldn't be surprised as British Speedway is a farce ......
  11. Oh dear , what an awful meeting to watch ....well done to all 14 riders for riding on that track , such a shame that all the hard work teams have put in throughout the season to get to the "play-offs" had to come a semi-final like that last night Did the meeting really have to go ahead last night given it's still only 9th October , or more because the BT cameras were there ? Bitter pill to swallow for the Wolves fans ......
  12. Taylorj

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Edited for accuracy
  13. Taylorj

    Glasgow 2019 Onwards

    Honestly, do not feel sorry for us Worky fans, I would guarantee most of us wouldn't change a thing for what we accomplished in 2018. Won every single trophy on offer , going down in history , my did we go out with a bang . Sadly something Glasgow will have to wait yet another year to try and match , even with half a Comets team 1 last piece of silverware , scraped into the Grand Final which has taken that long to run , is anyone actually interested ..... Speedway in this country is dying on its arse , only a matter of time
  14. Taylorj

    bandits 2020

    are you related to Jenga ?
  15. Taylorj

    Redcar v Leicester Semi final

    Fantastic effort to get this meeting on , travelling over from Workington later to hopefully see the Redcar Bears take a decent lead and progress to the Grand Final

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