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  1. Seen three Poole meetings now this season* and at no point of any of them can I ever recall Nicolai Klindt passing an opponent after bend two lap one! Fair play the lad can trap though and I guess that pays the bills. *and a few last season too
  2. Friday is now the changeover day in the area for holiday makers which is difficult to get them to speedway on their first night there after possibly long journeys. Wednesday's are much better traffic wise for riders I understand too. Obviously Wednesday does clash with Denmark which affects some riders. Who would be a speedway promoter!
  3. I attended this meeting yesterday as I was in Poole with the family and Doyley was in town and here is my view on it for what it is worth. Track looked well watered when we arrived at around 11am and wandered around the pits with the kids. Both teams seemed quite relaxed on the the track walk , laughing and joking with each other as they approached the start line and none of the usual collective dirt kicking and rider debates when issues are apparent. Plenty of track work was going on with the starts being ripped up and more water going down. The guy in the tractor certainly didn't hang around as he was belting up and down in the tractor. Never seen a trackman move so quickly! Then they announced the news re Lampart's 'injury' which when looking at the averages already meant the meeting would be a longer affair as the Swindon reserves had to cover a bulk of the rides. The next announcement was that due to the threat of rain at 1pm they wouldn't do the parade as usual but get straight into heat one at 12noon which they did with Zach as R/R so immediately a delay loomed there. Good job the rain didn't arrive! Doyley was flying heat one to the quickest time of the season so far and he seemed to be easing off in last couple of bends. So far so good. The Poole reserves had a fairly easy 5-1 in heat two as Ellis Perks had the first 'moment' on the bottom bend losing second to NBJ. Then came heat three with Ellis suffering the same fate of Perks with a massive tankslapper on the 4th bend. The following lap was Musielak's spectacular 'lay down' in the same spot which even if he wasn't injured before it looked enough to rule him out anyway. No idea of the alleged 'plan' by Swindon beforehand but when he walked over to get changed soon after his right arm was not being moved much at all. I am no rider but it looked in heat 4 that Batch had the wrong setup as the bike was very lively and difficult to control. I can see why he pulled up as it was taking him in directions he didn't want to go. After that race he got it sussed out and rode ok, maybe he changed bikes or setup? Richie Worrall looked good in heat 6 riding mid track without problem to gain his first win of an impressive afternoons work. The next race not to be re-run after this was heat 13!!! Perks was done for two minutes in the next and much to my surprise was replaced by Zach in my eyes wasting a valuable available ride for Rosco and his over worked reserves. The ref dragged back heat 8 for a jump by Ellis although he was in third down the back straight and it had the early makings of a decent race when the reds came on. Next up was Doyley's crash and when you see him bin it on his own something isn't right with the track. Not being a regular at Wimborne Road I thought it odd that the blade was used and not a grader on the tractor all afternoon as the bottom bends seemed quite deep. Perks then had another 2 minute exclusion much to his disgust as I think some confusion might have been had over the IRR regs. He was back out again in the next one, for 1 corner anyway, after being on the wrong end of a first bend clash between JD, Rich Lawson and himself. Glad neither rider was hurt as it was a nasty one that deflated an airbag on bend one and ended with only Lawson's right boot and his steel shoe being visible as he disappeared under the fence face first and had to wait to get the air bag lifted before he could get up! Perks didn't re-appear in the re-run which by my reckoning made it seven rides for him. I had actually written Wajtknecht in as the original RR before they announced Perks thinking he would have run out of rides. I had him down as starting in heats 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11 (although didn't appear for the re-run but I thought they announced it still counted as a ride?) but then he re-appeared in heat 14 too!! Which one didn't count please??? Nico and Doyley had a good race in the re- run of the re-run of the re-run of heat 11 after Klindt's tape exclusion and Zach's fall which if the track was as dangerous as JD states then fair play to him for making that move on Nico! Strange start to heat 13 with JD getting it spot on from the replay I have seen although it looked a flier and Batch making a decent start from 4 but the tapes detached themselves from the post and dangled the whole race over gate 4 position. If ever a race was likely to be called back then that was it but no we had four laps and no reds! By then the dust was getting bad but that was due to the length of time the meeting had taken at that point. It wasn't too bad in the earlier races to be fair. The track had also developed a blue groove but also a couple of whiter areas on bends one and two which my 11yr old daughter asked me was it the base? It could have been I guess but couldn't tell from the grandstand, whatever it was it didn't look right being on a speedway track. Overall the entertainment served up didn't give value for money I feel. The racing was poor but I guess daytime meetings are not always the best anyway. I am pleased to see the hole on bend one has been sorted out as that was awful when I was there last August for the Rebels fixture. One thing I thought was poor was the presentation of the meeting. Results and race information couldn't be faulted on the whole but other than the toss of the coin and the rider of the meeting no other interviews were done with any riders etc. The announcer didn't really get any connection with the crowd at all and with the meeting taking around 2 1/2 hours to complete (it wasn't the 3 hours stated elsewhere on here) some more entertainment/interaction might have been nice. I know some people on here feel the presentation at Somerset could be improved but it is already far better IMO than that I experienced yesterday morning. The whole visit to Poole was built around the speedway fixture to be fair but I might think again unless the track improves. I read later in the programme notes that Matt Ford doesn't understand why numbers are dropping through his turnstiles but if that is what is served up each week in Dorset I have a good idea why as like I said I didn't feel it represented value for money yesterday.
  4. drew2

    Somerset v Redcar 15th May

    I can't get there every week now due to work and family commitments but try to get there as much as I can. Yes it is more expensive than it use to be but what isn't nowadays?? People say there aren't any fans favourites this season then they need to get along and add to that list of favourites by supporting the team trackside whenever they can. I reckon Henry and Valentin could easily fill that void this season though. How did Charles, Jake and BWD become the crowd favourites in the first place? Do you also think riders might use that 'fans favourite' tag to their advantage when negotiating deals knowing that they might get a better deal out of it. At the end of the day it is a business to them and they need to earn money like we all do so fair play to them if they can get a better deal out of it. I know it is Championship speedway this year but I personally don't care. I go to watch 7 Rebels do their best against the opposition on track whatever level of racing it is dressed up or down as. Presentation wise it must be difficult to create an atmosphere in what is effectively a field as the sound just disperses. I think they do an ok job with it but I am sure the team are always trying to improve and vary it each week. From the times I have spoken on the PA from the centre green to promote the annual Golf Day (which is my way of trying to help the club) it is a strange experience as you cannot see the crowd or really get much idea of feedback from them either. I attended both Swindon and Poole last year and whilst one I felt was better the other was far worse in terms of presentation. I hope it is better on Bank Holiday Monday at Wimborne Road. I actually bumped into the Blunsdon mic man at Cardiff a couple of days later and complimented his presentation which he said he appreciated. Not sure I can make it this week but I will certainly be back supporting the Rebels on the 29th with the wife and kids in tow. Hope to see some of you there!
  5. Not sure that is the correct logo any more for the Rebels?
  6. After watching him for the Rebels for last 3 seasons I don't doubt that! Will end season as number one at Scunny i reckon too.
  7. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Track was slick and dusty (understandably on a sunny afternoon) but looked smooth all round. Henry looked quick as did Anders despite starting his scrap metal collection already with an brand new engine fit for the bin! Valentin looked more of a Katt than a Kroger as favoured the outside line more it seemed but looked quick out there and said the track is similar to his home track in Germany which bodes well.
  8. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    What a great plan Tony!!
  9. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    They will be now of course yes. forgot them as they weren't accepted into the League at the time of the Rebels fans evening.
  10. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    There is one on Good Friday, British Under 21 Semi Final. Back when it was announced we were returning reluctantly to the Championship it was always stated that we would remain on a Wednesday evenings and would be the only Championship team racing that night too.
  11. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    I'm sure i saw a tweet somewhere earlier in the week saying we were hosting one of the British Under 21 Semi Finals and think it might well have been on Good Friday, I'm sure the date was a Friday and it was certainly in April.
  12. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    The management have said they would prefer not to be in this League ideally but needs must and to allow speedway to continue at Somerset this was what they had to do. Again they have set their financial limits and fair play to sticking to them. People seem to think that Bomber is on silly money but I reckon (don't know for sure) he has probably taken a lower deal that sees him going to get paid promptly for the meetings he races, unlike the situation he encountered at another track last year it seems. i just hope other poverty pleading teams don't follow Workington's demise as hate to see any track close.
  13. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    He can trap with the best of them when he is on form Najjer but I agree that divebomb into bend three was a specialty of his!
  14. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    I think he goes ok there to be fair. I know some places he hates much more than Foxhall (and for Jake the good news is one track is no longer operating and the other is being changed over the winter )!!
  15. drew2

    Somerset 2019

    Do the riders think that way though or are they just chasing the £'s in what could be a short career?

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