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  1. We are staying down there for a few days so thought I would take the opportunity to remind myself of how spoilt we are for racing at Somerset!
  2. Making my first visit to Wimborne Road for many a season on Monday with the whole family in tow! It will be the first live speedway for my 4 year old Logan too so we will see what he makes of it all. Come on you Rebels!!
  3. drew2

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    Thanks mate and the answer to my previous question was that yes Jake's team did beat Aaron's....... just! Absolutely gutted that the rain spoilt the evenings entertainment for the golf players but i suppose we have had 5 perfect days for the golf day previously so the law of averages must have meant we were due a rain off! Still I think all who played enjoyed the day and helped raise some funds to help the club.
  4. drew2

    Somerset v Wolves 08/08/18

    More importantly will Jake's team beat Aaron's team in the Rebels Golf Day tomorrow?
  5. Jake certainly prefers a larger track but is good enough to get around the tighter ones now,. Sounds like he held his end up tonight for the team on an otherwise difficult night.
  6. Wondered where you went to!! I thought Nigel was excellent on the mic too last night, even let me have a go too!
  7. Said the same to my Dad that I would mind if he was announced as a Rebel. (as long as he isn't another Suchanek!)
  8. Sounds good to me Najjer!!
  9. drew2

    Heats Re-Run

    Surely that should be rub of the dust Steve???
  10. Used the park.jockey site and reserved a space at the Civic Centre. So easy and simple for just £12 was quite good value too I thought. Quickly back on the road afterwards and with no hold ups was back in Bridgwater in about an hour. Will definitely use that again next time.
  11. drew2

    Somerset 2018

    Says out for a couple of weeks on Rebels site now. Missing Kings Lynn away and Swindon at home so I assume Gazza will have already called BV and Max Fricke to book him as a guest as think they are the only Prem team not riding on the Monday and one of the three not riding on the Wednesday night either.
  12. I doubt anyone was more disappointed with the points return than Jake himself. I know he loves the Showground track but he is only human after all and I doubt the points return was from a lack of effort from him.
  13. drew2

    Somerset 2018

    I see where you are coming from, fair point.
  14. drew2

    Somerset 2018

    If Rye House are no longer riding then maybe Scott Nicholls might be an option Somerset could explore as his average must be around the points we have available. Seems to ride the OTA well whenever I have seen him there plus has plenty of experience to share with/help the others.
  15. drew2

    Somerset 2018

    What flown overhead around it from Bristol International towards Germany?? I know what you mean and yes he would be good Najjer I agree if he is available. Still not sure he would be a second heatleader though.

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