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  1. Absolutely disgusting if its true , how the hell can they justify the overturn when Lakeside were unable to sign them at the start of the season.. or any other team for that matter,. to be honest I don't think Nicholls or Kennett are that amazing these days anyway...complete farce
  2. Workington 2018 .

    I was there, it was a great night, plenty of support for our new no.7. Natalie Quirk was a brilliant compare and over £400.00 raised for charity to be split between Great North Air Ambulance and the Greg Mackie Trust , the young Speedway rider from Glasgow who passed away .
  3. Newcastle 2018

    Low and behold he raises his ugly head phillipsr , so now you think Newcastle looks a poor side. Let’s wait and see come end of August .. I bet a lot of Newcastle fans are just really happy they have Speedway to watch this season , like Workington , worrying times for Promotions trying to keep Speedway running .. There will be 7 guys getting on their bikes and riding their hearts out for these “poor” teams as you call them , you should maybe pop yourself on a bike before you start making judgment
  4. Thankfully they have stuck with the regulations , back to the drawing board for Peterborough ..bit silly really waiting until weeks before the season hanging on for either nicholls or kennett
  5. Edinburgh 2018

    Mmmm...and you’s would know a lot of self interest ,wasn’t it only a few years ago you’re very own Alex Harkess at the helm , some of the decisions made then were in the interests of Edinburgh so maybe a bit of payback going on . There should be no discretionary acceptions , same with the farce of trying to get Kennett and Nicholls in this League
  6. You really think it will be Nicholls then ....weeks away from the season , he wasn't eligible when other teams were building so hopefully justice is done and he still isn't , a big risk leaving it this long for the Panthers considering who is on the BSPA panel
  7. Workington 2018 .

    Be a bloody miracle if that happened
  8. Workington 2018 .

    Not much... Mason will sort Sarj out , no bother
  9. Well said 89buttons, I totally agree , why should the rule change now to benefit certain teams!! If Lakeside were told it was a no go why they bloody hell should the rule be reversed now, its a farce !! I agree they shouldn't have been blocked in the first place but that shouldn't change now , it will depend how well you are in with the so called BSPA committee , if it benefits them and their teams it will happen
  10. Workington 2018 .

    This season we seem to have caused a stir with other teams fans , been a while since others have posted as much interest in our Worky thread ...maybe our team have got them slightly rattled after all Roll in March !! Up the Comets
  11. Workington 2018 .

    Come back in October and then make judgement, until then you haven't a bloody clue how any of the riders are going to do , all if's and but's as with any team. take for example Glasgow have put out very strong teams over last seasons and won a KOC title , that's it ...its not what's on paper that counts
  12. Workington 2018 .

    I got nothing wrong, that came from Laura's write up in the Star about struggling with plans as a rider had Work commitments
  13. Workington 2018 .

    It will be more a split with the 14.31 we have left rather a No.1 ,
  14. Workington 2018 .

    I've been reading the Redcar thread... sounds interesting but I can't see Jonas coming to Worky I reckon he will stay at Redcar, I'm wanting Ty Procter back but haven't a clue which way the other 3 will pan out
  15. Workington 2018 .

    One rider from last year isn't returning due to work commitments which could be either Ty or Matt...if we go with Ty and Kyle Bickley that will leave 14.31 for last two riders.. matt finished on 4.85 leaves over 9pts for the final rider and aint no-one out there with that average !! Surely we will be looking to use up as many points as we can and getting 2 riders to make up the 14.31 pushing Mason to start at reserve ...the guessing gets interesting now