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  1. Taylorj

    Redcar v Workington 23/8/18

    Redcar have strengthened since the start of the season so this will be no walk over .. would love to bring something back to DP to keep the play-offs in sight, be also good to see all our 1-7 together . Quite a few of us making the trip over so plenty of cheering our boys on
  2. Taylorj

    Workington 2018 .

    Nicolai posted on his Twitter he was at Workington on Sunday , and Rene’s faebook page said today is his last Polish meeting for Bydgoszcz, so hopefully we will have them both
  3. You really do bear a grudge to the West Coast Warriors B4eva !! I’ll be the more grown-up and congratulate Berwick on the position they finished in, who would have thought at the start of the season that two teams forecast to finish bottom of table would put a spanner in the works for the big guns and end up near the top. I won’t wait for your well wishes to us in our conquest to reach the play-offs though
  4. The amount of rain we have had here this last week, we were lucky to even get the meeting on, track not the best but as said on Comets Facebook it was under water yesterday morning , so credit where it’s due. Witches a bit disappointing, thought Covatti would have been better he looked quite classy on telly for Somerset, Heeps their best rider. Fab result for our guys, Nicola and Ty sealing the meeting in heat 13 leaving witches to get two 5-1’s in last two heats. Another step closer to the playoffs . Well done boys
  5. Are Sheffield trying to keep their averages down with their season nearly over surely they aren't that bad of a team...last Saturday did flatter them at Worky, once the rain came in our boys knew we had the 3 points so took their feet off the gas, but they weren't that bad .
  6. Taylorj

    Workington 2018 .

    Come on folks...this is the best Comets team I've supported in my 10 years coming to Speedway, these lads are still in with a shout on the League Title, KOC and Championship Shield , they need our support if nothing else ...we can't give up now and let the Mighty Powers that be (that thing called bspa) ruin what should have been our best season for a lot of years !!! Its been a tough few months for the promotion , every hurdle threw in their way and they must be sick as parrots...but they haven't give in yet and nor should we , the season is far from over we just need to get in them play-offs and with a bit of lady luck for once, be in with a chance of bringing some Silverware back to DP for Laura and Tony after the crap they have had to endure lately Support !! Support !! Support !!
  7. Taylorj

    Championship Shield

    I don’t take offence from you so please feel free to quote me at anytime as I really couldn’t give a s@&t !! No one on here with more “Scunthorpe tinted glasses” than yourself , I prayed for rain on Sunday and yes it bloody poured it down You really can’t get over that amazing gesture from your lot to re-arrange one fixture , by the hell you’ve made up for it since ! But hey you carry on trying to convince everyone it’s no fault of the BSPA the sorry state British Speedway is in , how Scunny did us a massive favour ...as us we’ve got something called playoffs to qualify for which might just be out of your reach at the minute
  8. A very enjoyable meeting, apart from the squeezy bum moment when Summers tried to jump on Nicolai's bike with him , track deteriorated as the meeting went on, full of lumps and bumps by heat 15 , if these two meet in the grand final I reckon it will make great watching over 2 legs
  9. Taylorj

    Ipswich 2018

    Isn’t it crazy how we are praying for good weather to get our fixtures in after the glorious summer we have had with no meetings
  10. Yes, !! My rain dance worked Best thing that could have happened really, we were obviously always going to be without Rene and Nicolai but maybe not thinking they would be at no 1 and reserve ..hopefully next time we will be travelling and boost Newcastle gates as all teams need that financial support
  11. The rain spoilt a decent meeting .. the scoreline flattered Sheffield, when the rain started and our boys knew we had the cushion they didn’t risk themselves .. crazy how heat 15 was ran when Sheffield couldn’t win the meeting but Mr Bates thought they were only 3 points behind thinking Charles had scored double points in his tac ride so wanted the race run .. 3 points nice one boys
  12. Sadly, it will be Newcastle that will missing out on the Gates, I know we had 4 full cars coming across , around 17 people , a lot of money to lose on gates . It’s crazy and killing the sport over here
  13. It is the original fixture , not re-arranged , but as Rene and Nicolai race in 2nd tier polish teams no facility other than NL guests allowed.. confirmed by Comets promotion on official Facebook page
  14. Saturday’s not that much of a problem , we only Dan missing which can be taken by r/r , it’s Newcastle fixture it will affect , so their promotion missing out in a lot of Worky fans travelling ...
  15. So now , IF we do make the play-offs , and we haven’t completed our fixtures we don’t qualify anyway ..WTF , surely our promotion know more than than the rumour mongers

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