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  1. Just wondered if Robert Lambert received a warning for NOT moving at the start in heat 15?? He jumped got it wrong and cost himself a chance of preventing the Rebels 5-1. Considering he was on gate one too he can't blame anyone else as he was looking left at the magnets. Jorgensen got away with a massive roller in heat 10 somehow and NKI was pushing his luck with delaying the start even before he actually got warned. Mind you so did Simon Lambert in heat two and only got warned in heat 4 when he tried it again and failed as he finished last. Fair play to Charles to the performance he put in tonight especially after his trip over the handlebars on the second bend of heat 8. Quite an acrobatic tumble i think if anyone has any pictures of it! All of the Rebels did well and battled hard. My feeling in heat 14 was that I may have just seen Richard win his last race at home in a Rebels jacket, until that ride he wasn't at the races considering he was a heatleader on home shale. Jake and Nico were great value as always and Bomber's ride in heat was typical of him as is probably the '3210 scorecard' against his name at the end of the night. Doyley seemed to lack speed after heat one which was very quick, in the 56's until heat 15. Hopefully 16 points is enough and the KO Cup will be heading back to Somerset at this time tomorrow!
  2. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Hang on this thread is heading Poole way!! After attending tonight's meeting I think the management are in no doubt that the fans want Wrighty back. Gazza said he will do everything he can to get and I think Charles is pretty open to that idea. He said we will talk! I can safely say the events of earlier in the season have been forgotten and both have moved on (and it seemed pretty genuine too, not just a show for the fans!). With Wrighty on approx 1.5 pts less average wise (i think) than last season he must be a steal on that for the Rebels. As Debbie said they have no idea what the structure will be in 2019 but when asked do the fans want Wrighty back the cheer was rather large!
  3. One condition I hope though is that brother James stays in Jake's corner as he has really got him flying recently! They seem to work well as a team.
  4. We certainly miss Jack more than they have missed Brady/
  5. He has never been great round there as far as I can remember anyway. When his team gets beat everytime then I can understand why his liking for the place has faded. Shale issues at the start of the year were the problem but it is getting there and still better than most even when it isn't great.
  6. Good meeting tonight at the OTA with Pirates quicker gating skills keeping them close. I still reckon the Rebels will sneak this as in three meetings this year at Wimborne Road I think we have won one and only lost the others in last heat deciders (including Doyley's trip down the pot hole!). I think some Poole fans around us were in a state of shock at seeing some proper racing. They cheered when they didn't get 5-1'd in heat one. A few races later they were shouting for Klindt who wasn't even in that race and apparently they believed there was no outside line tonight!! Certainly watching a different meeting to me. Must be something in the water down there though as later Brady said on the mic he felt the inside of the track was bordering on dangerous. I'm sure he has ridden at Poole all season and must have seen that pot hole on bend one? Now that is dangerous! For the Rebels Doyley was superb and Jack worked so so hard for little reward. He deserved more than 7! The rest all rode hard although Rich seemed to lack speed and possibly had bike issues. First meeting I have been to in a long while that had not one single re-run or any programme changes all night. Must be a record!
  7. Is that a typo as they were both over 4 at start and still are. Jonas was lowest on 4.00 at start.
  8. drew2

    Somerset Speedway.....

    Why Burnham on Sea when they are based in Highbridge??
  9. Confirmed at Somerset this evening that Doyle and Lambert are there but Covatti is at Glasgow for Ipswich so will have a guest for him (Gazza has it lined up already!!). No NKI for Kings Lynn I understand.
  10. drew2

    Somerset vs Wolves 29/08/18

    Despite the scoreline this was a pretty decent meeting with plenty of passing, no re-runs and no fallers! JD and Jack may have maxed out but it wasn't easy as Doyley came from the back at least twice and i reckon you will see Jack's stunning chase and pass on Kyle in heat 13 on Speedway GB website very soon! Both Rebels had so much speed to pass as they wanted/needed, inside or outside. All the Rebels were solid with the three guests putting in a good shift. NBJ sussed the track quickly on what is possibly his first visit there and Todd was very good all night. Adam started well but think had a bike issue in heat 14. Nico and Aaron had solid if not spectacular nights and were both well on the pace. For Wolves Thorsell was awful for first two races but got better and had some good tussles with Doyley. Howarth tried his heart out for not much reward, Andersen was poor but might have had bike problems too. Masters for a former Somerset rider wasn't as good as i had expected him to be. Morris looked good when he gated and Sarjeant had a good ride as well. Only 3 points coming from Rory's R/R was the downfall.
  11. If Somerset are, in the unlikely case, 6 points down then surely Gazza would look to cover a R/R ride with JD rather than Jack? Not sure if you have found Jake's CL scores for Scunny but he has plenty of double figure scores there! NBJ is currently a CL reserve too!!
  12. We are staying down there for a few days so thought I would take the opportunity to remind myself of how spoilt we are for racing at Somerset!
  13. Making my first visit to Wimborne Road for many a season on Monday with the whole family in tow! It will be the first live speedway for my 4 year old Logan too so we will see what he makes of it all. Come on you Rebels!!
  14. drew2

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    Thanks mate and the answer to my previous question was that yes Jake's team did beat Aaron's....... just! Absolutely gutted that the rain spoilt the evenings entertainment for the golf players but i suppose we have had 5 perfect days for the golf day previously so the law of averages must have meant we were due a rain off! Still I think all who played enjoyed the day and helped raise some funds to help the club.
  15. drew2

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    More importantly will Jake's team beat Aaron's team in the Rebels Golf Day tomorrow?

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