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  1. You might well smile spiderman but if my teams top 5 only scored 19 points between them at Kings lynn I would be a lot more worried about my teams away form.
  2. Its a fine line in speedway a fully fit Bewley and Lidsey(also give him time to get used to U K tracks) should at least have scored 4 between them and that would have got us a point if we do that at every away meeting I will be very happy and we will be in the play offs.
  3. Only my opinion. I watch every Swedish speedway match on freesport and every home meeting at the NSS but despite all the big name riders in the Swedish league the racing in most of the meetings I see is not a patch on the racing i see at the NSS with so called lesser riders.Is it just me or does anyone agree ?.
  4. I think we( Belle vue )do potentially have a good side looking at Mondays meeting Bewley and Wells scored 1 point between them but still early days yet, more so for Bewley.Their last visits to Peterborough last season Bewley scored 15 and Wells scored 12 guesting for you so yes as the season progresses I think we could beat your present team by a lot more.But every meeting is different so who knows.Best of luck to you finding a new heat leader its what your team needs and will make a big difference on track.
  5. I wonder if buster still thinks that Kenny is no longer a heat leader in this league lol.
  6. A small amount of £4.50 a week put away in a pot all year round and when the season starts there is your season ticket money a lot easier than finding £17 plus every meeting try it.It works for me.
  7. B.V 72

    REDCAR 2019

    Just seen my first speedway races from Redcar via video and really enjoyed them looks to be a cracking little track you have up there.
  8. B.V 72

    Ipswich 2019

    Of course it will be more competitive.Take a look at the Witches team from last year towards this years team 6 of them would be classed as Championship heat leaders all riding for the same team.The same with most other teams plus a good few higher classed riders as well so most races the witches fans will see this year would last year have been all heat leader clashes so it has to be a better class and more competitive season of speedway than last year.
  9. With Harris in the team no problem but with Tungate in the team as a Belle vue fan that makes me a little worried for your visits to the NSS.
  10. you just don't read full posts do you. you don't read full posts do you I say I have no answers the posts just about my opinion on amateur speedway,and a speedway forum is all about opinions for or against is it not. The thread is call time british speedway went amateur not blueprint for the sports survival is it not.
  11. please read the post again where do I say that Belle vue is safe and comfortable.I say I will enjoy it while it lasts does that sound like someone who thinks his club is safe.Its about my opinion if amateur speedway will work and nothing else.
  12. I have no answers to how to solve speedways problems and it breaks my heart to see the sport I love dying before my eyes.I read these threads in hope that someone will come up with some great idea that will benefit the sport but up to now I have read the odd snippet of an idea that I think may help the sport a little but nothing as a whole that i m o might help the sport back on its feet The current popular idea on here is low cost amateur speedway but don't we or near as damit already have this option now in National league speedway.I am lucky enough to have both options at Belle vue and I have a season ticket for both,now I enjoy both but if you ask me to give one up it would be the National league as the Prem league provides far better racing overall and I would choose to pay double the price because it is a far better product even now in its watered down state. So my point is that the option of both Prem and Nat league/cheap speedway is there for every Belle vue fan now. But the Aces the double in price product still gets a crowd five to six times larger than the Colts.So is amateur/cheap speedway the answer to save British speedway I think not as the answer is already here dispite the more affordable/cheap option already being available a massive percentage of Belle vue fans still choose to pay the much higher price for Prem league speedway. I am not saying every thing is fine the way it is and I m o Belle vue still do not have enough Prem league fans to maintain the sport for long in Manchester.All i am saying is that there are far more fans that have no interest in lower class /cheap speedway than Prem league speedway. So to me going amateur will not help keep speedway running in Manchester. Sadly my thoughts are now to enjoy every speedway meeting I can while I can,and hope that the economy improves so that people can afford to go to speedway every week again instead of just turning up for bank holiday and playoff meetings.Because the fans are still out there but a lot of them have far less disposable income than they have had in the past and they have to pick and choose what they spend it on they can no longer do it all and it would seem speedway is well down on most peoples list of what to spend it on.This is to me the main cause of speedways problems and while it continues no mater what they do speedway will stay in big trouble and we all have to keep our fingers crossed that our own club is one of the clubs that can survive.
  13. B.V 72

    Workington 2019

    Gutted for you all, the riders signed and British speedway.I don't think you will be on your own over the next few years. I don't think there is a club in the land that can rest easy the way things are my mind set is that I am just going to enjoy it while/if it lasts and get as many meetings in as I can. All I can add is that you went out in a BLAZE OF GLORY with a season long to remember.
  14. B.V 72

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Fair enough we all have our own way of thinking but if I were you I would just enjoy the speedway I still love and leave Kings lynns problems behind me and forget about the place there are plenty of other threads where you can enjoy speaking about speedway.Again this is just how I would deal with things we are all different enjoy your speedway all the best.
  15. B.V 72

    Kings Lynn 2019

    Nothing is perfect Sidney and speedway is far from it.I have a good moan on here every now and then as we all do. But my point is that we and others still find enjoyment in the sport and attend meetings.Whats not to like about the racing I see every meeting at the NSS,i to love to watch the young riders improve I watch all the Colts meetings as well and I am very much looking forward to watch Lidsey ride next season and that's why I come on a speedway forum to read and talk speedway.because I still have an interest in the sport There is much wrong with our sport but I still enjoy the bare bones of the sport the racing and if I ever get so disillusioned with the sport and it Pee's me of that much that I no longer enjoy any of it I will just walk away and find another interest and you will never here me moaning on about why I fell out with the sport on here I will just find pastures new and leave the forum for people who still enjoy speedway to talk about speedway no one wants to be bored to death reading about the reasons why I will have fell out with the sport people will form their own opinions without any help from me.Plus I will be busy doing something new.

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