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  1. B.V 72

    belle vue v kings lynn 13/9/21

    Euro sport could learn a lot from how clean cut sports film the racing less is more you could see every second of an exciting race which is something you can't say for Euro sports coverage it drives me mad.The way they switch from camera to camera misses a hell of a lot of the racing.Also with one camera if there is a race for a minor place just zoom out a little and in most cases you would not miss a thing.Plus it shows what viewing speedway is really like when watching it live, a motor sport involving 4 riders where you can see every second of the action.Which to me is a major selling point.
  2. B.V 72

    New tyres.

    Are the new tyres being used this year fit for purpose.There have been a lot of falls/injuries this year in a very small number of meetings could the new tyres be a cause of this ?. Form your own opinion by going to Kyle Bickleys facebook page where he has posted pictures of a new tyre that has badly broken up after racing 3 heats on it.Would like to hear your opinions on here.
  3. B.V 72

    What Offends Me And/or Gets On My .....

    My dentist has closed with just a answer phone message giving emergency numbers.I had an appointment for Monday to have a tooth out which was cancelled which has left me with a raging tooth pain.I rang the emergency number and was told that no dentist (inc emergency dentists) is doing any form of treatment because of the virus and that I just had to live with it and manage it with pain killers its driving me crazy.They said they are in the process of setting up and training staff to work in a unit that gives them more protection against the virus but could give me no time on how long this will take so I will just have to live in a world of pain until then. If anyone in the Manchester area knows of any dentist still doing any treatment please post on here I would be very grateful.
  4. B.V 72

    Corona virus

    The worlds gone totally mad most people support banning large gatherings closing bars and restaurants etc so they are a lot safer.Then a lot of the same people this weekend swarmed into over crowded supermarkets panic buying , queuing for over an hour with hundreds of other people to get to a till when there is no need.Make your mind up people a crowd is a crowd wherever you are. They are both the same risk the only difference is that a supermarket crowd panic buying leaves some old folk without some food toilet rolls.milk,pain killers etc.Mums without baby milk and baby wipes etc if this applies to you get a grip this virus is going to be around for quite a while. By the way my wife works in a supermarket on a till and had to go in on her day off yesterday to cope with this madness and witnessed all said above.
  5. B.V 72

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Looking like I dropped a clanger buying a season ticket this year I could have spent the money on toilet rolls .
  6. B.V 72

    Ipswich 2020

    I have worshipped Jason ever since he signed for Belle vue one of the clubs greatest riders. He will never be the rider he was.All I wish for is that he can hold his own in this league and at the end of the season he can hold his head up high and be proud of what he has achieved at the age of 44.Best of luck Jason I can't wait to see him ride competitively again sadly I have to wait until the end of June when Ipswich come to the NSS but I hope by then he will have had time to get back into the grove. PS what a crowed puller he would be if they could sign him up for the Peter Craven meeting fingers crossed.
  7. B.V 72

    Armadale Devils 2020

    That's more like it will defo be sat in my seat now when the Devils come to town 2 great signings
  8. B.V 72

    Armadale Devils 2020

    As I read the above statement it says to me that the Devils are going to track a team of 3 ish pointers.i'm sorry but I disagree with this approach I know this is a development league but it is also a league that charges fans good money to watch.If I am going to pay out the best part of £20 quid (entrance,prog,parking'fuel etc) I want to be entertained and watch 2 evenly matched teams(total team averages around the same) not watch a drubbing with follow the leader racing. Most higher average riders in this league are still developing and they need higher averaged riders to compete against to help them develop it will do them no good what so ever finishing half a lap in front every race. I will be there for every other meeting but I'm sorry to say that if the Devils track a very week side there is no way I will be paying to watch them at the NSS and I would think a lot of other fans will do the same which means my club will lose out. If this is the case and its only my opinon but I would put money on when the devils visit an away track this will be the lowest attendance of the season at all the tracks.
  9. B.V 72

    Poole Pirates 2021

    What's hard about it they all have different helmet colours.
  10. B.V 72

    Prediction thread

    Just picking out the Rowe v Etheridge comment I can only go off what I have seen.i saw Rowe in three Colts meetings last year.Out if 15 rides he won one race against National league heat leaders.He may do OK at home but away I think he is in for a very tough season.
  11. B.V 72

    Prediction thread

    All the talk is about Belle vue''s top 3 for me I will be happy if they hold their averages.I think Belle vue's biggest strength will be Bewley and Lidsey two young riders that in my opinion should well improve their averages next season.Dan dropped nearly a point off his 2018 average last year due to his horrendous injury and was beginning to look like his old self by the end of the season and with a full closed season to improve his health/strength I believe he will be our third heat leader in no time leaving Wright as a very good second string with easier heats. Lidsey is pure class and is going places fast with a full British season behind him to learn the ropes he should be pushing/overtaking Worrall for a top 5 spot either way leaving Belle vue with a very strong reserve.I also believe that Worrall who dropped nearly a point off his average has had the metal work removed from his leg which could see him return to the rider he was before his bad injury.All if's and but's but if this is the case Belle vue are in for a good season. All about opinions folks and this is mine.
  12. B.V 72

    Prediction thread

    Love to see so many different opinions this to me says that we could have a very even competitive league this year.Lots of if's and but's for a lot of teams it will be interesting to see which teams gel and which teams disappoint looking forward now for the season to start
  13. B.V 72

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    Soz realised I was running late for work and had no time to finish the post i thought I had deleted it lol.What I was going to post was. We all want Dan and Robert to reach world class but the down side of our wants the way things are today is that if they do there's more than a good chance they will drop the British league.So wishing them success means I could miss out on the pleasure of watching Dan ride live every week and Robert when his team comes to the NSS.To me watching them on TV is just not the same. I am already gutted through his own success at missing Max blasting round the boards this year after watching him progress over the last few years. As British fans these days their success is our and British speedways major loss making our league weaker and weaker sad sad days.
  14. B.V 72

    Belle Vue Aces 2020

    We all want to see Dan and
  15. B.V 72

    Wolverhampton 2020

    If that's the case you could end up starting the season more than 2 points under the limit.

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