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  1. I think he might be best moved away from number five at present as like you said he hasn't quite got it together at the OTA yet this season. Has had a couple of 'Ted Rogers' scores in last two weeks! #DustyBin I would move Jack or Wrighty to 5 at home for next meeting to give him a chance to sort it out. Rode well at number 4 last season.
  2. I think you will find that was AGAINST Swindon!! He is back as a Rebel this season and a very good one at that! On the subject of this match I reckon Jake will finally get a maximum for Scunny.
  3. Not the only one tonight he made either! Only he saw that Kyle Newman finished third in heat 6........ when Jake actually beat him easily with a hard but fair pass on bends 3/4. Kyle seemed happy to dish it out in heat one with a hefty shoulder charge to knock Jake off but didn't take it when the boot was on the other foot in heat 6.
  4. I can't repeat the words used by Brad as to what happened when i asked him after he got off the parade truck!! Let's just say he wasn't lying on the track for nothing!
  5. He even pole axed our New Zealand (World??) Champion as well!!
  6. drew2

    For or against team suits

    So is the consensus that KL look great and professional in team suits?? I am not convinced. On closer inspection it looks like to me that Lewis Kerr's set is different to the rest. Would you see Manchester United players have 10 players in say Nike kit and one in Under Armour?? Going back to the Rebels suits (or lack of them) the cost was quoted at £6K for the whole team which is a considerable amount of money in almost any business. If the promotion hiked the admission price up to cover the cost and pay for those then no one would be happy would they? Mind you Gazza did say if they won at Poole this morning he would buy them!! In all honesty I am looking for the red and blue helmet covers rather than the kevlars when i'm at the OTA. If it is race jackets this year then fine by me, I am sure a few of our friends from Devon would love to have a team to support each Monday wearing anything let alone worrying about team kevlars!
  7. You obviously are not aware of the new drainage installed over the winter then by the Town Mayor and his team at the OTA! I reckon if the practice was this evening on track it would have happened but typically this year they change it to the afternoon and the weather still wins. Track looked pretty good this evening at 7pm.
  8. drew2

    Somerset 2018

    If they did that and they showed old meetings including guests and R/R would you wish to leave??
  9. Now he has a regular team spot at Scunny this season and therefore more track time I fully expect Jake Allen to be a big improver in 2018.
  10. drew2

    Somerset 2018

    Some might think it is released on April 1st with some of the recent years rules!
  11. drew2

    Somerset 2018

    I would go at the OTA with: 1 Doyle 2 Holder 3 Allen 4 Lawson 5 Wright 6 BWD 7 Jonas A strong number two is crucial with the TS rule returning possibly being used in Heat 8. Jake will be easily strong enough to cover heat 12 at home now. Away though I could see him revert to number two with JD and Holder at 3 with Rich and Wrighty swapping too at 4 and 5??
  12. drew2

    Speedway Noise

    I seem to recall even Somerset had complaints of the noise but when the testers came out on a race night all they could hear was the M5! Good news though for speedway if it is correct.
  13. drew2

    Darcy Ward at Taunton

    I see that Brean Golf Birdie is also running at Taunton tomorrow at 12.35 and hopefully will have finished by the time this race starts!!
  14. drew2

    Somerset 2018

    I know the promotion already do get out and promote to the holiday parks (we have a Somerset Speedway sign in place at Brean Leisure Park/Brean Golf Club). We do need to change the sign though as it states Friday nights! I have also known Debbie to stand in the Leisure Park car park (with the owners agreement) handing out leaflets on weekends before too. I remember one weekend I had their Speedway advert trailer plonked outside my shop window too! One issue that has hampered this a bit is the fact that Friday became changeover day at many of the Parks in BOS/Brean. A family arriving to the area on a Friday with kids probably just want to get settled into their holiday surroundings rather than turn straight around and head back to the OTA for a speedway meeting. With the change to a Monday or Wednesday racenight this might open this avenue up a little bit more for holiday makers to attend. I have also suggested a 'speedway flyer' bus service might also be a way to get more holidaymakers attending but as you said ideally the Park owners want that customers £1 to be spent with them.
  15. drew2

    Somerset 2018

    That is what Peterborough fans thought though wasn't it last season???

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