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  1. Berwickbandits2018

    I dont know the set up at Berwick mate but Supporters Clubs should be there to Support the clubs before anything else. I assume that happens ? No clubs No Speedway. Dont think Edinburgh Monarchs would be there if their Supporters Trust hadnt come in to back them correct me if wrong?
  2. Berwickbandits2018

    Looks like Jye Etheridge in Belle Vue team too: FRom BSPA website BELLE Vue have named Dan Bewley and Jye Etheridge as their reserve duo for the 2018 SGB Premiership campaign.Bewley (pictured) returns to the Aces after an impressive first season at senior level last year, whilst Etheridge steps up after making top-flight guest appearances in the latter stages of the season, alongside his Championship commitments for Berwick.Bewley said: “I was really happy with how I finished last year. I loved every minute riding for Belle Vue and I’m hoping to continue in that vein of form when the Premiership season kicks off again.“With everything else I’ll be doing in 2018, riding for Workington and also in Sweden, things will be pretty busy for me. But if I want to prove myself as a rider, it’s what I need to do.”Etheridge added: “I’m really pumped to be doubling-up this year. I had a few guest bookings in the Premiership last season and I felt I could hold my own so this will be a good measure of my skills.”
  3. Newcastle 2018

    Prob same with most teams with lack metings and trying to spread about
  4. Berwickbandits2018

    Do you go to home Berwick matches mate?
  5. Berwickbandits2018

    Looking Looking at team I can see Busk J at No 5? I would have Doolan at 2
  6. Berwickbandits2018

    Interesting line up. Dont know much on Lindman at all. Simply just need to give it chance like everything else. I imagine Berwick will need to cut the cloth accordingly when assembling team.
  7. Berwickbandits2018

    Is he Italian?
  8. Berwickbandits2018

    From previous posts on here dont think Berwick have that Sponsors thing from Home Office That would rule out likes Wells, Masters
  9. Berwickbandits2018

    Had heard off record new rule coming in that stops riders with over 6 from last year Premiership moving up as double ups but may be wrong That if so rules out Bellego who wont have Championship 2017 average? To be fair change track might suit Summers?? Poland could be problem for Morris eh?
  10. Prob will be rain forecast all day in West Scotland, so sensible decision. Fitting it in will be next concern
  11. Ipswich V Berwick Ch 7-9-17@7-30pm

    Scunthorpe always start at start time There I am stirring it up
  12. Ipswich V Berwick Ch 7-9-17@7-30pm

    It listed for 7.30 that means start surely ? Not being critical just it always seems late for some reason
  13. Redcar V Ipswich 31/8/17

    Goodness me Doolan having a nightmare 5 rides 0 points
  14. Berwick 2017 50th Year

    Get yourself on the Management Committee Speedway needs you or someone with views
  15. Bandits V Panthers 12/8/17 7pm

    Ivan was the master of the former starting system for sure! Riders could roll into tapes then. Ivan had the starts off to a fine art