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  1. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2019

    As a supporter of a championship club (fingers crossed for your club)I would not harp on about Prem class riders riding in the champ league.They are only there for the extra money.Before this crazy doubleing up most of them would have moved up to the prem league already,and if they do stop it next year most of them will choose to ride in the prem league, for most clubs better wages tougher races for their improvment etc.Which would leave the champ league short of most of its major talent and I think that would inc Bewley and Klindt. The way it should be really and the way it was for many years before the dreaded doubling up which has damaged the sport big time.
  2. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2019

    True if Tungate cannot be fitted into the team next year we will miss out on some breath taking speedway the guy is awesome round the NSS one thing is for sure whoever he signs for will be a lot harder to beat round the NSS with him in the team.Plus any team needing a guest he will be their first choice and could cause us some real damage over a season.If he can be fitted into the team we would be mad to let him go sadly for him and us he had to good a season this year and his average is a little high for team building for next year.Lets hope they keep a fairly high points limit so we can keep him.
  3. Really glad to read this news.In this time of doom and gloom for many speedway clubs if Brandon can re-open it would put a big smile on every speedway fans face across the country.I for one have really missed Coventry's visits to Belle vue you were always the club I loved to hate lol.Wishing you all the very best in your quest and will keep my fingers crossed that you are soon back at the tapes. KEEP UP THE FIGHT.
  4. B.V 72

    AGM November 2018

    I must be one of the few that does not mind track grading.At Belle vue the grading keeps the dirt where it should be and helps to produce some awesome racing.
  5. B.V 72

    Poole 2018

    I do believe that you are on a wind up. A big percentage of people earn less than £10 an hour bills are going up and up and the leisure pound is getting less and less. People now have to pick and choose what they spend it on and in my opinion its a big reason why speedway gates are down.It would seem when people have to pick and choose speedway is way down on the list and are going every now and again instead of every week. Well done for doing well in life but a hell of a lot of people are not in the same boat.
  6. B.V 72

    Doyle wants Somerset return but......

    If Poland only use a few Fridays you would think that with a well thought out fixture list (for once) clubs could avoid any Fridays when their riders are involved in a meeting in Poland.I am sure my club Belle vue would love to go back to Fridays.A big ask but with a little cooperation from Poland to stick to Fridays that are on the fixture list at the start of the season and I think this could be possible. You would think that it is in Polands own interest to keep speedway running in Britain as over the years we have produced/helped bring on a lot of quality riders who now grace the Polish leagues without us a good few of these riders could never have been given the chance/meetings needed to improve to the level they have. Same with Sweden there are not that many meetings run in Sweden only 1 home and 1 away meeting shared between Tue and Thur with good fixture planning I would think these fixtures could be avoided.It just needs a lot of though and countries for once to work together(ie any Thurs rain off rearrange for a Tuesday) like a professional sport. Otherwise we have no bloody days left to run speedway other than Mondays if this is the case I m o speedway here is as good as over.
  7. B.V 72

    Kings Lynn 2018..

    That's the truth in a nut shell its all about the money nothing to do with sport. I agree that the play offs bring in the crowds and fill the promoters coffers for a few meetings. But what I do wonder is how much harm in the long run they do to the sport,most times that a team that does not finish top of the league wins the play offs we get threads like this one which over the years has caused many many pd off fans. Because of weakened teams due to injuries,poor guests, teams strengthening for the plays offs alleged rule breaking plus many more reasons to p off fans. My team have finished top of the league twice and lost the play offs both times I was gutted and mega pd off and at the time looking for all the unfair reasons why we lost yet I was not that bothered at all when reaching the play offs and losing when not finishing top. It just makes me wonder for how many fans has the play offs been the final straw and made them walk away from the sport.After supporting your team all YEAR watching/willing them on to win the joy of away wins and in the end the happiness of toping the league then over a few matches its all over and you win sod all is gutting.I must admit at the time it left me very disillusioned with the sport and walking away did cross my mind but I got over it and am still here but how many others are not.
  8. Sorry but a track that produces mainly processional racing in my opinion is an awful track and is a major cause of people walking away from speedway. Fans want to see speedway racing not follow the leader boring speedway.
  9. Totally agree with todays bikes if a track is to grippy a rider gates and is gone with little or no chance of even catching him let alone pass him. At the NSS if the track is to grippy the racing is very poor and we get gate and go speedway,eg world team cup semi the track was very grippy which led to fast but very processional racing even with the best riders in the world on show.For the final it was a lot slicker which lead to racing that was out of this world.
  10. Well done Kings Lynn well deserved win you battered us and good luck in the final. But I must say having now watch a meeting at Lynn I now understand why this thread is full of moans and complaints about the racing there the track is truly awful.
  11. People do have a point re big names bringing in the crowds.We had at Kirky lane one of the worlds greatest riders in Jason Crump yet the crowds are still bigger at the NSS,and I for one and I think a lot of Belle vue fans would agree get as big a buzz from watching Dan Bewley ride as I did watching Jason Crump. Get the product right first ie no doubleing up, slicker run meetings,run with your own one to seven bar injury,well thought out even fixture list, with time spent avoiding any overseas clashes etc. Even if we loose the few bigger names we have left the league will produce its own stars in time eg in the championship Craig Cook is a big name rider in that league and I would think would put numbers on the gate. Two of the best races I have seen this year have included Cook and Fricke against Jason Doyle and Jack Holder swaping places throughout the race.Up against Doyle these three riders would be considered to be lesser riders but they held there own and even beat Doyle so if a few of the bigger name riders are missing next year I do not think the standard of racing we have watched this year will drop in the slightest,and the likes of these three riders will become the leagues top riders.
  12. Well done Kings lynn. But if we are all honest did anyone really expect anything different.Well done to my injury hit Belle vue team(and I still include Worrall nowhere near the rider he was yet)for giving us a little hope of a shock result for half the meeting.A big thank you to Jye for a good performance for the team that sacked you Would now love to see Kings lynn go on to win there long awaited top league title(for the fans not so much for their management). P S There is room in my 2019 Belle vue team for a return of M P Toft great performance.
  13. B.V 72

    Wolves 2019

    North and south split could be the way to go more chance of attracting away fans cut costs etc. But the down side depending which league they are in fans will never get to see half of the better riders riding in Britain which for me would be a big miss which puts me off the idea a little. The massive down side would be if our all knowing BSPA allow doubling up between north and south leagues making the play off final a total farce.(sadly we all know this sort of ruling is not beyond them). Which ever way they go I only hope they have spent plenty of time planning and thinking this over and that its a done deal before the usual what seems like they all never agree rush job AGM . Whatever they come up with has to work a lot better than what we have now the future of British speedway depends on it fingers crossed for once they get it right.
  14. B.V 72

    Where is SCB

    Was he right at the moment he's found a place to live for free.
  15. Yes I do Bruno season ticket holder for both the Aces and the Colts so I am lapping it up.As I say speedway heaven.

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