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  1. drew2

    Somerset 2020

    Rohan was my first thought too. Pontus Aspgren may also be an option but think the flights situation may prevent that.
  2. drew2

    Jason Crump

    Don't think JC ever had a Farewell meeting anywhere, just a long lap of honour in Torun!
  3. drew2

    Fours qualifiers

    Still closer than any of the Rebels 'local' derbies were in 2019! The Fours qualifying rounds have never existed in Somerset's time in the middle tier. I wouldn't might seeing it tried though. I went to a few at the County Ground and always enjoyed them (well apart from the one where Simmo disappeared over the 1st/2nd bend fence and almost left the stadium in the air!).
  4. drew2

    Somerset 2020

    So we have, Najjer saying £16 isn't good value at Somerset whilst the same product and price at Eastbourne is stated as being competitive. I have watched the Rebels every year since they started and have enjoying every one of them whatever level we raced at. The racing in 2019 was no less entertaining than in the Premiership years of 2018 or 17 or any year before that in fact, in my opinion. I am looking forward to those tapes going up at the OTA in 2020 as well. But that is it in a nutshell, everyone has and is entitled to an opinion on how they see things.
  5. drew2

    Somerset 2020

    I'm looking forward to seeing how Zach gets on. I didn't see the NL level meeting he rode at the OTA last season (which he did well in I'm told despite only just getting off the plane from Oz!) but he looked stylish when he had few after meeting spins at the OTA in 2019. Yes I know that is different to racing but as has already been mentioned he fared well in Oz earlier today and I seem to recall a top 4 in a State Championship used to qualify them for a visa?? This 'young Aussie' has been a tried and tested method for the Rebels in last ten or so years. Gazza and Debbie haven't done too badly so far with their selections over the years of bringing in new Aussies, Sam Masters, Justin Sedgmen, Brady Kurtz & Jake Allen all spring to mind! No reason why Zach shouldn't follow that positive trend at Somerset. Reckon I could guess who might be the trusted spanner man for young Zach as well. He has worked for a few of the aforementioned Aussie riders before with plenty of success!
  6. drew2

    Somerset 2020

    To be honest personally Josh isn't a rider I have particularly warmed to over the seasons he has been riding and felt he often chased back wheels a little bit too much. However I will support which ever 7 riders are wearing that Cases Rebels bib come March/April and there is no doubting the lad has the ability and bravery to be spectacular and entertaining out on track. I am sure that my opinion will change of him as the 2020 season progresses though as we get to know him more and see him race regularly at the OTA. I do know the promotion rate him highly and to be fair Gazza rarely lets us down! Bellego is an interesting call as he is very good at the OTA and I am wondering whether the reigning British Champion might also fit into the Rebels 2020 plans? Wouldn't surprise me to see Zach Cook included too somewhere as he looked good and was a regular visitor in 2019.
  7. drew2

    Somerset 2020

    It is a shame you both chose not to attend this season but you did miss some cracking racing over the season! You unfortunately also missed watching riders like Anders improve week by week and I am sure that I am not alone in hoping he is back in 2020 and beyond as a Rebel. Think back to 2013 when Wrighty arrived as a reserve to replace Stefan Nielsen. No one was overly happy at that time that Stefan had been dropped by Gazza but Wrighty was back for 2014 and subsequent seasons and the rest is history as they say as the legend grew. I don't recall Charles ever getting as close to the fence at the OTA in those early days as he does now. Who is to say Anders won't take on that 'Wrighty mantle' in the seasons to come?? The lad has already grown in popularity over the season with the fans that attend each week and he interacts with the fans really well in my opinion for someone so young. He has to be nailed on to receive one if not more awards at the Presentation night on November 2nd. I am sure the fact of us witnessing great racing at the OTA will be exactly the same in 2020 whatever division and whoever the guys are out on track for the Rebels or the opposition and who knows they might be spoken about as a Rebels legend in a few seasons if we give them the chance and our support.
  8. drew2

    Somerset 2020

    Can't see us moving anywhere in terms of League structure in 2020. I would expect Championship racing for the Rebels in 2020 and to be honest we didn't see many different riders at the OTA this year to last, barring maybe JD, Lambert and NKI. Start the team building with Anders and Bomber and off we go! Gazza will find a way of getting a competitive team on track within the budget available to ensure speedway survives in Somerset. I have heard he has multiple permutations already mapped out for the 2020 Rebels!
  9. I glad you liked my unbiased updates because i only text what actually happened. No Rebels were warned all night because they didn't move!
  10. They have the British Sidecar Championship at the OTA tomorrow evening and people going to that can watch the Rebels at Armadale i understand in The Oaktree. £10 entry for the Sidecars.
  11. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    As the Pairs is a BSPA staged event surely this should be aimed more at them than Somerset to stump the cost of hiring such a structure??
  12. That will be the Burnham breeze for you! The weather is so changeable down here as about 4 miles away the golf day was played yesterday in dry weather although we could see the track getting a pasting at lunchtime. Strange sort of a meeting and pleased the Rebels got the win in the end. I was expecting more of Max Clegg to be fair after his score on Sunday but Nathan accounted for him a couple of times which probably swung things Rebels way more than anything. Anders Rowe continues to impress me as well. Would love to see him get it out a bit wider at times but you can't argue with how well he rides the inside at the OTA though. He continues to beat riders he probably shouldn't at this stage of his career and from the back too!
  13. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Thanks Tony! Fingers crossed for a good day for the 7th edition of it!
  14. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Thank you to Valentin for his efforts in a Rebels bib this year. Enjoyed watching him race and thought he did a decent job to be honest. Good luck in the future Vally. So a team change is needed with around 5 points to play with at a guess. Not really sure who is out there but i know R/R is a longer term option! What about giving Zach Cook a go or it might even end up being a double change now to balance it out?

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