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  1. B.V 72

    Kings Lynn 2022

    Jake Allen's free for the 28 day gig.
  2. Palin rides Belle vue very well 8 and 5 and 3 bonus points on his last 2 visits worry's me a little.
  3. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2022

    A fishing they will go e i addio a fishing they will go .
  4. B.V 72

    Belle Vue Colts 2022

    If he can't. Don't know how it works do the higher league club have priority or do the colts have priority because friday is their regular race day and Poole ride Wednesdays.
  5. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2022

    Great reserve but as a 1 to 5 rider oops .With peoples disposable income taking a massive hit i fear this years team will put speedway lower on their list of where to spend it. I m o this is the poorest team we have had since we moved to the NSS and it could not have happened at a worse time
  6. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2022

    Its the bigger picture i worry about its not Belle vues/lemons fault that they are struggling to field a team near the points limit this year. Next year it could be us again or another team. The fact is that even with a 6 team league we cannot get enougth half decent riders to come over here anymore.I know a few have come back but we have lost 10 heat leaders plus a list of decent second strings since the end of the 2019 season they no longer wish to ride over here or Poland won't let them As we produce any British talent when they are good enougth they sod off as well. We haven't even got enougth riders to form one big weaker league Sadly the only long term answer will be is to reduce the points limit and add even more riders to the doubleing up list.The outlook for British speedway looks bleaker as every season passes of which i am gutted. Heat leaders lost. Bewley, thorssell.,Bjere,Klindt,Lambert.Tungate,Jensen,Iversen. Schlein and Grajczonek have retired.
  7. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2022

    Ok fair enough.If we do sign him and he is i will come back and like your post
  8. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2022

    Dear Mr Mith if you are having a go because i possibly spelt the named rider wrong ie with an s lots of people spell it my way wikipedia, the SON tv broadcasters and speedway updates agree with my spelling to name a few we could be wrong i don't know. But there is no need to be a plick (oops another wrong spelling) about it is there.
  9. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2022

    My guess rides in polish second division and Sweden so can ride in British league. Rode a few matches over here in 2013 and has a very low British average but is now good enough to be a heat leader over here and would be an exciting rider to watch is A Lebedevs.
  10. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2022

    10th with an average of 8.24.
  11. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2022

    Not many options left. Belle vue thought they had Batch on a 5.57 ave so if the rest of the team was sorted that leaves room for a 5 + point rider not many options so could be. fricke Kurtz Tungate Wrght Etheridge Allen Brennan Sorry to say Etheridge great reserve but a big no no in the 1 to 5 for me weaker than last year and we won sod all then. Or Crump Barker Nicol
  12. B.V 72

    Being called a 'bad name'

    No offence intended, all i was doing was trying to do was point out that we had read the same thread and both had a different opinion as to what we had read. The last part of my post says that we both have a different opinion and that neither opinion is a fact its just an opinion. But i do find that the conversations i have had with a snowflake/woke type person (in my opinion) they can never see the other persons point of view their view is always a fact. Its also my view that i find that in most conversations i have had there point of view comes from what they have read on the fact filled internet or in conversations with like minded people etc and not much through life experiences there is a big difference. The two posts below yours come from people who have had real life experiences of some of your points and they both differ from your point of view. I tend to believe real life experiences more than the internet. I do know there are a lot of injustices in this world which need addressing but i do feel that the snowflake woke point of view is not the way to go about it they just tend to pi** people off.This is my last post to you as i know what ever i say will not change your point of view and i know you will be busy with your friends trying to get the term Christmas holidays banned .(how the hell is that going to change anything) Again no offence intended just stating my opinion just like you. .
  13. B.V 72

    Belle Vue 2022

    If true and Batch has gone to Ipswich. Replace Batch with Tungate who fits within points limit to i.m.o make an even stronger team.
  14. That's the missing link from my post thank you.
  15. Yes i know. Reports at the time said that Oxford applied to join the Prem league . But were knocked back and it was reported that Harris had already signed for them. as i remember some link between Berwick and Oxford which at the time seemed to pee off a few Panthers fans.

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