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  1. B.V 72


    Lots of fans on this thread seem to think that if all tracks were like the NSS the sport would have a chance to be saved etc.If thats the case can anyone tell me why the crowds are down big time at Belle vue this year.Great track,great racing, great modern stadium,good riders parade,good teams (play offs last 3 seasons), great presentation, slickly run meetings, inbetween race entertainment (chase),good sound system,good announcer/mike people interviews with riders etc,chats to managers and captains before meeting,Riders after meeting conference in the bar after every meeting Aces and Colts,.At least 10 extra meetings (the Colts at £10 good teams champions last year contenders this year) if fans want more meetings.What else can a club do to get people through the gates i am at a total loss what can be done to save British speedway.It just does not seem to tick all the boxes in what people want in entertainment anymore.The fans are out there but they only seem to turn up at bank holiday/ play off meetings etc they dont seem to want a full season or regular speedway.Perhaps there are to many other things to do these days and/or less disposable income in most peoples pockets so they have to spread it around on the other things they want to do. Ps people seem to want to spend their spare money at the weekend and defo not on a Monday night but how do you get round that with BSI etc and Poland hogging the market.
  2. Hope i can get my point across with this post. Not that i am against it i watch every speedway meeting that is on TV as well as every meeting live at Belle vue. But has live league meetings being shown on tv changed our perception of what is a good speedway meeting. We are all now obsessed with passing if there is not lots of passing then it is a poor speedway meeting.But has speedway racing changed that much from when we had massive crowds and us fans on the BSF loved it i dont think that it has.Lots of other points have contributed to how things are today and a lot of them have nothing to do with British speedway promoters.. Remember the old comment from non speedway fans that first from the gate wins its boring it was being said when i first started watching the sport and still is today. So my point is that speedway is far more exciting if you are watching your own team because every race means something.(Its a team sport and with any team sport you want your team to win thats what it is all about for most fans.)We all love to see great racing more so if its a rider from your team doing the passing but a boring 5/1when i am watching Belle vue is not boring its more points towards a win or pulling back a meeting when you are behind so you get a buzz from it and enjoy the race,in a race like this the last thing(as an aces fan) i would want to see is a pass and my team lose points.If your team needs a 5/1 in the last race to win the meeting and gates 1st and 2nd you would be out of your seat willing them to stay there.But if i am watching a meeting on tv as a neutral i see it through the eyes of a non speedway fan the teams or the result mean nothing to me at all i am watching the meeting just to watch the speedway racing so a Boring 5/1 would have no meaning to me and would just be that and would be a bobins speedway race as would any race from the tapes. So before league racing was on tv every meeting we watched in most cases included our own team and was seen through the eyes of a fan who wanted his team to win and the above points made for a great speedway meeting, and is possibly why we remember speedway being better back in the day.But the other points watching more and more meeting as a neutral the meeting has to have lots and lots or passing and close racing for it to entertain us or its a poor meeting.Its the racing and not the result that matters to us i think the TV has given us lots of meetings to watch as a neutral and made us view speedway through different eyes. Hope i got my point across and not just wrote a load of twaddle. .
  3. B.V 72

    Poole 2018

    Theres some B/S thrown about in speedway Wolves could not afford Lindgren let alone Woffinden and Pawlicki a complete and total lie from the Wolves management.
  4. B.V 72

    Poole 2018

    I think the Poole thread is a good eg of what the BSF has become these days and that in my opinion is why a lots of posters have moved on or only post every now and again.Speedway on a lot of threads now seems to be on the back burner and replaced i am sad to say with personal digs/comments and B/S etc.For the guilty parties i am ready for a few to be thrown my way.
  5. B.V 72

    Poole 2018

    I have sat back and just read this thread and fans have given Poole a lot of stick and have brought up the point of exploiting rules which they do very well. Now things are clearer my point of view is that with two thirds of the season left to go and if Holder returns soon in place of Worrall then the team that in many peoples eyes was odds on to walk the league will have managed to replace a 2 point reserve with a top 5 rider Klindt giving them 2 good/better reserves making them on paper even stronger than they should have started (exploiting the rules open to opinion ). So in my head I have far from written Poole off for this season Holder being the key if he comes back soon I would not be surprised to see them start a winning run that takes them into the play offs and if they do that they would be odds on to win it. Just my thoughts and time will tell.Wolves last night gives us a clue without Holder and Klindt of how they can perform.
  6. Yep how hard would it be.Its this sort of thing( which with a bit of thought and planing could be avoided )that really Ps fans off.Not saying we would have defo won but we would have stood a better chance with Cook and Fricke there.These lost 3 points at the end of the season with this year being a close fought league could be the difference in making the play offs or not.My blood boils at the thought of it. All most fans want is to watch their own riders ride for their team win of loose then the result is down to your own team, and for there to be a level playing field for all and with a bit of forethought and planning this could happen far more often than it does. Just give us our own team to watch and value for money is it really to much to ask. PS just checked i see that none of the G P qualifiers were arranged on a Sunday to clash with the Polish leagues so a bit of forethought and planning did happen.Do the BSPA just sit back and do nothing rather than ask the FIM if they could look at who is and is not riding Monday and fit these riders in another round. PPS Look i just did it mondays missing riders swap rounds for riders not riding for their own team that day Kurtz for Cook,J Holder for fricke,Sundstrom for Andersen and Wells for Howarth just using riders who ride in Britain no one missing for their own club let alone swaping anyone else who rode in any of the qualifiers as none of them rode on Monday
  7. No one has mentioned the track from last night and in my opinion it played a big part in our loss.( taking nothing from Lynn they were the better team on the night and well deserved their win )There was a lot more dirt on the track last night than there normally is and i think the Belle vue riders struggled with it.We had the fastest time of the season in heat one ( more dirt more grip ) and to my count there were 9 FTG wins thats not normal at the NSS. From a passing point of view it was the poorest meeting of the season.The dirt made the first rider from the gate so fast that it was very hard for the others to make a pass.( hard not impossible ) After Garrittys fall (track nothing to do with his fall) we had an interval while the medics took a look at him and there was a long track grade in which they took a bit of the dirt off, it was not as slick as normal but less dirt on it and then Bewley looked better and got his only win and Tungate then looked more himself and got three race wins and Drozdz scored his only points of the night in his last ride.Trouble is after the grade Grajczonic did not score another point and Kurtz after 2 wins got a 2nd and a 3rd.Not the only reason for our loss last night but in my opinion it played a big part of it. But as i said before Kings lynn got to grips with the track better than we did and well deserved the win. Nowhere near as bad but as a eg the world team cup semi showed that too much dirt at the NSS makes for a poor meeting.
  8. This is crazy the gates are down already this season with Monday nights.With Belle vues top 3 missing for this meeting the place could be like a ghost town just rearrange it for when we can see both teams at full strength.
  9. B.V 72

    Swindon 2018

    Any 2 point ish rider you sign will be a young National league rider who is only in the team so that you can have a top heavy 1 to 5(the managers choice) they are all just cannon fodder who will pick up the odd point here and there.They are all to young to be in the top league Jack was loved at Belle vue last year because he is a real trier and the fans got behind him and went crazy whenever he scored a point or so for us they were just chuffed for the lad.But we all knew he was a young kid and why he was in the team and never gave him any hassle at all. The only way you will get a better reserve is to drop one of your top 4 and bring in 2 four ish pointers like we have done this year if it turns out better for us time will tell. All i can say to you is take Jack for what he is a young lad at the start of his speedway carrier and get behind the lad he will be giving everything he has got but at best he will score a couple of points every now and then and when he does give him a massive cheer.
  10. B.V 72

    Potters v Colts - 5/5/18

    I'm sorry but I m o you cannot judge the NSS having only once sat down in the stands to watch Buxton for gods sake.To form a true opinion you need to attend a meeting like we witnessed yesterday with a good crowd and witness some of the best speedway racing you will see anywhere in the world,and watch Chase the ace bring the crown to life the guy is brilliant. Things have changed for the better under the new management they do a great job on race night the whole presentation is spot on and again in my opinion since they took over there are far less stewards around and they have never bothered me at all in any way in fact I never really notice they are there most meetings. Re the size of the stadium they were never going to build a stadium the size of the ones in Poland with the much smaller crowds we get over here were they. Seems crazy to me that you will travel to Poland when a 100 miles up the road you can most meetings watch some of the best speedway racing you will see anywhere in the world but we all have different opinions don't we.
  11. Well if that does not bring people back for more nothing will.Everything you could ask for in a speedway meeting even the Wolves fans must have enjoyed the racing if not the result.
  12. Don't understand why at home we are using guests and not R/R when i m o Fricke,Tungate,Bewley and the better reserve on the night makes us far stronger than any guest does for Worrall.From memory Klindt never goes that well round the NSS and makes the job of taking a good lead to Wolves a much harder job. Riding for the Lions in 2017 he scored 3 and 4 very poor guest.
  13. B.V 72

    Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    I bet that he will be gutted if he ever finds out ..
  14. B.V 72

    Belle vue -V- Rye House 23.04.18

    Saving the best till last.Great view from anywhere in the stadium I choose to sit in C block.Its £18 to stand in south stand seating is £21 in grandstand £24 for D block(start line)You buy your tickets from the ticket office before you go in.Prog £3.Theres a car park on pink bank lane just behind the stadium or you can park on the school grounds on Kirky lane they charge £3.You can park on the streets round the stadium but its safer to use the car parks.
  15. B.V 72

    Colts v Hitmen - KOC - 20/4/18

    From what I can see the Colts are only at home on 5 Friday nights all season so why oh why do they have to arrange this fixture when Jack is riding in an away meeting for Sheffield.There are plenty of Friday nights when he is available to ride.One of the main reasons I go to watch the Colts is to see young riders like Jack progress so i will still be there but am very disappointed that Jack is not.

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