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  1. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    The management have said they would prefer not to be in this League ideally but needs must and to allow speedway to continue at Somerset this was what they had to do. Again they have set their financial limits and fair play to sticking to them. People seem to think that Bomber is on silly money but I reckon (don't know for sure) he has probably taken a lower deal that sees him going to get paid promptly for the meetings he races, unlike the situation he encountered at another track last year it seems. i just hope other poverty pleading teams don't follow Workington's demise as hate to see any track close.
  2. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    He can trap with the best of them when he is on form Najjer but I agree that divebomb into bend three was a specialty of his!
  3. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    I think he goes ok there to be fair. I know some places he hates much more than Foxhall (and for Jake the good news is one track is no longer operating and the other is being changed over the winter )!!
  4. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Do the riders think that way though or are they just chasing the £'s in what could be a short career?
  5. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Not enough people through the gate to get the money to spend on the Premiership is what is boils down to. If they could afford it, without jeopardising the future of the club, they would be in the top flight no question but they can't so they are preserving speedway racing in Somerset for the 20th successive season. They don't want to be there one little bit but needs must.
  6. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    It would have meant yet another application to SDC to change the planning consent they run under. With all the development just down the road in Highbridge and the NIMBY issues a lot of speedway track have I guess the less times the club's name comes up in front of them the better. Not them again wanting to change the race night............!
  7. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    And a nice 2.5% reduction as well!
  8. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Brady has long hair but probably has too many other commitments as well as a hefty average to fit in the 38 point limit !
  9. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Deffo no Charles I'm afraid, deal was there but offered more elsewhere.
  10. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Unless they are gazumped of course!!
  11. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    It was said Harris would be the number two in the averages and the number one had long hair (and Lawson seemed to be ruled out by them). Not sure if the numbers fit but would be happy with Adam as a Rebel.
  12. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    When we moving house back to the other section??
  13. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    I would think that might well be the nucleus of the team with a certain Henry Atkins at number 7.
  14. Just wondered if Robert Lambert received a warning for NOT moving at the start in heat 15?? He jumped got it wrong and cost himself a chance of preventing the Rebels 5-1. Considering he was on gate one too he can't blame anyone else as he was looking left at the magnets. Jorgensen got away with a massive roller in heat 10 somehow and NKI was pushing his luck with delaying the start even before he actually got warned. Mind you so did Simon Lambert in heat two and only got warned in heat 4 when he tried it again and failed as he finished last. Fair play to Charles to the performance he put in tonight especially after his trip over the handlebars on the second bend of heat 8. Quite an acrobatic tumble i think if anyone has any pictures of it! All of the Rebels did well and battled hard. My feeling in heat 14 was that I may have just seen Richard win his last race at home in a Rebels jacket, until that ride he wasn't at the races considering he was a heatleader on home shale. Jake and Nico were great value as always and Bomber's ride in heat was typical of him as is probably the '3210 scorecard' against his name at the end of the night. Doyley seemed to lack speed after heat one which was very quick, in the 56's until heat 15. Hopefully 16 points is enough and the KO Cup will be heading back to Somerset at this time tomorrow!
  15. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Hang on this thread is heading Poole way!! After attending tonight's meeting I think the management are in no doubt that the fans want Wrighty back. Gazza said he will do everything he can to get and I think Charles is pretty open to that idea. He said we will talk! I can safely say the events of earlier in the season have been forgotten and both have moved on (and it seemed pretty genuine too, not just a show for the fans!). With Wrighty on approx 1.5 pts less average wise (i think) than last season he must be a steal on that for the Rebels. As Debbie said they have no idea what the structure will be in 2019 but when asked do the fans want Wrighty back the cheer was rather large!

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